Friday 22 May 2015

Only a Sith deals in absolutes

I'm now in the office doing actually nothing.

Told my team members what to do for the day and now just goofing around a bit.

So, I decided to ramble a bit here.

Had lunch with someone just now.

Nope, the guy tak sembahyang Jumaat.

He's Buddhist.

The lunch was pleasant.

Anyway, this is a comment from my last post,

Annie, i know u hv frens from among the PMO ppl thats why you hv this denial that Najib is a penyangak. You want to believe your frens tht Najib is a good guy. But i told you before, if they are najib's men, they are not good men. Anybody who is willing to stand by Najib and insisting that he is a good man, cannot be a good man.

Accept the hard facts Annie. Najib is not what you think he is or what you want him to be. Your frens are blinded by money, positions, glam or simply not righteous enough to say the truth.

This is not about Tun M attacking Najib. This is about 42billion debts that Najib shoved down our throat to pay while his family and jho low enjoy. So what you need to ask is for Najib to settle it without affecting us instead of asking for umno to stop fighting. Because if we stop attacking Najib then the nx thing we know all our funds cud be empty and all the lands allocated for bumi had been sold! It is what is going on now...thts why we need to increase the pressure and make sure tht he stops all transactions pending investigation.

Can you understand that Annie?

Well, of course I understand why there are those who wanted PM Najib Razak to step down.

I know of the concern that the much cited RM42 billion of 1MDB may have been stolen.

I'm not against those critics of Najib nor their demand for him to be replaced, okay.

In all likelihood, their intentions were probably noble.

Demi agama, bangsa dan tanahair....maybe.

But really, as I had previously wrote, I still find it hard to believe that Najib is a thief.

I actually observed the man closely since 2004 and so far I just don't see him capable of stealing that money.

Even though I agree that he is definitely not of the same level as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a prime minister, but to accuse him of being a thief is something I can't do yet.

Even Dr Mahathir has yet to accuse Najib of stealing the money.

The handsome old man has so far just asked Najib the whereabout of the money.

And I am also not comfortable with the personal attacks such as that directed at Najib's wife DS Rosmah Mansor.

The woman can be quite irritating sometimes, but as of now, I haven't find anything solid yet which suggests her as being truly evil or as bad as other infamous women of history such as Imelda Marcos or Marie Antoinette.

You can read my thoughts on all that here,

Five questions on Najib versus Dr Mahathir

Maybe I am wrong, but still I hate to condemn others just because that's the popular thing to do.

You see, I do have very serious complaints about Najib, especially concerning the people around him.

For me, many if not most of them, are self-serving parasitic mercenaries.

It's I think Najib's biggest weakness - surrounding himself with bad people who give him bad advises and do bad things.

Who knows, maybe they are the ones who are the thieves.

But to say that all of those Najib's people are bad is not right too.

I know that the one or two friends I have at the PMO (prime minister's office) are good people.

This guy, I'm very certain is good as I know him for many years.

A good PMO guy

You see, I don't have that many real friends.

But those I considered as my friends are really good people, as otherwise I would not have wanted them to be my friends.

I believe that I'm a good person, or at least one trying to be a good person. So, in order to be that, I have to have good people as my friends.

To that Anon, who posted the above comment :

Can you understand that?

Err...the title of this post?

That's what Obi-Wan Kenobi said before he had that fight with Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader at planet Mustafar.

For reference: Duel on Mustafar


  1. Annie, you mentioned that for you to be a good person you surround yourself with good people.

    But what is happening at the top now? You agree that parasitic mercenaries surround the top. Doesn't he care to surround himself with good people too?

  2. Hello annie ,
    Suka hati kamu la , nak fikir apa tentang najib dan rosmah , tapi saya sungguh pelik , dah tahu orang keliling tak berguna , selama 6 tahun tak ada hasil yang memberangsangkan (fantastic) 1 MDB ditubuh dalam jangka masa pendek tanggung hutang yang paling banyak dalam sejarah GLC kerajaan dan beban kepada rakyat , najib masih guna orang orang ini, dan semua masih dikelilingnya , selalunya bukan tak nak pecat atau buang tapi takut rahsia besar terkeluar , tu la annie , sebenarnya apa saja keputusan nanti dah tak ada faedah buat BN masa terlalu suntuk , najib ,rosmah memang dah rosak


  3. Latest, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing's PR appointment:

    'It was learnt that Lim, who has been appointed "Special programme coordinator", has drawn up plans for Najib to go nationwide to gather support and listen to the complaints from the people.
    He also conceptualised and ran Putrajaya's "Tak Nak" anti-smoking campaign .. (?)'
    -- Malaysian Insider on 22nd May 2015

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  4. Annie,eaa aa !,

    Betut punya olang tatak cekap itu Najib kasi culi itu wang maa aa ,tapi itu Najub kasi hilang itu wang lea aa .

    Tatak betut punya olang memang cekap ,Nnjub kasi culi itu wang Wa pon atak pikir itu Najib eaa aa , tatak itu macam punya pandei maa aa ,tapi lia kasi kawan ,itu pandei punya olang ,sutak kasi makan sama dia lor rr.

    Cina cekap eaa aa , itu macam eaa aa tatak tipu punya lea aa ,pandei punya olang mesti bolih angkat bodoh punya olang, punya wang .

    Tapi sikalang , itu wang bukan Najib punya wang ,itu Negala punya maa aa , Najib mesti mau kasi telang maa aa .

    Najib sutak kena Conn sama lia punya CONsultant maa aa ,itu pandei punya olang atak cekap eaa aa , "siakap senohong gelama ikan duri ' cekap bohong lama-lama mencuri " .

    Banyak kesian sama UMNO lea aa kasi pilih itu macam punya plesident ,lulu itu Pak Lah pon itu macam juga maa aa , mesti mau UBAH maa aa ,tatak UBAH apa macam ?.

    Mesti mau UBAH maa aa.

    1. Apabila banyak berkata-kata,
      di situlah jalan masuk dusta.
      Apabila berlebih-lebihan suka,
      itulah landa hampirkan duka.
      Apabila kita kurang siasat,
      itulah tanda pekerjaan hendak sesat.
      Apabila anak tidak dilatih,
      jika besar bapanya letih.
      Apabila banyak mencela orang,
      itulah tanda dirinya kurang.
      Apabila orang yang banyak tidur,
      sia-sia sahajalah umur.
      Apabila mendengar akan khabar,
      menerimanya itu hendaklah sabar.
      Apabila mendengar akan aduan,
      membicarakannya itu hendaklah cemburuan.
      Apabila perkataan yang lemah-lembut,
      lekaslah segala orang mengikut.
      Apabila perkataan yang amat kasar,
      lekaslah orang sekalian gusar.
      Apabila pekerjaan yang amat benar,
      tidak boleh orang berbuat onar.

  5. The company belongs to MOF i.e. the government but according to TPM, the Cabinet itself is in the dark what's going on with the company all these years. The opaque operation of the company has bewildered everyone. Why on earth the government company being run as if it is a private business? Why such secrecy?
    All of a sudden, the cabinet learned that the company is in dire state with 42 billion debts hanging over its head. They now wonder who gave the permission for to company to apply loans for that huge sum? Who gave the orders to go ahead with the deals?
    Only now the chairman of the board of advisors i.e. the finance minister wanted to be honest with them and asked for their support. It is unfortunate that after all these years they tried really hard to keep it hidden from them and only being open to them after it burst open in the public.
    It shouldn't be this way. The company via MOF should come clean to them at first sign of trouble. The PM spoke about the need to resolve the problem and the rescue operation plan taken by MOF but wouldn't tell why the company is such in dire state. Wouldn't tell what really happened to the company? What kind of business it undertook which made itself immense in huge sum of debt?
    Thanks to Dr. M. If not because of him, we probably do not even know of this rotten elephant corpse hidden from public view. Or we probably gonna learn about it after the company pile up more billions of debt.
    No wonder the rush to implement the consumption tax. Now things start to make sense. The government now has turn to the people to raise money to service all those commitments which is not of their making. Kalau bab boros berbelanja, buat tahi hutang PM sekarang memang no. 1.

  6. Annie: "I'm now in the office doing actually nothing."

    Sweet! That's what Yoda advised Luke:
    "Do or do not! There is no try."

    1. The 1mdb's elephant man must trumpet if he's innocent, or remain silent and go down with his guilt.

  7. Jedi mind tricks might work annie

  8. bogeyman najib tak curik cuma ambik dan ilang ntah kemana....ataeih langit kot...errr..bogeyman najib tertinggal kat mana2 kot...kaaaan..

  9. Over the last few days, Najib has been making this statement-"i will not bow to any pressure to resign and will continue to fight on". But to the rakyat his statement means like this -"i will continue to clean up the government coffers and i don't give a shit about the rakyat". Now that he has a son-in-law reported by international media as being a conman, guess we will be left high and dry.

    Here are some facts that Najib is responsible for the missing 1MDB;
    1. He is the advisor. He has been avoiding to answer the questions raised on 1MDB.
    2. He lied in Parliment saying that the money was kept in Singapore account but he is saying no money there.
    3. 1MDB provided false bank statement to deceive the authorities but nothing is being done by Najib. That's a serious crime.
    4. Sime Darby former CEO was sacked and charged in court for a bad business deal causing them to lose 500m. But 1MDB has incurred RM42b debt with 27b unaccounted/missing, yet the former CEO was transferred to PM's department. That is a like a promotion.
    5. Najib treats 1MDB differently than other GLCs like Khazanah etc where for any wrong doings,the management of that GLC will be made responsible.
    6. Our currency has weakened and we consumers had to pay GST to cover the debt by 1MDB while the beneficiary of the funds are not the rakyat except for someone closely associated to Bik Mama.
    7. TH bailout of 1MDB was a clear example.
    8. It is easy for Najib to come clean by distancing himself from 1MDB and suspend the key personnel and while investigation is undertaken. But it's status quo and a very strange way of dealing with situations to clear his name.

    Until and unless he steps down, we will continue to highlight all his wrong doings.

    p/s- you should check out Outsyed The Box every new postings.


  10. Don't you want to know who gave the policemen orders to kill Altantunya? Don't you want to know who gave the orders for 1 MDB to borrow that much money? Don't you want to find out the main culprit or culprits behind it? Surely some government agencies could investigate and find out the truth. Or do you support the idea that a scape-goat for any crime is good enough? Anyone with a sense of justice would like to know the whole truth.

  11. This is from malaysian insider

    Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan believes sacking the entire board of 1Malaysia Development Bhd may not help in the investigation of debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Bhd. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, May 22, 2015. Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan believes sacking the entire board of 1Malaysia Development Bhd may not help in the investigation of debt-ridden 1Malaysia Development Bhd. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, May 22, 2015. There is no point sacking the entire board of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) to take responsibility for the firms' massive debts as it might slow the ongoing probe into the troubled firm's dealings, an Umno minister said today.

    Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said the call by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to have the 1MDB board sacked was understandable so as to calm public anxiety over the issue, but added that such a move would not help in uncovering the truth.

    "Naturally the first thing the new CEO and the new board members will be asking is more time to understand the issues at hand. How could they answer questions if they didn't know the head and tail of the issue.

    "They might ask for a few months to go through all the details and the documents before they could understand what had happened and testify in the ongoing investigation by the Auditor-General and the PAC (Public Accounts Committee).
    "That is time wasting and goes against the very call for urgency by the public to investigate 1MDB," Rahman, who is urban wellbeing, housing and local government minister, said in a statement today.

    But the Umno Supreme Council member added that sacking the board members should be an option if the chief executive officer (CEO) and the chairman of 1MDB's board refused to testify.

    "I don't know how his sacking can contribute in our quest to find the truth," Rahman said of 1MDB's CEO.

    Arul Kanda Kandasamy is 1MDB's president and group executive director, while the chairman of the firm's board of directors is Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin. There is no CEO listed among the senior leadership of 1MDB on its website.

    In his statement, Rahman said the "current CEO", presumably referring to Arul Kanda who has been misreported as holding that post, was only appointed a few months ago.

    "He is not involved in the much talked about controversial transactions of 1MDB which occurred way before he joined the organisation," Rahman said.

    Rahman was responding to the "big fuss" created among political observers as a result of a leaked video showing Muhyiddin criticising 1MDB and calling for the heads of all its board members.

    Muhyiddin made those remarks at a closed-door training session for some Umno members, but had publicly defended what he said, adding that it was only meant as advice to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    Najib is also finance minister and chairman of 1MDB's advisory board.

    Rahman said the video had set off speculation in Umno about Muhyiddin being on a "major collision course" with Najib.

    But he said that Najib's own position was not that different from his deputy's.

    Short of calling for all board members to be sacked, the prime minister's position was that action would only be taken after exhaustive investigations by the Auditor-General and the PAC, said Rahman.

  12. The fact that you say Najib surrounds himself with bad advisers and bad people says something. Both about you, and about Najib. Think about it: a strong leader who is a good man wouldn't allow himself to be surrounded by shady characters.

  13. Rahman Dahlan is mistaken in his erstwhile "defense" of the 1MDB Board. Sacking the CEO might not bring us answers. But it WILL put an immediate stop whatever wrongdoing they have been making to date. THAT is why the Board, "CEO" and Chairman need to be sacked post haste.

  14. Rahman dahlan is not so clever person. But he wants to be seen as a smart and a clever person.

  15. Annie, sekarang adalah waktunya untuk kita melihat siapa dikalangan menteri yg berkerja untuk rakyat atau untuk diri mereka sendiri. Sesiapa yg berkerja untuk rakyat dan negara akan berusaha untuk menegur pemimpin supaya membuatkan keputusan yang memihak kepada rakyat, keputusan yg akan meningkatkan taraf hidup rakyat dan keputusan keputusan yang akan menyelesaikan isu isu utama membabit rakyat secara keseluruhanya. Jika seseorang menteri itu hanya mahu berkerja untuk kepentingan diri sendiri mereka hanya perlu membenarkan setiap perkara perkara aneh yg dilakukan oleh pemimpin mereka. Walaupun ianya tidak memberi kebaikan kepada negara dan rakyat secara keseluruhan. Mereka akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk kelihatan sebagai pelindung kepada si pembuat onar. Dengan ini mereka amat berharap agar dapat dikekalkan jawatan sebagai menteri dan mendapat imbuhan imbuhan yg telah dijanjikan. Walaupun mereka tahu bahawa bangkai gajah tidak mungkin dapat ditutup dengan nyiru. Mereka juga tahu bahawa rakyat tidak sebodoh seperti yang mereka jangkakan. Akan tetapi keinginan utk mendapat habuan bg diri sendiri telah membutakan hati mereka.

  16. Annie...

    I really have nothing to say for 'Anon 23 May 01.56' had said it all for me. Thanks for giving my comment on yr previous post a special attention. ;)