Saturday 28 February 2015

A good PMO guy

A few days ago, a high ranking PMO (prime minister's office) guy asked me out for lunch.

I consider him my senior and friend as we used to work together for a while before he joined the team of DS Najib Razak.

At that time Najib was not yet a PM.

I have always respect him for being a good and honest guy.

Occasionally he would call me out for lunch just to chit chat.

Indian Sweet Mangoes - Syed Bistro in Bangsar )

I never call him out. He is married and a very busy man.

It was very nice of him to find time to see me as I know that he keeps a tight schedule.

Furthermore, I'm just his junior and of no rank and stature.

As usual, we talked about our life and of course politics.

I can't tell you all in detail what we talked about as far as politics were concerned.

A lot of classified information.

Suffice to say that as always, he defended his boss against all those criticisms directed at the PM.

I know that he genuinely believes in Najib and had defended him not because he wanted to score brownie points.

After all, I am not one of those people who keep track of brownie points scored by people for praising and defending Najib.

When I told him that I know of a plan by some of his colleagues to kick him out of the PMO, he just laughed and told me that he was aware of it too.

"I am ready for that. If they ask me to leave, I will go. My conscience is clear as I have tried my best for Najib all these years. What ever happened, I still believe my boss is a kind hearted man who on his part is trying his best for this country," he said.

The guy is really sincere.

After all, I know that he is not rich despite working as a close aide of Najib for so many years.

He just works for his salary and nothing else.

Then the conversation turned something like this:

PMO guy: "How about you? How's your life?"

Me: My life sucks.

PMO guy: Why? What's wrong?

Me: It sucks because I don't really have a life except my work. And my work sucks too.

PMO guy: You seem to be doing well at work. I keep track of your work. It's quite okay.

Me: That's what you see. What you don't see is something else.

PMO guy: Tell me what's wrong. I know your big boss. Maybe I can help you.

Me: It's okay. I will try to handle it myself. If I can't stand it anymore, I will just fucking suicide bomb all those fuckers in my office.

PMO guy: Eh, don't talk like that lah. You are crazy or what? Just tell me what's wrong.

Me: I just hate the fucking bullies in my office. They enjoy bullying their subordinates by humiliating the poor bastards in the office wassap group. It's as fucking bad as humiliating someone in public.

PMO guy: Have they ever done that to you?

Me: Not yet, but I am waiting for it. I really going to suicide bomb those fucking bastards if they do that to me. I'm not their fucking slave.

PMO guy: Hush! Stop talking like that okay. Try to relax. People may think that you are an Islamic State terrorist for real. Come on, I will try to help you, okay.

Me: No need lah. I know you are too busy to care for my little nonsense. Najib needs all the help that he can get now. You better be focused on helping him...and try not to get kicked out of PMO. Najib needs all his good people....instead of all those asshole opportunists hanging around him now.

PMO guy: Okay...but do tell me if they disturb you. I will try to work out something. Don't go around suicide bombing people, okay.

Me: Okay....

PMO guy: You have enough money? I mean...last time I met you, you said you were broke.

Me: Could be better. Those fucking bastards gave me a lousy annual assessment that day despite me working my ass off last year. Now, I got just pittance for my bonus. They should have shove it up their arse instead. Real fucking pricks.

PMO guy: Relax, don't lose your temper.

Me: Okay....I will try to fucking chill....

PMO guy: Can I give you some money...I want to help.

Me: No. You try to give me money again and I will really kick your ass.

The conversation went on something like that for almost two hours.

It was actually nice having someone listening to my nonsensical troubles.

I know the guy can't help me, but still I appreciate his friendship.

Well, good luck to him and his Najib.

I think both guys need a lot of luck.


  1. This is a loaded article Annie. Got it. Good luck to them both.

  2. Sir Wenger Khairy28 February 2015 at 04:56

    Did he comment on 1mdb? How can he say his boss is kind hearted when he tried to pass off a RM 3 billion bailout for 1mdb under the cabinet's nose? Your friend may be loyal to Najibs but is he loyal to the country and to the king?

    As to your unfair annual assessment, it's a bad thing. Hope you get a better boss and job.

  3. The best guy in the PMO is Prof Khairul. He is great speech writer and strategist. Najibs must continue to follow the Arabic twang style when addressing Umno denizens. The rest of PMO are trying to make money

  4. Ramai orang yang akan mudah terpedaya.. Kalau tak hari ini, esok - joint the clown !!!

  5. how long until we sa ok najib u gotta go? nice or not isnt an issue. its how he run the country. too many at stakes here

    1. i like how he runs the dont like you dont like lah...i like...and PM najib you just run the country as you like...

    2. If yu don't like it migrate, lah

  6. 1. Are you alluding that they are 'Young Turks' in PMO? If yes, then it figured. We have a party-crazy mat salleh as "Chief PR Man" surrounded by "young turks" to ensure that Najib became the Naked King of Malaysia, forever! Obviously, if it failed, the mabuk mat salleh would be the fall guy...after all, he is mabuk all the time!!!

    2. Always be careful with "greeks bearing gifts!" In this instance, a Malay offering money! With the Malays, it is always about money! No wonder there is a saying,"Never ever trust a Malay with duit, burit, and cewet!!!"

  7. Annie,
    These destractors can menyalak,but till now I feel Najib position is secured as the UMNO members esp MT supported him.Have you heard them making noise whatsoever.The Batu Apis can wait until 2016,when the party election or 2018 for GE.Until such times they can fly kites.In meantime for PR,creates more blunders and fight each others,even the kena tipu Chinese now realised their mistakes.They even dare now to critize LKS and LGE in Malayasiakini,FMT and Malaysia Today Blogs which were alien before.DSAI family creating and exposing their weaknesses in handling post prison sentence of him,and there the ever presence of stupidity of Mahfuz with Sirul saga and Mat Sabu scheme of dethroning his boss.No wonder your life Annie jadi tunggang langgang.But anyhow I do agree with the comment of Do not trust a Malay with duit,burit and cewet.

  8. Najib days are numbered. Siti Najib Razak may want to leave but Abdul Rosmah Mansor does not want to let go power. It will be a big mistake for them to continue hanging on power as when they fall, they will fall really hard. With all the mess going on with 1MDB, Atlantuya etc, they might create a history in Malaysia for being the first PM to face trial and even go to jail. UMNO alone cannot protect them.

    1. diorang dazed and confused ....

  9. 13.13.
    Keep on Barking,nobody stop you.What mess are you talking about or it is something in your head that are too messy with anti establishment attitude..
    1 MDB...Why the arm chair critics or the Oppo for that matters always established issue at half way mark.Report to the relevant authorities so legal action can be taken.What happened to the Png UMNO chap when he reported the case to the Police until now no action,because there were no case at all.Remenber Khazanah National,when introduced,was critizied like hell,but where are the critics when Khazanah produced result.
    Atlantuya case....only a stupid people,I hope that exclude you to believe Sirul when he said he did not murder her but will reveal who instructed him to kill her. .

    1. Agree. Maybe some of the screws missing in this Any 13:13. The 'mess' which he mentioned have only to do with his head.

  10. When i read this statement " I still believe my boss is a kind hearted man who on his part is trying his best for this country," -even my cat at home started laughing and rolling on the floor. He wouldn't have screwed up the funds belonging to rakyat via his 1MDB(1 Malaysia DiBaham Buaya), spend at least RM 3m a year for a mat salleh PR Consultant (originally >100m a year via APCO but thanks to our opposition highlight,Najib decided to terminate APCO but kept their man who is partying all the time with poor rakyat's money), wastage in TalentCorpse spending spree for what only god knows, RM1B compensation for AES and not to mention his wife spending spree and the list can go on....


    1. Kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love.
      (Lao Tzu)

  11. Anon 14:56- can you enlighten us what has 1MDB been doing while accumulated RM46B in debt? Najib has been evasive in giving a true and fair explanations. Had to borrow RM2B from Ananda Krishna? Since you are so "smart" and we are stupid, can you explain?

    1. Son of Ananda Krishnan

  12. We want our 1MDB funds back! Who took it better own up . . . or monkey king gonna kick ass

  13. Hey, wa antum khimaar, read this, ok...... Chill


  14. Lu atak dengar itu bunyi melechun ?, kalang-kalang itu bunyi selupa maliam tembak lor rr . Wa tau Cina atak bakar itu melecun ,laya punya jam , tapi hali-hali Wa dengar sana boom !!!, sini Boom !!!.

    Wa manyak helan ini Malaysia lea aa , inport melecua 'halam', juat melecun "halam" ,bakar melecun lagi "HALAM" ,tapi hali-hali sana sini bom ! .bom !!!.

    Wa punya mini tatak bolih titut lea aa , anak nangis maa aa.

  15. your PMO friend........-"Baik ada makna tu....":)

  16. Lodging police report against 1MDB?'s an open secret ma how can police take action against their own boss?why u so stupid one ah like the PM? Sirul killed Atlantuya because she rejected his love?how come other UTK don't go and blow up people one aah? Atlantuya was in the middle of the transaction of malaysian gov buying submarine from France through a company owned by Najib close aide.who was the defence minister that time aah? how come Atlantuya immigration records was erased aah?how come the authorities not interested to know the motive and how sirul can easily get C4 explosive one aah? pasar malam got sell C4 meh? can u bark with some facts aah? don;t simply bark kosong one lah.. haiyaa..u must be another PMO guy who is also dumb one coz your boss so dumb one aah. somemore scared of his big wife one lorr..


    1. No C4 ever used. Altantuya wasn't part of the negotiation process. PI Bala's first SD claiming PM knew the woman was highly questionable. Sirul only took order from his first officer. Why is this zack so stupid its already 2015 maa. Plenty of myths from this case have been debunked already. aiyo. lembab nak mampus

  17. Zack.
    Are you dumb on plain stupid.The case had been finalised.Sirul had been convicted and sentenced to death.The only way you can save him is by overthrowing the present govt and reversed the verdict.I think that was what LKS said DSAI will be released if PR rulesAre we living in Zombieland?.
    OMG...what fantasies you had written above,why these facts not mention during trial.Before I forget where is SUARAM...You should give your fantasies to them so they can continue their fantasies too.Where are they now?.It seemed either they are not to be heard but to be seen or to be seen not to be heard.
    On 1 MDB...It is people like you,urbanites,tecnocrats and half cocked Politicians who are barking here and there without any cooordinations to be effective.When failed your excuses will be always whose side were the relevant authorities without considering the facts of the case,evidences and other supporting elements to press charges against the govt.It is normal in the case of Investment ventures,you cannot get the result in a forthnight,the risk are always there.Let me ask you these questions and you must be honest yourself in answerinthem
    1.Is this 1 MDB really distrupt your daily life of yourself and families
    2.If you are a Public servant,has the govt conducted a paycut on yourself.
    3.Have the govt raised the rate of individual income tax
    4.Is there any sign of our country going bust or bankruptcy due to 1 MDB
    5.Have you heard and read the govt only used RM 1 mil k on this 1 MDB.
    My advice be rational and not emotional in assessing and making deductions on issues esp we are not that conversant with,avoid listening to presumptions and heresay evidences from third person,do some research and reading,stay healthy and always smile,I think you will be a happy man.Thank YOU.

  18. No doubt Najib is a nice guy.

    But he is clueless. He have no idea of running the country

    He has to go

  19. No C4 ever used? Please read the facts of the case on Sirul. In case you are also clueless like your dumb ass PM, C4 is not for Cendol u know. It's a military grade explosive la..Is there any sign that our country heading for bankruptcy? Yes too many signs. GST, petrol hike, increased prices of goods, banks are now holding bank on financing. Personal income tax did not change but GST will push up prices not less than 30%. No wonder our country is screwed because not only PM is dumb, but advisors also dumber don;t know about economics. Remember economics and hair dressing is 2 different thing u know...btw, 1MDB invested USD 1B to Petro Saudi who used $700m to repay its debt to own parent company. If u don't think this is dumb, i think it is dumb ass.



    1. What is really really wrong with the country Sdr Zack?

      “At this point the fundamentals have manifest themselves in steady growth in the region of 5%
      .. We have a strong financial system, the economy is on a steady growth path, there is a current account surplus, low levels of unemployment, lower level of external debt, and higher level of reserves."

      -- Tan Sri Zeti, current and 10th year running awarded Grade A Central banker by Global Finance magazine based in New York, to reporters on February 24th 2015.

      Petrosaudi International has made a statement and will sue the dumb whiteass Sarawak Report whoever(?)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. I rarely comment. But this Zack should be reminded the importance of reading facts and figures. hehe.

      The Star: We never said C4 was used in Altantuya’s murder, says Deputy Solicitor-General

      PUTRAJAYA: It was never the prosecution's case that C4 explosives were used in the murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Federal Court here heard Tuesday.

      Deputy Solicitor-General II, Datuk Tun Abdul Majid Tun Hamzah submitted that the prosecution had never said the substances found at the crime scene were C4 explosives.

      "We never said those explosives were those of C4. But these people from day one, said it was C4.

      "We do not know how the Court of Appeal can say, it was C4 explosives. We never said C4," he said at the hearing of the prosecution's appeal against the acquittal of two former Special Action Unit (UTK) personnel, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar over the murder of Altantuya.

      Tun Majid said the UTK police never used C4 explosives.

      Aiyo every word coming out from this Zack fella is laughable. Tu baru sikit jentik.

  20. Quoted from another blog;

    Even the Myanmar Times had recently published an article with the title Najib’s Slow Death, with the forecast that the omens were not good. Yet he had remained “quite invincible” in Umno: as long as he remained untouchable as Umno president, he would be untouchable as prime minister.

    Najib’s host of problems were coming to the boil, Lim said as he listed out the RM42 billion 1MDB scandal; the nine-year-old Altantunya Shaariibuu murder; the jailing of Anwar Ibrahim; and the embarrassing controversy over Tun Razak’s “inheritance” which has resulted in public differences between Najib and his four brothers.


    1. With siblings like those Yg Bhg Datos, Sdr ANON 14: 52
      who does not talk first, Yg Bhg DS Mohd Najib really does not need family.

      Those four who benefited from it are a disgrace to the memory of Tun Abdul Razak.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah

  21. You Dumb ASS,our Army do not use C4 la,they use PE.And if you have all these facts here,stop barking here,make report to MACC,Police,for the matter,Obama,Abbott.Cakap saja,telor tak ada.You many years ago people dumb ass like said Malaysia akan bankrupt,but why we are standing tall now.Albeit uncertain global economy why Msia managed to record 6% KDNK last year.GST only people like you buat bising,because urbantes are so materialistic dunggus ,high tastes and truely deserved to pay more for imported and branded goods.You can afford to say people DUMB,and yet the person you branded dumb is indeed the PM of the country that you live and survive.If you called your leader a dumb,then you as follower is more dumbier,if not migrate.
    You think it is easy to dump the dumb PMjust read what anon 14.52.So go on fly kites or wait until UMNO party election or for the matter GE 14 then only bikin sibuk balik.So mean time keep smiling and be content with what you are enjoying now,lives moderately,buy what you Need and not what you Want,Lets the economists do their work,The armed Forces defend the Country,the Police maintain Law and Order and so on.....Goog Day

  22. For those "smart ass" defending the dumb ass, please read this article-

    I feel sorry for the poor folks who needs better education,healthcare and affordable cost of living as their money has been used by some dumb ass to finance his step son extravagant lifestyle and partying with Paris Hilton among others.

    When world oil price was USD 52.80, we paid RM 1.90 (1/1/2015). When price was USD 45.30,we paid RM 1.70(1/2/2015). Now world price is USD 49.41, we are paying RM 1.95. Which school of mathematics that this dumb ass came from or he thinks rakyat are stupid morons like some of those defending him blindly.

    So now let's see who is the dumb ass here..


  23. Mr self apppointed smart dumb ass.
    Read what Hj Zain statement.Read also The Flying Kick and Stop the lies blog.Petrosaudi will take legal actions to those slanderers and this include your idols Tony Phua and Rafizi Bapok.Any coments?


    1. Dumber and dumber, than the ugly English white-ass (Ms Brown?) Sdr 07: 05
      at Sarawak Report and last .. TMI quoting what The Myanmar Times asses?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  24. Even the Myanmar Times has written negatively on Najib.What a joke. Soon we will hear that Timbuktu Times, Trinidad & Tobago Times may also be writing about Najib. Luckily Pakistan & Afghanistan is busy fighthing otherwise they will also be writing about Najib.