Wednesday 3 October 2018

What to expect from the media of New Malaysia

I was actually not surprised when no one commented as usual that I'm an Umno macai or dedak eater at my last posting

Mus is a bit of a hero among Pakatan supporters when he quit NST.  His Facebook page later on became quite popular for its anti-BN postings.

I wrote about Mus since back then as a matter of facts.

And he's not the only prominent journalist turned anti-BN that I highlighted.

This one is about former Utusan editor Ku Seman,

I wrote about these guys as a matter of facts as I believe I know how they felt when they quit their job at that time.

I believe I have always been consistent on my unhappiness about how these journalists were treated by their bosses and media outlets. 

Here's another one, but this guy (who is not famous like Mus and Ku Seman) requested anonymity; 

The way I see it, cases such as these contributed to the BN's defeat in GE14.

The culprits are the media bosses, who don't care about journalism but instead only wanted to secure their positions by doing the ampu bodek things and purging their supposed rivals in the organisation.

Despite the nauseating praises for BN published by them, I don't think that they sincerely care about even Najib. It's all just about themselves.

I believe I have been consistent in criticising them too.

I wrote this not long before GE14 when I was in a rather foul mood.

Well, I got pissed off once in a while, okay.

Now that people like Mus and maybe later Ku Seman are taking over control of these media outlets, I hope things will turned out right.

A new dawn for Malaysian journalism, hopefully.

Let's hope that it's not a repeat of the same thing - just a turn around from bodeking BN to bodeking PH.

Let's also hope that it's not just a return to the days when Dr Mahathir was PM and Anwar was his deputy during the 1990s.

Critics of the establishment at that time always complained about how the media was being shackled.

Anwar's grip on the mainstream media at that time was said to be the worst.

Ask any journalists from those years and they would probably agree with that.

Ask Mus and Ku Seman if you may. They are from that era too.

Hopefully, Mus will give the middle finger to any PH politician, minister or media handler who tries to dictate how Media Prima news outlets should publish their stories.

Even if Dr Mahathir calls for some favours which could possibly jeopardise journalistic integrity of Media Prima news outlets, I hope  Mus will say;

"I'm sorry Tun. We can't do that. That's against our journalistic principles and ethics. Furthermore, our duty as journalists is to safeguard the rakyat's interests and nothing else."

I expect nothing less than that from Mus, Ku Seman and other journalists like them once they control those media outlets.


  1. Annie,

    //I was actually not surprised when no one commented as usual that I'm an Umno macai or dedak eater at my last posting//

    Of cos lah :)

    Us Pakatan supporters love our heroes, just as much as UMNO supporters love Najib, Zahid, Lokman, Jamal, etc :)

    //This one is about former Utusan editor Ku Seman//

    Hmmm, I've forgotten abt him, sorry.

    Must chk later on to see what comments I had made, if any.

    //I believe I have been consistent in criticising them too.//

    That you have, indeed.

    //Fuck you, big time editors, media handler//

    I love it when you talk dirty :)

    But as they say, it all depends on the circumstances, right?

    //The culprits are the media bosses,//

    Well, those culprits may have unintentionally brought down UMNO, but bear in mind that someone like Mustapha Kamil can possibly do the same to any govt - intentionally :)

    //Hopefully, Mus will give the middle finger to any PH politician, minister or media handler who tries to dictate how Media Prima news outlets should publish their stories.//

    If Mustapha Kamil only gave the middle finger to any politician or media handler, they should consider themselves very lucky.

    More likely, Mustapha Kamil will write an article himself and name names, and that will REALLY mess things up for said politician or media handler :)

    //Even if Dr Mahathir calls for some favours ..//

    No lah, I think Mahatir no longer cares abt trivial stuff like favours any more.

    Look at the interview he did with the BBC.

    Does that look like a guy who cares abt favours from the media? :)

    I think Mahatir is leaving it all to history to judge him.

    For me, Mahatir v2.0 is an interesting person.

    Much as I hate to admit it, there are more pluses then minuses so far.


    1. "Look at the interview he did with the BBC."

      Tun Dr M has NEVER pressed the media to make him look good.

      Even last year when being interview by boot-licking BN media, he can still score points using his trademark humour and sarcasm.

      Najib never could.

      Always too stiff and pompous, never relaxed and spontaneous.

      That's why he had so many "image con-sultans".

  2. Latest News!

    Rosmah has been arrested and will be charged in court tomorrow.

  3. Tak jugaklah. Nampak gaya dalam berita di mana mana media pun lebih lagi di media so-SIAL, masing-masing membodek kerajaan. Dah tak ada dah cerita lain. Semua politiiiiiiiiik melulu, sampai cerita orang kemalangan pun kata 'salah kerajaan lepas'. Tu yang bosan dah tengok TV. Buka Astro pulak penuh denganGo Shop dan saluran-saluran yang kononnya baru tapi isinya penuh dengan Go Shop dan program-program Karangkraf yang tak payah ada pun tak apa. Selamat datang ke Malaysia Baharu, di mana yang baru hanya kerajaan, tapi sikap masih di zaman British.

    Satu lagi, biarlah nak makan dedak ke makan apa ke janji jangan makan fitnah sudah 😂😂😂

    1. Dulu zaman BN, TV mcm tu xde pun kau komplen.

      Kalau kau dh mkn dedak, mcm mn nk stay true?
      Kah kah kah..

      Masih ada cai najib meratap dan meratib akan nasibnya

  4. annie can you write tmrw there will be an orange BN hippo wakakaka

    1. that orange condo cowlady escaped adoi sigh

  5. Annie,

    "Mus is a bit of a hero among Pakatan supporters when he quit NST."

    Well, not really. He was a hero to any right-thinking Malaysian, including many then-supporters of BN. Maybe his courage opened their eyes? Do note, with 36% of the popular vote, there must be a LOT of "ex-BN" supporters who contributed to their PRU14 wipeout.

    Ku Seman is another guy with principles and courage. I have been following his blog for a long time at Kayang Daily Post…

    …but now he has his own website. Just type his name “Ku Seman” in Google, it will come up.

    He’s worth reading.

    “Hopefully, Mus will give the middle finger to any PH politician, minister or media handler who tries to dictate how Media Prima news outlets should publish their stories.”

    So far so good.

    Even the vice-President of PAS says this era is more open.

    No blocking of blogs, shutting of The Heat and The Edge, etc.

    So far the most pro-Umno portal is Malaysiakini.

    They give huge coverage to Jibby or Lokman every time they whacks the current gomen. (Of course, these clowns barking is the worst thing possible for Umno, but that’s another topic : )

    I never saw any BN-era mouthpieces carrying the views of PKR, Bersatu, DAP or Amanah leaders to that extent.

    Not even one.

    They simply didn’t dare.

    So at least things are more balanced now.

    1. excerpt, ku seman, umno bakal mng besar,mk 7 dec 16.

      Disebabkan Umno muncul sebagai parti yang kuat lagi dominan dari pelbagai aspek, Umno tidak perlu berkerja keras untuk menang selesa dan cemerlang dalam PRU14.

      Maka Umno tidak perlu membuang masa bercakap mengenai pembangkang. Biarlah apa pun nak jadi dengan pembangkang, itu bukan tanggungjawab Umno.

      Tidak perlu memberi publisiti percuma kepada pembangkang dalam media kawalannya.

    2. Ha ha, I read that article too.

      It's Ku Seman's trademark subtle sarcasm.

      He went to say:

      "Ketujuh dan terakhir, Umno mempunyai sesuatu yang tidak ada pada pembangkang: perdana menteri, menteri, timbalan menteri, penjawat awam, kementerian, agensi kerajaan, Pengerusi JKKK dan Makam Pahlawan di Masjid Negara.

      Pejuang kemerdekaan - Pak Sako, A Samad Ismail, Said Zahari malah Mat Kilau tidak disemadikan di Makam Pahlawan kerana mereka bukan Umno."

      I have a feeling a lot of Umno leaders read the article at face value, not getting the sarcasm : )

  6. prior warnings already given to najib & rosmah to escape before GE14 but they are too selfish & greedy & they arrogantly thought they could win or steal GE14 instead they capsized dumbo boat...

    1. Anonymous3 October 2018 at 22:38

      Rumour has it that Jibby wanted to resign and go somewhere friendly, but Rosmelda scolded him and told him to hang on whatever happens.

      Behind every ex-PM in MACC the woman who caused him to be there!

    2. thanks too to BN bloggers (incl annie?) who tipu najib & BN can win GE14 meh wakakaka

  7. Whenever we read the comments on UMNO written by pro government writers,UMNO is unable to accept that they are no longer in the government.Similarly,the government supporters are still learning on how to write as the government suppporters They are still behaving as if they are the opposition.Look at Rafizi.He is in the fighting mode and he is fighting his own comrade

    1. Anon 09:40

      Bukan setakat Rafizi aje la. Semua2nya. Kaki mengacum macam bebudak tabika..

      Dah 5 bulan lopong memanjang, kerja tak kemana hala.. elek. Pandai bohong aje..

      ....Siakap senohong gelama ikan duri,
      Bercakap bohong,lama lama mencuri....

      La aàa. Puchong pula banjir kilat? Banjir juga? Bukit kat situ pun dah kena gondol jadi lepiaq macam bukit2 Rawang?? Depa ni kuat makan tanah ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. BN macais write, tipu or meroyan as though BN are angels (not thieves no wrongdoings segala adalah halal) sigh

    3. Anonymous4 October 2018 at 11:21

      Please forgive Prof Nasty Berak.

      His boss got charged this morning...

      And his boss's boss also got charged this morning.

      Prof is very afraid his dedak supply will be cut and he will need to sit for Form 4...


    4. People talking about 100 charges against JiBoros......this fool talking about flood in Puchong???

    5. Please gather your relatives, especially the younger ones, to see this Demonstration on the danger of swimming in a weir.

    6. Anon 13:10 n 17:07

      Kamu ni pasti golongan fanatik "Malaysia Pekasam".. kerja pandai pokpekpokpek bohong tiap2 hari, performance elek.

      Hello kawan. Dah 5 bulan. Go do your job. Nak makan gaji buta saja ke hari2, brapa PH bayaq suruh bohong tiap2 hari?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. Drowned divers: PM regrets tragedy, promises aid to victims' families:

    What a tragedy. 6 firemen perished in line of duty. My heart goes out to their families and loved ones. All prayers to our fallen heroes.

    The government needs to conduct an independent enquiry into this broken-hearted tragedy. 6 selfless firemen died just like that. It shouldn’t happened in the first place. The enquiry need to probe all angles if an element of negligence played a part.

    If one out of six divers died, it could very well be an accident. But when all 6 divers died in a stretch, in a single mission, it could have been a failure of planning and execution.

    The boss in charge of the mission needs to be questioned and interrogated. Were all security and safety measures being complied before the divers jumped into the mine for the SAR mission. We need to get to the bottom of this.

    1. Strong currents due to heavy downpour also contributed to the tragedy. I agree full probe should be conducted on all angles of the tragic mission.

    2. Ops... Sorry Annie. It should have been here.

      Please gather your relatives, especially the younger ones, to see this Demonstration on the danger of swimming in a weir.

  9. Anonymous@ 4 October 2018 at 09:40,

    //UMNO is unable to accept that they are no longer in the government//

    Well, it has only been about 5 mths since May 9th, so give UMNO and its leadership a bit more time to get used to that fact.

    From personal observation, most people who have led a very comfortable lifestyle all their lives, do not handle it very well when that comfortable lifestyle ends.

    They lie to themselves and those around them, that it is only a temporary setback and they will get back that very comfortable lifestyle soon, real soon now, you hear.

    In reality, very few actually make it back.

    Will UMNO make it back?

    My guess is "yes", UMNO will make it back but it will be with fewer, if any, of the "old guard".

    And they can definitely forget GE15 and GE16 because the PH coalition is starting to settle into govt and getting stronger and stronger.


    1. "My guess is "yes", UMNO will make it back.."

      nope. i beg to differ. umno is gone. history repeating itself. no empire has risen up again after fall

    2. Gladiator
      Amboi.. you are not a member of UMNO, dok meghoyan "empire" pulak dah?. Ni pong sorang dari golongan Malaysia Pekasam..

      Nak appoint your PM in waiting pun kelam kabut among yourselves.. gi setel tu dulu la..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  10. after doing some research, one must do some analysis right!!! contrary to RPK 70% of malays will be pro establishment next GE, wanna bet RM100,000 wakakaka

    1. Anon 12:01

      Hari2 mengoyan mengecek mengumpan nak sangat Melayu masuk PH?? % Melayu dalam PH ciput sgt ke??. Kesian.

      Hadam dan Hafal
      Ooops tak pasti, ade sorang katak masuk jadi 13??

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. I heard thw story anwar was truly hell bend on making tun looks bad then. I believe sinar is now promoting anwar and doing the same to tun.

    I believe it cause a close relative of mine were asked to critisize dr m and praise anwar in his workshop


    "Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has reiterated his call for the police to cease arresting those who hurled insults at him.

    Speaking to reporters in Putrajaya this morning, he said insults would not affect him and politicians must accept criticism."

    This was after an EXTREME provocation by the brother of Umno Deputy President Lokman Jamban (the new Jamal.)

    Under the Najis regime, people were charged for dropping yellow balloons and drawing cartoons!

    Not once did the pinklips pirate tell the police that this was a waste of their time....

    Kudos to Tun for being a better man.

    1. Anon 13:08

      I agree. Tun M is a magnanimous person whereas Najib is too image conscious. Najib even encouraged people to display " I LOVE PM" placards at events attended by him when he was PM.

    2. Tun M is a good PM


  13. Have been reading your articles for awhile, seem u & umno are implying its ok to support najibaba thieves & robbers?

    1. Anon 16:37

      Kamu theives & robbers ya. Better show us evidence and proof that you are not.. Kekekekeke

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. you just came out from a cave, better you go to courts solidarity mcm lokman with najib & rosmah with some many charges fired against them adoi

  14. BTW annie where is all these dumbos so quiet, sudah tutup kedai??? shadow cabinet became ghost cabinet wakakaka