Thursday 26 February 2015

Kota Iskandar's consultants

It looks like the Johor government is also following the trend of hiring consultants for works it supposed to do itself.

Here is a picture I took from the Facebook page of one Tengku Naufal Tengku Mansor, a lawyer and consultant of some sorts,

Tengku Naufal (second from right) is seen in the picture with members of the MedKom, the media and communication unit of the Johor government.

Standing next to him in the batik shirt is a special officer of Johor MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin and third from left (without tie) is the boss of MedKom.

And this goes with the picture,

Well, looks like it's a new thing in Kota Iskandar these days.

I do wonder how much the state government spent on the consultant just to do  public relation works.

The officers at Kota Iskandar who were supposed to do the work buat apa ya?

And this is just a small one.

Bigger things surely require bigger consultants.

The bigger, the more expensive.

The state government got so much money to spend, I guess.

As far as I know, the previous state administration used to be very careful about spending money on these sorts of things.

Anyway, how transparent was the appointment of these consultants?

Who appointed them?

Well, I will be looking forward to see how the Khaled's administration perform after spending money on these consultants.

Hopefully, with the state government being guided by these consultants, Johor BN will improve its performance in the next general election, particularly doing better than winning 83 per cent of Malay votes as it did in GE13.

I am not counting on it to improve from winning just less than 10 per cent of the Chinese votes.

I don't think the consultants can help BN on that one.

By the way, I was told by someone that Tengku Naufal is the younger brother of Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Not sure if it's true. I didn't bother to double check.

What I am sure is that the guy is not a Johorean and doesn't operate in Johor.

I wonder how much he knows about Johor anyway that the state government feels the need to consult him on how to do things.


  1. last time some blogs exposed that tengku adnan himself is not an actual tengku of royal blood. how can his brother also got tengku!

    1. Kalau muka kulit sudah tebal dekat2 dia mahu jadi Sultan mungkin. Dunya ah dunya!

    2. Whats wrong with being TENGkU??? ...ENVY PEOPLE is rubbish...

  2. Trend setters - Najib out-sourcing, Dolah rebranding.

    1. Tai Gor Jib has set a bad precedent for the Malaysian bureaucracy with his bevy of con-sultans. Learning from Ah Jib's bad example, incompetent and ill-willed gomen bereaucrats will play inter-department and intra-department politics against other gomen officers, and incline to outsource contracts for their personal benefit. Isn't this a plausible scenario of the negative influence?

  3. Yes, Tengku Naufal is the younger brother of Tengku Adnan.

  4. Alas, along the way, while they spent millions and billions of tax payers' monies (both at federal and state levels) on computer systems, they continued to recruit their brothers, sisters, and relatives (only) to fill whatever 'redundant vacancies' (?!) there were. Who cares if they ended up stitching, shopping, gossiping, etc. It is not their monies after all...What is worst since their siblings and relatives possess 'chop kapak' qualifications, they outsourced all IT-related functions to 'ali baba' foreigners!!! Yet, you thing Najib is doing a wonderful job (or going to be doing something wonderful...) Sad.

    1. Nak mecapai "3rd highest ranking" crony-capitalist country in the world bukan senang.

    2. ENVY Poor...!!!!!

    3. We could build a factory and make misery; We'll create the cure, cos we made the disease
      Frustrated, Incorporated; put me out of my misery all you suicide kings and drama queens
      Did you satisfy your greed; get what you need? Was it Envy so empty!

    4. Manusia paling Perfect adalah Annie Blogger bangang !!! Banyak sangat kelebihan.... Dan telebih lebih mengata orang...!!!

  5. This is "meritocracy Malaysian-style"!

    So, why are we still making fun of Singapore's "meritocratic approach" with the inevitable racial connotations dragged in.

    At least they get results in Singapore. Good results too!

    In Iskandar Malaysia? In greater Johor Bahru? In Johor?

    Just looking across the Causeway with envy.

    1. Abuse of meritocracy .... the fall guys having their way and abusing the old Malay values of honor, skil, competency, and honesty.


  6. re, Johore BN will improve ( UMNO in particular ) doing better then wining 83% of Malay vote as it's did in 13 GE..

    Annie ,

    They would be considerable doing better ,if they could sustained the percentage of Malay vote in the coming GE. Forget about Chinese vote which they could never regain ,for the reason of no point discussing ,knowing very well how the Chinese are .

    Orang Melayu Johore sudah muak ,tengok perangai pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu Johore ,mahupon persektuan , apa yang diharap kapada pagar yang akan membawa rebah.

    1. Jalan Straitsview26 February 2015 at 16:52

      In your dreams, brudder.

      Don't u think that Johoreans (especially JB residents) - Malay, Chinese, Indians dll - are sick & tired of the goings on in JB & Iskandar Malaysia?

      Aren't they fed up to the teeth of seeing their compatriots trekking across the Causeway at all hours to work in Singapore in order to cari makan for their families in JB/Johor/Malaysia?

      Aren't they ashamed to see parts of JB sink into squalor & urban decay, with zero urban planning, while the VVIPs rake in the moolah like there's no tomorrow?

      Yup, there will be a reckoning alright. And it may not be pleasant & plain sailing for the BN in Johor!

    2. Hang on... Why is the government of the day supposed to be focus on winning votes of one race? What crap dumno logic is this?

    3. I am Singaporean who regularly goes to JB ... but i pity you all when i see how divided your society is really. I think you must unite your national schools and improve the quality of English also.

    4. ENVY people please stop being STUPId!!!!! I think when u are the PM in this country u will be the best PM in this world...BUT only in ur dream....hahahaha

    5. Envy is a fiery sin that will consume your good deeds like dried wood catching fire.

  7. Times have changed. What to do?

  8. Hi Annie,

    If we change PM, will the new PM forgo the GST implementation? Saja is so sickening, everytime I think about it, I feels like nak muntah!

    1. Hah! Muntah La...... Muntah Darah lagi bagus Blogger Bangang

  9. Last time red bean now get attack from donor umno. Tough being a blogger

  10. Annie,
    Here's a few issue in JB for your consultant to ponder and solve ( its not a rocket science problem)

    1. Try visiting the JB zoo during weekends and public holidays and observe the parking problems there.

    2. Imagine you're from Kebun Teh area with kids in tow clamouring to visit the zoo during weekend or public holidays. You only have a kapcai and flagging a taxi is a no no. What is the expeditious way of bringing yout kids to the zoo?

    I like to raise more issues, but try to resolve the above first.

    1. The JB Zoo? Really? That is on your list of priorities to be fixed in JB?

      How many JB residents are even bothered about the JB Zoo? The more fortunate ones would have visited the Singapore Zoo (including it's Night Safari experience) and seen for themselves what a world class zoo is all about. Compared to a kuching kurap operation like the JB Zoo.

      The JB Zoo is a classic example of the "Malaysian Syndrome" - big (even grandiose) plans, but falling woefully short on execution, maintenance and growth.

      Like Senai Airport, for example. Or the JB CIQ checkpoint. Or the public transport system in the JB CBD and greater JB. Or the state of the roads in JB.

      How about the daily traffic gridlock in Jalan Tebrau, Jalan Ibrahim or the Kempas Highway?

      Let's not even talk about interruptions to the water supply ("paip bocor") or electricity supply in JB or what passes for rubbish collection and disposal.

      And don't get me started on the Larkin Market and the adjoining bus interchange!

    2. Anon@1415,
      You are the typical type of person who whine and complain about everything under the JB sun.

      This forum is not the Bandaraya or TNB or SAJ's blog site.

      Annie is presenting to us the existence of media consultants for the Johor Government.

      And I mooted an issue to see how these consultants will response, if they ever do.

      Granted that there are many shortcomings in my city, but please do not compare them with my southerly neighbour.

      Maybe you can boast about Changi airport or the Sentosa beaches, but it will be childish of me to counter with ,".. does Spore have beautiful island beaches like Sibu and Rawa..?" or ," come the petrol is terribly cheap as compared to S'pore?", or ".. do you have oil palm plantation in Spore? " ( before you brag about the pigeon holes living quarters of Sporean!)

    3. @Johor Mali 15:44

      "....there are many shortcomings in my city (JB).....".

      Yup, you got that right.

      Incidentally, the "pigeon holes" in the HDB estates in Singapore may be small, but the estates themselves are way better managed than what passes for public and low-cost housing in JB!

      Anyway, Annie's thread was about consultants for Kota Iskandar. I don't think that they are tasked with the responsibility for sorting out the mess in JB, including traffic shortcomings at the JB Zoo!

      Can you tell me if MBJB, SAJ or TNB JB are proactive and on the ball in handling customer complaints instead of dishing out rote disinterested answers to questions from the rakyat?

    4. @Johor Mali

      Could you please list out and share with us all the "shortcomings" you see in JB?

      Are we harbouring too high expectations when we compare JB with Singapore?

      It's hard to remain ignorant about what is happening in Singapore as hundreds of Johoreans go there daily for work, study or leisure, and when hundreds of Singaporeans come to JB and Johor for business, work and R&R.

      Let's give credit where credit is due and recognise how Singapore is well-governed and well-run.

      JB and Johor may have oodles of land. That doesn't mean that the land is being put to the best possible use for the benefits of JB residents and Johoreans.

      Are you trying to defend the status quo in JB & Johor?

    5. I guess that @Johor Mali knows a lost cause when he sees one!

      Note how he/she has suddenly "clammed up" or retreated into discreet silence when asked hard questions about developments and governance in JB, Iskandar Malaysia & Johor.

      And Annie, if the powers-that-be in JB, Iskandar Malaysia & Johor are readers of this blog, then they should know what these issues are.

      And if they choose to ignore them, or sweep them under the carpet and pretend that things are A-ok, then what can I say?

      Except that those who indulge in hubris often have rude awakenings!

  11. Annie Jangan La Jealous OK!?

  12. It's interesting that no one seems to want to comment on the poor souls walking on the Causeway every day on their way to jobs in Singapore?

    Why are they walking on a dusty and hazardous border crossing? Because public buses and buses transporting factory workers and students to Singapore are gridlocked at the JB end of the Causeway. This is good planning and good traffic management?

    Has the JB Mayor or the MBJB or the Johor State Exco members gotten out of their comfortable beds in the early mornings and seen for themselves the hundreds of Johoreans (and other Malaysians) going to school and work in Singapore?

    No, for these worthies, it seems to be "out of sight, out of mind".

  13. SRI AMAN -- February 27, 2015: A generous subsidy has made Malaysia's government medical and health charges the cheapest in the world,.
    Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak said this was in addition to the large sums spent on providing health service facilities.
    "When an outpatient sees a doctor, the person pays only RM1, while only RM5 is charged if he/she goes to a specialist. Medication is free.
    "There is no other health system in the world which charges such low a rate. Generally, the health subsidy in Malaysia is at 98 per cent for every patient."

    1. RM1 it's too cheap .... many who don't deserve it will burden the system but the poor who really need quality and prompt healthcare won't get it because the gomen don't have enough funds to do better. Which government in the world could do better with such an outrageously low public medical fee? Even a pack of cigarettes cost RM10! Smoke like hell fall sick go and see RM1 doktor .... hahhahaha