Wednesday 24 October 2018

Kelantan, a failed state?

I laughed quite a bit when I read this,

Guan Eng regrets Kelantan PAS
 leadership's biased reactions


Lim also questioned why the strong and harsh reactions were not shown by the Kelantan PAS leadership when former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced on Jan 28,  that the Kelantan government had to depend on the financial aid from the federal government to pay the wages of the state civil servants.

“Instead, when I, as the Finance Minister, made the same statement, the PAS leadership went to extreme so as to accuse me of holding grudges against PAS when all I did was saying that Kelantan government is a failed state in terms of economy as it is unable to pay the wages of state civil servants,” he said.

Basically, he was saying "Najib can, why I cannot?"

That's being so childish, okay.

However, I think what made the Kelantan Pas leaders being so pissed off with Guan Eng was the way he said those things about their state.

You all know lah Guan Eng....very arrogant and irritating most of the time.

For one thing, the supposedly evil Najib didn't use the word "failed state" to describe Kelantan.

I don't like Pas either, but I also wouldn't use those words to describe the Pas-ruled state.

It's just not right, okay.

I do wonder what the late Nik Aziz would have thought now about the guy he once fondly described as akin to Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz calling Kelantan, which he led as MB for many years, a failed state.

Ya, back then when DAP and Pas were together in Pakatan Rakyat, Guan Eng never said such things.

Please click on this link to really understand what is actually a failed state,

Failed States

Failed states can no longer perform basic functions such as education, security, or governance, usually due to fractious violence or extreme poverty. Within this power vacuum, people fall victim to competing factions and crime, and sometimes the United Nations or neighboring states intervene to prevent a humanitarian disaster. 

No matter how backward and poor you think Kelantan is, the state is actually not the same at all as Somalia, Afghanistan or Syria.

And no matter how bad you think Pas people are, they are not like those Islamic State or Taliban people.

Really, Kelantan is still okay.

It's not much worse than states such as Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

Just because these states need grants from the Federal government doesn't mean they are failed states.

After all, Malaysia is a federation and therefore it's the federal government's duty to make sure all the states function for the good of the people of the state, who are all Malaysians just like the rest of us.

Well, at least that's how it was during the previous administration.

Don't know lah how it is now that it's Malaysia Baru.

Maybe the concept has changed.

Maybe now if a state doesn't have enough revenue, a federal minister has the right to throw insults such as calling it a failed state.

I'm sure it would be called "being transparent" or "honest opinion" or "sincere remark".

Anyway, I'm actually tempted to touch on the fact that Kelantan has always been exclusively governed by Malay Muslims....but then again, I don't want to be accused of trying to play the race and religious cards.

You know lah, in this Malaysia Baru, it's best not to use the words Malays and Muslims too much or at all.


  1. Annie said:-

    "Just because these states need grants from the Federal government doesn't mean they are failed states".

    Well, again what Annie purposely omitted is that Kelantan PAS MP, Takiyuddin had asked LGE that the PAS led state government take over the ECRL project since the federal government is not going ahead with the ECRL project.

    This stupid PAS MP just talked for the sake of talking rubbish just to score political mileage and LGE rightfully put him in this place in pointing out that the Kelantan state government led by PAS can't even afford to pay staff salaries and now want to talk big to take over the ECRL project.

    It's is very apt for LGE to call a spade a spade.

    1. PAS-led Kelate....

      a) Biggest porn surfers in Malaysia

      b) Highest rate of incest & teen pregnancies

      c) Least economic growth

      d) Fewest opportunities for youths

      Here's what a very wise man said......

      KUALA KRAI: Kelantan UMNO will activate its briefing sessions to the people in the state by raising awareness on the failure of the PAS state government in administering Kelantan since 1990.

      Kelantan UMNO Liaison chairman Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said among the issues to be raised with the voters were the problems of land ownership, squatters and the lack of economic opportunities.

      "The people have given PAS the opportunity to develop Kelantan for the past 27 years, yet there have been no changes... if at all there were (developments), they were done by the federal government," he told reporters after a meeting with the committee members of the Kuala Geris Polling District Centre (PDM), in Dabong here Monday."

      Tepat sekali.

      I guess Annie better find a photo of Tok Pa and whack him too.

      Annie is very neutral and is NOT a Failed Umno Blogger, okay?


  2. The PAS state government in Kelantan can afford to give Mercedes to its MB and all the State excos to drive but can't afford to pay the government staff salaries!

    Enrich themselves first...Useless fellas!

    1. Anonymous24 October 2018 at 15:44

      "Enrich themselves first...Useless fellas!"

      My friend,

      You are talking to Annie, a blogger who LOVES corruption and has dedicated her life to helping those Umgnok leaders who want to gang-rape us.

      You think she cares about this?

      She LOVES leaders who steel money!

    2. What Annie's Pinklips Hero has been up to.....

      Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak's administration allegedly redirected government funds, including those meant for the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) programme, to repay money owed by 1MDB to the International Petroleum Investment Co (IPIC), according to MACC deputy chief commissioner Azam Baki.

      Azam said this in confirming details from highly placed sources, who told Malaysiakini that the government had, in 2017, also allegedly paid IPIC using funds meant for the management of Kuala Lumpur International Airport; proceeds from the selling of a piece of Finance Ministry land to Bank Negara; and funds received from a "foreign entity in China".

      In total, the amount which had been allegedly misappropriated to repay the Abu Dhabi wealth fund was RM4.78 billion.


      So, BRIM stolen to plug the gap from the earlier 1MDB thefts.

      Cantik lah tu.

      Keep supporting him, Annie : )

  3. Annie,

    PAS = Parti Anak Syaitan

    As far as I am concerned, the only goal that PAS strives to achieve is to make people hate Islam.

    Anything which can make Islam look stupid, medieval, barbaric, PAS will do.

    Despite all their knowledge and skills, PAS is unable to bring Islam into the 21st century.

    Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Taoists, etc etc have all successfully transtioned their religions across to the 21st century.

    When the 31st century comes around, I suspect those religions will change and adapt as well.

    How well will Parti Anak Syaitan change and adapt to the 31st century?

    Oooppps, I digress, we were talking about Kelantan.

    OK, Kelantan is in a shit hole because PAS is clueless what a modern society requires to progress and get ahead.

    Terengganu will soon follow Kelantan.

    Zahid Hamidi has said that the tsunami in Indonesia is Allah's punishment for tolerating LGBT.

    Aiyah, easy to say AFTER the fact.

    Let's try something BEFORE the fact, OK?

    I *ahem* predict that there will be divine punishment coming soon to Kelantan and Terengganu for supporting Parti Anak Syaitan.

    And that punishment will be by way of flooding, OK? :)

    Pahang may also be punished because of Najib :)

    If not this year, then next year lah :)

    Anybody wanna bet? :)


    1. Haiyaa Gladiator
      Apa kamu merepet ni? Must be ardent fan of Harry Potter eh?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof BANGALow....kahkahkah

    3. PAS? Islam? No more.

      Nasharudin and other senior PAS personnel benefited personally, enjoying and exhibiting a new affluence from the money channelled into the party by Najib Razak.

      26.10 Nasharudin new-found wealth:

      • acquiring vehicles costing not less than RM1.5 million
      • (including a BMW 525 priced at RM388,000, a Mini priced at RM230,000, a Toyota Vellfire priced at RM290,000, a Toyota Camry, priced at RM150,000 and a Toyota Fortuner priced at RM200,000
      • and property, including a house at Bangi, Selangor, worth RM3 million
      • bought with cash.

      PAS MPs and senior party figures have bought new, luxury cars and new houses and married second and third wives, spending conspicuously in excess of their political salaries and what they could previously afford.

      • Deputy Chief Minister of Kelantan, Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, acquired a fleet of luxury cars, including a Range Rover, Audi 6, Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Attis and built several houses for his family.

      • The Spiritual Leader Hashim Jasim acquired a Porsche Cayman car.

      • PAS Information Chief Khairuddin Aman Razali gave his second wife a RM500,000 Audi Q7 car as a gift.

      • PAS Information Chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi bought a RM300,000-plus Toyota Vellfire.

      • Secretary to the Syura Council, Nik Muhammad Zawawi Nik Salleh acquired a luxury Mercedes with the number plate PAS 9, itself worth around RM100,000, and a luxury Audi.

      • Takiyuddin bin Hassan, MP for Kota Baru and Secretary General of PAS has acquired a fleet of expensive cars and a luxury motorbike, including a Volkswagen Passat priced about RM160,000 with personalized number plate TAK 11, itself worth up to RM100,000

      • Muhammad Khalil, PAS Youth Leader, acquired luxury BMW motorbike.

      • Mokhtar Senik, chairman of the PAS Pahang Ulama Council, has acquired a luxury Mercedes and Toyota.

      Shame their wives could not steal enough Birkins compared to Rosie.....

      Mashyukkkkkk oiiiii PAS : )

  4. Latest news!

    Irwan Serigala who will be charged in court tomorrow was paid RM7million in 7 years. Easy income hehe.

    1. Irwan earned 2.94 million over a period of 7 years as Secretary General of the Treasury. That was around 35,000 worth of salary a month as the most senior officer in MOF. That post in MOF ranked on grade super scale II in PSD circular. Known as the big four in the civil service right after KSN, AG and DG of PSD.

      He was also paid around 3.8 million as non exec chairman a couple of GLCs and sat on BODs of 23 companies throughout his tenure as the most senior officer of the Treasury. Earning 6.8 million out of 7 years of service as the highest ranking official in MOF actually was a fair amount. There’s nothing suspicious about it. There’s nothing wrong here. No element of wrongdoings, corruption whatsoever.

      Sitting on the board of the GLCs was part of the roles he juggled at MOF. They were part of his work. They came wih the job. He sat on those boards as he was a rep of the government. Protecting and safeguarding government’s interest. Pursuing government’s objectives and agenda. Otherwise those companies would make a decision damaging to government interest or steered away from its original goal.

      Those extra roles came due to his position as the most senior officer in the Treasury. What kind of people do you expect to sit on those boards? clueless politicians? greedy and corrupt businessmen? arrogant political secretary?

      As the top officer in MOF, with a long tenure and decades of experience, his knowledge and expertise of fiscal and monetary matters were sought after and could be tapped in by these companies. His presence on the boards meant to advise and gave guidance to them of what the government expected them to achieve.

      I don’t quite fathom why the minister in parliament gave the figures of 7 year tenure. Giving the figures from a year tenure of would have been suffice. As if trying to make him looked bad by making the figures looked big. He made it looked like Irwan Serigar was grossedly overpaid.

    2. Only serigala and MO1 had knowledge of the red files...this is call giving guidance, protecting and safeguarding government interest, hehe. syabas !

  5. penang under dap can always blame bad weather for whatever happen, obviously dap is smart compare to pas.

    1. Even when there's no bad weather, DAP anytime is way smarter than PAS. But DAP loses out to PAS in one important area...they don't have a direct line to God unlike PAS.

  6. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //Must be ardent fan of Harry Potter eh?//

    No, I dont like bragging but Harry Potter is a fan of mine :)

    Like Zahid Hamidi, I do possess incredible magical skills which, occassionally, allow me to know what ...eeerrrr... certain divine powers ... are going to do :)

    That's how I can ...eeerrr... predict Kelantan's punishment :)

    Pussies like Zahid Hamidi and Hadi Awang only know AFTER the fact.

    Anybody can do that, even you can :)

    Me? In some cases, I know BEFORE the fact :)

    For example, I already know that in additon to Kelantan, Terengganu could also be severely punished very soon for voting PAS and Pahang could also kena because of Najib :)

    But, dont worry, I will be speaking to the Powers-That-Be and try to arrange for a lighter punishment for all those states. I have a bit of influence, you know :)

    No promises, OK?

    Remember, you heard it here first :)


  7. I don’t understand why Pas MPs were so triggered when it is a well proven fact Kelantan state government can’t afford its civil servants’ salaries without assistsnce from federal government. And then TALKED BIG wanted to take over ECRL project from the federal government!..Somebody please give these guys a mirror!!...

  8. If they have again run out of funds for emoluments, it means the projects in the state as portrayed in this piece have not taken off:

    so that market demand is the defining issue which means there is an imbalance between the types of industries that will create employment, spending power and investment attractiveness for expansion.

    A state like our Kelantan needs first to have more manufacturing industries than services or mining. Normally, services come after manufacturing while mining should be incidental since things from the ground are limited (whether minerals, timber or fish) and tourism in services is something you can develop anytime - provided there are enough attractions for tourists to make the long journey.

    But manufacturing needs workers and many have left the state to work elsewhere so there must be compelling attractors to make it worthwhile for them to return and work in their own home state.

    What be those attractors for those who are currently working in say Selangor or Singapore? Maybe Zaid Ibrahim can provide some clues. It's obvious why we can't ask a Hadi or a Takiyuddin or even an Abduh. If they knew, comments here won't be necessary.

    It has been mentioned elsewhere that some private concern is trying to develop an O&G hub which won't be surprising since neighbour Terengganu has one but no further news of any development.

    Ok, it's the KB harbour which needs to be developed the most but one understands it's too shallow. Why the harbour? Because Kelantan needs to develop without having to be the endpoint destination of investors and travelers who visit the other states first since they would have gotten the earlier investments and business before reaching Kelantan.

    A fully functional and active harbour would enable the state to interact directly with the rest of Asia. The harbour can be a trade landing point that will move goods across the northern road over to the west coast and vice versa, thereby triggering development of cottage industries along the entire northern states highway that connects to the west coast.

    So..tick tock tick tock under what circumstances and with what attractors will there be anyone who can be made interested to invest in deepening the KB harbour?

    Only questions to raise ideas here, am afraid.

    The people of Kelantan are nice, upright, principled, and hardworking. Their religious leaders are however stoned dreamers which would explain why they have always been so suicidally cavalier about what they say which is of course counterproductive for attracting serious investors since the only impression they give is that they are not serious about anything when it is natural to expect them to be serious about everything including and especially how to integrate to the rest of the country let alone the world on a secular level without having to knee-jerk try and defend their theocracy whose value they themselves have already diminished by their hypocrisy of asking for money to buy expensive cars when the staff have no wages. And the peoples of the state accept that quietly and willingly?

    This one just typing away without any coherence.

    ...Because mind preoccupied with remembering that wonderful first time one was stopped in one's track before the vision of that beautiful KB girl; alas, this stupid (but dashing) gentleman had to give chance to others, and then, drowning in self-imposed sorrow, bicycled himself all the way from town to Pantai Cinta Berahi (since then boringly renamed by Pas) to bury his dear head in the sand.

    Lesson learnt. Now, will take no prisoners. (wink)

    1. How are you going to have industries when basic infra is not there? How goods can be move when the federal do not want to develop infra? Since Tun M become 4th PM east coast have been neglected. At least Najib put some effort in developing Central spine Road and ECRL. Imagine no NSE , do you thin west coast can be develop as per now?

    2. //How are you going to have industries when basic infra is not there?//

      Because the local population is small, state demand for industrial goods will be insufficient to recover investments made.

      Therefore any investment will only make a good business case if the industries are export-oriented - whether to other states or to overseas.

      At the moment, there is nothing - except batik and matches - that don't have at least equally good products that are already made in other states.

      Hence there is no compelling reason to invest in industries in Kelantan whether you have roads and bridges or not.

      BUT a better harbour may yet attract FOREIGN investors to consider Kelantan as a landing point to invest in some manufacturing industries.

      IF AND WHEN that happens, THEN building new infrastructure can be considered SINCE there will be a NEW MARKET DEMAND for infrastructure.

      MEANWHILE, answer this question:

      WHY would any foreign investor put money in a state if their expats will only face social constraints they will only dissociate from?

      Rational thinking about real things should be tried out sometimes.

      THEN solutions may be found.

      OTHERWISE people who can care will just MOVE ON.

      AND THEN the problems will remain


  9. My take is Takiyudin raised a stupid suggestion (not sure what his intention). He has always been a dick whenever he speaks. More than half of the Malaysian population (if not all) think ECRL ia a silly project. Mathematically the ECRL outlay and return don't add up.

    I suppose LGE got super annoyed with Takiyudin question when he is under tremendous pressure at MOF inheriting chaotic finances left by MO1 (the last MOF KSU got arrested today). Anyway LGE being LGE minces no word. He took a podshot at the man.

    Now how LGE put it is not Parliamentarian-like. But over the last 2 decades this has been how it is in Malaysian Parliament. I don't need to say more. But I would go with LGE except for the the words "failed state".

    Kelantan needs able administrators. If among them there is none (which I doubt), they should hire one. What they face year in year out is their own doing. They can address this but they choose to do nothing.

    1. "More than half of the Malaysian population (if not all) think ECRL ia a silly project. Mathematically the ECRL outlay and return don't add up."


      The ECRL project was an outright scam, doubled in price to provide kickbacks to China companies to plug the 1MDB debts.

  10. penang is a fail state....left and right full of ahlong and prostitution and gambling shops

  11. Those lebai lebai running Kelantan cannot be trusted.

    Don't be fooled by these wolves in sheep's clothing.

  12. give a man religion & he will die praying for a fish sigh

  13. WHO is this Takiyudin not even born in Kelantan. He must be a joker talking bull

  14. Zoo also needs funding what....
    Tickets sales are low coz nobody wants to see monkeys raping baby monkeys.

  15. East coast existed a railway link called 'the jungle railway' which stretches from Tumpat to Gemas
    Why do we need ECRL
    Some upgrading on the Jungle Railway will do
    Kelantan's GDP per capita 13,593 lowest amongst all states
    Pas should chart/table their growth plan for their states thru industrialisation and not the ' The Kelantan/Trengganu Dream-ECRL '
    Young Kelantanese got talent now drained by other states

    1. "Young Kelantanese got talent now drained by other states"

      If they stay in Kelate...what do they get?

      No future.

  16. "LIVE: Najib, Irwan charged with CBT involving RM6.63b gov't funds
    Malaysiakini Team | Published: Today 7:53 am | Modified: Today 10:32 am"

    If only 10% of the alleged money were given to our east coast friend, then I think the Hadi guy can thumb his nose at Guan Eng. NO?
    Alas, its only human nature , what is in my pocket is better and safer than in your pocket.
    What is new, the smart Alecs would rather enjoy paradise on mother earth whereas they preached to others paradise is better in the after world.

  17. Hi Annie and fellow readers, while superfluous matter being discussed here whether Kelantan a fail state or true or not Kelantan state government ask for gaji from Finance Minister LGE or fitnah....big court case ongoing Najib and Serigala committing CBT involving 6 billion ringgit...that 1 Billion can use to pay several times over for Kelantan gaji...dunno why the lebai not interested comment on Najib cbt??

    1. Anonymous25 October 2018 at 11:26

      "dunno why the lebai not interested comment on Najib cbt??"

      I also dunno why Ustazah Annie not commenting on this case, or Zahid theft from supposedly "charity" foundation???

      Looks like Annie is partly blind?

      Umgnok corruption = halal

      Funny, huh?

    2. Anon 12:04

      The Lebai lebai and Ustazah Annie believe that CASH IS KING....

      Just like their mentor, heheh

  18. New strategy to help Umno? By getting more charges and almost making courts as second home? That's what i think Zahid is implying is it not?

    Zahid: 'Overkill' benefits us, thanks for dragging us to court
    Publ Today 12:28 pm | Modified: Today 12:33 pm"

  19. do respect democracy. kelantan state government is legit

    1. Legit but no money how to take over ECRL ? Money does not fall from sky.

    2. Kelantan kratom legit???

  20. Fadzireen,

    //Pas should chart/table their growth plan for their states thru industrialisation and not the ' The Kelantan/Trengganu Dream-ECRL//

    The ONLY industrialisation growth plan which Parti Anak Syaitan has for Kelantan is to produce more babies on an industrial scale.


  21. Going by Zahid's logic, is the 2015 worst flood ever in the history of Kelantan also punishment from God ?

  22. Anonymous @ 25 October 2018 at 20:46,

    //Money does not fall from sky.//

    We are talking Kelantan here, OK?

    I suggest to you that Kelantanese must pray harder so that money DOES fall from the sky, instead of all that rain :)

    At the moment, it looks like the divine punishment I predicted for Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang is slowly but surely being ratcheted up bit by bit.



    I told you I am better than Zahid Hamidi and Hadi Awang.

    They know all about divine punishments only after it happens, eg Zahid Hamidi knows that Allah punished Indonesia with a tsunami at Palu because Indonesia was tolerant of their LGBT.


    I know about divine punishments BEFORE it happens :)

    Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, get ready for your punishment :)


  23. It's a failed state kept afloat by the mass exodus of its learned people and professionals to Selangor lah ....


  24. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

    Salam dan renungan



    Para rektor universiti, para akademik dan para mufti yang dihormati.

    Tan Seri/Datuk Seri/Datin Seri/Datuk/Datin/tuan/puan

    Perkara: "Akidah Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah yang bertentangan dengan al-Qur'an dan ayat-ayat al-Qur'an yang bertentangan dengan akidah Ahli Sunnah Wal-Jamaah" sebagai kajian dan renungan.

    Tidakkah al-Qur'an itu asas agama Islam yang diredai oleh Allah dan Rasul-Nya?

    Tidakkah Islam itu rahmatan lil Alamin?

    Terima kasih dan 'afwan.


    Pencinta al-Qur'an sebagai asas agama Islam di Malaysia.