Monday 9 February 2015

Midnight breakdown

I think I am slowing down a lot lately.

Last month I did the lowest number of postings since I started this blog.

Honestly, I don't really feel motivated at the moment.

Also, a lot of shit is happening in my life.

At work, it's all about pressure.

The office politics is also quite bad.

I actually have to force myself to get up and go to work every morning.

Luckily this is not America. Otherwise I may ended up being like one of those psychos who had a gun and shot fellow workers.

That's how pissed off I am at work.

I am also not even allowed to write freely about my personal life as I used to be.

I can't use this blog as an outlet for all the frustrations in my soul anymore.

Nanti ada orang marah.

A lot of fun was taken out of writing that way.

The political scene is also too messy to write without getting a bit upset.

It's so messy that sometimes, I am not even sure I am on whose side.

Sorry lah, I don't really feel like writing politics at this moment.

I am just very tired.

Also my period....

You all listen to this nice song instead okay,

I am going to smoke a cigarette and then go to sleep.



  1. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
    and rightdoing there is a field.
    I'll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”
    ― Rumi

    1. Recall .. . your soul's original place is the placeless, its trace the traceless, you belong to the Beloved Lord of all Creation . . . First of the first, Last of the last, Outermost and Innermost, Most Glorious and Sublime . . . .

  2. I dont think its real you, annie. Your life is not that bad...


  3. Time to take leave to be with your mom, adinda Ms Annie?
    Family first always, kaN?

    Surely there will be much more to come in-sya-Allah.
    ( Surah ad-Dhuha, 93: 4 )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  4. Annie,

    Ever thought of being your own boss, do what you like, when you like, and earning more than what you are earning now?

    If so, we can explore the idea.

  5. Ayooo.... annie you smoke ke , hei its not good la , why not you hisap other things that can release tension , hei dont marah ya.. and saman me , no maney to

  6. Annie

    On something more positive, our late very own Biduanita Negara Datuk Sharifah Aini is honored on the Grammy website under “In Loving Memory”.

    (Line 7)

  7. Everyone's got their ups and downs...dont let the bad affect you too much! Cheer-up!!

  8. I read today an honest article entitled, " No sign of end to Pas-DAP rift" by Shahrum Sayuthi and Hana Naz Harun in the New Strait Times, Feb the 9th 2015.

    The article reflects the suspicious minded DAP with the coalition and Anwar is DAP's political stooge. The clash of ideology in enrollment is taking shape.

  9. Nak Manage Office Politics Pun Tak Mampu nak masuk Campur politik negara!!!

    Itu Dia Cik Mek Annie dah Makin Nak Gila?

  10. Thanks for the song Annie

  11. Bagus lah kau Annie, kau dah mula menghayati lagu2 melayu. Jiwa melayu dah mula menyerlah. Aku pun walaupun berkomunikasi dlm bahasa inggeris setiap hari. Tapi bila dengar muzik lebih menjiwai lagu2 melayu.

  12. Annie, it saddens me to see you lose your spirit.

    That's why I suggested you should be financially independent, which shouldn't be difficult to achieve.

    Contact me at if want to explore. See how you can monetise your talents.