Sunday 31 May 2015

A long Sunday drive

I'm going on a long drive north today.

It's just a day trip to visit someone I love very much.

Sorry, no time to do any proper posting.

So, please just enjoy this music and have a good Sunday.



  1. R u meeting that fat chinese guy????

  2. Good time always, dear Annie. Me, next change to warga emas, just my destiny, nothing to do.. he..he.. love my happy time too...

    Yes, this is Malaysia, where we were grown in the custody of our previous and present Gomen. The Umno / BN Malay Gomen.

    No real disaster, made our living like the unlucky Rohingyas, Palestinians, and Others of the same. Nobody wants, nobody cares and no countries want. No human right, because its not in the selected few !!!! No marina's beach. No broom to bersih either. No dapstools, no tea, yamseng ctoberfest. No evan- angels come to rescue, jive talkin' to love ur neigbours ! You know, some bullshit.

    Only our poor Gomen, helpout the boat people with full insanity... still not good enough, said the pembangkang that suka mengangkang, buat kerja bangang !

    Majority of the luckiest, happiest, richest malaysians, complaints a lot about their 1st class clives. Tax payers money they said, used to bail out 1MDB ! GST also bail 1MDB !

    They want everything in 1st class, lavish style like Jho Low and Rizal Aziz. They want freely provided, till the Gomen help pumps their shit in their lavotories... say jamban, low class, ok ? Long Kangs, yes they are !

    Well majority of malaysians, mostly in business sectors enjoy that KING of living. They can effort everything, even sleep on their money ! Their children are in boarding schools, prestige universities, inside or abroad. Fully paid / and soonsored. 1st class shit education, you know ! They have countless maids. They drive cadillac, porche and a biasa scenarios with Merc, BMW and with those jenama exclusive Japanese / Korean brands. Hahai! Driving that limited editions too. Welk they all against Gomen !

    Yet they still complaint and komplen a lot ! Malaysia is not good for them. Stupid countries with stupid malay ! Islam.and jumud thinking they say. Without shame, they are still living with the srupids, rob and reap everything without shame ! Stand tall and with boasting claims being super duper penipu and penyangaks ! 1st class shit education ! They earned their living, again they said ! Nothing to do with being low class malaysians ! Their hard work just like going in Broadway. Damnfools!

    To some, living with golden opportunities and earn easy money, like the cloth factories, they are the grand designers ! They change and design all sorts of nonsense, modifying the traditional !. They called it latest fashion with their taste and style and carry protected fool trademarks ! With sign, Do not Disturb !

    Well a lot funny things in Malaysia. Everybody seems to be caring without bothering ! They shout and bark all night long just for nothing !

    They want to kill the gomen, the law and order, the Umnos and whatever flags that it has. Like you flag that u tube where they produced, upload and flagged. Some clever stupid skunks ! There are skunkongs too in their circle.

    They want their own flag, their own country and their own law and order, just to protect their own crook-kongs being. Jungle law, the strongest will be the kingdom of KingKong ! While Others, saudara KingKongs, live in far ToKongs and HongKong. Vehicles plate nos - Lo Kongs XXIV

    Well, Annie drive safely if or when you're driving. Carelessness will cost dear life. We dont want any "pusara di lebuhraya," do we ? Our lebuhraya are among the best in Asia. Yet they complaint about it. They dig holes on it just to make other users suffer.

    Note : this is the parody of malaysian style. Annie is just a character in our daily life, looking for a real freindly neighbours, whoever they are. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Etnik Warga Bumi and Others that carry genuine Mykad. They are all Malaysians in harmony. We live together. We are supposed to be in "one" families and best friends. It used to, BUTnow...the existence of "Muka-Muka HODOH Malaysia" make us, normal malaysians, sick every now and then ! We are no more one, live happily ever after....

    (This is our normal malaysian inglish talk. No harm done to Annie, ok ? )

  3. Annie, Najib sedang berada dalam self destroyed mode!

  4. One for the road ma'am down memory lane ..... great lengths do we go for those we love

  5. Hati-hati bawak kereta Annie..

  6. Ohhh no wonder annie pun kat sana hahahahaha. "Its just A day trip to visit someone i love very much!!!" Pheeeewwittttttt!

  7. How come hotels still charging 10 + 6% tax? What is this goverment doing?? Law without enforcement ....pathetic ... Najib.......when things were seen not right you claimed it was not your idea.... 1 MDB is your brainchild. .... are you going to say this belong to somebody idea hahaha....poor malaysian....what kind of stupid leader you have...

  8. Harga minyak naik lagi tngah malam ni..harga minyak di pasaran dunia kan tengah jatuh merudum, macam mana depa naikkan harga pulak? Apa justifikasinya?

  9. Not only Najib is up North, Jho Low is alos back and he is from Penang. Perhaps killing 2 birds with one kangkung?