Tuesday 19 May 2015

Dr Mahathir not giving Riza a f*#king break

Just before I went home from work earlier this evening, someone told me that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had again broadsided PM DS Najib Razak.

I told myself as I was driving along the Max highway that I will check it out as soon as I reached home.

Well, before I can even get to go to Dr Mahathir's blog, I noticed that someone had already put the handsome old man's post in the comments section of my last post.

Here it is:

Tun's comments

19 May 2015 | 1MDB

1. Najib rebuts nothing. Beyond saying that the Altantuya case is old, he has rebutted nothing. The matter is still current because the hanging is to be now. The two were released before. Their acquittal meant the matter was settled. But now they are to be hanged. Apparently they acted upon orders. Hanging them would be a travesty of justice.

2. On IMDB, the same answer is given. Wait. Wait until the Auditor General reports. That can take years. Examining the accounts will reveal nothing. It will not explain the involvement of Jho Low. It will not explain how Riza Aziz has so much money at a time when 1MDB money disappeared. It will not explain the funny transactions with Petro-Saudi, the banks in Seychelles, Hong Kong and Cayman Islands. Then the money from Cayman was brought back and deposited in Singapore. Now the bank says no money has been deposited with it.

3. Asking people not to ask any questions until the Auditor General reports is silly. It is like seeing someone robbing and the public must wait until the court hearing is over before talking about it.

4. And the aircraft for security. Is it going to stop the kidnapping and casual invasions of Sabah or the smuggling of arms from across the northern border? Or is the security confined to people flying in private jets only.

5. This country is being attacked repeatedly by terrorists who killed our police and soldiers. Is this the normal state of things or is this a security problem? If we care for security do we buy luxury private jets.

6. It is shameful that we cannot even ensure the safety of our citizens.

7. The Auditor General can audit but it is not going to reveal much. The better thing to do is to set up a commission, the members of which should not be chosen by the Government, to scrutinise every act of 1MDB. This is because it is basically going to investigate not just 1MDB but also the Government, which has clearly failed to oversee the affairs of 1MDB.

I guess Dr Mahathir is simply going to keep up his attacks.

He even went up another notch this time by mentioning the name of Riza Aziz, who is the son of DS Rosmah Mansor from her first marriage.

To know more about Riza, please click on this link:

Riza Aziz

In 2011, Variety named Aziz to their list of Top 10 Producers to Watch.

And of course, as everyone should know by now, Riza is a co-producer of the highly acclaimed and star-studded

The Wolf of Wall Street

I had watched the movie and enjoyed it.

For those who have not watched it, here is an honest (and fun) trailer of the movie,

Fu*#ing awesome, isn't it.

The movie is available on DVD and Blu-ray...I think.


  1. The trailer is so fu*#ing insane. I think Riza Aziz is fu*#ing retard. Like mother like son..

    The whole thing is fu*#ing crazy.

    Give us back our money Riza u fu*#ing a$$hole!!.

    1. just fu*#ing love your comment.

  2. Who is the fuckeda cash king. O la la. I am the one your'e looking for.

  3. Is Tun M asking Najib to intervene in a court decision?

    The only possible intervention is through AG. If the case is faulty, how come AG could secure a conviction agst Azrilah and Sirul

    1. No dont be stupid , its not about intervene court decision , but the judgement were only on the murderer , we never denied the judgement made , but do you think this to cop do it for fun , or they like to kill because its thier behaviour , I dont think so maybe because they being payed or somebody want this mongolia lady to be kill , because they have nothing to do with the victim , So who paid them or better we said who order them to killed this mongolian , it nothing to do with the court decision , if Najib have gut he should instructed a new investigation on the matter so it will reduce public curiosity

    2. is the forking command order gone wrong from Azilah to Sirul. One said I wanna a fork and spoon, but the other follows order to be told like I want to forking with a spoon.

    3. The court never call the immideate boss who gave them the order. Thats why as a PM, Najib shud at least do something to find out the truth.

    4. Anon 23:52,

      Don't blame the son for her mother's sin. Reza Aziz is an upcoming movie producer who produces top billing movies such as "The Wolf of Wall Street". He doesn't look like a retard and in fact pretty good looking. Maybe the retard is in your head as well as your looks. Your heart is black in color (hati busuk) and your eyes turn green (not green eyes) because of jealousy.

  4. Annie
    Hungry Bad Wolf of Big greedy Mamma hippo


    1. The National -
      (Jib Gor's) Fake Empire


  5. Annie, i have accepted it that Tun Dr M wil not relent on his attacks on the PM until he either resigns or be ousted. But i also has the opinion that his attacks started to became irrelevant when he included Altantunya case. Why? Because why did he not mention this earlier when he and Najib is still ok? Why only mentioned it now when he has some groused with the PM? This is very suspicious but he is Tun Dr M, a countryman i deeply respected and appreciated for all time. I just wish he continue his retirement quietly and give support once more to the present leadership. If hes afraid that his son will never be a PM, he shouldn't. If Muhriz is good, then he will be the PM in the future. The people will give their blessings.

    1. How could you expect Dr.M or anyone for that matter, to support a PM who seems dishonest, in managing the Rakyat's money.

    2. No you were wrong Tun M have mention that before he did telling najib regarding what he felt not correct in Najib administration in a close talk between them , this include the case you mention , which investigation have to be done on who order the two cop . but najib never bother since four years ogo so now Tun M have to do openly.

    3. Tun M did not question or allege if najib involve in altantuya murder case or not. Tun M question why only the murderer, which obviously had no motives to kill, being charged, tried and sentenced. If they were just following order, who is giving the order. The cop is not a killer and the fact that the cop can receive order and kill anybody is surely a big issue. What more if the person giving the order is anonymous and left scout free. Is najib okay with this kind of system running? We should be worry about this because our police who supposed to keep order, now could be ordered to kill anybody.

      Am I clear?

    4. Very true

  6. Kak Annie,

    To be honest with you, I'm getting sick of this never-ending bickering between Tun M and DS Najib, as neither side will win anything significant. If one side is going to win, the other side will not make it easy and any such victory will be as bitter as defeat. Even if DS Najib steps down or is being replaced, but the mentality and system remain corrupt, filled with incapable people who are hell-bent of enriching themselves and their cronies, "jemuan-jemuans" remain there, there's still hanky-panky stuff going around, the civil servants being bullied, etc., nobody can guarantee that if Najib is being replaced, we are going to get somebody better and a much better way of governance.

    Yesterday I watched the news and saw DS Najib said during MoF meeting that he hopes that people will wait for AG's audit and everyone involved, especially those at MoF will help reduce the problems at 1MDB. Pwincess is a bit confused, is our PM cum Finance Minister indirectly admitting that there was a problem with 1MDB even before AG's audit is completed? It is this kind of flip-flopping and wrong signals that has put our PM in hot water more than once. What are his advisers doing? Then again look some in UMNO, first they said they'll support the PM then after the Tabung Haji storm in a teacup, they all started saying they would want to have some answers too. This include my sexy boyfriend KJ who led a pack of Pemuda to lambung2 the PM and then made a slight u-turn?

    Tun M should also start to moderate his attacks against the PM and the government of the day, the attacks seemed to get personal by the day. Pwincess would not say much out of respect for the elderly statesman but Tun M must also remember that 1MDB is a creature created from the "Wang Ehsan" to Terengganu. When PAS won the state of Terengganu in the past, Tun M "converted" the oil royalties as "Wang Ehsan". Who effectively managed that "Wang Ehsan"? Was it the elected government of Terengganu (at that time, PAS)? We all knew that "Wang Ehsan" then evolved into TIA and then mutated into 1MDB. It was alleged that up to RM10 billion was involved and even recently the ex-MB of Terengganu, spilled the beans but he managed to get that RM1 million back. Do we still remember why he was appointed as MB and not DS Idris Jusoh? You see, this treacherous walk down the memory lane is not going to help anyone in BN.

    Pwincess doesn't want the Pakatoons to fully exploit this clash of the titans and idiots like siti nurhaliza and neelofa, started to be seen as taking sides in the social media are also not helpful. One should just continue to menyanyi and jaga suami, the other one should just continue to mengacara and cari suami. Her latest film was tasteless anyway.

    Ok lah Kak Annie, I just got tired of the whole affair in the same way you got tired with all that funny stuffs going around in Johor.


    1. hey you...
      loving & lovely Pwincess...

      how do you know that annie is kakak...she can be a adik or maybe of the same age of you or izzit that you find her to be so very unbelievably clever that out of respect, you are calling her kakak....

      but nevermind...you can call her kakak

      >james bond

    2. It's really up to me lah if I want to call her Kakak. I also call Helen Ang, Kak Helen. I know they are older than me lah. But Kak Wan I'll call her Nenek, coz she has to take care of her cucu and also that childish political party whose members like to baling2 kerusi meja bila ada pemilihan. Dlm parti tu, budak jambu suka main "Langkah-langkah" ada, budak ada rabies yg suka gigit polis pun ada, budak ketot-gemuk muka mcm Giant dlm kartun Doraemon pun ada, budak yg suka main kat tong sampah pon ada, budak pompuan yg dulu buat klip softporn pun ada, budak mulut suka fitnah org pastu x faham ayat Surah Al-Baqarah, then kena cerai pun ada. Kesian Nenek Wan Jijah, kena jaga byk budak-budak, mesti nenek pening especially atuk sekarang dah pergi sabbatical.


  7. Annie, dalam utusan malaysia hari ini ia berkata "Perdana Menteri yakin pelan pemulihan 1MDB berjaya"

    Apa sudah jadi? Kenapa kena ada plan pemulihan? Selama bukan ke PM kata 1MDB tiada masalah? Rakyat dimomokan bahawa pelaburan 1MDB adalah baik utk negara. Tetiba hari kata plan pemulihan akan berjaya. So maknanya 1MDB ni bermasalah la??????? Hahahaha haru biru la PM ni. Tahniah Tun Mahathir kerana bersuara bagi pihak rakyat menentang ketidakcekapan golongan bangsawan haprak.

  8. Ever wondered why going after Riza now?

    Mahadey shifting from one issue to another hoping at least one issue will be the Mother of all issues to get the Rakyat support to overthrow the PM.

    So, what is his final objective, has anyone asked and ponder?

    At age 90, he no longer has the luxury of time on his side like before. Even waiting for the AG or PAC report might be too late for him.

    Now, for the first time, we are seeing even his wife politiking which has never happened before.

    What is the actual personal vendetta he has with the PM that by hook or by crook, he wants to dethrone PM as soon as possible?

    Is it because of the anguish of seeing their son/sons being denied certain priviledges by the PM and instead slipping away one by one by PM?

    What are these? Let's guess.

    1. Mukhris failure to be supported to win a VP post in UMNO and instead being rewarded with a MB posts to sooth his anger which is not enough?

    2. Mokhzani resigning from his post in Sapura Kencana?

    3. The PM destroying his legacy by implementing GTP etc?

    4. Not supporting Proton which is becoming a lameduck with him as Adviser?

    5. Cronies losing patience with him because their planned projects have still not taken off yet or perhaps their money generating projects are being killed off one by one by the PM renationalising previous privatization projects under him?

    It sure is a long list of grudges. What a pityful, vengefull old man still playing as if he is Nero of Rome.

    1. WTF are you talking about???? U f**king moron!!!

    2. 1. why he is going after Reza? Bro, in business related party information and disclosure is important.

      2. Mukhriz ? He was a PM for 22 years,why he never allowed his son to hold any important post in UMNO during his tenure?

      3. 1MDB never denied cost of borrowing is more than 2B per year which estimated 5M per day. 5M bleed per day and we still have to wait AG and PAC report. Can you accept this fact?

    3. Anon 10:46,

      Wa tengok lu hati manyak asam, sama itu Mahathir, sikalang bukan pasat suka atau tatak sukak , sispa salah siapa betut maa aa .

      Wa manyak sukak sama itu Uncle Lim , tapi atak lespect sama Mahathir ,salah kasi betut lea aa , bukan mau lawan maa aa .

    4. Anonymous20 May 2015 at 10:46

      aku tolong tambahkan..

      6. Najib main Golf dn Obama masa banjir..

      7. 1MDB milik penuh kerajaan Malaysia
      melalui Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia yg mana Najib adalah Menteri kewangan.

      8. Najib adalah Pengerusi Lembaga Penasihat 1MDB

  9. Some people failed to see that this is not simply Mahathir V Najib... It's the Rakyat V Najib.. Tun M willingly becomes our strongest voice, so we stand solid behind him. People have questions & grouses towards Najib especially on the IMDB fiasco and financial mismanagement. The public is being burdened to pay the debt through GST. People are angry because living cost is getting rapidly more expensive under Najib's rule. ROSJIB with their lavish lifestyle are in facta liability to government & BN,so they MUST GO! I will no longer give my vote to BN as long as Najib is leading.

  10. Anon 10:46 adalah macai Jibby yg cukup bangang. DS Najib, tolong la bayar macai yg ada otak sikit, buat malu la bugis warrior pakai macai tin kosong mcm anon 10:46 ni. Hehehe

  11. Latest news from SR is that Najib admitted that there is no 1MDB money in Singapore. So he had lied again. I was right by calling him a liar and a thief and now he would be known as the greatest liar and thief of the century. Such an immoral person and still want to continue clinging on power.


    1. Dear Zack,

      Pardon my ignorance on Parliament-related laws.

      I'd caught that bit of news too albeit tad 'cuak' as it was reported viz TMI and its ilk. Though, as NO REBUTTAL or rectification was issued ex-MOF, I can only suppose safely that what had been stated by YB Mr. Pua is regrettably true.

      Q is, would this not tantamount to the PM able to be impeached by the August House?

      And hasn't any other BN MPs caught wind of this damning statement?


  12. From Jebatmustdie.

    Krisis kepimpinan Perdana Menteri dan cara aneh beliau menanganinya

    Amat malang apabila Perdana Menteri kita kelihatan tidak keruan dan terumbang ambing ketika ingin mempertahankan kedudukan beliau. Lebih teruk lagi, beliau seakan-akan bercakap seperti para hadirin yang mendengarnya adalah terdiri dari mereka yang tidak mampu berfikir.

    Semalam, telah keluar berita di mana Dato’ Sri Najib telah menyamakan diri beliau dengan Tun Dr Mahathir dari segi jangkahayat politik masing masing. Beliau berkata:

    Saya Juga Boleh Pimpin Negara 22 Tahun

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak membidas tindakan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yang mendesaknya meletak jawatan sambil menegaskan beliau adalah Presiden Umno pertama yang dipilih menerusi sistem perlembagaan parti yang baharu.

    “Saya presiden yang dipilih secara demokratik terbuka. Kalau dulu 2,600 orang di Kuala Lumpur (pemilihan). Dulu ada undi bonus… lepas itu ganti dengan kuota. Nak cabar presiden kena dapat 63 bahagian. Ingat senang ke nak dapat? Tidak mudah.

    “Sebab itu dia (Dr Mahathir) boleh kekal 22 tahun…kalau saya nak kekal 22 tahun pun boleh tetapi saya nak dipilih dengan ikhlas… dipilih dengan demokratik. Tapi kenapa ganggu saya?,” katanya pada majlis sepetang bersama veteran Umno di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) di sini pada Isnin.

    Hampir tertawa kami mendengarnya. Bukan kerana memikirkan bahawa mungkin Najib terlihat begitu terdesak, tapi kerana beliau lagi sekali tidak tahu apa yang diperkatakan oleh para pengkritiknya.

    Rakyat mendesak supaya beliau meletak jawatan Perdana Menteri, bukannya jawatan Presiden Umno. Akan tetapi beliau memilih untuk memperkatakan mengenai jawatan Presiden parti kerana itu sajalah modal beliau untuk membidas Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Dari pandangan kami golongan rakyat jelata, keinginan Najib untuk menjadi Presiden Umno selama 22 tahun mungkin boleh tercapai. Tetapi untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri selama 22 tahun sambil memenangi 5 pilihanraya umum berturut turut dengan undi melebihi 2/3 amatlah diluar kemampuan tuan punya diri.

    Tidak usahlah Perdana Menteri yang sekarang ini membandingkan diri dengan Tun Mahathir, kerana ianya seperti langit dan bumi. Tun Mahathir cuma menghadapi masalah kepimpinan di dalam parti di dalam tahun 1986 – 1988. Dari tahap nasional, Tun Mahathir sepanjang pemerintahannya telah mendapat kepercayaan dan mandat yang kuat dari rakyat dan ini terbukti di dalam setiap pilihanraya, bukan sahaja beliau sering mendapat undi 2/3 di parlimen, beliau juga mendapat undi popular melebihi 50% (ada yang setinggi 65%!).

    Lagi pula, Tun Mahathir adalah satu satunya Presiden Umno sejak tahun 1981 yang telah dicabar hingga ke peringkat undian Presiden. Usahlah Najib ingin mendabik dada kerana jawatan Presiden parti Umno pun sebenarnya telah diserahkan kepada beliau secara skim pindah milik dan bukannya secara demokratik.

    Dan sekarang beliau bukan sahaja tidak mempunyai mandat yang besar dari rakyat sebagai Perdana Menteri, malah menghadapi krisis kepimpinan yang teruk di kalangan rakyat.

    Tolong hentikan dari membuat perbandingan yang hanya akan ditertawakan orang. Kerana jika hendak berkokok berdegar-degar, ekor seharusnya bersih dahulu. Dan buat masa ini, ekor tersebut sedang bergelumang dengan tahi.

    Orang ramai pun tahu ini hanyalah taktik Perdana Menteri untuk mewajarkan agar dirinya tidak perlu meletak jawatan. Jika begitulah hendaknya, maka cita cita beliau untuk menjadi Presiden Umno untuk 22 tahun mungkin akan menjadi kenyataan.

    Yang bezanya, selepas tahun 2018, beliau cuma Presiden untuk parti Umno yang mungkin sudah jadi parti pembangkang ketika itu.

    Ingatlah, mendapat kepercayaan majoriti ahli Umno yang dicucuk hidung tidak penting. Yang penting ialah untuk mendapat kepercayaan rakyat.

    1. PM telah di kelentong hidup hidup oleh para penasihat penasihat beliau. Mereka mereka ini kebanyakkanya tidak mempunyai pengalaman berpolitik tetapi lagak saja lebih. Orang utara cakap sembang deraih saja habuk pun takdak. Sebab tu semua nasihat puak puak ni menjahanamkan PM. PM pun satu awat suka dok ambik budak hingus tak kering utk advice dia??????