Monday 23 February 2015

Quick look at current political scenario

Back to work today.

Done with the CNY merry making and need to get serious again.

Been neglecting the current political scene for quite a while now.

Checked around just now and found out that it's more or less the same nonsense as usual.

Let me briefly go at them one by one.

There's Pas' Mahfuz Omar trying to capitalize from the noises being made by convicted murderer Sirul Azhar from down under.

That's very silly of him. Trying to win political brownie points over dead people is disgusting.

Then there were also PKR guys still making noises over the jailing of DS Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy.

But not much impact there. The gatherings initiated so far were not very well attended.

People are tired of it, I think.

Even Pas and DAP don't seem to care much.

They are more interested in going at each other's throat.

Yesterday Gobind, the son of the late Karpal Singh tried to live up to his father's reputation of being garang with Pas by warning the Islamist party over its hudud ambitions.

Pas people just told him to fly kite.

Gobind is definitely not his father. Not by the longest stretch.

The DAP's Lim royal family members have not been very noisy....guess still in CNY mode. Too kenyang makan kuih bakul, maybe.

The stupid MIC crisis has cool down a bit.

I rather not comment on that one. Takut kena sue. Not worthwhile to bother with it anyway.

MCA is barking around as usual. Let them lah. What else can they do anyway.

Meanwhile, Umno is still as it is.

I was told there will be no changes at the party HQ as I had hoped for.

Setiausaha Agung Umno Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor (kiri) ketika menjawab pertanyaan media pada sidang media mengenai Perhimpunan Agung Umno 2013 di Menara Datuk Onn di sini hari ini. Bersamanya ialah Setiausaha Kerja Umno Datuk Ab Rauf Yusoh (kanan). -fotoBERNAMA

Well, what ever lah.

Why should I be bothered too much. I'm not even a member of the party.

Detractors of PM DS Najib Razak from among the pro-establishment crowd are still at it.

Not done with 1MDB, now they shifted also to FGV.

Good luck to them, but I don't think they can achieve much.

The Umno president is too strong within the party.

What else.....err, nothing much....

Oh, the upcoming Chempaka by-election.

Nope, I don't think Umno will field a candidate. Good also, as they will almost certain to lose. Better save the money for something else.

The upcoming by-election in Permatang Pauh is yet to be finalised.

They said Anwar may still appeal to Yang DiPertuan Agong to reverse his sodomy conviction.

But I think if the Agong turned down such a request by Anwar, it would be a big blow to the PKR gang.

It more or less says that even the Agong believes that Anwar actually sodomise his former aide Saiful Azhar Bukhari.

What? Anwar wants to get his people to demonstrate against the Agong after that? Don't be ridiculous, ok.

Hah, that's about it. A very fast run down of the current political stuff.

I find them quite boring, actually.

Same ole same ole.

See lah later, if I find anything more interest, I will do a proper posting to amuse you all.

Need to get back to work.

Otherwise my irritating bosses will come and disturb me pulak.

Cheers everyone :-)


  1. N lim kit siang still helming DAPig since 50 years ago....communist dont die easily

  2. Selupa you ,Annie ,Wa pon manyak bosan sikalang punya political scenario ,semua olang selupa itu gila ,jelit sana jelit sini, ingat semua olang manyak boloh ,macam tatak bolih pikir punya ,lea aa .
    Wa ingat memang manyak olang tatak bolih pikir punya maa aa ,itu pasat lia olang manyak syok lor rr ,lagi kuat jelit.

    Pandei punya olang pon selupa boloh juga maa aa , ya lorr salah punya hat pon mau kasi tatak salah punya.

    Tapi itu Altantuya punya hat Wa ingat ea aa mau kasi bukak balik maa aa , itu Sirul apa atak hat mau kasi Altantatuya habit ?, and Wa ingat itu Najib pon tatak sebab mau kasi itu Altantuya habit juga lor rr .
    Selupa itu itu lawan koruption punya officer ,tatak sebab mau kasi TBH latoh itu bangunan lea aa .

  3. Wa mau tanya bila itu TBH yatoh aaa sapa ada untong? Lawan koluption punya olang talak untong ......... Tbh punya family talak untong ........... Dap punya olang ada untong ke?


    1. Hai ...Yaa aa , Lu sendili pikir ,lor rr .

  4. Gobind is definitely not his father.

    Late father : Over my dead body!

    Him : Err, over my fainted bodylah...

  5. Re: "They said Anwar may still appeal to Yang DiPertuan Agong to reverse his sodomy conviction."

    I say: "Never in the history of the Malay Sultanate has a vizier wreaked so much havoc and tyranny in the name of Islam, and bedevilled the adab of the Malay people with rebelliousness (durhaka) and corruption (fasad).

  6. Hello kak Annie,

    I have been following your blog since last year and your comments on the Johor execs fascinate me. And as a Johorean who grew up in the 90s, I assume it is safe to address you as kak..

    There is a cocktail of feelings when I see JB now. The sad part is definitely the fornication of Lido. Not only the Mainlanders ravaged the LIdo strip with their high-risers, they create an economic wall of inequality by shooing away the locals with high asking prices. The more joyous part is that JDT makin kuat sekarang. hehe.

    I stumbled upon one article while working (cari makan kat KL, negeri sendiri susah cari kerja). I have no connection nor resources to verify whether the piece is credible or otherwise, so I don't want to form a solid opinion yet. But I guess (and hope) you can help . Tapi mendidih jugak lah bila awal2 baca. Have a go, please..

    Before this, the Mainlanders, now Singaporean companies. Maybe the love-hate yet productive JB-Spore relation is the catalyst of the privilege. Or maybe some other things. Dah la orang baru kerja macam saya susah nak beli rumah, dengar pulak berita2 macam ni. Jadi kat Johor pulak tu.

    Sedih sedih pun takpelah. Janji JDT menang....

    1. The Singapore papers, especially the Singapore Straits Times and Business Times, have been running several reports on Iskandar Malaysia.

      The tone of their coverage is relatively pessimistic, if not negative.

      And they have not hesitated to name names, including the high and mighty in Johor.

      The way I see it (and I speak as a long-time Johorean and JB-ite) is that there appears to be no well thought out long-term plan for the holistic development of Johor and, especially, the greater JB region (which encompasses part of Iskandar Malaysia).

      Who is to blame for this? I would fault, in order of failure, the MBJB, the Johor State Government and the Federal Government.

      Consider this. In 2015, Johoreans are still working as unskilled and semi-skilled labour in Singapore. What have successive Johor State Governments done to address this issue? The short answer is zip, zero, zilch.

      Or consider this. Has the MBJB any concept of sustainable urban planning? A cursory drive around JB and it's suburbs reveal the sad story of urban decay interspersed with high-rise office buildings and an increasing number of condominium developments. Where is the comprehensive urban transport planning and infrastructure? What we are getting from the MBJB and the Johor State Government are rah-rah "syiok sendiri" statements that are glaringly at odds with the realities as they are.

      In the meantime, the gravy train in Johor keeps rolling along.....

    2. Kesian orang Johor...continue sokong BN kena liwat...kalau sokong DAP pun kena liwat...kesian...

  7. Who is that overweight garang guy in the picture? Nice guys can't get near, they can't get in man . . .

    The Song Remains The Same with Tai Gor Jib Co.