Wednesday 4 February 2015

Finally giving up on Celcom

Despite my previous complaints about Celcom such as these,

I had actually stayed with it.

I'm so used to Celcom that I don't really want to switch telco.

I have been a loyal customer of Celcom for more than 10 years.

I was hoping that they will do something to make things better.

But last night, I had the final straw.

I was at the Celcom's so-called "exclusive" store at One Utama when I met the rudest salesperson in my life.

I had actually wanted to buy a new phone there. It was a top range model which costs over RM2,000.

The salesman, a young Chinese man, had not only refused to help me with the purchase but spoke to me as if I owe him some money.

Who the fuck does he think he is?

I was wondering what kind of training did Celcom gives to its people.

If they can't even train their people to at least be polite to their customers, then no wonder that their other services have become so bad now.

The ugly episode at the Celcom store really ruined my whole day.

I had wanted there and then to go to a Maxis or Digi store to get the new phone and package but it was already a bit late.

I will do it later today.


  1. Celcom is really trying to lose customers. I just switched to Celcom and found its 3G services to be extremely bad. I could not use Facebook over the browser in my phone most of the the time. I have to switch to using Opera Mini to check my facebook. But the problem is I am paying 3G prices and I am only getting 2G services. Keep it up Celcom, won't be long before the govt bail you out.

    1. I also have this problem. thinking to switch to Digi... maxis too expensive.... =,=

  2. Had similar ugly experience with Celcom recently. I have terminated the celcom broadband service.

  3. me no problems with Celcom telco services but with the customer services, YES. the Celcom chap - Malay not Chinese - at Curve near where the ice skating rink is should learn how to be smiley like their big boss, what Shazalie or Shazaly, his name is, laaa.He was so rooood. Dah lah obese.

  4. Trpical of Annie...Selalu Kena Con...Selalu on the wrong lane... Selalu Tak Guna Otak.

  5. I ditched the blue Telco for yellow Telco some four years ago due to many bad experiences.

    Just recently I terminated my red Telco sim account for my ipad cause I could hardly get any reception at my hometown in Kg Melayu Kangkar Pulai Johor.

    Luckily, the plan that I had with the yellow Telco surprisingly gave great connection at my kampung and became the hotspot for my other devices.

    However, I still maintained my beautiful 013399**** blue number.

  6. The man could have been a celcom agent not an employee of celcom. An employee of celcom is properly trained and professional I believe. .an agent can be anything ..rude, stupid etc

  7. Agents would be more polite or professional as they need the commission or extension to their services. It's just an underpaid Celcom staff or untrained for customer services. You think Celcom would invest in CS when they only profit in paying cronies and selling off their business to foreigners like Axiata?

  8. You should have scolded him..tell him off.

  9. Wa atak kena itu macam Maa aa , mau bayar bill lea aa ,itu Ah moi manyak tingi suala ,tanya Wa punya tel no .

    Mau kasi luit , pon kena tengking lea aa , apa punya olang lor rr .

  10. Hahaha you wanna ditch a service cuz of an asshole? And you supposed to be the bold blogger that would influence your audiences' mind?

    Sorry at. Tak masuk otak, you should have told him off and spoke to his supervisor. Stand up for your right to be treated properly.

    And that's the problem with you journalist. Tau bust heboh with your writings. Tapi bila ada people problem sikit, blame the company. Kinda like those DAP dickheads always blaming the gomen for individual's shortcomings don't you think?

    Next time, ask for his/her name. Ask to speak to supervisor. And write a formal complain if the person does not apologize. And you can still write your story. At least, then it would inspire your readers to stand up for themselves instead of relying on gomen, opposition or IS to fight for them.

  11. Me too face d same problems. Ur staffs really sucks