Wednesday 27 May 2015

No Japanese truce between Najib and Dr Mahathir

The last blog post by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is,


which was on May 24.

This is the opening paragraph of that post,

"Amatlah menyedihkan apabila saya dapati saya tidak dapat elak dari kenyataan bahawa Perdana Menteri membohong . Dalam kes wang 1MDB yang dikatakan telah dibawa balik dari Cayman Islands dan disimpan dalam bank BSI Singapura, jawapan tertulis oleh Perdana Menteri kepada soalan Parlimen tidak menepati kebenaran sama sekali."

That's three days ago.

I learnt from Rocky's post

PM, Dr M in Tokyo

that Dr Mahathir had since been to Japan for a follow-up on an eye surgery. 

At the same time, PM DS Najib Razak was also in Japan for an official visit.

From what transpired today, it is quite obvious that the two didn't meet up over there to settle their differences.

In a statement today, Najib went on the offensive again.

Here is the statement in full with those I found interesting in blue,

1. I accept criticism with an open mind and will continue to address legitimate concerns and feedback. 
2. We must also always respect our elders who have done a lot for Malaysia.  
3. However, I know many believe that it is time they let the next generation run the country, and this includes overcoming problems and challenges on our own. 
4. Malaysia is a democracy. I was elected by UMNO, and by the people of this country, to lead them. Therefore, I have their mandate and I am answerable to the party and the people, not to any one individual. At the next general election and party election, the party and the rakyat can exercise their democratic rights through the ballot box. 
5. Furthermore, many of Tun’s criticisms are unfair or misleading
6. He is opposed to the implementation of GST, although all credible economists believe that broadening our tax base is the right thing to do. The revenue will be used for the welfare of the rakyat. Indeed, the idea was first mooted during his administration. 
7. Tun has echoed malicious opposition rumours concerning my wife and family. For example, in a recent speech in Ipoh, he cited a fictitious statement that the opposition has been peddling through the use of a doctored Utusan article.  
8. Also, he regurgitated a false smear started by the opposition at the time of the last general election that my wife owned a RM24 million ring. It is a lie, and the company that owned the ring clarified in detail at the time that such a ring was never bought by Rosmah. It is regrettable that someone of Tun’s stature should pass on such slander to the people.
9. He also echoed the opposition in raising the purchase of the replacement government jet, claiming that the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong does not use the jet, calling me a liar. But again this is false – His Majesty was in fact the first VIP passenger to use the newly arrived aircraft for a trip to Langkawi, and will continue to do so. 
10. Tun has used the financial challenges facing 1MDB as an excuse to attack me. It is true that 1MDB is facing challenges, but not at the level being alleged. 
11. Indeed, some of the allegations that have been made have no grounding in reality, for instance Tun’s claim that I am responsible for a loss of RM42 billon on 1MDB’s balance sheet. This appears to be a deliberate twisting of the facts as 1MDB has not made a loss of this amount. This is the amount of its total debt; debt that is far exceeded by the company’s assets of RM51 billion, as audited and confirmed by Deloitte. Most large companies around the world have high levels of debt, there is nothing unusual about this. 
12. He also claimed that I do not answer issues surrounding 1MDB, but I have gone beyond that – and instructed the Auditor General to conduct an audit of 1MDB, the results of which will be presented to the bipartisan Public Accounts Committee. This should ensure that the process is transparent, and all questions that have been asked of the company are independently answered by legitimate bodies rather than politically motivated sources. 
13.Tun often claims that he is doing something because of what people tell him when they come to see him. However, he should check whether such hearsay and claims have any evidence and truth before airing them. He knows well that many allegations were made about what happened under his administration.  
14. And always Tun’s answer was: “Where is the proof?” He should be applying the same test to what he hears. 
15. Although much has been achieved in the first six years of my administration, all of the progress that our country and BN has made are being ignored in favour of baseless allegations and lies started by the opposition.  
16. Much of what Tun has said lacks objectivity and is downright wrong. The question should be asked – what is Tun’s motivation in choosing this moment to regurgitate smears manufactured by the very opposition groups that he previously denounced as liars? 
17. During his 22 years in power, Tun had always insisted on party members supporting the leadership, especially during challenging times. We did our part then, and I supported him through thick and thin. I did so because I believed then, as I do now, that party unity is a prerequisite for what we want to achieve for the country. The vast majority of UMNO members still recognize that real loyalty means working together to build the party for the good of the rakyat. 
18. It is wrong for Tun and any party members to undermine today’s party leadership just because their personal wishes are not met. The interests of the people and the party are far more important than any one individual. 
19. I was democratically elected by both the party and the people, and, as I have the mandate, will complete my term as party President and Prime Minister. My priority is to ensure that we achieve Vision 2020 and the economic, governmental and political transformation that will benefit all Malaysians.

It is quite a well written article.

I guess the Prime Minister must had composed it in between his busy schedule in Japan.

Well, I guess Barisan Nasional and Umno supporters will just have to bear with the tussle until the next general election.

I'm not putting my money on it, but hopefully the BN coalition and that parti keramat orang Melayu will survive beyond the polls.


  1. Where are the answers for the lost of RM27Billion? Jlo Low and his connection with PM? Riza Aziz sudden wealth?

    And, what was Tun personal wishes? Apa yang Tun tak nak untuk dirinya?

    Not convincing at all. Try harder Mr Pee Em

    1. Tun's personal wish is for Mukhriz to be in the express lane to climb the party hierarchy while he is still around.He didn't say it but anyone with average intelligence can see through it

    2. Anon 10.09 its just your imagination , very bad you cant view clearly whats really happen to this country , To annie tak payah la kamu ulas kenyataan bodoh Najib tu sebab menunjukkan kamu pun bodoh , cuba rujuk blog "jebat must die" satu analisa yang cukup menarik berkenaan kenyataan bodoh najib .

    3. The onus is on the accuser to proof and not hide behind claims that it is mere questions.

    4. The way Jibby is running the country to the ground, not only Mukhriz is qualified to be PM, even Annie should have a go for top post... or anyone of you wise men out there!

  2. For the past 2 days i saw nothing being written about 1MDB or continued demonising of Tun M by pro-Najib be it a pre-paid, post-paid, fully-paid or oredi-paid bloggers. So I thought Lim Kok Wing has beginning to play his part in advising Najib.
    I was wrong.
    Look like HR has bigger influence then LKW.
    With that that statement, Najib has given a signal to his bloggers to be on the offensive again.
    Well, good luck to them in fighting a losing war.

    1. Any war is won by attacking, not defending. keep on attacking the handsome old man. Alang alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan

  3. Annie,
    The swords have been drawn and I am one who,for sure, will hate to see the aftermath of this skirmishes.
    It reminds me the story of Shorub and Rustum. It was a sad story indeed with a tragic ending.

  4. In all honesty, Najib is not capable of penning this level of rhetoric - it seems his con-sultans are putting in their two pennies worth of work.

    1. Sangat setuju... dia bukan pandai tu sebab byk sgt ambik consultant.

  5. Berpatah arang bekerat rotan , tapi ! , tak tumboh tak melata ,tak sungoh orang tak kata .

    1MDB ,is just a tool , people are getting sore with Najib ,especially the Malays ,who put him in his placed now . They have enough of Najib and his ways of doing things .

  6. If busy where got time to think and write well. Must be written by the newly appointed PR strategist.

  7. Org tak ckp pasal rugi 42 ckp pasal loan tu buat apa.mana balance 27 billion.apa peranan jho low.yg najib pi merepek meraban pasal 1mdb rugi 42 billion apa ke halnya. Ajib ajib.....fening ana dgn ente lah.

  8. Memang Najib rajin meraban dan soal lain jawab lain. Ingat lagi jawapan dia bila TDM tanya, '.........siapa arah Sirul.....' Apa jawab Najib ,'........
    saya sudah bersumpah.........' Kemudian dia mula merepek mengenai kes Altanthuya yang semua irang sudaj rahu!

  9. Wow, what a statements. Najib talked about balance sheet or balance sh#t? ha,ha ask him about historical cost.

  10. 4. "Malaysia is a democracy. I was elected by UMNO, and by the people of this country, to lead them. Therefore, I have their mandate and I am answerable to the party and the people, not to any one individual."

    Komen saya,
    Perdana Menteri Najib Razak tidak dipilih oleh ahli umno sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Beliau secara automatik menjadi presiden umno dan perdana menteri apabila Tun Abdullah meletak jawatan sebagai PM

    Majoriti rakyat juga tidak memilih beliau untuk memimpin mereka dan ini terbukti apabila beliau tewas undi popular. Beliau cuma menang secara teknikal. Jadi beliau tidak mendapat mandat dari rakyat

    Dan yg paling saya suka ialah "im answerable to the party and the people" then pls tell the rakyat where's the remaining RM27 bilions?????????? The rakyat wants to know!

    1. ni hujjah lapoklah bro. Sistem Malaysia yang dah diamalkan semenjak merdeka has worked well. In fact di Amerika pun sebuah negara yang mengamalkan sistem presidential election , bukan semua Presiden Amerika menjadi presiden dengan memenangi popular votes. sila rujuk di sini

    2. Massaelahnya Bajib dok berkokok pasal mandat kononnya dia dapat kerana diundi oleh Umno dan pilih oleh raayat. Bilamasa Pok Jib diundi, dan bilamasa dia dapat mandat rakyat jika majoriti telah menolak dia. Mandat dia cuma berdasarkan kerusi. Dia kena cakap gitu, baru clear. Inim mandat Umno lah, raayat lah, Sultan lah. Najib ni jawab meme mereng.

  11. Najib will not have that endurance to keep his bugis ship upright. Another attempt to shoot down Tun M is going to fail as he continued to undermine the rakyats' sentiment.

    There is really nothing in there for Tun M except concerns for the majority malay-muslims on the prospect of losing the pinnacle of government by anak-bumi!

    Semua bugis akan terpalit sumpah melayu akibat kedegilan satu bugis bernama Najib nih, period!

  12. I don't what to say. If you think the PM drafted this himself... Annie, you are so naive. Of Najib's "answers", he has missed all the goalposts yet again. Three tries, and he still can't score one goal. That just takes a special kind of Prime Minister. Maybe you're right. He really did write this himself. Haha.

  13. Poooootttttttt .......

    Nah terima tujuhan kentutku wahai DS, you pun annie .....


  14. Dear Annie,
    I find your position (atas pagar) on 1MDB issue; or PM versus Tun M is 'troubling'. After all questions being addressed and 'inadequately' answered concerning 1MDB and other issues, I can only hope there are enough Malaysian/voters who have a clear conscience and take a strong stand to fight for what is 'right' for the country. I guess when it comes to 'politicians', the best we can do is to choose the least 'evils' among them. After all being said and done, I am with Tun M all the way...
    Salam from Japan.

  15. Najib Coughs and you spread yourself on the ground to pray to him?

  16. after najib didnt seem to realize that he is not just fighting tun, but also the rakyat. the rakyat and tun share the same disgust towards najib administration.

    things are harder now for the rakyat. suddenly weve been burden by so many things just to cover up tht 1mbd fiasco. our tabung haji already cleaning up the shit, jpa no longer recruiting, there was an attempt to use the kwsp money and epf. now this shit with TNB. so the rakyat gonna have to pay again when the tarif increase.

    tun listens to all this but najib didnt. he even dare to claim this is for the rakyat. well id like to know how the 27 bil is being used for the rakyat. why is this simple question cant be answer in a simple manner. if u have proof show it. If all simple questions need auditors to answer for him then just do us a favor and step down. the rakyat can only pay for his mistake for so much. even the middle income group is struggling now.

    i think just like outsyed said, we will hit recession soon. and this is for our benefits?

  17. It was definitely written by his expensive British consultants. Again he is not and avoiding the answer of where the 1MDB money went. Well dumb fellow, they are not hear say but we are experiencing the facts today. You screwed up the whole country and we had to pay GST (saying it was mooted Tun's time was a cheap and despicable shot) just to cover the country debt's while you,your family and friends like Jho Low is frolicking and splashing the money down the toilet. You should order the investigation on the motive of Atlantuya murder but you chose to "merepek" and this answers who actually ordered the brutal and inhumane killing.

    Here is a joke dedicated specially for you Mr Jibby Kangkung aka liar and thief;


    In the USA they invented a machine that catches thieves; they took it out to different countries for a test. In US itself in 30 minutes the machine caught 20 thieves. In UK in 30 minutes it caught 50 thieves. SPAIN in 30 minutes it caught 65 thieves. GHANA in 30 minutes it caught 600 thieves. IN MALAYSIA THEY CAUGHT NOBODY….in 15 minutes….the machine was stolen!..

    I told you not to laugh!!!


    1. It's a BAD JOKE if not a NATIONAL NIGHTMARE ! We're sending our children back to THIRD WORLD slums with this freaking BANGSATWAN walking in front !

  18. Silent silent Tapioca28 May 2015 at 08:43

    Saya berasa hairan dgn apa yang terjadi. Dulu DSAI n the team n segala rusuhan sampai menyusahkan org ramai, memukul polis dan merosakkan kereta kerajaan, tak pula dikena tindakan. Sah sah nak rosakkan negara. Kepimpinan negara mcm xrasa ni satu besar walaupun tujuannya nak tukar kerajaan.

    Tapi bila Tun M bersuara saja demi kebaikan negara (yg kita semua tahu tapi mereka masih dalam denial state) , menyuarakan kebimbangan rakyat ttg halatuju negara yg kita pun tahu ke arah mana, dikerahnya seluruh jentera yg mampu untuk melawan Tun M. Padahal Tun M cuma the messenger ja. Dgn cyberwar dan segala mcm. Cepat ja tindakan mereka. Sepatutnya tindakan tu utk DSAI n team.

    Adakah perancangan pihak asing sebelum ni, Malaysia dikira dalam 'tangan' mereka tak kira siapa di antara kedua2 yg memerintah? DSAI @ DSN. Tapi bila Tun M mencelah ditengah, perancangan tersebut terganggu?

    1. Answer: Jibby and Juburi are freemasons - sama-sama satu kelab.

  19. annie,

    baca ni, then tulis balik, dalam diam2 berbisa rupanya .... bahaya you ni.


    1. JMD is looking irrationally bias by the day. No accusation have been firmed up but he already prejudge as guilty @ by allegation-questions

    2. Anon 10:56, dah kata bukan? Waktu bersekolah tak mahu belajar bahasa Ingerris baik-baik. Sekarang apa awak cakap itu?
      "irrationally" is an adverb - tak boleh digunakan sebagai adjective untuk mencirikan noun "bias" itu. Lepas itu ayat yang kedua awak itu apa maksudnya?

  20. annie,

    nah satu lagi, tak faham gak maybe haji rocky can lend you a hand, etc...


    1. Sarawak report?

      Hahaha that is believing George Soros. Are you stupid or something??????????????

    2. LOL ...... bukan gua bodoh bro, mak ngan pak hang yang bodoh sebab dok percaya ds najib!!!!!! :)

    3. Kalau Sarawak Report tipu, apa pasal Najib atau boss 1MDB tak saman? Bukan guna duit sendiri pun, bayar lawyer. Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah kan ada. Al-Juburi pun gerun kat dia.

    4. Sarawak Report, Paul Stadlen, George Soros...cud there be a connection? Paul nasihat bodoh2... Jibby ikut... Sarawak Report dedah. George Soros bayar semua termasuk blongang. Cerdik kan, Jibby?

  21. Mentaliti Melyu ....

    1. Problem = Rasuah
    2. Solution = UAV

    kuat gak DNA melayu dalam badan you annie ...

    1. Betul tu brader,

      Patutnya tekan lah MACC buat siasatan keatas 1MDB, unsur2 CBT banyak tapi ni sibuk pula pasal artikel yang ditulis. Hahahaha

  22. annie jgn biaq Negara hancur kerana najib penipu pembelit pembohong...

  23. re , I am not putting my money on it , but hopefully BN coalition and the party keramat orang Melayu will servive beyond the poll .

    Annie, eaa aaa !, ini tatak gamble punya maa aa , lu kasi bunoh itu UMNO aa a itu BN sama mati lor rr ,itu Dyana Sofea sutak belajar itu Macam lea aa , and itu Uncle Lim memang atak ajar itu macam lea aa .

    Tiong Lye ,Mah See Kiong memang atak tau itu macam maa aa ,itu pasat Uncle Lim tatak kacau sama lia olang maa aa ,pasat tatak hat punya lea aa ..

    UMNO kasi bunoh ,itu BN pasti habit lor rr ,itu pasat semua olang kasi jelit-jelit itu ABU ABU , past itu UMNO tatak kasi habit , BN tatak bolih habit lea aa .

    Wa manyak ingat lea aa Bulayu eaa aa , tatak atak lain pilihan maa aa ,kasi tulun itu Najib mau selamat itu UMNO ,atau kasi bunoh UMNO mau selamat itu Najib . UMNO habit itu BN pasti habit maa aa , waa aah !, Uncle Lim manyak sukak itu macam lea aa , Wa pon atak gumbila lea aa ,tapi atak sikit takut maa aa .

    Pandai punya olang atak cekap eaa aa !, " kasi malah nyamok saekor ,jangan kasi bakar itu kelambu lea aa .

  24. Questions need answers of course. But it also depends on what are the questions.

    Where is the RM27 billions? What sort of stupid question is that? Ii's like I want to start a business among friends with RM 1,000 then borrow RM9,000 from the bank to start with a capital of RM10,000. So, I buy equipment for office, a car with downpayment and car loan of another RM50,000 , a shoplot with downpayment and a bank loan of another RM 500,000. So my total loan now with banks is RM559,000.

    Suddenly my partners come and ask where RM559,000 has gone missing or RM559,000 - Downpayment car -Downpayment house = RM X has gone missing because the accounts only show RM1,000 in the bank statement. They can only see the car, the shoplot and machineries. And they add up only the costs I have paid only for the machineries, car and shoplot. Ok, my partners say it is not RM 559,000 which is missing but the missing amount is now RM 259,000 after deducting RM 300,000 because the actual worth of the machineries is RM50,000, car RM 50,000 and shoplot RM 200,000.

    How to explain to stupid questions like that?

    The next time my partners ask again, the best answer will be, "You go and ask the auditors". Wouldn't that be the best answer to all these questions and suspicions of fraud, thievery and what not.

    So, my partners not willing to wait for answers from auditors went and make a police report saying I stole company's monies and spend it on my wife, my daughters wedding, my guests, my lifestyle, my wife's handbags, my son's film business and property purchase. And I stole it by because those whom the company buy from, those machineries sellers, car dealers, property agents, bank loan officers, interior decorators and renovators, curtain sellers, insurance companies, even the company's auditors etc were all colluding with me to swindle all those RM300,000 gone missing in their eyes. Even worse, they use the company's competitors to tell everyone that I am a swindler and lier and murderer? How can the company make money anymore when the own partners also believes what the company's competitors are telling them as the real truth and nothing but the truth?

    Last year company's audit account show with loans of RM 559,000 as liabilities and assets actually worth RM700,000 also cannot make them understand accounting. Are they interested in company's business of profit and loss or what? Why are they partners in the company, when they themselves don't understand business? Why not make police reports against the auditors, banks, insurance, car, property agents, company's competitors etc?

    In the meantime, everytime got meeting in the shoplot bought, with partners they expect to use company car to fetch them, nice food and drinks during meetings, some souvenirs etc etc.

    Why don't the partners go check themselves every expenditure made, every loan made, every payment made etc if they don't trust the auditors?

    Why waste my time answering unfounded allegations instead of doing the real company's business and the partners still want to remain as shareholders of the company.

    What do you make of such partners?

    1. WAKAKAKAKA, accountant lanun bugis dah mula memberi penerangan, assets = liabilities + harta rompakan lanun simpan dalam tanah. LOL

    2. ur analogy only apply to individual.

      taxpayer money is being used here, alleged missing. The guys responsible to handle the funds should answer?

      this guy is subjected to be question because it is not his money. the money supposedly is being handle properly, all paper trail and docu should be ready when ask. why ? because it is our money being used here. our country is the guarantor. we the people are all the guarantor. various funds related to us are being pull to sustain this shit 1mbd.

      so the next time i ask wht is our money being used for, or if we are in the shit together, id like to know whts happens to the money, u know in case this shit might pull us all down due to heavy debt, in which the guarantor, the guy shoud be answerable to all this.

      ni bkn duit pak mak hang !

  25. Latest from chedet,


  26. Everyone thinks - it is our nature to do so.
    But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed or down-right prejudiced. Yet the quality of our life and that of what we produce, make, or build depends precisely on the quality of our thought.
    Shoddy thinking is costly, both in terms of money and the quality of life. Excellence in thought, however, must be systematically cultivated to arrive at critical thinking.

    Critical thinking varies according to the motivation underlying it. When grounded in selfish motives, it is often manifested in the skillful manipulation of ideas in service of one’s own, or one's groups’, vested interest. As such it is typically intellectually flawed, however pragmatically successful it might be (Najib and Jho Low take note)

    However when critical thinking is grounded in fairmindedness and intellectual integrity, it is typically of a higher-order intellectuality, although selfish individuals might consider such critical thinkers with disdain. (Dr M and the wise men)

  27. Here is my answer on the statement by Jibby Kangkung;

    1. If you indeed accept criticism, you wouldn’t have issued this “merepek” statements concocted by your highly paid British consultants (what a waste of rakyat’s money).
    2. If you respect the elders, you wouldn’t have issued this “merepek” statements.(that shows how rude you are)
    3. If you know,then just f*ck off instead of hanging on power.(power crazy)
    4. Now that the people do not want you anymore,so just f*ck off.
    5. Those are all with facts which even we ordinary rakyat is aware of.
    6. Rakyat is opposed to GST you idiot,not Tun alone. Tun mooted the idea of the crooked bridge but why you did not implement? Cheap stunt in passing the bulk.If not because of you and Bik Mama, we do not have to pay GST.
    7. May I remind you that only your statements are fictitious as it has been proven.
    8. The customs K2 form clearly showed the 24m diamond ring was intended to Bik Mama. Any company that sold a ring worth 24m (since there are not many fools around to buy such expensive ring) will do anything at the request of their customer. Should we trust your continuous lies or based on customs K2 form which is an official document(by the way, you can’t erase those records like Atlantuya immigration record).
    9. His Majesty do not travel very often and just because he was the first doesn’t mean it is for him. Btw, Bik Mama was supervising the interior works of this private jet that you had to fly back using low cost airline while Bik Mama uses the government jet.
    10. It is not true that 1MDB is facing financial challenges. It is true that 1MDB was used as a platform to embezzle huge amount of money. The company assets can be in toilet paper too.
    11. If 1MDB did not loss that amount, then tell us where is the money. You lied saying it was in Singapore but there is nothing there except maybe some toilet papers with 1MDB logo.
    12. You did not answer in detail except for some “merepek” stories. Btw, both your CEO snubbed the PAC committee so this only shows even they don’t give you a shit.
    13. We have seen all the evidence being presented. Btw, during Tun’s time we did not have 1MDB,Jho Low or Rosmah Mansor for that matter.During Tun’s time it was indeed an allegation but now it is a fact.
    14. Why don’t you show the proof instead?
    15. My cats are laughing and now crying. You had ripped the nations and many are heading into poverty. Economy is down the drain, Ringgit has fallen, unemployment is high etc and you call that achievements. You must be either damn stupid or just a crook.
    16. All of what you said is never right to the extent that you are now known as a compulsive liar.
    17. You expect your party leaders to be stupid and support a thief and a liar?
    18. It is our right to undermine what is wrong since we are getting poorer while you and your family and friend are having a great time.
    19. We elected BN to lead and not you. Since BN chosen you, so now we are asking BN to get rid of you.