Friday 15 May 2015

Five questions on Najib versus Dr Mahathir

Someone asked me five simple questions earlier today.

I tried to give him simple answers to his questions.

I think I can share this one with you all.

These are more or less the guy's five questions and my answers:

Q1. Do you believe that 1MDB was set up as a vehicle for PM DS Najib Razak to steal rakyat's money?

A1. No. I don't think Najib is a thief. I have observed Najib closely for many years and it's very hard for me to believe that he is stealing from the people. I agree that 1MDB has its problems but I don't see them as being personally caused by the PM. I hope the Public Account Committee can speed up its work once they get the Auditor General report. I would like to believe that 1MDB was actually set-up with the good intention of improving the country's economy but unfortunately poorly executed.

Q2. Do you believe that Najib's wife DS Rosmah Mansor is an evil woman?

A2. No. I don't think Rosmah is evil. I believe that I have been consistent on this. There were times when I got very irritated with her, but that does not make me believe that she is capable of crimes such as murder or looting the country's wealth. I think many love to hate Rosmah simply due to her rather assertive personality more than anything else. At a more personal level, I noticed that she had done some really good things such as improving the care for special needs children in this country. I do however wish that she can "adjust" herself accordingly for the sake of her husband.

Q3. Why do you think Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad attacked Najib?

A3. I believe that Dr Mahathir's ultimate objective is to prevent Barisan Nasional from losing the next general election. I don't believe that Dr Mahathir actually hates Najib. The former PM, however, seems to think that Najib had made too many mistakes in administering the country and not done enough to improve BN's chances to win the next poll since the lackluster results of the 13th general election. He apparently believes that BN's chances would be better if someone else is leading BN into the next general election. I think Dr Mahathir has come to believe that BN will lose the next general election if Najib is still the PM even if he is not attacking him.

Q4. Are there any chance for Najib to make peace with Dr Mahathir?

A4. I think the only way to prevent BN from losing the next general election is for Najib to make peace with Dr Mahathir. Being the PM and younger guy, Najib has to find a way to appease Dr Mahathir. He needs to convince Dr Mahathir that he can
i. still lead BN to victory in the next general election,
ii. he and his wife have not been stealing the people's money,
iii. initiatives such as the setting up of the controversial 1MDB were done with good intention,
iv. policies such as the implementation of GST and BR1M were actually good for the people,
v. and he will get rid of the bad people around him, who are giving him bad advices.

Q5. Are you on the side of Najib or Dr Mahathir?

A5. I'm on Malaysia's side. I don't think it is good for the country if either Najib or Dr Mahathir wins the fight but later on BN still lose the next general election.


  1. Answer for Q4 will be the end of BN. As a PM who thinks he is right, he must defend the policies he implemented.

    This is where Najib failed miserably.

    And for that, I am with Tun. Najib must go or BN go.

  2. Kudos Annie. You're professional.

    1. Sudah la annie dont play safe la , whatever the out come , please la Najib you have to be responsible , and dont create another victim liked before just for you and your wife survival.

    2. Our national culture treats corruption as a way of life and cash as king with a system that allows our Prime Minister to put his hands in the national coffers. We cannot have such a government if we have a dysfunctional and incompetent civil service, a compromised Judiciary and a rubber stamp Parliament with a biased Speaker. Can we create a culture where corruption is viewed as a disgrace ( like in the Scandinavian countries)?

  3. Amazing how all you dumno bloggers are so afraid to take a stand? Scared to be on the losing end?

  4. This are my answers to your questions above.
    Q3-Because of answer for Q1 & Q2
    Q4 -No
    Q5- I support Dr.M for highlighting the answer to Q1 & Q2

    To say that Najib is not aware of 1MDB activities is a ridiculous statement. Assuming if it's Khazanah who got into this mess, Najib would have sacked the MD from day one. But in the case of 1MDB, there are too many discrepancies.One example-gov sell land to 1MDB @RM60/sqft and 1MDB sells to TH at RM 2,860/sqft.This is broad daylight robbery. If 1MDB sells to a private party,then it is smart business strategy. In addition, no 1MDB management has ever spoken which most likely because they are barred from speaking and/or they were just following instructions from someone above. If there are issues concerning Khazanah for example, the MD will clarify the matter. Some strange things about 1MDB;
    1. RM27b- lost & never found
    2. Najib claimed that money is in Singapore but latest news is that there is none and 1MDB can't prove that it is there.
    3. 1MDB had produce falsified bank statements and Najib is cool about it?


    1. Hey man we gotta get real here man, hey you wouldn't hire this guy to manage your restaurant man, he'd set the kitchen on fire man and blame it on the kangkung man!

    2. There is no democratic (political) future for Malaysia without clean, open, transparent and accountable government working in partnership with Malaysians for justice and fairness. What we will likely have instead is a kleptocracy and secular economic decline with serious income disparity between the rich and the poor.

  5. Annie, secara jujurnya saya tidak rasa mahathir dan najib akan dapat berdamai seperti sediakala. Ini adalah kerana org org upahan seperti Tunku Aziz, zamil ibrahim, tun faisal, ezam azwandin dengan secara terang terangan telah menjadi batu api dan merosakkan persahabatan dan kasih sayang tun terhadap Najib. Mereka mereka ini telah memperlihatkan diri mereka sebagai pembela kepada DS Najib. Kerosakan yg telah mereka lakukan tidak mungkin dapat melembutkan hati Tun.

  6. Soal Jawab Macam Budah Sekolah.....
    Grow Up Annie!

    1. Duh, baru start baca blog ni ke, kalau tak suka style dia boleh blah okay.

  7. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

    Macam jawapan biasa ahli-ahli UMNO yang masih duduk atas pagar dan Mahathirists yang kini baru tahu idola mereka sememangnya mempunyai ajenda persendirian.

    Rakyat yang silent majority dah bau pun President dan PM amat berat di hati untuk mengambil tindakan keatas Mahadey walaupun diserang sabagini.

    Apa kan daya? Mahadey dah dilambung setinggi tingginya dahulu sahingga diberi gelaran Negarawan. Malu jugak orang Melayu, jika seorang Negarawan, bekas Presiden dan PM terpaksa berkongsi sel penjara dengan Anwar.

    Agaknya siapakah yang paling sabar di hati dalam krisis ni?

    1. bow wow bow wow bad doggie!
      tak boleh berak disini tahu?

    2. Wow wow wow tu si bloga prepaid parpukari..dia komen anon ..ingat org x tau

    3. Classic master tactician.tun strategy is to take people to his side.later when najib's people retaliate he acts as if he is the victim.playing on sympathy sentiment

  8. Q1 - Agree
    Q2 - Evil, no, but 'gila glamer' yes, which is very detrimental.

    IMO Najib has to go not because of 1MDB but because under his leadership (lack of) Malaysia will slide into an Islamist state where any dissenting view or opinions will be quashed. Tak percaya? Read his "Wasatiyyah' speach.

    Najib must go because Malaysia must not be led by a weakling and hyprocrite.

  9. You are not exactly correct in all five questions. Everybody is fed up with all sides of the politics. What most probably will happen is that another another group made up of mix from both sides will for the next government. They are thieves too but will not do it so blatantly as BN now.

  10. Speak the truth in love . . . Lord let the good triumph

  11. Annie, i don't know you but i can safely assume that you are a good person cause only a good person will believe that no person can be evil. But a sad yet true reality is that all man is capable to be evil. Give the man (or woman) absolute power, than you can see what he can become. Adios.


  12. Q: 1 ;
    A: 1 , Wa tatak pikir itu macam lea aa ,tapi itu Najib lulang celedik lor rr ,sutak kena tipu lengan lia punya con sultan maa aa .

    Q:2 ,
    A:2 , Wa tatak pikir itu macam bolih jadi maa aa , tapi itu kes macam gantong lea aa ,siapa kasi oder pulis kasi hantam lea aa .

    A: 4 Yaa loorr, Wa manyak setuju sama Annie .

    A: 4 , Wa ingat Najib manyak sombong maa aa ,tatak lengar olang lain punya cekap lor rr ,kalau mau lengar olang punya cekap ,sikalang tatak ini macam maa aa.

    A: 5, Wa tatak kisah lea aa ,itu Uncle Lim atak cekap ,lia bolih buat Malaysia manyak baik punya ,bolih lebih cali makan ,lebih untung maa aa .

  13. Annie,
    This is my super 5 to you..with yes or no answer
    1. Will you commit to a tall guy?
    2. Will you commit to a brown dark.guy?
    3. Will you commit to a guy with the look, from the left like KJ, from the right like mukhriz..
    4. Will you commit to a guy that earn less than RM3,500 after GST?
    5. If the above the question, the answer is yes, are willing to kahwin lari..,( barang semua mahal lar )

    ..waiting eagerly..

    1. Annie.
      Thank you..make you reply to my question that mean something...

  14. You are dreaming Annie! Get real! You cant be that naive .

  15. Hi Annie,
    Jus wanna answer Q3. Why do you think Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad attacked Najib?
    I agree with you, but i think there is more than about BN losing GE14. You see, Tun is a malay ultra and Najib seem to be much liberal than moderate.

    Remeber, Tun did mentioned that Najib has been too accommodating the Chinese. Between the lines, what Tun is trying to say - whatever BN is giving them, the chinese will continue not to support BN coming GE14. The Chinese got nothing to lose.
    Example: The key positions at GLCs are now occupied by non Bumi/Malay. MRCB, Time Dot Com, Celcom, Maybank among others. Chinese are dominating more than 60% at MRCB and Time Dot Com for senior position and above.

    The education grant and assistance to the Chinese school meant nothing to them. Go and see yourself the facilities available, Twice better than government school. Most of them are fully sponsored by the chinese community.

    Government projects are easily accessible compared during Mahathir era. It is true most of the malay contractor suffered, as the chinese controlled the manufacturing and distribution of most product in the country.

    Economically, the Chinese are self sustain as they control the economy of the country. The only thing that is eluding them is POLITICAL POWER.

    With Malay is fighting among themselves things may look dim for BN.

    Mahathir wants to empower the Malays economically and politically, get the Malay solidly behind UMNO. Mahathir wants Najib to play hard with the Chinese politically, economically and socially. This is what he has done during his 22 years in power.

    When Tun critising Najib for being kowtow to Singapore, he meant Najib has been kowtow to the Malaysian Chinese which is not benefiting other races. Tun could have criticize the THR (high Speed Rail) which are not going to benefit the people and Malaysia. The infra and development cost gonna cost billions of rimggit. Not inclusive the maintenance cost. Therefore the price per ticket will be higher than Airline ticket KUL - SIN. Ask them what the expected fare between KL - SIN. Another thing KLIA will be at disadvantage. Airlines will make SIngapore as the rregional hub in SEA. As we know Singapore is the best service provider in the region!

    Think about it... if the Malay lose the political power in the next GE14, its not the chinese nor indian or other races fault, but the malay got themselves to blame.The history of the downfall of the Malacca Sultanate in 1511 to portugese will repeat itself.


  16. najibs time is up!!!! he just cannot think for himself...dissappointment after another...unable to control his wife...lavish wedding of daughter...buddy with us president...inability to stop the mongolian scandal....huge leap of inexplanable debts...inability to handle mh370 case ...1 MDB scandal...his speech is always uninspiring and full of acting not sincere at all....i am pro bn...but now am just fed up!

  17. How come everybody is so blur in the case of PM/President UMNO vs Mahadey?

    Most already knows the PM is now out of favour by Mahadey and his Mahathirists because he refused to play ball and run errands for Mahadey like an office boy.

    How come the questions posted are skewed towards making everyone dumb to take a stand? And the answers are so typically designed to soothe ruffled feathers as if some sort of stalemate is required by appeasing both sides?

    The cunning sly fox Mahadey has now met his nemesis in Najib unlike those before him who fell one by one. This PM just refused to be his errand boy to continue doing his bidding and Mahadey becames so vengeful and can even become one of the travelling Gypsy fortune teller to foretell elections. How come he got it wrong in the by-elections recently?

    Q1 should be changed to " Do you believe 1MDB should be used to cash out Mahadey's cronies's projects and used for Mahadey's new projects like the crooked bridge and NS Rail Link?

    Q2 should read as "Do you believe Mahadey is an evil man."

    Q3 should read as " Why do you think the PM maintained an elegant silence and refuse to attack Mahadey."

    Q4 should read as "Is there any chance Mahadey will stop attacking the PM"

    Q5 should read as "Should the Sedition Act be used against Mahadey and all his Mathirists?"

    Let's see your readers answers to these questions?

    1. but talking about even are so full of shit that you cant even write Mahathir correctly

  18. Anon 09:46- grow up and don't act like a kindergarten kid. It is very obvious you are one of the low class or no class cyber trooper of PMO. The questions by Annie is given an example like this-"Did he steal the money" but your answer went like this-the neighbors dog is making noise and the person who put money there is not happy so that's why the thief stole. Morale of the story -Dumb Pee Emm supported by dumber cyber troopers.


  19. Najib’s retirement would be a priceless gift for each and every Malaysian. How could it not be so? It would help the country to reborn as a vibrant nation led by an astute and exemplary technocrat. Wouldn’t you agree that this is an irreplaceable contribution from Najib to the nation?
    Aspan Alias is an FMT Reader

  20. 1. Why pitted (read: ‘vs.’) the Tun against DSN, Annie? There was NEVER any fight or contest between them in the first place. If there were any fight or contest, it would be between DSN and the Rakyat (read; Dr M) on who would prevail in the end, no more any less. If you were in North Korea, Kim Jong-un would have shot you with an Anti-Missile, as you had been such a manipulative soul!

    2. It is so obvious that your folk hero DSN does not even listen to the Tun (read: The Rakyat) anymore. He listens to his wife RM only. Example, why is it that 1MDB issued a statement on ‘suing’ only after DS Nazir had challenged it? Why not previously, when others did the same or worst? Why not sue NYT, ST, SR, and BT, as they were those that told 1MDB’s affairs in the first place? Why was it so? It was because when DS Nazir SAID IT, it was personal (read: It got RM, angry!) and ‘DSN’ had to instruct 1MDB to issue such statement (pursuant thereto, but just that, alas, as it meant nothing until you had to go to the Court to proof your case, which reasons I believe that it very much would want to avoid doing!).

    3. Evidently, you and your Idol Bro Rocky Bru inept in telling the truth as it unfolds, was not a case of not knowing the truth, but more so, for wanting to tell the lies (to benefit your master. Shame on both!).

    4. Finally yet importantly, no one should have been bothered to be manipulated in participating in your hypothetical questions, as it was hypothetical exactly. Silly!

    5. The Rakyat is not going to forget 1MDB, TH, PFI, SRC, GLCs, GLICs, BR1M, and GST et all no matter howsoever clever you and dUMNO bloggers think that you people could spin these matters. The Rakyat has had those matters ingrained in their minds and souls, completely. For DSN to test on how popular he is with the Rakyat, pls call for a Snap Election anytime from here onwards and the Rakyat would demonstrate how angry they are towards DSN, UMNO, and BN, unreservedly!

  21. Najib should answer to the rakyat. The last time i check, he hasn't. When he was asked what happen to 1MDB, he said let the AG investigate. Tak malu ke? Seems that he doesn't know whats happening in 1MDB which is under MOF where he is the minister. Can you see the similarity with Pak Lah. I pray the truth will prevail.

  22. sorry annie...don't agree with is not the fight between tun and is between the rakyat and najib......

  23. With the latest revelation by SR on 1MDB, you got your answer wrong Annie. The revelation proved that Jibby is the biggest thief of the century! We also caught Jibby lying twice. First he said the funds are in Singapore bank but in actual fact there is none. Second he said that Jho Low is not involved in 1MDB but the latest revelation again proved otherwise. Biggest thief and liar! I hope that Hudud is implemented soon that we can Jibby and Rosie to be punished under this law.