Saturday 9 May 2015

Muhyiddin as reported in Wassap, Bernama and pro-Pakatan news portals

I saw this message in a Wassap group of Umno supporters which I'm a member about 5pm yesterday:

Dpm came out openly to criticize the handling of the imdb issue in his pc,He said it has come to a stage where its so serious, it may explode.

He said he can't even explain the issue when he went down to campaign in by-election because "I don't even know what to say". The situation is toxic and may bring about huge adverse impact not just to people but Umno.

Pc still ongoing

It's the single biggest factor, among other issues, that led to bn's loss in permatang pauh, he said.

"The rakyat wants to know, not just Tun M. The rakyat wants to know why no one has been charged, why imdb board not sacked, what about position of the ceo and PM as advisor."

The message was allegedly sent by someone who was with DPM TS Muhyiddin Yassin in Milan, Italy.

I was later informed that the same message had been shared in other Wassap groups and other social media platforms about the same time I saw it.

This is however the report by Bernama of the Muhyiddin's press conference in Milan on the matter:

MILAN: People want concrete answers and prompt actions from the Government over issues raised, said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

The deputy prime minister said the people wanted the Government to take their views seriously and not to trivialise them.

"We have to look at new approaches in handling issues of the people," he told the Malaysian media here, when asked on the lessons to be learnt from the by-elections in Rompin and Permatang Pauh recently.

In the people's view, the issues must be addressed quickly and should not be allowed to prolong, said Muhyiddin, who is making an official three-day working visit to Italy.

"This means every issue raised by the people to the government should be managed and tackled promptly, whether with a solution or improvement," he said.

Barisan retained the Rompin parliamentary seat in the by-election on May 5 but lost the Permatang Pauh constituency on May 7.

Among the current issues raised during the by-elections were the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Muhyiddin said feedback from the people showed they wanted the government to respond quickly in line with real time information found on social websites.

"In the view of the people, taking a defensive attitude does not help in the long term. In fact there should be an offensive approach with ready answers for the people," he said.

Asked on the initial Barisan analysis on the Permatang Pauh by-election results, he said the exploitation of such issues raised by the opposition was the reason for Barisan's loss.

Initial analysis found the people were not attracted by issues of development highlighted during the campaign. Instead they focused more on current issues.

The failure of Barisan to reply to current issues such as 1MDB was fully exploited by the opposition.

Muhyiddin said an overall analysis of the by-election results should be made to prevent it from becoming a trend which could affect the general election results in future. - Bernama

The mostly pro-Pakatan news portals, however, choose to go on the same angle as the earlier message I saw in the Wassap group.

Here is the one by The Malaysian Insider:

Now, many had concluded that it is the start of an open Umno rebellion.

It's because earlier in the day, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin along with the party wing's leaders from Johor and Penang as well as Umno vice-president DS Shafie Apdal had issued their own statement on the Tabung Haji-1MDB issue which could be deemed as piling the pressure on the administration of PM DS Najib Razak. 

For that, read Apanama's 

I believe the very smart Umno strategists and media bosses need to move fast to contain this feel of rebellion from snowballing.

Don't ask me how, as I'm just an observer now.

The Umno strategists and media bosses must think of something over this weekend as this Monday is the Umno Day celebrations.

They should not let the Umno president face the party members with this gloom hanging over his head.


  1. Dato Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, Menteri Pertahanan Malaysia. He should say something. Rakyat needs his wisdom now, he's also very handsome and very wise.

    1. There is one word that captures the essence of all Islamic laws and all Islamic teachings; one word that describes the overriding value that permeates all Islamic values. Justice. The Qur'an says: "We sent aforetime our messengers with clear Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance, that men may stand forth in Justice." [Al-Hadid 57:25].

      Under normal circumstances many people can be just. But Islam commands its followers to be just even in the face of strong conflicting emotions. In dealing with other human beings, two major impediments to justice are love and hatred. See how the Qur'an teaches us to overcome the first impediment when we are dealing with our closest relatives or even ourselves. "O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against someone) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you swerve, and if you distort matters or decline to do justice, verily Allah knows full well all that you do." [An-Nisa 4:35]

    2. Why such scandals don't happen in Sinkapore?

      They don't emphasize any religion. There are two huge casinos there. There is even an unofficially allowed red light district in Geylang.

      So why are they getting better and better in terms of life for their ordinary rakyat while Malaysia gets more and more messy?

      They adopted gst a long time ago, yet people don't protest.

      The Malaysian government recently even gave directives that government staff recruitment will STOP for now. Where are the graduates from MARA and UiTM going to find jobs?

    3. Tebing Tinggi9 May 2015 at 17:29

      Are u implying that MARA and UiTM grads aren't good enough for the private sector?

      Now, why would you even want to imply that?

      In a globalised world, with the Asean Economic Community coming on stream, with a proliferation of start-ups, angel investors and venture capitalists, the possibilities should be wide open for these grads?

      Unless, horror of horrors, they cannot compete in the global marketplace for skills and talent.

      But that is selling these grads short, is it not?

    4. re: So why are they getting better and better in terms of life for their ordinary rakyat while Malaysia gets more and more messy?

      You really haven't lived in heartland Singapore have you?

      Please understand the bolts and nuts of meritocracy in Singapore and their justifications for a naturalized elitism:

      The most expensive public housing; most expensive private vehicles; most expensive public healthcare in the world. The lowest median salary among first world countries but the highest ministerial salaries in the world. Where your home is a playground for the world and gambling addiction is fast on the rise and also crony-capitalism (The Economist ranks Singapore 5th place and Malaysia 3rd).

    5. 21:05

      You are welcome to come live in Malaysia.

      But you should look at the number and direction of emigration movement: Malaysia to Singapore, most of whom will have their first homes in the heartland vs Singapore to Malaysia.

      That said, the number of Singaporeans having holiday houses in Malaysia greatly out number Malaysians having holiday houses in Singapore.

  2. Muhyiddin-Shafie Afdal tag team for top posts. Jumpa Tun M selalu ni.

  3. CLASSIC ! Integrity again has a face .....

  4. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't put Humpty together again.

  5. The problem nowdays is too much information that we didnt even know which one is correct.too many misinformation and misdirection.war against this needs dedication,passion and above all madness.

  6. Najib should do a harakiri but before that should ask for forgiveness from the rakyat especially the Malay/Muslims.

    1. In morality ah jib gor doesn't know his kanan from his kiri and for his 1MyDepositBank he will huru-hara grab the rakyat's tabung. He think Tanah Tun Razak bapaknya punya.


    Another driver on board. More to come....more to come. Dont be shy....dont be the driver. If not, you are not on the cruise ship with the new captain soon.

  8. Few things need to happen to move forward:

    1. Get AG report/PAC report on 1MBD out.
    2. Get the new leader...old leader to step down.
    3. Dissolve the parliament and call for an early election to get new drivers on board.
    4. When this happen, pakatoon will be in haywire and opportunity for BN to starts all fresh.


      MAS is Malaysia in microcosm. It has most of the main problems Malaysia has. The government has tried to save it a few times via capital injection. But under the various local ceos, it just kept bleeding losses.

      But several months ago, by force of circumstances, it was decided that the country couldn't sustain such continuing losses anymore. It was time to bite the bullet.

      Christoph Mueller is not Malaysian, and the 'sensitivities' that would bother most Malaysians won't bother him. But he is a realist. Yes, supply contracts have to be renegotiated, and many will lose their jobs.

      But he'll keep our flag carrier flying. And hopefully, a culture of meritocracy and self reliance will set in and permeate the whole company.

      Air Asia has been the World's Best Low-Cost Airline 5 years running

      With the same DNA, MAS should be able to do no worse.

      It's then that Malaysians can again fly MAS with pride.

      For Malaysia to truly get better, something like saving MAS has to happen.

      Intellectually, PM has the quality to save Malaysia, despite the huge baggages of TDM's legacy. But he is in a very uncomfortable spot over 1MDB right now.

      However, for 1MDB to show results, it needs time. Because of developments in the world markets, I believe 8 months is what 1MDB needs to show significant improvement in financial standing.

      The TH land deal is based on market value. With the infrastructure being put into TRX and a plot ratio of 10, including an MRT station linkage, that will be another KLCC in time. TH could easily resell at the purchase price even now.

  9. why was he in milan in the first place

  10. Hahahaha I like this. Dah ramai mula Sedar. Bagus la. Puad zakar dan salleh keruak bila Lagi nak sedar????

  11. I think 2015 will see another Ops Lallang 2 this time within UMNO.

    A pact may be made with PKR or PAS and Anwar freed to be replaced by Mahafiraun.

    UMNO Baru may open it's doors to become a multi racial and multi religious party and change it's name.

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

    There are just too many rats and Brutuses in UMNO currently.

    1. F**king Pharoanic Retard!

    2. Anon 10:13
      You are a fucking rat!

  12. BMF, the mother of all scandals that follow – KL Lau

    BMF (Bumiputera Malaysia Finance Limited) fiasco in 1984 had made the people poorer by RM2.5 billion then, (by today's value, estimated at RM22.5 billion). Despite being reminded repeatedly and protested by the public (including myself, emphatically) lessons were never learnt because the (real) culprits were never punished or had gotten away with merely a rap on the knuckles.

    Adversely, it set the impetus for larger financial and corporate scandals, easily in excess of RM600 billion (by today's value RM1 trillion) in total.

    This includes Perwaja Steel, London tin speculation, cooperative scandals, Bakun Dam, PFTZ, Bank Negara's RM15 billion losses in Forex, which continue to “flourish” all at the expense and sufferings of the rakyat and the country. And recently there’s been the “Cow Lady” and 1MDB, just to name a few, and still counting…

    - See more at:

    1. 1. Sure, KL Lau, shout as loud as you like, as you are just is a Haters! You blame everybody (except for yourself), for yours’ and your kids' inability to become billionaires in Bolehland. Poor you! You should try yours’ and your children's luck in Singapore or PRC where they would have either jailed or put yours' and your children's sorry asses before the Firing Squad!

      2. Ingrates like you and your sorry imbeciles should be lucky that in Bolehland you could still live and earn your living peacefully, but you MUST NOT blame anyone if you or your children and their children's children could not become billionaires!

      3. Did you or any of your sorry children’ make any police reports on any of these HUGE COMMERCIAL CRIMES?! No? Well, it figures. Just talk smack, as talk (read: shouting) is cheap. It would not cost you anything except bruised egos, probably.

      4. Your type of irresponsible racist rants are dividing the races and ruffling the social fabrics of this beloved country! Why are you so spiteful and full of hatreds? Did anybody hit yours’ or your kids’ bicycles?

      5. By the way, have you made any police reports on mismanagement of 1MDB, supposedly? Or, you are waiting for the Auditor General, PAC, MACC, and PDRM to complete their investigations first; jail and fine those responsible, if any, before you make that report? If you had not, I suggest that you make one soon. At least by so doing, you or your future generations do not have to waste your time and effort explaining it again in say, 20 years, for you or them could paste that police report in your living room or community hall somewhere that you or them had done you civic duty! And, I salute you. However, until such instance, PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      6. This time of need requires EVERY MALAYSIANS to close ranks so we could heal all wounds due to MH370, MH17, AA QZ8501, JJ’s & Pty’s mishaps, landslides @CH, floods@EC, GST, 1MDB, TH, etc.. The last thing on everyone’s mind (except for you and your children’s perhaps) is on how to return to normalcy, ASAP, but not fallacy, evidently.

    2. Just for correction the BMF scandal start in 1978 went BMF went start giving this loan to carrian group , but letter its cant be control because of mismangement , the scandal blown off after of the auditor was killed . this auditor were sent after goverment on that day found there are criminal element regarding the matter, so who were involved the management team in BMF organisation and who were the minister of finance during 1978.

  13. I am not pro government or neither am I anti government. However, I share the thoughts and concern of TPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin and many of my friends regarding the mess created by IMDB and latest it's illicit deal with Tabung Haji. These issues of public interest should be tabled in parliament in order to put pressure on those who are guilty of their selfish involvement in the matter. Those are are found guilty should be taken to task and dismiss from their positions

  14. Why this kind of crime happen in Malaysia's most religious state?

    KUALA KRAI - A 26-year-old mother of three died after she was found with stab wounds and wrapped in a bed sheet by the roadside about 100m from her home in Kampung Batu Papan, Gua Musang.

    Yashmin Fauzi, a police volunteer reservist, was discovered by her husband at about 2.40am yesterday.

    Investigations revealed that she might have been raped as well.

    It was also believed that the alleged attack took place in the house, where Yashmin was in with her three sons aged six, five and five months.

    Kelantan police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mazlan Lazim said two suspects, aged 22 and 19, were arrested.

    - See more at:

  15. Perasan tak Fuad zarkashi and salleh keruak senyaaap jer lately.. dah takde modal nak defend kot.. or tengah discuss dgn boss apa nak cakap?? Bang... kalau dah bangkai tutup macam mana pun bau tetap busuk..

  16. Why this kind of crime happen in Malaysia's most religious state?

    What kind of religion? Just last year over 30 males gang raped a 15 yr old girl. They blame it on "takde-hudud". I say first ask Spender Al to go buy sexy underwear for his next video besi and don't pay his haji for 12 months - tragic tragic wannabe Islamist State.

    1. don't know about his "haji" but don't pay his "gaji" - Hadi kata Spender Al sakit pinggang mana boleh main sehebatdengan girlfren dia tu, dia sembahyang pun kena duduk atas kerusi hahahaha .... adalah ilmu rahsia orang tua anak cucu tak tahu.

  17. TH say they will sell onwards the land

    So they have paid in full already? Upon SPA? If MOT is already issued that is why full payment has been made, then this got to be the fastest MOT issuance ever in less than 1 month already issue MOT!!!!!

    This is nothing more than a legal money transfer to allow 1MDB to pay their upcoming debt payment

    If TH is really honest they will just cancel the deal and absorb any penalty.....that is better than be seen as helping out 1MDB by going through with the deal

  18. I refer to the news confirming that Lembaga Urusan Tabung Haji (TH) has, indeed, bought at least one (1)parcel of land from 1MDB at a price way above what was initially paid for by the later.To be made aware that such hard-earned monies coming from the savings of multitudes of ordinary people whose faith in their religion made them toil and work extremely hard for savings to be deposited with TH, aspiring, one day, to be able to make that requisite pilgrmage to the Holy Land, makes me cringe and my heart bleed!For heaven's sake, what is going on in our country?How can a body, entrusted with the management of funds derived from savings of common folks, simply choose to do business with an entity that is currently bandied as unsavoury and being scrutinised for its reckless borrowings?Could not TH wait for the so-called ‘audit’ to be completed prior to deciding on purchasing the piece of land at such a premium over what 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) initially paid?I tend to disregard remarks pertaining to 1MDB made by the former prime minister of 22 years, assuming that it were the rants of a disenchanted man who does not get what he wants.However, now, discerning at how things are done, wherein a sacred fund is used nonchalantly to ‘invest’ in a purchase during times of great uncertainty in the integrity of the selling entity, I'm inclined to believe the Grand Old Man.I strongly do not believe in going to the streets to protest, but, I shall use my right to pen my disenchantment and anger at what has been done!Please, for heaven’s sake, do not ride roughshod over common decency simply to achieve one’s own political goals! This act is akin to blasphemy of the highest degree - the savings of folks with noble spiritual intentions being marauded for the satisfaction of an entity that is struggling for air.Do not take the silence of the majority as acquiescence for one to do what one wishes, sans repercussions! Patience and indifference, too, has their limits, for, when a simpleton notices that even vestiges of sacrosanct funds are plundered for the satisfaction of a questionable entity, the boundaries of inaction have been breached.I now weep for my country that I care and love so much. I weep for the misdeeds of those who cunningly use the excuse of ‘viable commercial investment decision’ to mask the nefarious intent of what was done.Many will scream, “Let the Almighty deal with them!”I wish to add: “... and let it be done during their lifetime on this earth.

    Captain Aziz

  19. Malaysia adalah sebuah negara kaya. Sumber alamnya dan hasil mashul yng melimpah menjadi kegilaan parti-parti politik untuk merebut kekayaan. Sentimen perkauman dan agama di mainkan kerana raykat negara ini amat sensitif dengannya. Sedihnya, pemimpim berkaliber yang berjuang untuk rakyat hampir pupus. Sebagai orang bawah, saya melihat parti mana pun yang nak memerintah negeri, pasti akan ada penyalahgunaan kuasa san sumber malahan bersifat perkauman, Kelantan dengan balak dan hududnya, Penang dengan perumahan rakyat yang ditangguh kerana tiada EHSAN untuk membenarkan orang melayu memiliki rumah, Selangor bising dengan simpanan 3 Billion tapi elaun guru KAFA pun tak mampu diurus, UMNO dan BN dengan 1MDB, GST, salah guna kapal terbang, bermewah. UMNO peneraju tiang seri negara yang dah teruk dimakan anai-anai. Nak lantil Mahayudin pun ada NFC dan tak lupa jumaat kerja akibat kerananya. UNMO sejak dari dulu menolak orang cerdik pandai. Cerdik pandai yang lari ke PAS pun berpecah akibat ANWAR. DAP memainan jarum memasikan semua parti melayu berpecah, dan hasilnya DAP yang hanya mewakili 28% masyarakat malaysia cina dilihat amat KEBAL dan berpengaruh. Kita melayu atas dasar apa pun samada agama, bangsa tetap berpecah dan terus menjadi orang pandai yang sentiasa menghukum orang lain tanpa melihat dirinya di cermin. Nasib Melayu semakin layu

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  22. Comments deleted were those cut and paste or totally out of topic.

  23. Annie. Anyone taken up your offer to save the PM?

    Suddenly too many rats and Brutuses appear.

    Reminds me of a picture of a big fat Rat caught in a mousetrap with it's punggok hanging in the air and a lot of other rats waiting in line one after another to s.... it's backside.

  24. Dulu pun byk comment merapu dan out of topic tapi annie tak delete pun

  25. Annie is getting serious...... Watch out guys!

  26. Annie sebenarnya, land deal ni semua hanya sandiwara saja konon konon nak jual to tabung haji. They r using tabung haji to sell it to 3rd party. The idiots playing fool

  27. Annie, DS Hishamuddin pun sudah mau loncat kapal bugis hahahahaha.... Apa sudah jadi sama pinisi bugis? Lama lama tinggal ah jib gor al bugis saja dalam kapal. Silap haribulan the blue hippo pun lari malam kahkahkahkah

  28. kapal bugis dah makin bocor, ramai dah meloncat ni hahahaha.... Makin ramai dah bersuara, apa sudah jadi???? Mana solidariti baju merah????? Budak hingus dok meleleh @ ketua pemuda umno penang pun dah tercirit, dia pun dah nak loncat jugak muahahahahaha.... Datuk ahmad zahid, harapan saya anda sedar akan kapal bugis hanya utk org bugis, anda adalah jawa. So lebih baik anda loncat daripada tenggelam bersama pahlawan agung bugis. Rakyat masih memerlukan anda.