Wednesday 27 May 2015

Real journalists on media strategy of 1MDB

I wrote this over a year ago,

Stupid media strategy leads BN into the longkang

Unfortunately, it's still happening now and in fact had turned from bad to worse with the 1MDB issue.

I'm of the opinion that the advisers, consultants and big time editors were really making a mess out of the whole thing.

Apparently, others share the same view on this matter.

These quotes by senior journalists about the handling of information on the 1MDB issues were from an article in Malaysia Online (The Mole);

Syed Nadzri
“The government and 1MDB are not doing a good job in communicating with the masses as people are still wondering when the crisis started and when is it going to end.
“The way they are handling the information is terrible. One minute the money is in Cayman Island, suddenly it is in Singapore. First, they said it was in cash but now it is in units. Which one is the truth?” 

“It is not in the interest of everyone associated with 1MDB to share their troubles at every juncture. They were probably hoping for a comprehensive solution, hoping that time would afford them a breather. It was not to be because they were confronted midway by body politics. Journalism arrived after the facts."

“More importantly, where is the money now? Such huge loan will not be approved by only one bank as it usually requires approval from a consortium of several banks and how could those banks approve the loan? Was there any pressure being put on them? These are the questions that need answering.”

“What Najib needs to do is defend and explain his policies, not attack his ex boss. I am quite certain Lim Kok Wing would agree with me, that the PM’s existing strategy, which is to attack Mahathir to defend Najib, via the newspapers and prime news, is backfiring.”

To read the full article, please click on this link,
Senior journalists call for better handling of 1MDB issue


  1. annie im sure youve read outsyed, some of this people were handpick by the lady, some of those deemed liable for najib survival were actually there because of najib despite protest from others.

    if najib himself doesnt listen to good advice do we still make excuse for him?

    so here wht i would like to ask you, when would u hold najib accountable for all the 1mbd fiasco and all those others stupid things that he had done like trying to abolish ISA and many more?

    why is he a man of caliber in your eyes, a good person ?capable even ? really ?

  2. Just one thing, Annie - when Pahlawan Bugis totally depends on his "bendahara" for a war strategy, it seems awkward. Money can't buy everything ! He needs real men to do real jobs.

    Similar to journalism. "Tangkap muat" seems to be their business ! You know that hanky-panky things ? Crap that we read everyday...

    Still third class mind.

  3. Anon 07:58, Annie,

    There are too many instances, where Najib listened to wrong advice, continues to listen to the wrong advice, and there is no indication that he will stop listening to the wrong advice.

    He may have some good people around him but everyone else is up to no good. At one point Annie you have to accept he is the man he made himself to be.

  4. Abolishing ISA is bad? Bodohlah lu ANON. Sorry Annie but I salute Najib for abolishing the ISA and replacing it with POCA.

    1. If Najib had not abolished ISA dan EO in the first place, our law makers would not be wasting precious time enacting POCA, until 2 am duping the opposition's politician into absenteeism during voting.
      No stupid flip-flopping too.

  5. SatuMalaysiaDahBangkrap aka 1MDB is fuckedup big time by the fuckeda cash king. O la la. I am the one you're looking for.

  6. A stupid person ,make a stupid choice .

  7. "What Najib needs to do is defend and explain his policies, not attack his ex boss."

    How to defend and explain his policies when his policies are to samun the rakyat money before BN lose power? That's why he used diversion tactic by attacking Tun M instead! Until now rakyat is still waiting for what happened to the unaccounted RM27b out of RM42b loan. Any answer from Najib except "wait for audit"? Yilek!

    Nobody can spin this 1MDB scandal to make it rosy. Even whodude can't divert this issue. The longer Najib not answering the question, the more people will not trust him. Tun M 22 years as PM of Malaysia garnered him support of the silent majority. Najib should never forget that.

    1. Kangkung Jib and/or his cronies are going to be incarcerated sooner than later for the biggest heist in the nation's history


  8. Remove top UMNO leaders who play worst opportunism, adinda Ms Annie

    .. and no, YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin will in-sya-Allah not be PM
    although Dr Puads cheap shot against the Minister of Education is uglier
    as is huhu, YB Lim GEs against DS Abdul Hadi.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  9. A thief cannot defend his actions so he had resort to attacking those exposing his crimes.Period.


  10. Quoted from Sarawak Report'

    "It was the prime minister who signed off payments of first US$700 million (2009) then US$160 million (2010) and finally US$300 million (2011) all to Good Star Limited, which is a company controlled by Jho Low. - See more at:


    1. Same regurgitated don't know sources Sdr ANON 22:42
      .. Malaysian Insider. SR ni sapa?

      Read The Life lah.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH