Wednesday 4 February 2015

I want today to be a good day

Somebody sent me this just now which makes me not want to get angry anymore....not even with Celcom,

Today, February 4 the beginning of spring, the beginning of spring fortune which will decide the whole year, do not fight, do not get angry, and be agreeable, happily spend the day, which gives a year of good omen.
Very important, bless everyone and will bode well auspiciously! 🙏🙏🙏💝

I just want to be cool today.

These days, whenever I want to cool off, I listen to Genji buskers....

The ice-cream man added a nice touch to the video.



    Here's a post that shows a good aspect of Malaysia.

    Cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon Dr Raja Amin Raja Mokhtar, 52, says his four children studying at Chinese schools have not experienced any form of discrimination because of their race whether from teachers or their peers.

    Malay parents are sending their children to Chinese schools out of preference for the quality of education there – an illustration of how race in Malaysia so often obscures substantive concerns.

    One such parent is homemaker Rozitah Kanak, who travels 30km daily, back and forth to send her two sons to a Chinese school in Klang, as she finds that the teachers' concern and personal attention given to her boys' studies makes up for the time spent on the road.

    "The teachers even WhatsApp me to ask about my children's progress with their schoolwork. They take full initiative," said the 38-year-old mother whose younger child, a girl, is also in a Chinese kindergarten.

    See more at:

    1. The Malay leadership is spineless if it cannot fulfill the Malaysian dream of a national integrated school of a quality better than the dong zong segregationists.

    2. Anon 12:28,

      Itu leport MI ,susah mau pecaya lea aa .

  2. For some, these are pembelot bangsa Melayu

  3. There is nothing wrong with Malaysians,the most spoilt brats are most of the Politicians in respective which parties they belong.

    1. Most of the Malaysians below the age of forty can't imagine a time when anwar al-juburi the politician was not involved in one sex scandal another; they also can't imagine a Malay world that had not been about Islamist supremacy.

  4. "I want today to be a good day"

    Spiritual Progress is Reflected in Daily Life