Saturday 23 May 2015

"I love PM" gathering not far from me today

It's a quiet Saturday.

I'm at my friend's place in Kuantan.

She's the one I mention in this post,

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

Unknown to me, earlier, PM DS Najib Razak had a gathering at a nearby air-force base here.

I saw the Bernama report on the gathering just now.

Here it is with the parts I found to be interesting in blue:
  • KUANTAN: Umno president Najib Razak said today the confidence in him and the support of the people gave him the courage to continuedespite the pressure lately.
  • Najib said the feedback gathered from visits to several states recently gave him confidence that the people would continue to support his leadership.
  • “We are gathered here today (at RMAF Kuantan air base) with about 12,000 people, in fact we can gather 20,000 or even 40,000, after all in Tawau (Sabah), we saw 40,000 people while in Johor 15,000 people turned up. I know figures are not everything but I can see the sincerity of all of you present. We will win because we work together and when we believe in our leaders, the party will get stronger but when we fight among ourselves, God will take away our power,” he said.
  • The rally at the air force base here was attended people from 14 Pahang Umno divisions and Pahang Umno Youth chief Shahar Abdullah, Maran Umno division chief Ismail Abd Muttalib and Paya Besar Umno leader Abdul Manan Ismail.
  • Najib said that even though Pahang Umno chairman Adnan Yaakob was not present, he had asked that undivided support to be given to Najib by the entire state Umno.
  • “The Sultan of Pahang also supports me…from royalty to the people…I am touched by this support and with the mandate given to me, I will do the best for the country and Pahang,” he said to cheers.
  • Najib said problems could be resolved without the need to create new conflicts. “(There are) No problems that cannot be resolved, even in the past when there were problems, I was Tun M’s (former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) lieutenant, I defended him, now it is the turn of the Pemuda to defend me.
  • He said he was elected as Prime Minister and Umno president by thousands of individuals and Umno members throughout the country, and he would not give in to the demand of one individual who wanted him to resign.
  • “The ship has set its sail, the wind has started to blow, do you want me to turn back, surely not,” he said.
Well, at least Najib acknowledged that, "figures are not everything".
Whatever it is, I think the internal Umno fight will only get worse after this.
I just hope that it can be resolved by the next Umno general assembly to be held later this year.

Either that, or it needs to be settled through the party election next year.

Umno doesn't actually have much time to heal itself from this ongoing internal conflict as the next general election is just about two and a half years from now.

If the fighting continues, I believe it will be a repeat of what happened during the general election in 2008.

Only this time, I seriously doubt Umno and Barisan Nasional will be able to survive, if the current situation remains the same till then.

Bear in mind that then PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had gone into the disastrous  battle in 2008 after winning the general election handsomely in 2004, which result was the best ever recorded by the ruling coalition.

Najib, on the other hand, will be going into the next general election after suffering a not so encouraging result in 2013.

The PM's currently harshest critic, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had described Najib's electoral performance that year as being worse than Abdullah's performance in 2008.

Najib has since rebutted Dr Mahathir's claims.

Considering all these, I believe both sides need to sit down and talk, if the impending disaster is to be avoided.

I know...there's not much hope of that ever happening...but we can at least still just hope all the same, can't we?


  1. He cannot run away from reality that massive problem happened due to his ignorance as a leader.He can fight for his suvival which will not make any difference in improving the current situation. He has failed to safe guard the country....pull stop.

    1. When the handsome old man is gone, thing can only get better.Biduk berlalu kiambang bertaut.The question is, when will the biduk akan berlalu? Only Allah knows

    2. When najib and rosmah is still around , hell is every where , the question is when will this two nuts will get lost for good .

    3. Yeah right!...thing only get better for Lanun that he can continue robbing the nation?

  2. Now who's fighting? What happened to this guy? Tun M and the people wants to know the truth about the sovereign fund that he is responsible of. No one is fighting for his position! Sitting down and talked was initiated by Tun since last year but falls on deft ears. Did he listen? Did he take any action at all? Time is running short. We need to do something not just for UMNO, but for the country and the people.

  3. Tak payah lah annie. The talking together part dah tamat. Sy ni org biasa ja tp supporter BN (dulu). Of course no vote will be given to PR but no votes to BN jugak if current situation still continue. Perlu diingatkan sepanjang masa, this fight is not between Tun M n N. Tun M is just the messenger. Tun M is just the messenger. Sebagai org biasa, sy dan org lain tak pernah lupa benda ni walaupun cybertrooper cuba sedaya upaya utk spin benda ni. Sy n org lain, walaupun tak berpelajaran tinggi, tp masih serba sedikit tahu ttg psywar dan sop nya. I can see you're trying quite hard to reduce the tension on the subject tp kami tetap tak berganjak dr main point. Masa secukupnya dah diberi. No more discussion between the two parties. We was trained as scientists, technologists, chemists n etc. We evaluate based on facts after studying the problems. We are not fascinated by metafora n bombastic words that could soften the feeling and understanding of a certain subject utk setiap perkara yg jadi isu.

    Try to explain it better. We also know that numbers n statistics can lie. Ia bergantung dari sudut mana kita nak ambil. Tp sebagai org biasa, kita akan relate dengan kesan terhadap current situation. Cthnya posting anda dulu ttg crime rate di kwsn anda. Statistic yg ditunjukkan nampak semua bagus. Tp you can evaluate it yourself, kan? Sometime, i hope you don't try so hard in defending org yg bersalah. Sy dah tinggalkan menonton RTM & TV3. Last time I was a regular reader of ABITW n Rocky. Dia punya writing dalam kelas dia tersendiri. Tp semenjak isu syarikat besar ni, i don't visit there anymore. People like me dah become annoyed dgn all the defence. Ibarat menegakkan benang yg basah. Kami org kampung mungkin tak pandai berhujah tp kami masih boleh nilai baik buruk satu benda. So we keep in silence. Hope it doesn't happen to your blog. Sy doakan yg terbaik utk negara tercinta ni... sebab kalau ikut my observation, negara ni dah masuk fasa wajib diturunkan bala. Nauzubillah hi min zaalik.

    1. 👍👍👍

    2. Sit down and settle? Kalau Tun M sokong Najib, I will not give my vote to Najib. He is liar bila menjawab isu duit di Singapore . Slip tongue? Kalau tersilap maksud he is stu##d sebab tak tahu nak bezakan antara cash and non cash.Layak ke jadi PM ? Agreed with org kpg I tak akan mengundi sbb both side sama saja, incapable to govern this country.

    3. Saya pun dah tinggalkan tv3, utusan dan seumpamanya. Dulu semasa orang dok kutuk utusan meloya, tv tigasuku, masih juga saya gagah tengok dan bca walau page yang ada rosmah tak aan saya pandang atau saya ke tempat lain bila rosmah muncul di kaca tv. Tapi sekarang memang tak boleh dah, tak boleh! ABTW dan Rocky, mereka mengecewakan. PRU akan datang, saya pasti tak akan buang duit minyak untuk balik mengundi kalau Najib masih sebagai PM.

    4. In 1970's when Muhammad Ali fight with Joe Bugner someone took money from state coffer to finance the f8ght. Unfortunately instead of making money he loss and did not returned the money. But his stupid supporters supported him even after his conviction. Well history might replay again.....

  4. Sorry but he's considered a thief as far as i'm concerned. How come he asked people to spend less but his family and cronies spent lavishly.

    1. Najibgor the black magician of deception will now fight against the wisdom guardians of Malaysia ..

  5. “The ship has set its sail, the wind has started to blow, do you want me to turn back, ( SEPATUTNYA SELEPAS AYAT INI, NAJIB STOP, LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, BUKAN DIA SENDIRI JAWAB) surely not,” he said.

    1. The people decided long time ago. No need to waste time.

  6. I seriously think that PM DS Najib Razak is soooo scared right now..... We can tell from his speech.

  7. I was an unfortunate enough to get stuck in a massive traffic jam along Jalan Gambang-Kuantan yesterday afternoon. All due to one balding and desperate man trying to rally people behind his misdeeds.

    I saw buses parked along both sides of the roads and tired malays squatting or loitering around. Many look like kampung folks. There are also look like college students wearing t-st-shirt bearing picture of this smiling man. It is not unlikely that they are all provided with some financial incentives to be there.

    I also manage to talk to a few would be new voters come 2018. When I asked who they would vote, the answers are negative for BN.

    Mainstream press reported a 20,000 turnouts at Gopeng but various FB postings said otherwise, maybe less than half.

    All these roadshows will drive the people that matter, the unattached voters away from Najib-led BN.

  8. Najib berada dalam keadaan amat ketakutan kahkahkah. Boleh dikatakan beliau sentiasa tercirit dalam seluar setiap kali ada kritikan terhadap kepimpinan beliau. Ini adalah realiti politik yg pertama kali dalam seumur hidup beliau semenjak bergelar ahli politik. Selama ini beliau telah dimanjakan oleh pemimpin pemimpin yg terdahulu hanya kerana dia adalah anak tun razak bukan kerana kekuatan pengaruh beliau

  9. Najib ni buang masa rakyat saja. dia ingat jadi PM ni goyang kaki n kelentong saja ka? Dia ingat rakyat percaya ka yg mai tgk dia tu semua ikhlas nak undi dia ka? Berenti la dok mimpi di siang hari wahai Perdana Menteri!!!!! Anda harus berupaya utk mengetahui sokongan rakyat terhadap anda, bukan hanya bergantung kepada momokan punaisihat2 anda. Mereka mereka (punaisihat) itu telah terbukti tidak membawa kebaikan kepada anda. Mereka telah gagal dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka. Jika itu pun anda gagal utk membacanya, anda haruslah meletak jawatan. Perdana menteri ni kena hands on bukan lepaih kat org. Kena tau mcm mcm dan kena buat keputusan utk rakyat bukan utk diri sendiri dan kroni saja. Nak jadi perdana menteri ni sebenaqnya susah jib, jangan ingat senang saja. Sudah sudah la tu jib, berenti lah. Berenti la dok mimpi di siang hari. Be realistic ok bro?????

  10. Annie, sorry to say but you are beginning to sound like rabid PR supporters. The main difference between BN and PR supporters are we BN supporters will not support blindly. As per pepatah Melayu, "raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah", in this case "raja" is to be replaced by "pemimpin".

    Najib is beyond saving already. He caused us Malaysians to borrow RM42b for his harebrained scheme!! And then plan to sell our lands to foreigners to pay for the loan!! What happened to the RM42b then? Until now the RM27b is still unaccounted for!! His mismanagement of the country is unforgiveable. His lavish lifestyle is nauseating. His over reliance on the consultants is sickening (our billions spent unnecessarily to shore up his silly image).

    We need a new leader post haste. NAJIB MUST RESIGN. MACC must do their job to investigate Najib's family excessive wealth!!

  11. Both sides need to sit down and talk? Which part of Tun M's explanation of "it has passed that stage" that you dont understand Annie?

    Tun tried that for years. Daim tried that too. And so did Dato Zaini and many more. Najib that you think is a good guy is an arrogant, stubborn, stupid, spoilt brat. He only listens to those he wants to listen ie. Idris Jala, Paul Stadlen, Rosmah, or even the dumbo Akmar.

    He has never felt grateful to Tun M neither did he understand what Tun M did to make sure he becomes the PM. He has always been pro-US which is the opposite from Tun M. He is just too dumb to differentiate diamonds from glass. That is what Najib is.

    I have friends in PMO too but i know better than to be in denial. You hv to analyze Najib thru his actions when the country or the party was in crisis, then you will see who Najib really is.

    After all, a good man would never leave a good wife for a bimbo.

  12. Why is Mahadey and his Mahathirists so sure that RM27 billion is missing?

    If it truly is missing and said to be due to fraud and whatnot, for such a big big sum, surely it will be traced to some accounts later.

    Why the haste in toppling a democratically elected PM and President UMNO when the facts are not established?

    It's sounds just like a jealous woman making up her mind her man is unfaitful upon seeing his bank account is broke and being seen with another woman.

    Anyway RM27 billion or RM46 billion ain't going to cripple or cause a collapse of the economy or country if you compare it with previous losses during the time of TDM on the forex, Renong, Mas, Maminco etc.

    Who are actually creating this shadow of doom that this amount is death to the economy of Malaysia?

    And why the haste in establishing guilt when the facts are still not known?

    Newspapers, blogs, comments are not facts but still considered heresay.

    1. Anon 10.55

      Is there personal vendetta between you and TDM?

    2. *...previous losses during the time of TDM on the forex, Renong, Mas, Maminco etc....*

      proofs? got none? then just shut up lah pendatang stupid

    3. "...when facts are still not known"...what '"facts" are you talking about? "Manufactured facts" that are still in production line? One thing for sure Najib has been talking about his different versions of fact: initially "cash" brought from Caymans, then ooops! Not "really cash" but documents for asset....hayya, classic siakap sinahong gelama ikan duri...cakap bohong, sudah pun mencuri....


    4. Two wrongs does not make a right. Lets say you have a father togok todi, should you justified your drinking problem by saying that your father togok todi.... isn't it stupid.

    5. We may never know the actual facts of the case. It has always been like that in Bolehland. in the case of 1MDB, whatever little undisputed facts known to us, it's very clear that whoever involved in the ventures are crooks, at best they are idiots.

    6. Why all this racist rants..calling people pendatang. Hello Najib is a Malay (bugis warrior) , the 2 CEOs of 1mdb are Malay, the chairman is Malay, the igp is Malay, the Bnm governor is Malay and all have allowed tuan guru Jho low to make billions from the Malays. Btw it was tony Pua and rafizi who were whacking on this 1mdb issue before it became fashionable .

    7. "Anyway RM27 billion or RM46 billion ain't going to cripple or cause a collapse of the economy or country if you compare it with previous losses during the time of TDM on the forex, Renong, Mas, Maminco etc."

      At least during Mahathir's time, he didn't turn to rakyat by imposing burdersome tax to recoup tons of money lost. During Mahathir's time he was single handed responsible overseeing country's increasing wealth. You can't say the same to current PM. We're getting poorer by days. Everything shoot through the roof by the time GST implemented. The guy being rich kid only good at spending foolishly all those hard earned money and wealth left behind by previous leaders.
      The naked emperor didn't realize every people on the streets right now are talking when and how Muhyddin will take over not if.

  13. TAK BERBALOI LAH nak sit down
    cari org tengah ke apa..

    Bukan nya TUN M vs NAJIB


    Lagi baik Najib RESIGN..
    Biar TPM naik..
    Jadi boleh Cool Down sikit situation..

    Bukan ganti dgn Anwar pon..

    Hutang 1MDB + interest byk Oooo..

    Campur lagi Malaysia punya hutang.. Aiya byk Ooo

    Lepas dia RESIGN..
    boleh dia main GOLF masa banjir
    takde sapa kisah..

  14. If TGH Hadi gets reelected as PAS president and then brings PAS to break away from PR (DAP+PKR+PASMA) , I will support PAS and HUDUD.
    Why? 50+ years supporting UMNO and its liberal , moderate , Hadari, Wassatiah jargons giving the impression that this can bring about a Malaysian society led by Malay-Muslims to a dignified ethical principled lot had all been a hogwash. Instead today, corruption, bribery, nepotism, cronysm is prevalent.Society had been divided into the ruling class elites ,mid class and lower middles class masses,where what is slowly but surely creeping into the Malaysian society is DECADENCE.
    You can say anything about PAS being the same in ruling Kelantan for 3 decades and TGHH in Trengganu for 1 term, but nothing compared to the magnitude of scandals under UMNO-BN .
    So I tell myself why not give PAS a chance.
    But 1 thing will change all this. That is IF Najib beings UMNO into a unity govt with PAS.

    1. No point spouting unintelligent alternatives: hahaha you want to offer the Islamic State of Kelaten dengan dia punya ideologi takfir amanah Hadi awang? Tahaluf siayasi diorang bukan DECADENCE kah? Mengharamkan majlis Maulidur Rasul itu bukan CORRUPTION akidah ahl sunnah wal jamaah kah? Bersekutu dengan Anwar Juburi al-Zionis itu bukan kerosakkan prinsip perjuangan kah? Hahaha ... pegi lah cari negara lain melabur politik dengan agama. Political Islamism sedunia terbukti Failure.
      Jagalah diri sendiri:
      Hablun min Allah, hablun min an-nas

    2. Anon 19.10 , your argument on Decadence and Corruption is flawed.

  15. Better for Najib to Resign

    Start with a new PM

    At least we can Play to Win..

    Instead of Play to Not Lose with Najib.


    1. DS Mohd Najib resigns(?) and what following the party appointment process YAB Tan Sri Deputy takes over ... please Sdr ANON 13:24?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    2. After this 1MDB furore .. and if no fraud proven, adinda Ms Annie
      nothing will change with opinions continue to be divided.

      The PAC represents and composes 6% of the Parliament, and quoting Yg Bhg Tan Sri Speaker Pandikar, the PAC like the Parliament will be a mere "Rubber stamp".

      1MDB mismanaged:
      Change the BoD so naive about the Matching principle of finance,
      trying to pay long term debt with short term borrowings,
      amazingly almost the way many credit card spenders have gone bankrupt(?)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Haji M Zin, do u seriously think that the uncapable DS Najib should stay on as our Prime Minister?

    4. Zinc, give us a break OK? Tired of your brand of Jibgor rationalizations.


    5. Rationalisation about PM position below at 18:36, Sdr ANONs
      and is not about DS Mohd Najib.

      Let us hear your PM name(?) and non-tiring rationalalisation ada?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  16. Bacalah che det. Najib dan pembohongan.

  17. Najib is a goner..... its matter of time.

    The only stumbling block to his fall is the Humpty Dumbty. But sooner or later Humpty Dumpty will fall and what a fall it will be....

    1. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
      Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
      All the king's horses and all the king's men
      Couldn't put Humpty together again.

      How appropriate

  18. The longer he's trying to cling to power, the more restless rakyat become. The rakyat are squarely are looking at him as the single reason why the goings get tough everyday. All the burden and hardship inflicted onto them couldn't get anyworst. The sooner he leaves the better. We're all tired and have enough. We want to see someone else taking over. Enough with the bull. We no longer trust you.
    He can continue to pretend like everything is normal when in fact it is far from it. He can go on misleading the masses that he received people support the way he misled Parliament that a billion of 1MDB has been redeemed in cash and parked in Singapore's bank. With all solidarity gatherings across the country currently being organized act as a proof of insecurity and uncertainity of his fate. The end is near.

  19. From Malaysian Insider.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's statement in March that 1MDB's funds in cash were kept in the BSI Bank is an offence under the law.

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has fired another salvo at embattled Datuk Seri Najib Razak, saying the prime minister had "lied" over the status of 1Malaysia Development Berhad's (1MDB) US$1.103 billion (RM3.6 billion) which was said to have been kept at the BSI Bank in Singapore.

    In referring to Najib's parliamentary reply on the matter earlier this week, the former prime minister said any "cover up" or attempting to hide a mistake in government affairs was an offence under the law.

    He said it comes under Section 218 of the Penal Code and felt that the police should investigate the matter.


  20. Unless Pakatan takes over, UMNO if they decide to change PM,
    gets its pick from the elected(!) Deputy and 3 merry Naibs.

    Its for BN not DS Mohd Najib to lose GE-14
    vs leaderless/ pupetted Pakatan(?) with PM-designate DS Anwar fast becoming nary-a-mention-in-foreign press forgotten man.

    OK, that doesn't soothen our concerns kan(?) Sdr ANON 17:45

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  21. Annie dearie, inilah masanya untuk buat duit. Buat sebanyak yang boleh. Panglima bugis dalam keadaan terdesak, jika kerbau sekalipun boleh berkata kata dan mengangkat placard I LOVE PM maka tidak diragu lagi bahawa kerbau tersebut akan menjadi jutawan. Manusia manusia hipokrit dan kaki ampu amatlah sibuk sekarang, contoh paling nyata adalah Puad Zakar Shit. Cara beliau mengampu saya dapat andaikan bahawa itu lah cara beliau bernafas dalam politik.