Thursday 25 October 2018

A probable new dawn for Malaysian journalism

I agree with my blogging captain Rocky that

Umno selling off its shares in Utusan and

 Media Prima (is not a bad thing at all)

For me, it's the best thing that could happen to especially those media outlets, and Malaysian journalism as a whole.

I have repeatedly pointed out in this blog, that those media outlets were dying and their cause of impending death was the stranglehold of press freedom by the powers that be over the last few decades.

Please check the archive of this blog, if you don't believe me.

And now all those nonsense look set to end and I'm sincerely happy about it.

It's the best chance for those media outlets to regain their credibility.

My hope is for the journalists of those media outlets and others to practice true journalism without the interference of politicians such as in the past.

That's also why I wrote this last post about the Malaysian media,

Hopefully, Mus will give the middle finger to any PH politician, minister or media handler who tries to dictate how Media Prima news outlets should publish their stories.

Even if Dr Mahathir calls for some favours which could possibly jeopardise journalistic integrity of Media Prima news outlets, I hope  Mus will say;

"I'm sorry Tun. We can't do that. That's against our journalistic principles and ethics. Furthermore, our duty as journalists is to safeguard the rakyat's interests and nothing else."

I expect nothing less than that from Mus, Ku Seman and other journalists like them once they control those media outlets.

Yes,  Rocky was totally right when he wrote;
For journalism or the people to benefit at all from this, though, Umno's exit from Utusan and Media Prima must mark the start of an end to the ownership of mass media by any and all political parties AND their proxies. And puppets. 

Do bear in mind that the journalists I mentioned in my post were considered heroes of the Pakatan people because they went against the BN establishment in the run up to the 14th general election.

At that time they said that the media outlets were shackled by the powers that be.

I have no problem with that at all as I have similar complaint.

If you bother to check the archive of this blog you would find that I have always been harsh towards those who controlled the media at that time.

Well, now that Pakatan is in power, it's to be seen if the journalists aligned with them, who now control the media outlets would remain partisan or revert back to their neutral journalist self.

Of course my hope is that they become true journalists whose only loyalty is to the Malaysian public instead of any political party.

Otherwise it's just going to be the same shit again, with maybe just a different stinkin' smell.

As for the Umno people who are against the decision to withdraw from the media outlets, they should realise that owning Utusan and Media Prima is not going to help their cause by much.

Come on guys, you all don't even know how to use those media outlets to your advantage.

In fact, you all just made it worse for your cause by the way you used those newspapers and television stations back then.

And you all dragged those media outlets into the longkang in the process.

I wrote this way back in March 2014, less than a year after GE13 and a long way before the Dr Mahathir versus Najib fight which led to the Umno's knock-out in GE14 last May (please click on the link to read).

Stupid media strategy leads

 BN into the longkang

Yup, they never listen, and true enough, into the longkang they went.


That's why they should just let those media outlets go.

Just concentrate on being a good opposition and pray that the rakyat see everything when Pakatan starts to fuck up.

For that, they should of course reserve their best prayer for the media of New Malaysia to be truly free and neutral to report all that so that the rakyat can see.

Okay, I know, freeing the media is part of Pakatan's manifesto, and Pakatan is lousy at keeping its promises, but who knows, maybe Mus, Ku Seman and the gang will really practice true journalism and give their middle finger to any attempt to control them.

Yea, maybe that will really happen.

I'm particularly looking forward to see them going against Anwar's media boys who inherited the place of his obnoxious team of the 1990s when he was the deputy PM. This is especially so in the event Anwar really takes over the PM seat from Dr Mahathir.

I'm quite sure that Mus, Ku Seman and the gang still remember how the big media bosses of that decade were bullied by Anwar and his people. Of course some became rich in return for allowing their head to be stepped upon but that's another story for another day.

Well, all the best to the new set of people at those media outlets.

Oh, by the way, Umno people should really just forget fighting their battle using the traditional media and instead try to improve their social media strategy and efforts.

If Pakatan can exploit the social media when they were the opposition, Umno people must believe that they can do the same as well.

And please la, stop spending money on those dick heads currently claiming themselves to be Umno's cyber generals. Find proper ones with sincere heart who believe in the struggle to lead the team.

Okay, enough of that. This post is getting very long already and I'm starting to get a headache.

I'm going back to watch MMA fights on You Tube.

More fun.

Here, watch this;

See, more fun, right?



  1. Annie, any comment on the statement from your favourite handsome old man Tun M that one by one, BN leaders will be hauled up for corruption ?

    1. Lifeofannie comment:

      Corruption is good

      Must sokong the thirves

      Must be a good macai

      Hidup Ameno, mampus rakyat

    2. Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, who left UMNO last month, has decided to join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) tonight.

      He submitted his membership form officially to Bersatu chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the presence of Bersatu President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the top leadership of Bersatu at a media conference after a meeting of the party’s top leadership council held here.

      Mustapa also received the party’s membership card from Dr Mahathir.

      Guess where the smart ones are going?

      Never mind, Umno still has Lokman Adam & Bung!

  2. Atta girl, way to go Annie, keep it up, tell off your critics.

  3. Annie,

    // Umno selling off its shares in Utusan and
    Media Prima (is not a bad thing at all)//

    Pay me RM100billion and I will take both of them off your hands :)

    Anybody taking over those two companies is going to get a big headache and will need to spend a lot of money trying to revive them.

    //Of course my hope is that they become true journalists whose only loyalty is to the Malaysian public instead of any political party//

    Yup, let's see how good Malaysian journalists can be.

    In addition to being a big fan of Médecins Sans Frontières, I am also a big fan of Reporters Without Borders.

    I note that Malaysia is listed as 145 in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index according to RSF.

    Let's see how we perform in 2019, shall we? :)

    //As for the Umno people who are against the decision to withdraw from the media outlets,//

    Well, they don't really have much of a choice really.

    The days of free money are over, the gravy train has been derailed.

    Now that they have to run like a REAL business, they can't :)

    //Come on guys, you all don't even know how to use those media outlets to your advantage//


    I have said it before and I say it again, Pakatan is fortunate there are not more Annies working for UMNO. :)

    Too late for UMNO now.

    // Stupid media strategy leads
    BN into the longkang//

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

    I got to read what I said in response to you as well.

    Well, Annie, you did try to help but to those in power then, you were probably seen as some dumb bimbo bitch trying to sound clever.

    I have seen it happen before in other areas.

    Just plain ole ordinary misogyny at work in Malaysia :)

    //Just concentrate on being a good opposition and pray that the rakyat see everything when Pakatan starts to fuck up//


    I dunno about the "being a good opposition" bit because it seems UMNO is feeling the pressure of being in Opposition.

    I still think that with Zahid Hamidi at the helm of UMNO, he is a liability, a "kemaluan yang sangat besar" :)

    As for the rakyat being able to see any Pakatan fuck ups, I don't think there should be any worries there.

    There are lots of eyes on Pakatan and the rakyat is a lot braver nowadays.

    We will speak out.

    We have brought down one lousy government and we can bring down another :)

    //Oh, by the way, Umno people should really just forget fighting their battle using the traditional media and instead try to improve their social media strategy and efforts.//


    Could be a job there for you :)

    I mean, you couldn't do worse.

    //Find proper ones with sincere heart who believe in the struggle to lead the team.//


    That could be you :)

    Despite what you say, I think you are still UMNO deep down somewhere :)

    But I have always considered you one of the good UMNO supporters, OK? :)

    //This post is getting very long already and I'm starting to get a headache.//

    Let me fix that for you. I'll go for a drink or two on your behalf :)

    Pls post here on your blog if you feel any better in about 2 hours, OK? :)

    If you don't, I'll drink some more for you :)



    Aiyoo, ni dah jadi drama minggu ini, banyak sgt twists & turns.

  5. LifeOfAnus in maximum censorship mode : )

    Kena jaga dedak supply, kut......hee hee hee!

    "New Dawn" ha ha ha!

    1. I agree.

      She is protecting the PonyGod.

  6. Your clarion call to all media practitioners to practise true journalism is most welcome. More so in the New Malaysia era. A new dawn in the making with air of freshness.
    Veteran journalist Datuk A Kadir Jasin was quoted to say that " media practitioners need to be more sincere in producing news that benefited society although it may not be as interesting or sensational". With media freedom given by the PH government, journalists are no longer dictated by any party including the powers to be unlike previously. Sincere criticism are allowed.
    So continue blogging with interesting news albeit not sensational though.

  7. annie was part of this Bodoh Nasional cyber army & now she is white washing herself sigh
    BTW to win GE15 one must court the Red Bean Army (caution - RPK only made one lost GE) wakakaka

    1. "annie was part of this Bodoh Nasional cyber army & now she is white washing herself sigh"


      annie IS part of this Bodoh Nasional cyber army.

      I think Bodoh Nasional should sue to get their money back.

  8. New Dawn ?

    More like New Yawn with the likes of UMNO bloggers still peddling crap

  9. Annie, just ignore your critics, who are just doing it for kicks. You can become a serious blogger.

    1. "You can become a serious blogger."

      Hello, Annie IS a serious blogger.

      A seriously bad blogger : )

      Hee hee just kidding. We love Annie really.....

      .....except when she tries to defend crooks.


  10. "Mahathir: Saudi minister's U-turn is 'immaterial', RM2.6b is from 1MDB
    Annabelle Lee & Hariz Mohd | Published: Today 1:43 am | Modified: Today 8:34 am"

    Any towering Malaysian journalist confront or at least interview the Saudi foreign minister with pointed question? Now the person who can clarify the truth or clear the mystery of the alleged 2.6 billion Saudi donation to Najib is in the country, is it not an opportunity for Malaysian journalist to get to the truth in the interest of all Malaysians?

  11. Hi Annie,
    Always watchful, there are still crooks and robbers peddling lies, new or old dawn be it by bloggers, journalists and nasty propagandists.
    RPK still peddling same crap, doing nasty stuffs. Black turn to white, white turn to black, twist here and twist there. We are watching, and we know his agenda and how he want to twist.
    Recently Najib change 1MDB donation story in interview with Al Jazeera, lost his temper too. Now he says he didn't check where the source donation came from, because banking information is private. Last time, he says MACC already check and confirm is Saudi Donation. Ahmad Zahid also confirm is Saudi donation but the recent Jubor Arab foreign minister said is not from them? How come? Like the people who loves these Arabs, they sure change their story fast. Real buggers ya, these people...crooks and killers. I hear the Indon Umno President going on a road show to explain donation and his shopping credit card and his millions in fix deposits. Still don't want "cuti" or resign kah? Umno youth already call him to "cuti" why ah? Scare lost power is it?

    1. Haiyaaa anon 09:53

      You people lajin bikin demonstrasi jalanan.. hmmm BERSIH, Hindraf all your geng kan.

      Apa mau tunggu lagi. Join forces pagi esok demo la depan Saudi embassy. Ni asyik pokpekpokpek sejak 2015.

      Bawa jutaan pengikut2 kamu (hmmm malu kat Wallace Hue sekadar jutaan ciput), mana tau dia layan sama kamu.

      Asyik pokpekpokpek sejak 2015, air lioq tersembuq2 but satu benda pun tarak?? Dok main bohong pi mai pi mai last last macam janji2 100 hari and kes Rasuah Guan Eng aje nampak gaya nih?

      Siakap Sinohong Gelama Ikan Duri, Bercakap Bohong Lama-Lama Mencuri

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  12. Anonymous @ 26 October 2018 at 23:10,

    //- RPK only made one lost GE//

    The Moron from Manchester will continue to thump the barrel for Parti Anak Syaitan until GE15.

    He is an important catch for Parti Anak Syaitan, especially Hadi Awang.

    How many people can say they have an anak raja kissing their hand? Hadi Awang can :)

    Parti Anak Syaitan will milk the relationship with The MfM for all it is worth.


  13. How to be fair ?
    " beauty is in the eye of the beholder "


  14. unlike useless neutral annie, al jazeera is so free & neutral whacking dumbo najib wakakaka

  15. Even Najib went along for the New Malaysia narrative and succumbing to the need of using the media platform by appearing in an Al Jazeera interview with Mary Ann Jolley who was previously deported by him. What an irony. Unfortunately or not, he lost his cool in the unintended interview while the host remained cool.

  16. Najib lost his cool because he is not used to facing open interviews. He is only good at speeches in a controlled prepared environment.

    Should send Annie as Najib's proxy. Then Annie can do an MMA ala Khabib on Jolley, the Al jazeera reporter :)

  17. You see la.
    I was not wrong to say monkeys are stupid.
    Their chief just went on Al Jazeera and fook himself.
    Aiyoyo..... Why la dey? His lawyer never stop him?

    Local coffee shops are doing roaring business coz every morning we can laugh about the monkeys and feel damn good about ourselves.

  18. As many as 40 UMNO MPs want to join Bersatu says Kadir Jasin.

    Hope Annie will do something to stem this massive exodus because so far her efforts are not effective enough to halt's UMNO's continued decline.

    1. Anon 17:32

      Sumber saya pulak kata as many as 50 fm PH waiting.. nunggu Guan Eng bentang budget aje.. and then.. better get ready tau.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  19. This is not only a new dawn, but a new screw up evening.
    Annie, time for you to jump ship too.
    Kadir Jasin: 40 Umno MPs met Dr M, may join PPBM
    Published 56 minutes ago on 27 October 2018

    By Zurairi AR

    With this number 40, DAP and PKR checked mate by the good DR. DAP/PKR with 40/ 42 mps can either stay in PH and be good boys and just sulk. With this move, i think PKR may be looking at a split just like what is showing in their elections. Split right down the middle.


    1. What happened to that pokpek prof pokpeking on 12/222?
      Looks like UMNO will be 2/222 soon

    2. No wonder Pokpek Parrot is hiding.

      Suddenly his 12/222 gonna become 52/222, biggest party in Parliament.

      And Pokpek will be sent to complete Form Four....kesiannnnnnnn!

    3. Anon 20:11 and 20:17

      Kesiannnnn kamu. Kesian PH especially 12/222. Ternanti2 macam pungguk rindukan bulan.

      Isssh. Just cannot imagine. 12/222. Wallace Hue pasti tergolek2 gelak.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. its not a checkmate…it’s a stalemate. if u want to play d game u need to learn d rules n not nit-picking. since d rules cover d situation adequately…d move of 40 crooks does not constitute a win. shame on u to post tat in d first place.

  20. Anonymous @ 27 October 2018 at 17:22,

    //Their chief just went on Al Jazeera and fook himself.
    Aiyoyo..... Why la dey? His lawyer never stop him?//

    Well, remember loyalty over intelligence? :)

    Surely someone must have known that Al Jazeera is based in Doha, Qatar.

    Eeeerrr.... Qatar? Ring any bells?

    You know, Qatar? That country which the Saudis have blockaded and trying to squeeze to death?

    And Najib thinks ever so highly of the Saudis.

    So, which one of Najib's media geniuses has allowed Najib, who is a Saudi sycophant, to be interviewed by a Qatari news agency? :)



  21. 1/2

    The whole country should be rebooted. Too much politics, too little focus on doing what's important to lift up the economy and provide better life for people.

    Politicians should not abuse their authority. They must always humbly remember they get their seats traceable to all the people, not just their party hacks, supporters and constituency voters. If they always walk the straight path, they won't have to lie or spin so that over time the people can also iterate towards more balanced views that will harmonize all of the society in which everyone lives and multi-interact.

    And when politicians are sincere and honest, the jobs of journalists get easier. Unlike before, they won't then have to work only for their rice plates or careers but also as it should be for society which depends on them to tell the real story independently so as to make better and more informed conclusions and decisions.

    Because journalists walk the pavements everyday and get closer to the grassroots, they can be useful radar on the pulse of the peoples and thus on the nation. But first they must be professional and have full integrity.

    We have seen the effect on media when professionalism and integrity were sacrificed and accuracy thrown out the window. Reputational capital of the media is first lost, then readership drops continuously, followed by advertisers fleeing which means there won't be enough income to pay or even hold good scribes which means quality drops, desperation rises, sensationalism is assayed to shore flagging numbers but more suits get filed, and the spiral downwards accelerates until insolvency is at the gate.

    Three critical skills were lost in this nefarious cycle when the mainstream media fell under the thumbs of the last government for too long a time. One was (and remains) the ability to ask the obvious probing questions to get to the bottom of things. The other is the ability to analyze clearly and articulate smoothly the information so that the cause-and-effect narration flows without readers feeling the pieces are just superficially skirting around the read issues. The third is to intelligently editorialize in such a way the context of the matter is derived to be held (and upheld) to public scrutiny. This context must be able to draw (and excite) insights from what had happened before locally, what had similarly happened elsewhere around the world, and what had been understudied on the issues from sources all over the world that can be related back to the matter on hand.

  22. 2/2

    Because of our marvelous education system which makes it unproductive to retrain its products, such skills are getting scarcer by the day so that the end result is that the rakyat born smart would have become stupid except they were mercifully saved by intelligent minds in the social media. Mostly, and namely, themselves. Notice if you will, the absolute drop in intelligence in society. Iterative learning has virtually been strangled by the pomposity of 3R policies.

    I can go on and on but Rocky Balboa would already intuit what they be. After all, we had met but once some years back in the company of some bloggers and he was noticeably quiet throughout.

    As for the Alzajeera interview, even if not one word was exchanged, the very facial expression of disbelief of the interviewer throughout the meeting would have sufficed. Of course, she could have asked if one was unsure of the source of the 'donation', to whom was a large part of it said to have been returned. The decider on the whole charade was when it was mentioned who were present at the jeweler who sold the pink bling. So the remaining question - and justice must be done, reparations made - is 'who ordered the hit on the poor girl?'

    ... else even the Hadian types of moral integrity are just fakes. Just ask Hadi to explain his perpetual deafening silences on all these low-life form examples and also Hamidi to name the donor he saw and describe the contents of the cheque he had attested was given as the donation. All munafiks, lah.

    (typed this without a single thought in the head..)

  23. 3/3

    The timing of the interview coincided with the arrival of the Saudi foreign minister who u-turned on his first declaration about the donation. The interviewee must have received prior information that there would be a definitive denial and so last-ditch walked into the lion's den.

  24. a probable new dawn for msian politics & that dumbo sampan will be sunk!!! So annie pls jump (forget about that loki bro who can sunk with that dumbo sampan) wakakaka

  25. Anonymous @ 27 October 2018 at 18:58,

    //Kadir Jasin: 40 Umno MPs met Dr M, may join PPBM
    Published 56 minutes ago on 27 October 2018

    By Zurairi AR

    This is frankly unbelievable.

    Is this what UMNO is about?

    That they just want power, that they are fair weather friends and as soon as the going gets tough, they just desert the very party which has nutured them and fed them for umpteen years and made them all multi-millionaires.

    Yes, I will bet that each and every one of those 40 UMNO MPs are multi millionaires simply because they are UMNO MPs.

    The mind boggles!!

    I can understand one or two MPs wanting to jump ship but 40 frigging MPs???!!!

    I really dunno cos I have not counted but in all the years since federation, about 50+ years, I doubt if there have been 40 MPs in TOTAL, from ALL Opposition parties, who have left to join the ruling BN coalition.

    Are UMNO politicians really that weak and spineless?

    Are they just surrender monkeys?

    Have they no pride or principle?

    Have they been living a lie all these years about the fantastic things which UMNO has been doing for the Melayus?

    Are these UMNO politicians the kind of politicians we want in PPBM? In Pakatan?

    Well, it will be interesting to see how Mahatir handles this.

    My guess is that Mahatir will take them into PPBM after those MPs have spent some time as independents.

    Looks like UMNO is really gonna be dead and gone and there is nothing Zahid Hamidi can do.

    But then Zahid Hamidi was always clueless and totally incompetent as a leader.

    History will probably remember Najib as the man who lost the election BUT Zahid will be remembered as the person who killed UMNO thru his inapt leadership.


  26. annie im so sad when BN go underwater no more BN macai to tikam lidah sob (no more wakakaka)...