Saturday 7 February 2015

What some Chinese youths think of Bahasa Malaysia

I hope for this post, no one is going to accuse me of trying to instigate racial tension by spinning.

I actually just want to bring to your attention an article by pro-Pakatan portal The Malaysian Insider,  which title I believe is a bit misleading, particularly on the part "divided",

Local Chinese youth divided on importance of speaking BM in Malaysia

(Clockwise from top left) Chan Kah Fai, Har Chee Hou, Tan Jia Mun and Katarina Law Jen-Yu admit to having a poor grasp of Bahasa Malaysia but have mixed views on how it affects their lives in Malaysia. – The Malaysian Insider pics by Wong Yu Han, February 5, 2015.
(Clockwise from top left) Chan Kah Fai, Har Chee Hou, Tan Jia Mun and Katarina Law Jen-Yu 

Excerpts (rearranged for reading convenience) :

1. Katarina Law Jen-Yu, who went to secondary school at Wesley Methodist, came from a Chinese primary school and said she “could never complete a verbal sentence in BM”.
“I try to avoid having conversations with teachers, but when I do, I mix English with BM or write a sentence in Malay on a piece of paper then repeat it to the teacher,” she said.

2. Speaking "rojak" – the mixing of English and rudimentary BM – sometimes helped, such as in the case of Pin Hwa High School graduate, Chan Kah Fai, who said he was forced to pick up BM and mix it with English for his job at the customer service department of a telecommunication service company.  “Living in a multi-racial country, I think it’s about being considerate and understanding when it comes to learning BM,” he said. “But not knowing it doesn’t mean you can’t survive, there are tons of examples of people living a good life despite not knowing the language”

3. Another student, Har Chee Hou, a Johor Foon Yew Chinese Independent School graduate, on the other hand, used broken BM to communicate with Malays while helping in the 2013 general election campaign for Liow Cai Tung, 
the DAP candidate for the Johor Jaya state seat. “I ran errands amidst preparations for the election campaign then, and it gave me the opportunity to communicate and interact with Malay representatives from PKR and PAS. Har also agreed with Chan’s views, saying that “the only element one would require to survive in this country is tolerance.”

4. “I often have to get people who are good at BM to accompany me when I’m out," confessed Tan Jia Mun who attends a national secondary school in Puchong, Selangor. “I always flunked my BM or passed it by the skin of my teeth, until I attended tuition classes that forced us to memorise at least one essay every day and other sophisticated Malay words and idioms because including them in your essays earns you extra marks in exams,” Tan said. “Memorising” was a common practice among students when she was in school, she added. Tan, however, felt that BM wasn’t as important because it was just a “language used in a small region”.“It’s not even an international language, so as long as you can speak on a basic level, that should be enough,” she said. 

5. Another student who only wanted to be known as Wong from SMK Assunta, Petaling Jaya, regularly mixes English and rough BM as she found Malays could 
still understand her. “I don’t do badly in exams,” she pointed out. “It’s not that I don’t want to excel at the language, my family did send me to a Malay school after all but with everyone around me speaking English, I never really had the chance to practice it.” “It’s really hard for me to find a Malay who doesn’t speak English at all,” she said. “All my Malay friends around me speak English anyway.” Wong agreed (with Tan), saying that it was not right to consider someone as being unable to survive in Malaysia without speaking BM. “If expatriates can survive without a word of BM, why can’t we? It’s just so double standard,” she said.


  1. Hidup, sesiapa pun boleh hidup walaupun dalam greenland.

    Apa yang penting :-

    1. Semua rakyat mesti patuh kepada Perlembagaan. Dengan demikian segala perundangan negara di patuhi dan berupaya menjadi rakyat berdisipilin.

    2. Penggunaan Bahasa Kebangsaan sudah terbukti menyemarak perpaduan kaum. Kenapa warga asing mudah berbahasa dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan dan selesa di sini ? Berbeza generasi baru cina di didik melawan arus sehingga tidak menghormati bangsa, budaya dan anutan agama Melayu, penduduk asal Tanah Melayu kini Malaysia ? Ada kah dengan mudah menyatakan melayu itu bodoh ? Berhati- hati lah.

    3. Secara jelas, pra dan pasca merdeka ruang untuk kaum cina, india dan lain nya sudah di iktiraf sebagai rakyat, tetapi secara terancang melayu itu tidak pernah di terima pula sebagaimana melayu sudah menerima dengan hati terbuka.

    Kemana kewarasan jika semakin tidak mematuhi Perlembagaan seperti yang sudah terikat sejak sekian lama? Sikap cauvinistik
    semakin sombong, angkuh dan bongkak semakin menjadi-jadi sehingga melanggar batas-batas perpaduan.

    Tiada Bahasa Kebangsaan maka tiada lah identiti rakyat negara tersebut. Terima lah hakikat bahawa kesombongan akan memakan diri sendiri. Jika sokongan negara luar menjadi kekuatan untuk bersikap biadab, maka Malaysia juga berhak memilih warganegara yang setia kepada nya....

  2. "identiti"?????

    That's rich!

    What about certain Umno types proclaiming " we are all Ismail Sabri"?

    How about proclaiming that "we are all Malaysians"?

    Of course, that never crossed their minds.

    More to the point, Annie - what is the purpose of your post?

    Is fluency in Bahasa Melayu (or Malay or Bahasa Malaysia, whatever takes your fancy) the sole or the major criterion that decides if you are a loyal Malaysian or not?

    That's a pretty narrow definition of "loyalty", if you ask me.

    More to the point, there much to be said for an education system that teaches English and the mother tongue. Case in point - Singapore.

    Arguably, by any metric that you may care to use, Singapore's education system which is based on English, is way better than it's Malaysian counterpart.

    Also, is fluency in BM going to stand you in good stead in the workplace? When you are engaged in diplomacy or in international negotiations or in trade-related matters with foreign parties?

    There's such a thing as being blindly idealistic. And another as being realistic.

    No prizes for guessing which side Annie is on!

    1. Malaysian Malaysia maa aa , Cina cekap Cina , Byulayu cekap Bulayu ,India cekqap India , itu blue I/C atak penting lor rr , cali makan punya hat .

      Sutak manyak lambat ,mau reverse lor rr , lulu Merdeka punya jam apa pasat ,kasi itu semua bebas ,tatak buat macam itu Indonesia ,Thiland ,Pillipine ,baru atak betut ,semua olang cekap satu bahasa .

      Sikalang ,mau kasi itu celita ,sutak tatak guna maa aa ,' Malaysia is truely Asia ' atak Cina ,atak India ,atak Bulayu ,manyak soon lor rr.

    2. Ai....yaaa aa ! ,apa pasat mau cekap "butoh" maa aa , Wa cekap manyak betut lea aa . Sikalang eaa aa ,itu nasi sutak jadi itu bubut lea aa ,tatak bulih jadi nasi lagi lor rr .

      Lulu eaa aa, Bulayau ,hati manyak baik kasi itu Cina sekolah , sikalang sutak manyak susah maa aa .

      Bulayu cekap bulayu , Cina cakap Cina ,India cekap India ,Malaysian Malaysia lor rr , Malaysia is truly Asia maa aa.

    3. Lufang itu olang cakiap salah faham maa...

  3. Jom kita menulis komen dalam bahasa melayu untuk topik ini.

    Adalah satu yang memalukan dan menyedihkan sistem pendidikan kita masih tidak dapat mengatasi masalah ini

    Membaca komen mereka mengenai bahasa melayu kita dapat menghidu sikap bongkak mereka, memperlekehkan bahasa kebangsaan Malaysia.

    1. Bahasa Malaysia atau Bahasa Melayu telah dibakul sampahkan bukan sahaja oleh orang bukan Melayu tetapi juga oleh dikalangan orang Melayu terutamanya yang berpendidikan barat.

    2. 11.17

      Inilah kelemahan orang malaysia khususnya orang melayu. Tiada kekuatan jati diri. Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa.

      Malangnya mereka yang tinggalkan bahasa melayu tidak pula 'maju' dan tidak diterima mesra oleh pihak yang mereka ingin ambil perhatian, iaitu negara barat.

    3. Saudara2 perasan tak langau2 redbean takut nak masuk bila kita berbincang guna bahasa kebangsaan. Nampak sangat keturunan Lim Kit Siang!!!

  4. I'm always thought that differences in education and outlook are the main factors that keep the Malays and Chinese apart.

    This also explain why I have good friends who are Malays - because we are not separated by such differences.

    Today, in OutSyed The Box, I read 'how in happened' clearly explained.

    Here's an extract from OutSyed The Box's Detroying Capacity:

    ' Recently I was talking to an expatriate Muslim who has "moved" here from the US (ikut bini), where he was a scientist. His describes the Muslim society here as an 'intellectual desert'. He says "there is no thinking among Muslims in this country".

    In brief all this is destroying the capacity of the Malays and Muslims to become modern, progressive people.'

    1. 10.25

      Apa kaitan isu bahasa ini dgn kemajuan dan pencapaian intelektual sesuatu kaum itu?

      Adakah kamu mengatakan bahawa orang melayu mundur/jumud kerana berbahasa melayu?

      Dengan sikap sebegini patutlah ramai orang bukan melayu tidak fasih bahasa melayu dan pandang enteng bahasa melayu.

    2. "Sistem Nilai Budaya Ilmu dan Jelmaan Sejarahnya"

      Pembinaan "budaya ilmu" dan tamadun yang lahir daripadanya merujuk kepada sistem nilai, pandangan dunia, dan idealisme pada sesebuah sistem sosial serta individu-individu di dalamnya.
      Prinsip asas pada pembinaan budaya dan tamadun ilmu yang bersepadu ialah (a) konsep dan realiti tuhan, (b) konsep manusia dan (c) hakikat alam semesta.
      Nilai yang harus dimiliki oleh sesuatu "budaya ilmu" itu adalah :

      1) Kepentingan ilmu
      Meletakkan ilmu sebagai kebaikan utama dan asas bagi segala kebaikan lain. Nilai ini akan melahirkan sikap memberatkan pendidikan sebagai kaedah utama untuk menanamkan sikap memuliakan ilmu, menuntutnya dan terus menghayatinya seumur hidup

      2) Berkekalannya usaha ilmiah
      Setiap usaha dan hasil yang berteraskan ilmu mestilah bersifat kekal di mana apa jua usaha demi menemukan kebenaran dan melaksanakan keadilan adalah merupakan sumbangan dan amal kebajikan bagi diri sendiri dan manusia.

      3) Berterusannya usaha keilmuan - dari buaian ke liang lahad
      Usaha keilmuan mestilah menjadi usaha sepanjang umur kerana setiap manusia akan melalui pelbagai jenis tanggungjawab sepanjang hayatnya yang memerlukan ilmu untuk melaksanakan dengan sebaik-baiknya.

      4) Nilai kepimpinan
      Kepimpinan dalam masyarakat adalah faktor penting dalam menjamin pembinaan dan penyuburan budaya ilmu. Penggubalan polisi awam, pengagihan peruntukan, latihan yang boleh membina dan meneguhkan budaya ilmu memerlukan sokongan satu kumpulan bukan individu pemimpin yang berbudaya ilmu.

      5) Sikap homat-kritis
      Keberanian mencari kebenaran dengan menimba dan memperbaiki hasil pemikiran manusia terdahulu dan semasa. Sikap hormat kepada cendiakawan tidak sepatutnya menyekat seseorang untuk terus memperbaiki hasil pemikiran mereka.

      6) Kesinambungan tradisi ilmu
      Budaya ilmu bermaksud mempunyai kepekaan dan kesedaran tentang kepentingan kesinambungan atau sejarah ilmu dan keilmuan. Ini kerana ilmu tidak terbatas dan manusia tidak mampu menghabiskan tenaga dan masa utuk sentiasa bermula dari bawah atau permulaan.

      6) Syura - Mesyuarat
      Proses syura merupakan penjelmaan ciri budaya ilmu di mana seseorang itu tidak mampu mengetahui semua perkara yang diperlukan untuk hidup. Oleh itu, bermusyawarah adalah diperlukan dalam hal yang berkaitan dengan kebaikan orang ramai di samping itu ia mencerminkan umat Islam yang sebenar.

      7) Pengiktirafan peranan wanita
      Kaum wanita merupakan lebih kurang separuh daripada umat manusia dan yang paling hampir dengan anak-anak dan remaja. Mereka memainkan peranan yang besar dalam menentukan kejayaan pembinaan budaya ilmu dan ketinggian tamadun manusia. Islam meletakkan tanggungjawab yang sama ke atas lelaki dan wanita untuk mencari ilmu dan melaksanakan tugas sebagai khalifah dan hamba Allah di bumi ini.

      "Budaya Ilmu - Satu Penjelasan" oleh Dr. Wan Mohd. Nor Wan Daud

    3. Apek aa, kalau lu nak faham Islam dan Muslims OSTB bukan tempatnya k...

    4. Kita sering mendengar ape orang asing cakap tentang kita negara kita dan masyarakat seolah olah masyarakat sgt la sempurna. Jika indonesia mampu mlahirkan rakyat cina yg btutur bhasa indonesia dn mgunakan nama indonesia serta kesetiaan yg tiinggi thadap indonesia. Kenapa rakyat ketrunaba cina di mlaysia sukar btitur bahasa melayu. Aoakah alasannye? Sebagai rakyat malaysia dimana bahasa malaysia/melayu adalah bahsa kebangsaan seharusnye mereka boleh berbahasa melayu dgn baik. Sudah sampai masanye bahasa malaysia diwajibkan lulus sampai kperingkat universiti/kolej. Dan setiap rakyat harus lulus ujian lisan. Tiada kompromi lagi.

  5. Poh's Kitchen is one of my favourite cooking show at Astro. I never try to miss her show. If I close my eyes I could swear she's another white Australian speaking in the heavy accented ozzie, except she is a Malaysian born lass. Fair dinkum,Poh!

    1. Lu pun satu bingai..apa pasal nak bangga dengan Australian accent ?
      Walhai ada rakyat Malaysia nak isi borang mintak paspot pun tak kenal huruf. Lu bangga ? Rakyat Malaysia jenis apa yang Tunku suruh kutip ni ?

    2. Yg bingai awak tu! Cuba baca yg tersirat atau "read between the lines" apa yg saya utarakan.

    3. Right, I can speak perfect southern accent too. So what ..

    4. 11.29,
      Rasanya apa yang dimaksudkan 9.18 ialah kalau nak seribu daya. Chef itu boleh bertutur bahasa inggeris siap dgn slang Aussienya walhal dilahirkan d Malaysia dan bukan bahasa ibundanya

      Masalahnya ialah sikap org bukan melayu terhadap bahasa melayu.

      Betul tak 9.18?

    5. Anon@13.18-bullseye
      Anon@11.39- apa ke bende southern accent tu?

  6. As a Malaysian, we should write our comments in Bahasa Malaysia for this post ......
    Saya berasa sangat kecewa apabila rakyat Malaysia sendiri, yang lahir dan bersekolah di negara ini tidak dapat bercakap atau menulis dalam BM, terutamanya di antara golongan pemuda pemudi negara. Warga asing seperti orang Bangla yang datang untuk bekerja disini boleh bertutur dalam BM dengan lebih fasih dalam masa yang singkat berbanding dengan rakyat Malaysia. Namun, ada juga rakyat Malaysia yang masih boleh berhujah tentang semangat patriotik rakyat Malaysia yang tidak boleh bertutur dalam BM, mungkin tidak rasa malu bahawa tidak boleh bertutur dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan dan mengagungkan Bahasa Inggeris (BI). Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, adalah tangungjawab kita sendiri untuk membelajar dan bercakap dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan.

    1. jangan salahkan orang lain kalau mereka tak boleh bertutur bahasa Melayu salahkan siosio budaya serta geo politik yang rata-rata orang kita amalkan sejak awal 80'han , kemudian bila mula dari dekat 80'han apabila orang-orang melayu mula nak mengubah diri mereka kepada amalan budaya arab dengan pelbagai doktrin agama yang tak pun selaras dengan alquran , maka bermula jurang perpisahaan antara kaum berlaku dengan ketara , tidak seperti di dekat 70'han dan sebelumnya yang percampuran masih berlaku melalui sekolah aliran inggeris sampai sekarang jenerasi cina yang melalui aliran sekolah tersebut boleh bertutur bahasa melatu dengan fasih. Kemudian bila melayu di saji dengan doktin kebudayaan arabian , dalam sekolah kebangsaan , bangsa lain terutama cina habis terpisah 100% kesekolah aliran cina disini lah bermulanya kesan isu diatas . Tapi saya tak sedih , yang paling saya sedih orang melayu sampai sekarang hanya terikut -ikut dengan budaya arab yang dah runtuh dan meninggal kan budaya melayu mereka yang tak salah pun disisi akhlah islam , semua ini bermula sejak tahun 80'han apabila Anuar peliwta di beri ruang oleh Tun M untuk memulakan polisi penerapan nilai -nialai Islam tapi akhirnya bukan nilai islam yang diserap tapi yang diserap cuma budaya arabian yang terkebalakang yang orang arab bijak pandai habis lari ke negara maju sebab tak tahan dengan budaya yang jumud. Tapi kita orang melayu tak dibenarkan bersuara dan berfikir dalam bab agama ,
      sekarang banyak bahasa melayu nak di arabkan , habis ini yang paling sedih kerana orang melayu tak faham dengan surah alhujurat ayat 13 dalam alquran. Saya sedih pada wanita melayu walau diberi ruang dalam beberapa aspek tapi ada yang dikongkong oleh budaya ini ,

    2. Anwar al-Juburi suka sangat masuk budaya Arab tu yg padanya meliwat budak dan laki muda itu amalan lazim .... ke dalam masyarakat Melayu

      Saudi Study: 23% of Arab Children Raped; 46% of Arab Students Homosexual

    3. 14:48

      You have a point.

      Perhaps it was intended to achieve divide and rule...but now with unintended cosequences.

    4. 17:55

      Actually, it says 46% of males in Ridyah are homos!

      Under Sharia law and Hudud?

      Also heard that homos are common in Malay boarding schools, Note Annie's post Maybe it's the all boys' boarding school thing dated Thursday, 24 October 2013.
      Maybe it's the all boys' boarding school thing.

      I wonder if religious policing has something to do with it?

      Also wonder what awaits Hudud Malaysia?

    5. 14.48,

      Saudara/saudari terlalu memandang negatif kpd budaya arab tapi tidak pula kepada budaya barat. Kedua2nya bukan budaya asal orang melayu. Kedua2nya ada baik dan buruknya.

      Majoriti orang melayu selesa dgn budaya arab kerana islam bermula di sana apatah lagi jika niat mereka ingin mengikut sunnah nabi Muhammad SAW . Hanya silap orang melayu ialah kebanyakan mereka menganggap semua datang dari arab adalah ajaran islam.

      Namun janganlah saudara/saudari berprasangka jahat tentang budaya arab termasuklah bahasa Arab. Bukankah itu bahasa alquran? Bukankah jika orang melayu faham arab lebih mudah mereka mengamalkan ajaran dari alquran?

      Bahasa melayu menerima bukan saja pengaruh bahasa Arab tetapi juga bahasa portugis, belanda, inggeris , bangsa yg pernah menjajah negara kita. Bahasa yg sedang berkembang begitu sifatnya jika tidak akan ia akan pupus. Jadi kenapa menjadikan ia isu ?

      Jika kita berpandangan negatif tentang sesuatu maka yang buruk saja kita nampak.

      Berlaku adil dan jujurlah, jika tidak kepada orang lain sekurang2 pada diri sendiri.

    6. Anon 8 feb 11:33...berckp psl budaya arab...kenapa lelaki arab suka pegang tangan sesama mereka cium pipi mcm gay..mereka kata itu tanda persahabatan dan kasih sayang..awak tak rasa pelik ke?..

      bagi aku itu budaya melampau..memang gay pun...tapi kalau kita pegang tgan kawan perempuan tak boleh plak..haram tuhan marah..tuhan tak marah alau kau pegang tgn mcm gay couple..tpi marah kala pegang tangan makwe sendiri mcm manusia normal..kenapa perempuan tak berhak dpt kasih sayang ke?..kenapa org2x tertentu kata wajib dgn bungkus kepala atau jubah..aurat..memalukan...rambut lelaki sama je dgn perempuan dr bahan yg sama..

      kenapa budaya arab benci pd perempuan tapi menyembunyikn diskriminasi itu atas alasan menjaga mereka...ada plak negara tu bagi haram perempuan bawa kereta.

    7. 15:04

      Betul !!!

    8. 15.04

      Islam itu mudah dan meraikan kepelbagaian budaya asalkan ianya tak melanggar hukum agama islam. Jadi kalau pun kita suka dgn sesuatu jika dilarang agama maka haram tetap haram.

      Sebaliknya jika agama tak larang ,budaya itu diterima walaupun nampak janggal oleh orang luar. Siapa kita untk kata benda tu tak betul jika masyarakat tempatan menerimanya.

      Yang salah jika kita kata budaya arab itu budaya islam. Lebih teruk jika kita mengeji/ejek org melayu yg amal sunnah nabi hanya kerana ia berpunca dari budaya arab dan kita bencikan budaya arab .

    9. Anon 8 feb 17;59

      tulah dia helahnya...that's the tricky part..apabila budaya arab itu sering dikata sunnah nabi..ini adalah cara terbaik nak promote budaya dan mentaliti sesuatu bangsa tu...kalau dikirtik..bukan ejek atau keji tapi kritik..dia boleh kata kita pulak berdosa..kalau bende tu baik tak kisah dr bangsa mana pun kita boleh amalkn...tpi kdanag2x mpi bende remeh nak dikatakan sunah memang payahlah...kalau tak ikut dia saiko kite menentang nabi..ambooi..nampak tak mainan tu.

      budaya arab pun byk yg suka hina bangsa lain...sapa pernah belajar ato kerja dgn arab ni..tak yah pi jauh yg duduk kat cyberjaya ni...mak ooi..kurang ajaq..tpi kalau korang anak org kaya dorang mungkin baik dgn korang..kalau tak jgn mimpilah nak berbaik..buang tilam depan lif bagai..saki je hati..takde sivik..bawa keta mcm pelesit.

      apa org ckp asabiah..mungkin sebb diorg sama mcm yahudi juga keturunan bangsa semetik...yg kuat prejudis dgn budaya lain..tapi kalau arab atau yahudi tu berpendidikan luas bukan hanya bab hadis dan sunah dorang lebih toleran.

    10. Sebenarnya , terpulang kepada individu untuk mengamalkan apa budaya pun asalkan perkara diamal tak berlawanan dengan syarak , yang menjadi kemarahan aku bila kita memuja sangat budaya arab yang kita rasa boleh dapat pahala free dan mudah masuk syurga sebab hanya semata-mata nak ikut nabi , sehingga ada nak tinggal terus budaya melayu yang tak pun bercanggah dengan cara hidup islam mengukut alquran . masalah allah swt menjadikan diri aku sebagai orang supaya aku bersyukur dengan kejadian ini daripada aku dijadikan seekor binatang , dan ramai orang melayu sekarang tak bersyukur dengan kejadian mereka dijadikan sebagai manusia melayu , dan nak ikut juga jadi arab sema -mata nak dapat pahala free , ni semua penipuan karut marut , apa yang dinilai oleh allah swt adalah ketakwaan dan bukan perkara lain yang karut marut , tiada pahala free disisi allah swt , selaian daripada amal jariah kita sesama insan dan ketakwaan kita kepadanya , selain itu apa saja amalan budaya yang tak bercanggah dengan iman dan syarak diterima disisi allah swt

    11. Kesilapan yg selalu dilakukan oleh orang melayu, baik mereka yg kelihatan mengikut budaya arab dan mereka yg tidak gemar budaya arab ialah membuat 'generalisation' .Cara mengatasi masalah ini ialah dgn menambah ilmu tentang Islam tu sendiri.

      Jadi kuranglah kejadian menuduh secara melulu mahu pun mengamalkan budaya asing secara berlebihan kerana menganggap tu adalah kehendak islam.

  7. Same issue facing a lot of peoples- the Dutch and Arabs for example. The kids learn English as a first language and national languages become secondary. How many times have we heard employer groups ask for better English skills from graduates? No wonder parents want their kids to be good at English if it means a job at the end.

  8. Any foreign workers seems good in conversing in Malay.
    Talk to them and they will converse back understanding every word.
    Always wonder how the newly joined ones pick this skill.

    1. Mereka ada kemahuan. Survival. Ada bangsa bongkak fikir ini tak penting dan jelas tiada kemahuan untuk tahu.

    2. Sangat sokong. Bongak sombong. Itu membuatkan mereka gagal kuasai BM.

  9. Mereka sengaja tidak mahu belajar bahasa kebangsaan. Bagi mereka bahasa kebangsaan tidak penting kerana tanpanya juga mereka boleh hidup,cari makan, kahwin dan beranak pinak di sini.
    Sikap ini menyerlahkan "rupa" mereka yang sebenar. Mana2 benda, aktiviti atau apa2 perhubungan yg tidak menguntungkan mereka di kira tidak penting.. i think there is no english word
    for this dastardly behaviour.. omputih pun tak tau mau panggil mereka ni apa.. i lost hope with them. Let their kiasuness kill them off.. with their
    materialistic wantonness it wont be long.. it wont be long.. hope more n more become apeks lgbt and stop procreating.

    1. Apalah yg hendak diharapkan dari pihak mereka? Tentang hak mereka sebagai rakyat malaysia jangan diusik atau diungkit. Riuh satu negara dibuatnya.

      Tapi tang peranan sebagai rakyat malaysia, nak belajar bahasa kebangsaan pun malas .Masih berkira2 apa keuntungan yg boleh mereka kecapi

      Semuanya berkisar kepada -" Apa Aku Dapat"

    2. omputih nowadays would prefer the Cina compared to other brown skinned Malaysians who happened to be Muslim. Sorry to say but that's the way of the world now.


    3. Not fact (!) .. neighbours daughter now in Stuttgard, Sdr ANON 16: 02
      married last year to a German boy.

      The boy was attracted to her devotedness in prayers and fasting during their fruit-picking job together in Australia.

      Aku memang pencita wanita Melayu who will dispute, are awesome !
      About Malay boys(?) susah mau cakap, duduk bawah ketiak emak tak mau kahwin huhu.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Sad part is that because of ISIS and similar we are being viewed with suspicion if we are Muslim.

    5. Stand up for your faith bro. ... the wahhabi radicals are killing us in Syria and Iraq - yes us Muslims too. Stand up against every wahhabi here in your hometown ... know your religion well!


    6. The strict Saudis are universally know as SALAFIs, Sdr ANON 20: 36
      who follow the example of the original Salafs,the first three generations including Rosulu'Llah SAWs generation.

      The ISs may be of different leanings from the Salafis, kut?

      NB. Only in Malaysia are they labelled as Wahabis,
      Can we claim to know our religion/ religious groups well(?) and why non-Muslims lump us all together?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Haji, they claim to be the genuine followers of the salaf (predecessors) and vehemently exclude everyone else - that's why they practice a kind of raw jurisprudence the ulama call "la madzhab" (unaffiliated jurisprudence). It is internationally recognized by the jumhur ulama that Abu Bakar al- Baghdad and his ISIS fighters are a virulent strain of Salafism/ Wahhabism

  10. Why the fuck should I speak Malay?
    You live your life and I live mine. I interact with you as little or as much as I want.
    Who the fuck are you to tell me how to live my life?

    Perlembagaan my fucking ass.

    Yes I still have my Blue IC and Red passport. Try taking that away from me. Well, you can't.
    That pisses you off isn't it?
    Go suck an egg then.

    1. Then you should go back from where your ancestors come from. If you are a true M'sian, you shd be able to communicate with yr fellow citizens of different ethnic by using the National language of the country. Imagine a Thai Chinese not knowing the Thai language or a French not knowing French..
      Dont follow like S'pore lah..

    2. Sam seng toa lan!

    3. Hum Yee Fan Sang

      Of course you life is is just the fucking smell and noise that we cannot ' tahan ' anymore larr
      You dont want to speak malay that is your fucking problem..dont like the perlembagaan also that you can keep it to your fucking self!!
      about your ic and passport nohody cares!!!
      In short, nobody cares a loser like you..go and cry to your dearest mommy!

    4. Perlembagaan my fucking ass... and IC Blue and red passport, Mister u stupid dumbbell no go school. U hold Blue IC and red passport then u are bind by the 'PERLEMBAGAAN' as a MALAYSIAN so since u don't they get your fucking ass out from this beloved country we called MALAYSIA. Go migrate your ass to a country who accepted asshole like you. MR DUMPBELL!!!

    5. Singapore has not one national language but 4 official languages, viz. English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin.

      However, English was chosen as the working language because:

      1. It is not the mother tongue of any of the main races; and

      2. It's the international language of business and foreign relation.

      The international orientated education curriculum brought about a population that is constantly improving and not xenophobic.

      Quite the opposite of the Malays described in OutSyed The Box's 'Destroying Capacity'.

      According to Syed: 'The question is are we giving them the capacity to become world citizens? Especially in this 21st century world? I dont think they can become citizens of the world anytime soon. They will need their cocoons where they can be champions (jaguh).

      Our system is destroying capacity folks. Especially the capacity of our young people. I hope the Malays and the Muslims take note.'

    6. You may not care, Hum, but I really liked your comment.

  11. Bahasa jiwa bangsa.

  12. Annie
    Sepatut nya mereka yang tak boleh bertutur dalam bahasa kebangsaan tidak layak menganggap diri mereka se bagai warga negara. Tidak perlu berdolak dalik.
    Either you are in or you are out.


  13. Bapa borek Anak rintik, this we should expect adinda Ms Annie
    with the young Chinese reflecting the divergent conditioning by their parents,
    on whether assimilation of local language and culture is the future.

    Worst fear(?) that the daughter reverts to Islam, kan?

    Masuk Melayu?
    National schools have long adopted Pendidikan bersepadu/ penerapan nilai murni which is far more relevant today than Confucian values. Too many Chinese fall for Malay boys and girls who are better balanced and less demanding compared to the Chinese educated
    ( .. marry me adinda Ms Annie? )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. "( .. marry me adinda Ms Annie? )"

      Nak Annie jadi bini nombor berapa, Hj. Zin?


    2. Budak Annie ni .. ramai sini yang minat Sdr ANON 00: 21
      selain boyfriend Cina yang keparat(?) tu.

      Kita yang kena masuk nombor giliran huhu untuk melamar di sini.

      Haji M Zin, No Pendaftaran: BINI 103
      Alor Gajah DPH

  14. 刺猬 - 乐队 | Hedgehog - The Band (Chinese Indie Rock)

    bet you dong zong cannot produce this kind of sounds! hehehehe

    1. this one lebih non-dong zong ..... definitely

      Find your light
      Don't hide from who you are
      And rise before you fall
      In hope for something more
      Live if you really want to
      Live if you really want to
      Live if you really want to

      All my life
      I've been looking for something amazing
      It's almost like I've been stargazing
      The sky is right above me

      Were meant for something bigger than this
      Don't ever try to dismiss
      Yourself, cause you don't have to

  15. Just analyse and find out the root cause.
    Then if ok, address or rectify it for a long term solution

    1. Buang masa la....
      Engkau nak sekolah kan manusia sombong macam mamat dumbbell kat atas tu. Dia belum habis sekolah lagi pun tapi dia ingkar ikrar cap jari bikin blue ic and red passport. Dia tak pergi sekolah yang kena ikrar Rukunegara la tu.

  16. Will we hear some compliments/gratefulness like "Well done. Good job. Thank you".
    or will we still hear the normal complaints

    EPF has declared 6.75% dividend for 2014 (2013: 6.35%)

    Overall Bank FD rate around 3+%

    1. KWSP is well run by people of competence and integrity.

      An UMNO friend who thought it's run like a regular GLC was nevertheless impressed when explained to that KWSP does not subscribe to Bumi agenda, and that the interest of the contributors is all they care about.

    2. What are you trying to imply?
      Forgot about the various financial corporatives of the 80's?Whose agenda was it?

  17. Let talk about 'What some Chinese youths think of Mandarin'. I know some who cant read, talk and write and some who talk and read but cannot write and some who talk but cannot read and write and some who cant talk neither read or write. Me.. ahemm wo pu shi tou...

    1. Some of my young relatives in Singapore gave up Chinese Mandarin as a 2nd language - just too difficult for them. But the down side is that they will not be admitted into S'pore universities w/o 2nd language pass - be it Chinese or Malay.

  18. This is Tanah Melayu, you ungrateful pendatangs.

    1. If people are born here they are not Pendatangs. Pendatangs will refer to the first generation that immigrated here. Those born in Malaysia are Malaysian, lah. How come you can't understand this?

  19. I think it is very sad when people who called themselves Malaysians can't speak and understand Bahasa Malaysia. How shameful that they even feel proud that is so! Some people even confused with the need to be fluent in Bahasa Malaysia with English. It is not an either or scenario.

    As Malaysians we need to be fluent (and proud) with our national language. It is a national identity that brings us together as a nation. Being fluent in BM doesn't mean that you can't be fluent in English. Making BM an important language doesn't mean that English is not important. As smart Malaysians, we should strive to be good in both languages.

    It is truly mind boggling and shameful when Malaysians born post 1957 can't speak Bahasa Malaysia. They should question themselves whether they deserved to be called Malaysians in the first place.

    1. "I think it is very sad when people who called themselves Malaysians can't speak and understand Bahasa Malaysia. "

      You will shocked these Chinaman cannot even speak proper English and Mandarin. Yes, Mandarin. They speak a kind of pidgin Mandarin - i.e. with a strong Hockien accent like the ones you here in the Ah Beng films.

      I was very shocked to her the public announcement in one Chinese school (a premier one in Penang.). The teacher spoke first in Ah Pek accented Bahasa and then horrors Hockien accented Mandarin.

      Well don't worry the Chinese are not in the mediocrity mode. How many Chinese you know send their kids to good universities overseas like Sydney, Harvard, London etc.

      I know of many Penang Chinese graduates who graduated from Western Sydney, Southern Queensland and Preston. Yes Preston, not Princeton. It the goods Melayus that come from Harvard or London.

      And yes. Melayus please learn Mandarin from native speakers. (Our DPM promises to bring them from the PRC to teach Mandarin at Mara).

      The only way Melayus can beat the Chinese is to beat them when they are most arrogant and they are! With bad English, Malay and Mandarin and lack lustre business techniques, this is the down the hill Chinese generation. Melayus please whip their asses!

    2. 19:42

      Good. You're welcome to try.

      Muslims and Jews live co-operatively in Hong Kong. It's because most of them are in business. They are exposed to the same market forces and opportunities, and hence have a better understanding of each other.

      Presently, larger Malay businesses generally rely on govt support - contractors, consultants, vendors, etc. Whereas most Malays are wage earners who do not understand that in business, you sometimes lose money.

      Wait till there are more sizeable Malay businesses operating in the pure private sector, exposed to open market forces just like the Chinese, without govt help, then the races will understand each other more.

      Meanwhile, how do you think Malay, Chinese and Indian wet market stalls see each other? Competitors, yes, but all operating within the same market forces. They often become friendly competitors, as they sometimes provide stock to one another.

  20. Annie, how many of your readers know how they have been 'moulded' into what they are?


    'An old friend, an old time student of the MCKK (a classmate of Anwar Ibrahim) told me how other than learning maths, english, geography etc, students in his batch would discuss buddhism, socialism, Islam, music, art etc.

    The residential schools were a completely new and invigorating experience for the kids from the kampongs and the districts. The environment inside the residential schools was modern and contemporary with the 20th century.

    But this is not the case anymore. The religious creep has affected the sekolah asrama penuh as well. By the year 2000 the sekolah asrama penuh had also been infected with 15th century religionism. There was also less "multi culturalism" on the campuses. They also became breeding grounds for the latent "ketuanan" philosophy.

    Just a few days ago, a friend who is a graduate of one of these residential schools said quite proudly of his MRSM days, "We were a fully Malay school". Somehow I dont think that is a very useful thing to say in the 21st century. Or even in the 20th century.

    It is evidence enough that these schools were teaching an exclusive mentality in the kids. "Us versus them". Kita lawan depa. Inclusiveness was not in the vocabulary.'


    1. Actually most malay parents regarless from which side of parties feel proud if their chikdren admitted in sbpi or mrsm. Nothin with umno or pas or pkr. Just the feeling of proud. I guess they knew bout d scenario of not hvin non malays around. Most impotant d children in that school. Just ego mayb. Anak aku kat mrsm yg lgi satu kat sbp tht d normal conversations. So anak u kat mana?
      Cant blame d gov 100%. Its d culture.

  21. This seems to be a current day problem not restricted to anyone country i.e. people unable to speak their won national languages:

  22. Alamak!!! Kenapa nak gaduh gaduh? Yang bersalah adalah kerajaan itu sendiri! Kerajaan lah yang memecahbelahkan kaum. Ia terjadi apabila kerajaan membenarkan sekolah jenis kebangsaan atau sekolah vernakular di wujudkan. Satu sahaja penyelesaian terhadap perkara ini, hapuskan sekolah vernakular, hapuskan sekolah pondok, wujudkan sekolah satu aliran iaitu bahasa inggeris sebagai bahasa penghantar, wujudkan subjek bahasa manderin, bahasa tamil dan bahasa melayu. Habis la cerita. Tak payah gaduh gaduh buang masa sahaja. Kalau org dah tak nak cakap bahasa melayu buat apa kita nak paksa sedangkan ramai anak anak melayu itu sendiri menghancurkan bahasa melayu itu sendiri terutamanya bahasa media sosial contohnya: katne (dekat mana) meh sini (datang sini) apa cer? (Apa cerita?) harap ambil maklum sekian terima kasih

    1. Very sensible idea!

      But for it to happen, you must have a truly professional education system.

      Most if not all vernacular SUWAs have asrama for outstation pupils. They are like the MRSMs.

    2. To support a truly progressive educational system, the government must start building quality Public Libraries with extended amenities in every locality - places where the young and old can congregate to read and relax, discuss and socialize. Let's start with cosmopolitan Selangor first!

  23. " “If expatriates can survive without a word of BM, why can’t we? It’s just so double standard,” she said. "

    Dear Ms Wong
    Yes such injustice. You should go overseas a shag a white man like in the Journey and get a baby and get married with a white man. Please don't be choosy. Any white man is fine whether he is a minor, disabled, gay or even a senior citizen. Make sure you are impregnated by him and please blackmail for marriage if he does not want to marry you.
    If you succeed, you can be the belle of the ball at every Chinese New Year.
    You certainly becomes an expatriate but don't give us your citizenship. You might need it if he leaves you for another woman or another man.

    Your sister

    (Not related to that stupid Chinese woman Mulan)


    Probably, most members of the 2 communities are in business, have money, are busy making more money - sometimes even co-operatively.

    Something for Malaysians to learn. Instead of blaming each other, all the 3 races should co-operate more instead of quarreling with each other.

    At the end of a week that has seen Islamic State terror plumb new depths of horror, Hong Kong's Muslim and Jewish leaders have hailed a growing sense of interfaith cooperation in the city.

    Leaders of both communities - Hong Kong is home to 300,000 Muslims and 7,000 Jews - say the atmosphere of friendship and collaboration at a time of unprecedented global tension is illustrated by the fact that rabbis are welcome to preach in mosques and imams in synagogues.


  25. Let us admit as of now the Chinese and Jews, Sdr ANON 20: 19
    are the better ENTREPRENEURs, but Malays will in-sya-allah learn and be as business competitive.

    Majority Malays are far better educated and actually working hard as employees in the government and increasingly in Chinese and Indian owned businesses. Malaysian DIVERSITY works, certainly in complementary roles for economic competitiveness.

    (OK what was the issue about language again?)

    Sama-sama boleh hidup SENANG .. everyone gets the returns he deserves for his effort and so far that is a working formula. Let us not squabble and regardless of what we think of the current affirmative policies, we must continue to educate our people until professions and status are no longer identified by race.

    We have proven for now that DIVERSITY is alhamduli'Llah strength and that we will in-sya-Allah increasingly include our Indian, Iban, Kadazan-DM and other minorities.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  26. Remember this from yr friend Annie?

  27. That article above speaks volumes. Its a sad country we live in where people talk on and on about being "Bangsa Malaysia" but at the same time put the official language of the country at such a low pedestal. There's nothing wrong with mastering English, Mandarin or what ever language that suits your fancy but the mere fact that these so call Bangsa Malaysia people don't respect the language to even bother to learn it properly, well that the problem.

    1. Anon 08.50,
      Even in poll,with two votes in hand,ie state/federal
      One vote is for OPPOs to strategise the balance of power.
      Only moderates,will give 100%
      Their sense of sharing are deminishing,exposing to daily bombardments by extreme groups,eyeing Putra Jaya
      This generation a contrasts to the first wave of their ancestors arriving this shore.
      Whose priority is seeking fortunes.

      Even migrant Bangladeshis workers are more conversancy in Bahasa Malaysia within a short period of time


  28. Impian rakyat ....mencipta Malaysia kita sama-sama banggakan.

    Kaedah mencapai matlamat ini semua orang tahu iaitu - Generasi baru Malaysia mesti pergi ke satu jenis sekolah saja utk memupuk perpaduan dan kebudayaan yang dikongsi..Malaysia.

    Langkah 1: Senaraikan masalah
    Langkah 2 : Rundingkan berdasarkan ruang perlembagaan dan keadilan
    Langkah 3; Majlis Profesor negara dan badan cerdik pandai lain kenalah buat kertas cadangan macam mana
    Langkah 4: Rumuskan jadi undang2
    Langkah 5; Laksanakan dgn tegas walaupun terpaksa berperang dgn semua si kiasu dan si pemanipulasi agama, kaum politik dan ideologi. Kira ini perang kemerdekaan Malaysia.

  29. At least the Americans were not so divided when they elected Barack Obama as President. Even though he was half Kenyan, he spoke perfect American English. Goes to show that the Americans agree on the need to be able to communicate with the majority of the nation in the national language.

    1. Pardon me 20.27
      US is one of the few countrries,void of national language.or which they called their own.
      They speak Queens English which belong to Great Britain


  30. Pemerintahan yang bertunjang Orang Melayu semakin terhakis. Nilai-nilai Melayu teras perpaduan kaum sudah semakin dilupakan. Puncanya adalah orang Melayu sendiri yang tidak percaya kepada keupayaan bangsanya, memperlekehkan bangsanya, menganggap bangsanya sebagai bermasalah seperti memikul biawak hidup. Padahal bangsa yang dianggap bermasalah dan menjadi beban kepada kerajaan inilah yang membantu memastikan kelangsungan pemerintahan kerajaan yang berteraskan kepimpinan Melayu. Jadi kalau Melayu sendiri menghina memperlekehkan bangsanya, atau memperalatkan kelemahan bangsanya untuk membolehkan segolongan kecil yang mendapat faedah daripada sistem yang ditunjangi bangsa Melayu beragama Islam, maka ia adalah petanda yang tidak begitu baik. Cina adalah satu bangsa yang sudah begitu lama tamadunnya, walaupun berdepan masalah dalam bangsa itu seperti sosial, judi, pelacuran, dadah, perdagangan manusia, gensterisme dsb, tetapi masih dapat ditutupi dengan keupayaan mereka menjadikan masalah sebagai peluang. Diakui Cina bangsa yang kuat berusaha dan bekerja memperkukuh kewangan dan ekonomi, dengan hanya sebilangan kecil saja yang dikategorikan sebagai susah. Mereka tahu apa yang mereka mahu. Kesatuan mereka menerusi hubungan keluarga, persatuan suku bangsa cukup kuat. Kata sepakat mereka cukup kuat. Kekuatan ekonomi kewangan dan jumlah bangsa Cina yang semakin bertambah telah sebahagian besarnya mengubah landskap politik dan kedudukan geopolitik dan demografi negara ini. Pemilikan hartanah dikuasai bangsa Cina. Mereka bangunkan kawasan hutan, ladang kelapa sawit, kampung-kampung menjadi bandar-bandar yang akhir mereka menjadi majoriti. apabila ini berlaku yang terhimpit adalah bangsa Melayu yang kemudian berhijrah ke kampung, kawasan baru. Ternyata bangsa Cina menerusi pemilikan syarikat pemaju telah berjaya membawa masuk bangsa mereka ke kawasan baru sehingga mereka menguasai kawasan berkenaan dan ini berterusan berlaku terutama di kawasan bandar kecil dan besar serta merebak di pinggir pinggir bandar. Perubahan akan terus berlaku kerana negara menerusi pemerintahaan kerajaan sedia ada pun mahukan banyak pembangunan. Kalau boleh dikatakan bangsa Cina sedang menuju ke satu era baru untuk menjadi lebih dominan di negara yang namanya suatu ketika dahulu dipanggil Tanah Melayu. Menggunakan bangsa Melayu yang intelek, berpemikiran terbuka, anak muda yang ideal dalam perjuangan, tampak sudah ada kejayaan dalam agenda mereka. Mereka yakin masa saja belum tiba untuk merampas pemerintahan negara ini dengan bangsa Melayu dijadikan boneka.

  31. Anne, I have just discovered your blog whilst doing some searching for materials. I must say I tried to read most your posts ( not the political ones ), not all however but I feel that there is no lack of racial sentiments being stirred up in your blog. Not negatively, there are some points for thoughts. Reading about this article, Malaysian or Chinese first..Not knowing Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia yet Bangsa Malaysia etc, I feel that you neglect to see something. I am a Chinese, raised into believing Malaysian Chinese is the correct term and not Chinese Malaysian- is kind of offended by your posts. Why, well have you considered those Chinese who studied in Bahasa medium like myself? I myself identifies with the language, spoke perfectly and not to mention scored when I was in school. Am I 'allowed' to call myself Bangsa Malaysia since I spoke the language? Not that I want to cuz it sounded like term that is coined just to show the 'harmonious' racial relationship in Malaysia, who know what goes under. I also agree with you that Malaysians- better coined as Malay, Chinese, Indian and other ethnic groups- each to their unique name themselves.

  32. Bodoh la cina-cina ni yang bangga pegang passport merah Malaysia tapi tak tau hormat ketua negara Malaysia yang terdiri daripada raja-raja Melayu.

    Yang korang boleh pergi keliling dunia sambil burukkan negara sendiri tu sedar tak kat passport tu tertulis Agong yang meminta agar korang dibenarkan memasuki satu-satu negara? Dasar tak sedar diri.

    Dengan itu korang digalakkan agar memotong dua IC biru ditengah chip dan juga mengoyakkan passport merah anda.

    p/s : Artis Soo Winci cakap Bahasa Melayu dengan bagus. Cari makan kat Taiwan pun tak lupa Bahasa Melayu.