Thursday 12 February 2015

Celcom and me

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this email today,

Hi Annie

Firstly, please accept my sincere apology  for the unfortunate incident  and the experience you had while seeking information to purchase device at one of our dealer outlets recently.

Celcom values each feedback from every customer even though coming from an anonymous blogger. We really hope you would remain as our valued customer and please let us know how we can help you further.

On this matter, we have issued a warning letter to the respective outlet . We hear and agree that behavior such as this,  is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

We sincerely hope you will allow us the opportunity to serve you in future. 

Thank you,

Rohizan Ismail
Head Media Relations
Corporate Communications
Celcom Axiata Berhad

And the following is my reply

Hi Rohaizan,

I'm pleasantly surprised upon receiving your mail.

I really appreciate it.

It didn't really cross my mind that my posting on my bad experience with the Celcom agent that day would received any attention. 

After all, I am just an insignificant anonymous blogger. 

Honestly, I was actually ranting that day because I was very angry.

I am not angry anymore, okay :-)

Actually, despite my threat to go to Maxis or Digi that day, I am still with Celcom.

After I cooled down, I decided not to trouble myself with switching telco.

As I had mentioned, I have been a loyal Celcom customer for more than 10 years.

I'm not the type who changed things I am used to so easily.

Throughout the years, I had met some of your colleagues who had been very nice and helpful to me such as members of your comms team in Johor Baru.

But seriously, I think Celcom needs to do something to improve customer services at your agents' outlets.

After all the guys there wear Celcom colors and insignia.

Actually after the incident at One Utama, I did try to buy the Iphone6 that I wanted at another Celcom's agent outlet at the Tropicana City Mall in PJ

I wanted to buy it from Celcom because the package offered is the best compared to those of other telcos for the same phone.

Unfortunately, the guy who manned the counter said I have to pay in cash and that he only accept credit card for bills payment only.

Well, the phone costs over RM2,600 and I don't like carrying that amount of cash around. It's just inconvenient and not really safe to carry around a lot of cash.

I think Celcom needs to make things more customer friendly.

I also believe that you all need to train your agents to know how to sell your services. Those I met can't even convince me why I should not switch to other telco as they don't seem to be well verse in the services offered. I think I can argue better than them on why Celcom offers the best package of services :-)

I will wait until after Chinese New Year to try again buying the Iphone6 from one of your agent's outlets. Maybe you can point out the one I should go to, to get it.

Oh, one more thing, why la your agents only sell the grey colored Iphone6? Those are the ugly ones, okay. I wanted to buy the silver colored one. Can you ask them to stock up with those?

Thanks Rohaizan. Don't worry. Now that I have your email address, I will kacau you if I got trouble with Celcom services instead of ranting in my blog.

Cheers :-)


  1. they should just offer u a free unit.

  2. Celcom should have closed watch on their outlet , I had bad experience with one of the outlet in JB ,the girl there are actually shouting at me when asking for my Tel No ,on paying my bills .

    Services are taken for granted . like Annie ,I have more then 12 years with Celcom .

  3. Celcom means bad servis. They dont understand simple thing like put customers first and to address issues faced by them swiftly. That is customer relation 101. Celcom wlld rather spend millions on Sharapova, Bolt, Chan & co than to train their staffs and so on. Celcom survive because only due to oligopolistic of telco market here. Period.

    1. I am not a fan of Maria Sharapova. I especially hate company spending lots of money paying for sponsorship like this. The rich like MS earns and earns millions and the customers have to pay for it.

  4. you write something about them...and they replied back to you in a very nice way and then you too replied back to them in a very nice way back....

    so nice to see civilize people making deal....

    but...nevermind no but...

    i like celcom too...and i am planning to switch to celcom maybe after i buy a new hp...

    >james bond

  5. how to offer iphone when annie is anonymous. unless you can send the phone via mail. lol!

  6. One more things very frustrated about Celcom, you still need to pay advance payment for your new device, even though you are loyal customer for more than 10 years. This never happen to Maxis.

  7. "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

    Albert Einstein - greatest physicist of the 20th century.


    "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value."

    1. Dears, what will the world be like?

  8. Puan Rohizan,

    Telco2 seperti Digi Celcom Maxis U Mobile masih "menipu" rakyat dengan kadar2 panggilan yang keterlaluan. Boleh beri justifikasi mengapa kadar call tempatan 12sen 20sen 33sen 36sen sedangkan kadar call luar negara misalnya Bangladesh cuma 6sen 7sen 14sen dan ke negara2 lain pun ada yg lebih murah?

  9. Celcom ahh....just notice my wife bill a 2 sec call most likely to Voicemail being charged 13 sen. Rudiculous.