Monday 8 October 2018

A Mujahid's image booster which went the wrong way.

Saw this report just now and I was quite surprised,

Mujahid’s press secretary demands apology from The Star


In a statement issued last night, Siti Zulaikha Zulkifli, the press secretary to the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religion), Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusuf Rawa, said the apology should be published in their newspaper and portal.
She said stricter action would be taken if the open apology was not made within 24 hours.
Will The Star be closed down if it refuses to apologise?

There's the warning of "stricter action". Not bad for just a press secretary of a minister.

Previously, I know that only press secretary of the PM dare to threaten a major newspaper like that.

Looks like nowadays are different. Malaysia Baru, I guess.

Well, I know that The Star  has always tried its best not to apologise for such things in the past, if it can get away with it. Sorts of a matter of principle, it seems.

Let's see if The Star dares to not apologise as demanded for this one.

After all it was an exclusive interview with Mujahid;

No more night khalwat raids or 

intrusion into Muslims private lives, says Mujahid

So, it must have been done in good faith.

How come the Mujahid's press secretary made it as if The Star have malicious intent by writing the story that way?

For all intents and purposes, I think The Star journalist who wrote and the bosses who edited the story thought the headline would boost Mujahid's image as an open minded minister in charge of Islam.

Hey, even I'm okay with it. Good what that those Jabatan people are not to kacau muslims anymore.

The Star people must have thought that finally, here's such a minister who is liberal and not so kampung stupid.

After all, Mujahid has sorts of build an image which could even be deemed as LGBT-friendly.

Mujahid and LGBT activist Nisha Ayub during a recent meeting
I guess unfortunately the backlash from The Star exclusive interview was too much to bear.

It was so bad that all the state muftis, except the one in DAP-controlled Penang went against Mujahid.

And as usual for politicians in this country, the best course of action is to blame the media, in this case The Star.

Well, so much for liberal, open minded Islamic minister.

I guess Mujahid will be more careful with how to craft his image next time.


Anyway, here's a song for this Monday morning.

Need to get up and go to work now.



  1. Using the same logic;

    No more raids or intrusion into Muslims private lives embracing daesh ideology as long it is practised in public sphere unless appear in public.

    Will those liberals dare?

  2. Annie,

    First and foremost, it is entirely appropriate for Siti Zulaikha to defend her boss against any unfavourable media articles.

    After all that is her job as press secretary, isn't it?

    I suspect that Siti Zulaikha's threat of "stricter action" probably means court action, OK?

    You know how these religious people think - getting a higher authority to support their demands equates to "stricter action".

    In fact, virtually everything in their life can be boiled down to "strict this" and "strict that".

    Must be strict lah, otherwise will commit sin what, right? :)

    For its part, The Star should really tighten up its journalistic standards.

    It is not as though The Star doesn't know what constitutes good reporting.

    Even dummies like me know of organisations like Reuters which are well known for their reporting standards.

    I believe The Guardian is another very well known news portal which promotes a high journalistic standard.

    //The Star journalist who wrote and the bosses who edited the story thought the headline would boost Mujahid's image as an open minded minister in charge of Islam.//


    Yeah, you are probably right but I think they made Mujahid look a bit too liberal and too open minded :)

    Mujahid probably shitted himself when he read what The Star said :)

    Note that many Muslims in Malaysia are still trapped in a conservative frame of mind.

    And here is a news report suggesting that one of their beloved defenders of the Islamic faith, JAWI, is going to be prevented from doing its job.

    Of cos, Mujahid had to do something but unfortunately, his press secretary was a bit clumsy in her response due to anger or enthusiasm, so what?

    Personally, I am not going to worry too much about this.

    We keep forgetting that PH is nothing but a noob as far as being a government goes.

    And the support staff for PH politicians are still trying to find their feet on very slippery ground :)

    Now if this was still happening in, say, 2022, I would start getting a bit concerned.

    If it was still happening in 2027, well, I could have some very bad news for PH.... very very bad news...

    Anyway, bottom line for all this?

    If I was The Star editor, I would just say to Siti Zulaikha, "See you in court".


  3. Anon 9:44

    Daesh are terrorists you moron. You want to get murdered and blown up by them?

  4. Yawn... Feel sad for Melayu. So many rules to follow. This one cannot, that one also cannot. Another reason to amend the constitution... Hehehe.

    Just wasted 5 mins reading this stupid drama. Now off to lunch, Bak Kut Teh for lunch! Huat ah!

    1. Yawn ..."oooo I so don't care & Annie's blog is beneath me..." Yes anon 14:05, we believe u (Not!).

      Poodah, no one shove this article on u. You've just wasted other ppl time to scroll over your inane boring blab.

  5. hi! any
    look like you "trust" a kafir publication more!!!!!!
    of course the MCA "bad-breathed" mouth piece will do all detrimentral to PH govermnet.
    how can some one like mus say such things like "no more late night khalawat raids"!!!!
    if kafir publication do this outside malaysia, see what happen like the french publication what charlie!!!!!!
    bless us, malaysia still good

  6. Annie said:-

    It was so bad that all the state muftis, except the one in DAP-controlled Penang went against Mujahid.

    All you sure ALL state muftis Annie?

    As far as we know only 2 state muftis and both are well known to do the bidding for UMNO from the previous government. One is that infamous Harussani from Perak and the other is the Pahang mufti both of whom are aligned to UMNO.

  7. LOl...

    Annie, Annie, Annie.

    You are a very diligent Umno macai.

    Just...not a very good one : )

    "Will The Star be closed down if it refuses to apologise?"

    No, Annie.

    That is what your former bosses used to do.

    Mujahid ain't gonna close down The Star.

    No way.

    And you know it.

    Funny how Annie had zero sympathy for all the blogs and papers blocked, shut down, threatened by Zahid with closure last time?

    Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh...

    Annie's now reborn!

    No corruption, good governance, Rule of Law, press freedom etc.

    These are Annie's New Values.


    All the things she never gave a fuck about before May 2018, now seem extremely important.

    See, Annie?

    The change of gomen made you a better person - VERY suddenly : )

    Kipidap, dongibab!

    1. ..close down Star?? Eh eh mana bole. Payah le PH nanti. Tak peghati ke hala tuju The Star all these past years?? Haiyaa masakan ini pun tak nampak?

      Macam Tun cakap la “Jews rule this world by proxy".. suratkabar pun sama la..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  8. PH ministers in the limelight all for the wrong reasons. U should highlight also Mazlee & Zuraidah's recent bodoh statements. Mulut lagi laju dari otak. They should have learned from BN's ministers, after all they used to ridicule BN ministers too.

  9. I've read the whole article. Problem is ppl only read the headline & don't bother with the whole article. Mujahid was very clear on what ph govn position is and what he can/ can't do wrt implementation in the states. I've to say the star's headline was misleading.

  10. annie..pd sy betoi yg menteri ckp..

    xlari topic kot duk tunggu apa hukuman llki tua yg mencabul budak ppuan tu.kat trengganu kan.kalu silap sori.
    xkan depa hanya brani nyebat ppuan ja.llki depa bg lepas mcm somi ppuan yg kna sebat las tu..klu ikot hokum islam org pas yg slh semua ppuan ye.kerana yg jd pemimpin llki xkan nk hokum llki gak kann..pastu ostad ostazah ceramah ppuan paling bayak dlm neraka..sapa yg buat ppuan menghuni neraka depa xcerita..didunia ppuan pon xselamat dr llki umpana neraka dunia akhirat pon ppuan yg kena..penin aq..ALLAH ada kan..yg zalim llki yg mendabikdadasebagai PEMIMPIN...


  11. The Star clarifies Mujahid interview on khalwat raids

    1. excerpt;
      We regret the confusion which had arisen from the said report.

      Hahaha. The Star didn't apologise for the report. It just regretted that some people (such as the not so bright press secretary) got all confused by the report. Very sly, if you asked me.

  12. The Malays are so protective of two things.Their way of life or 'adat' and their religion as they see it.Islam can be seen through different angles.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Prof Kangkang,

      Sadly neither of those two things was able to prevent the theft of US$4.5 billion by the protectors of race & religion.

      On the plus side, the "Wolf of Wall Street" movie, financed by Kak Ros via our money for her boiboi, is widely available. However it seems quite far from Islamic adat.

      Please take note.

      Prof Sawi

    2. Not so Islamic, lah...........

      PUTRAJAYA: Graft investigators are expected to question Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (pic) over claims he used funds belonging to Yayasan Akal Budi when they haul him up for the third time tomorrow.

      Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) sources said they had not completed questioning the Umno president and former deputy prime minister on the case.

      They said Dr Ahmad Zahid had only been questioned on the Yayasan issue on July 3. His first meeting with the MACC the day earlier was believed to be on investigations into the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).
      “We will be speaking to him on this (Yayasan Akal Budi) matter,” a source told The Star yesterday.

      The Umno president is expected to face MACC charges in regard to the alleged misappropriation of a foundation’s funds.


  13. It's great to see Tun M and Anwar sharing the same stage in Port Dickson. Go Pakatan !

    1. Wow....this must be Annie's greatest nightmare after all her futile spinning efforts to sow the seeds of division.

      Even Daim Zainuddin campaigned for Anwar in PD.

    2. Anon 06:53

      Sure Anwar menang wan.. pandai dia pilih kawasan.

      Port 'Dick''son'

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Prof Dickhead Dedak,

      Why your UMNO no contest at PD?

      UM"NO" balls??


    4. Professor Nasi Dedak,

      At this point of time I would suggest the application of Liwat Lube to your posterior, so that Kak Rosie can reach inside you and pull out several more Birkin and Hermes handbags paid for with our public money.

      Your co-operation is this theft is highly appreciated.

      Prof Sawi

  14. DPM meets FT mufti for consultation on religious matters:

    PH being in the government for more than 200 days but still don’t know protocols. As TPM, you don’t need to meet government officials for advise/consultation at their workplace. If you want to see them, just summon them at your office.

    As deputy PM, other than the PM himself, The Agong, the Malay Rulers and the State Governors, if you need to meet someone in you official capacity as TPM, they go to see you at your office, not you go to them. In this case, his rank in government hierarchy is further down below. Lower than KSN. Lower than ministries Secretary Generals.

    In fact she could even summoned the minister himself in charge of Islamic affairs to meet her if necessary. That’s how powerful the office of TPM is. No deputy prime minister in countries around the world where the no. 2 in government goes to meet government officers at the latter’s office. Why didn’t her officers advise her on this basic protocols? Or her officers also blurred??

    1. You must be a non. It is called c.o.u.r.t.e.s.y. U don't summon the pope to see u even if you're the queen of england or a president. By making the first move she is showing her willingness to engage.