Tuesday 30 October 2018

Waiting for daybreak

Slept quite late but woke up a bit too early again.

This is not good.

Maybe I need to do another medical check-up.

Surfed around for something really interesting to comment, but can't find any.

All look the same and repetitive.

Nothing worth the effort.

Everything getting quite predictable.

Quite fucked up, actually.

I don't know why some people are trying so hard when it comes to politics.

As if it makes too much of a difference.

Okay, some make money with the contracts and such which came with the changes, but the rest have to deal with the same shit and getting the same shit as before.

And the ones who got the shit are those who tend to argue about politics as if it's a matter of life or death.

Quite stupid, if you asked me.

Maybe it's just for kicks.

Check out the comments section and you'll know what I mean.

Well, never mind.

On second thought, I don't think you should waste your time.

Actually, there's a problem with my heart.

Sometimes it hurts.

Remember someone as I was lying in the dark just now.

Missing that someone.

Really, things were tough.

Hopefully everything will be alright.

I can just pray.

That;s all.

I'm waiting for daybreak now.

Will do the stretching again.

The effort hurts quite a bit yesterday, but I need to keep on going.

Can't run yet.

Just walking for now.

Mizuno sports T-shirt bought at bargain price the other day

Need to be patient.

Need to be strong.


  1. Annie,

    //Okay, some make money with the contracts and such which came with the changes, //

    Well, there you go, something to write about :)

    With your contacts, you should be able to tell us who or where you believe an unfair advantage is being exploited.

    And with your writing skills and legal background, I am sure you will be able to keep any such article perfectly invulnerable :)

    If you do get caught out, I will PERSONALLY come to your help. I am not without friends in Pakatan - very very good friends.

    No, this is not some idle boast on my part.

    I am keen to find out if there are any shennanigans with the change in government, and, like any Pakatan supporter, I will do my best to prosecute any Pakatan politician who dares to betray my trust.

    The politician aint the boss, I AM.


  2. Ahhhhhh, finally a perfect Annie post : )

    You missed out the YouTube video at the end, but still....

  3. "Okay, some make money with the contracts and such which came with the changes, but the rest have to deal with the same shit and get the same shit as before."

    Heh heh.

    Why do you think Umno are so lost right now?

    It became a Songlap Machine disguised as a political party.

    Without the flow of dedak, what motivation do they have?

    They are completely lost.

    Never mind, I'm sure Lokman, Bung and Tajuddin - men of extreme intelligence & integrity - will show the way.

    Kipidap, Umgnok, dongibab!

  4. Oh..poor Annie.

    Not much good news for UMNO these days and morale is low.

    That is a nice looking T shirt. If it's a bit more orange colour it would make a nice Amanah T shirt :)

    1. Annie cannot join PH parties.

      The remaining 8 MPs in Umno need a Propaganda Chief.

      I nominate Annie as new Blogging General...

  5. get well soon ...

  6. Annie,

    Let me explain why your gang failed and will always fail.

    Here is another Ponygod macai:


    Now, I want to ask a serious question.

    Is the writer of this article really expecting this reaction from Malay readers?

    "OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am under threat! So, I must vote back the kleptocrats into power so they can steal more money from me!"

    All this 3Rs crap is NOT going to work, Annie.

    The people are not stupid.

    Don't waste your time.

    Pass that message to your cronies, too.

    You are all living in the past.

  7. annie gelisah cause her dumbo dying a slow excruciating death wakakaka

  8. 1/n

    Ramblings, the sequel:

    (a) Rounded shoulders on a portly body indicates poor posture; the lungs then can't ventilate efficiently (don't we know by this morning, huh); the lower torso tugs down the centre of gravity of the body and that imbalances motor effort and thus mental acuity; meanwhile the gut accumulates stuff and will soon need the services of Alam Flora. Which of course has its plate already full until the rest of the century cleaning up the detritus left by our Dear Umno.

    So....straighten the shoulders, and therefore centralize the erectness of the backbone; over time, the posture will return to normal. Be conscious of not slouching. Like humans and principles and politics, innit?

    Next, RIRO. Rubbish in, thus out. Eat decently nourishing and clean meals at regular times and in sparse quantities (military precision, there); dilute everything with more clean water. As M2.0 had voiced, we eat too much. And mostly fried stuff; some of which look too colorful to be natural - the modern world of fast chemicals habitually excused by volatile minds scrounging only for the next pit-stop of transient good-feel's (goof-feel?). If just looking at Annie gets one all steamed up, try steaming food to retain more nutrients.

    Walking, running and the offerings of fitness centres are not the only exercises to do. We also have line dance and taiqi. The former is of course for old men and women who still think they are young. The latter would appeal to all age groups. Is it because its origin is Chinese that more of our Malays have not taken it up? The exercises, as one is led to believe, are short, light, and easy to practice, and the benefit as is told is a holistic re-acquisition of lost rhythm of internal energy distribution because sickness and a sense of drabness about life are like the national grid choked at some places, creating brownouts, raising tariffs, and blowing fuses.

    Talking about rhythm, that is one of the key competitive factors in Zara's armor (huh?); the garment giant practices rhythm in its supply chain which maintains agility by using customer likes to JIT mass-produce the right designs for the - week. Fashion then becomes a fast-moving commodity but inventory and thus costs are held to a minimum so that more funds can be spent on premier locations from which to canvass more up-market information. But all the same with you, Zara designs still suck...

    Nonetheless, modern-day pavement-level success seems to about crawling towards the eternal search for evolutionary value-adding to define comparative advantage challenged by time.

  9. 2/n

    (b) Wonderful thing, the world of fairy-tales. Happy endings all want. But the real world was never constructed for us. Else with all the different needs and visions, it would end up quite messy with its parts fighting one another for existence until imploding in the chaos. Like exercise to shave off fat, you need reason and rhyme (rhythm) to harmonize so that as many as possible can enjoy the fruits of their labor in order to justify their pain for the next day of struggling to live.

    Liking fairy-tales and happy endings show a pro-other heart. But if the 'other' is only a specific one-pony trick, then that's limiting one's heart to the pain of loss should that pony vamoosh.

    Statistically, that's about a forty eight percent chance of happening. Some try to tilt the bet by buying affection (or smothering with blings). But that would be getting a fake result with real heartache down the line besides all the shallowness of character which can turn vindictive. Like stray cats once ignored.

    In real life with its constantly changing vagaries, it is more productive to believe "what ain't to be, ain't to be with". And move on.

    Some sages of yesteryear had earned enough merit to have had their fairy-tales busted early in life. And they became sages when they asked why and went about devoting their lives to find out the root causes of why fairy-tales are only airy-fairy in result. They must have found some hidden truths that transcend time since what they subsequently taught get repeated even centuries later.

    Is there a lesson in lessons? Sadness, Happiness, these dancers will come to pass. So what to do?

    Moor to the bigger picture, anchor to an ever enlarging goodwill to all.

  10. 3/n

    (c) We got too much politics. Of the Umno kind. It should be expunged and cremated once and for all. Then its billion ringgit assets can be liquidated as cash for the poor and needy rakyat so freeing the rest from the upcoming draconian and enterprise-draining taxes; after all, the assets all came from the Malaysian population.

    M2.0 and his Able Company should bear that in mind. Because the root of all evils that has caused the downfall of Malaysia has always been money politics.

    Let's parse that into three components. One, our Malay culture; two, weak leaders susceptible to bribes excused as funds needed for campaigning and constituencing; three, i forget....oh, three is the new political dynamic if Umno MPs mass-migrate to Pribumi.

  11. 4/n

    One, Our Malay culture is not a monopoly of our Malays. Its elements are also shared by others. Don't have to fake DNA all the way back to Africa only to be rebuffed by the original researchers.

    And the main elements? These days the young across racial divides show courtesy and friendliness. As they grow older, they may wonder about their forefathers and their roots. The millennial effect will then kick in. Tradition then becomes a curiosity to be recultured because it will be seen as something consumeristically new again. And thus revived. So by this cycle, there is really no loss of any elements of the Malay culture which is common to the elements of other cultures. What with the culture, so too with the language.

    So all the cultures can get harmonized by the rhythm of national identity-shaping under a single Malaysian umbrella strengthened by the very diversity of its components.

    Like an alloy is always stronger than the elemental metals from which it is made. Comprende, signore?

    Conclusion - don't fight the young; render them genuinely pro-them and wise support to discover the whole world so that they can draw their own conclusions rationally without being spoonfed what it must be; after all, it is their own lives they will lead and their own destinies they will carve when those before them won't be around anymore. You still want them to tag the tails of Adel and his Arabs, Hadi and his Takiyudins?

    The day one and all shouts out, "but he's my brother, she's my sister" is the day we achieve success as Malaysians. Finally-lah. And add "up yours, Lokman, Tajuddin, Musa, Hadi, Takiyudin etc" Days of the zealots, racialists, racists, extremists, parochialists, medievalists and so on should be over. Long overdue too. Poltiics is not a game. It can (and has) destroy treasuries.

    The 3rd R can help make good things happen if berani beyond personals - because....real greatness is defined by how one wises up the weakest to be better than both can be.

  12. 5/n

    Next. Money politics for politicians is the stinking sinker. The entire history of Umno is not because they fought for our Malays. On the contrary, once you see what it has done for them, any politician as Malaysians of any mien and race would have had to ultimately do no less on the ground of helping up the poor and needy so there wasn't anything special about Umno.

    But when the help was made exclusive until the other poor and needy were deliberately omitted, then next trying to find excuse by saying "some" have also been helped up is just plain hogwash. Because it's double standards in a rule-of-law world cherry-picked to excuse outright and blatant racism.

    If the government practice had been straight and true, there would have been nothing - especially race - to distinguish between who is more poor or less needy.

    In reality, many were deliberately left out, furthermore most of those who had earned their stripes in education were left to die when they could have been helped up to contribute later to build a bigger economy by which the poor and needy could be more helped up under the all-are-one umbrella.

    Needless to say, that umbrella was blown off with the wind of racial extremism which then generated not only rampant corruption but also reactions to no one's ultimate benefit.

    All this re-said for the benefit of M2.0. Who has to decide with Able Company what to do about money politics.

    So what to do about it? This has been addressed before. Declaration of assets, more efficient open tenders, independent watchdogs and law-enforcement, whistleblower protection, mini royal commissions and so on. Make corruption the sin against the rakyat, not the political saint of atonement for personal gain.

    It may come about that each politician should be given only a fixed sum to campaign and administrate and that sum needs to be held in an account, publicized, recorded, audited and commented upon. Nothing else in cash and kind to be accepted or investigation papers will be established on the spot to include family members and underlings.

    The watchdogs and whistleblowers should be rewarded for anything fishy smelling of proxies. And the press should go home with it, with proof.

    Undoubtedly all this will be an iterative process with incremental improvements. But one must start somewhere. Long overdue, woh.

    So what if the politician runs out of funds? Why should that matter if he has been doing a good job? Just wait for reelection and the next disbursement to continue the good work. Come to think of it, why not just a maximum two-three terms while grooming the next batch to err lead.

  13. 6/6

    Finally (what a relief, huh) thirdly. What if 40 Umno MPs jump ship into Pribumi?

    One, they must first leave Umno completely and sever all ties with it. Two, their applying for Pribumi (or any other party) membership must be scrutinized with utmost sharpness. If they are on the investigation list to be investigated for money politics or soon will be, their applications must be rejected, they must be charged, and their stolen rakyat money recovered. Three, discuss the event first with the rakyat. If they go in, Pribumi can very quickly morph into Probumi. Thus finito Malaysians. Because we will be back to the Umno syndrome. Since M2.0 at this late stage will succumb to his one-half DNA as he had done so when he was M1.0, and that was what had spawned so much trouble to this day.

    Zuraidah has been vocal about money politics. What she said should be carefully noted not just by Rin with regards her subordinates but also those in both PKR camps. Moreover we have just had Pink Lips so Pink Forms should remember what he did last summer.

    Ok, something else that is too late. Inheritance tax should not be introduced because

    (i) the middle income group who receive too little of inheritance will be made to suffer again although they remain the backbone lawabiding economic engine and the amounts taxed are too small to make a difference;

    (ii) the upper-crust rich income group will fly and offshore their intended inheritance straight away, thereby rendering the tax unproductive besides hurting the middle income group and bringing the whole house down.

    What the country needs is money inside to invest in development. Given how low is the devex/opex ratio today, that's critical. If money runs away, who is going to kickstart the economy? The gomen where got money anymore? All the CPAs, CFAs, MBAs in the world can't solve this problem. You need a better SME and MNC investment program supported by a more efficient and less-readtaped administrative geared towards quantified productivity. Produce more in the office, factory and field, not on the bed.

    Should i trade in this old harley for the new Proton-Geely? Heard it's exceptional highvalue-for-lowmoney. Wanna take someone hot for a spin. Alas, dreams are what fairy-tales are made of.

    Gladiator, who sang that song, "i did it again" ?


    Oh..forgot to suggest we should legislate so that new property developments for landed properties especially link houses must plant leafy trees outside each lot to be also by law nurtured and maintained by the lot owner subset his tenants. There's too much heat, not enough greens, too much carbon dioxide, not enough oxygen. To save the next generations, stupidity must be arrested with more oxygen to the brain.

    1. Anon 11:17

      ...Finally (what a relief, huh) thirdly. What if 40 Umno MPs jump ship into Pribumi? ...

      Kesian kan 12/222. 5+ months segala usaha kecek2, telioq nak juga rasa angka 50 so 12+40=52 kan?

      Neway best juga .. kata KuLi jemput ulaq2 sawa masuk kandang ulaq lidi. 12 + 1 + 40, dah plak jadi minority dalam parti sendiri, silap2 yg 40 tu nanti2 adakan vote of no confidence, abis ternganga bapa dan boboi.

      Lucu2 le pemimpin PH semua. Hmmm Kalut dok scouting BN MPs, 3rd nasional car sonyap aje ni?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  14. Poor Annie, sleepless painful nights, heartaches and maybe lovesick aches too?
    You should be happy, your favourite politician Tok Pa is now in PPBM and more to follow,if recent report is anything to go by.
    Wholesale import of UMNO MPs into PPBM? What utter bullshit, Mukriz and other telling there are strict rules and all applicants must denounce UMNO's culture whatever that may mean? Maybe Annie can help select a few of the so called good men or even one good clean man?
    Anyway do get well soon. Wish you speedy recovery.


  15. Wow Annie using the "F" word very frequent these days.

    Sabar Annie...keep cool ya.

  16. Anonymous @ 30 October 2018 at 11:17,

    Gosh another marathon read but most interesting.

    So many things in there and virtually all thought provoking.

    Lemme just pick one and limit myself to just one.

    //These days the young across racial divides show courtesy and friendliness.//

    Strange that you should say that, but I thought this phenomena was limited to just my kampung.

    I did speak to some of the younger crowd about how things were at school.

    Whilst many did feel the discrimination, I noticed a significantly large minority who didn't really care very much about the racial angle.

    I felt weirded out hearing their could-not-care-less attitude towards their friends' skin colour but I put it down to a mere aberration, thinking it was due to local factors.

    Hmmm, looks like it is more widespread then I thought.

    //Gladiator, who sang that song, "i did it again" ?//

    *Ahem* At first, I thought it was Madonna - that is how hopeless I am with pop music.

    I googled and found out that it was Britney Spears.

    I don't really know either artiste.