Tuesday 9 October 2018

Don't get too excited, it's just politics

A lot of people seemed excited about this event in Port Dickson last night,

These are from my last post which has nothing to do with the PD by-election;

It's great to see Tun M and Anwar sharing the same stage in Port Dickson. Go Pakatan !

Wow....this must be Annie's greatest nightmare after all her futile spinning efforts to sow the seeds of division. Even Daim Zainuddin campaigned for Anwar in PD.

Well, actually my greatest nightmare is losing my beloved and not some politicians sharing the same stage.

Politics will always be just politics to me. It's never for real, either in friendship or enmity.

That's why when the fighting broke out between Dr Mahathir and Najib back in 2015, I decided not to take sides. This is my all important post on April 2 that year;

I made that decision primarily because I don't want to be a permanent enemy of any of my friends who took sides at that time.

And true enough, the fighting was bitter, and in fact worse than all the Umno-Pas or Umno-DAP fights.

Closest of friends became bitter enemies till this day.

As for myself, I think I lost some friends because I refused to side with them but at least I believe they don't regard me as enemy either. Well, that's good enough for me.

For me those are such a waste. Life long friendship lost because of just politics which is not even for real.

The same with this Dr Mahathir-Anwar thing. 

Looking back at their history, I believe the same thing happened among ordinary people who are their supporters. 

It's all lost just because of this,

Well, that's just politics, okay.

No need to get too upset.

One day, maybe Dr Mahathir will be okay with Najib again, just like his view of Anwar now, insyaallah.

It's just us, the ordinary people who should not get too excited about it all.

Try not to lose your friends and those you love because of it.

It's all actually not for real, okay. Try to remember that.


  1. Hey Annie,

    I got the feeling that, you are like using microscope to find fault with Pakatan Harapan.

    But....for BN, its like you not only close one eyes, but both of your eyes.

    How can like that....?

    I heard you are very neutral, but I do not feel that you are neutral.

    Am I the only one feeling like this.?

    I read you are preaching fair and good journalism. You know, that kind of shit. But, you are not doing that kind of shit.

    What is wrong with Tun M and Anwar become pals again.?

    Why do you need to bring up stories 20 years ago.

    So long already people also cannot remember. Someone who is 20 years old can have car license already. Can vote also.

    No need for you to dug up old stories.

    Now we have 1MDB stories, they want to make a movie.

    1. Bro

      U are new reader lah I guess

      Lifeofannie is never neutral lah

      101% Ameno blogger

      Pure. Zero Neutral la

      Tapi dapat 36% of undi2 jer

      So...not effective ler

  2. Awww...Annie... I am so moved by your article.

    Just last month...you were so excited to spew anti Anwar articles and your archives are replete with anti Anwar news.

    Well, life of hypocritical Annie I guess.

  3. That is a great photo of Tun M and Anwar seated together.

    Kipidap, Dongiap.

  4. Annie Blogging Method #1:

    a) Pretend to be Very Neutral

    b) Pretend "not to care"

    c) Scroll down the post to see real intention :)

    At least Annie posts more often than once a month or once every two months - like some others......hmmmmmmmmmm.

  5. "One day, maybe Dr Mahathir will be okay with Najib again, just like his view of Anwar now, insyaallah."

    But of course have to forgive FOREX RCI, cutting Tun's face out of billboards, banning his party, bullying Mukhriz, withdrawing escort, threatening him via PDRM, and generally being a complete asshole.

    Jahat, O, si lanun bibirpink tu O!

    1. U forgot harrass and humiliate Siti Hasmah via police..

    2. Also....

      Threaten to cut off funds for Perdana Leadership Foundation.

      Jilake betui that pirate.

      But the hippo is the evil mastermaind.

  6. "'Well, actually my greatest nightmare is losing my beloved'"...what happened to ur beloved?...so sorry to hear..

  7. The video that you showed are a combination of videos originated from Associated Press or AP, a highly respected international news agency based in the US. Instead of acknowledging the source of the video by showing their label at the top right hand corner, they hide the real label by putting on their label as if the videos coming from them. Destroying the originality. What a shameful act.

    To add insult to injury, they even butchered those AP videos by editing and cutting them into pieces and turn it into a hideous piece of garbage; showing no respect whatsoever to the origin of the video. What more asking their permission to use the videos. A serious infringment of copyright laws which can invite legal recourse from the the news agency.

  8. Annie,

    //A lot of people seemed excited about this event in Port Dickson last night//

    Eeerrr, what event?

    Oh, that event.

    OK lah, I am excited.

    So excited that I am not going with my cousin and his friends.

    I don't want to wet myself with excitement in the car. :)

    There are at least 5 car loads going from my kampung. Maybe more because I don't know who else is going. There is no real organisation here for these sorts of events.

    Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know, I know, it is a historic event in Malaysian politics, but I am sure I will read about it tomorrow or I might even find some live feed on FB.

    // Closest of friends became bitter enemies till this day. //


    This much I know about friends.

    Friends often turn out to be a pain in the ass.

    Yes, things are great at the start, but then things are always great at the start, aren't they? :)

    I have been on my own now for a while and I don't think I am any worst off for it.

    If anything, my life is probably better because I need only to consider myself and what makes me happy :)

    I go out when I like, eat what I like, come home when I like, do whatever I like, without bothering anybody, without answering to anybody :)


    Aiyah, I am a nice guy where I got enemies? :)

    //One day, maybe Dr Mahathir will be okay with Najib again//

    Mahatir is now 93 and Najib will very likely be going to jail for many years, once the all the court cases are over.

    By the time Najib gets out of jail, Mahatir will be well over 100, maybe 150 :)

    So, if Mahatir and Najib are going to be friends again, it had better be real soon :)

    //Try not to lose your friends and those you love because of it.//

    Or have no friends and love nobody.

    It saves on the pain of separation.

    And on the plus side, one can treat everybody equally and fairly without any fear of being accused of favouritism :)

    Does that make me sound like a conceited selfish inconsiderate git?

    Maybe, but I do support charities like Medecins Sans Frontiers and ... and .. Medecins Sans Frontiers.

    And I have been doing so well before they won their Nobel Prize.

    I know I am no angel but then angels don't exist anyway :)


    1. You are single and alone Gladiator ?

      I thought Gladiators always have company

  9. Annie Blogging Method No. 2
    (a) Pretend some friend, girlfriend, neighbour, auntie, cousin, etc told her some news, event etc
    (b) Spin
    (c) More Spin
    (d) End with some weird song from Youtube video

    1. Annie Blogging Method No. 3
      (a) Use dead dog or autistic kid craving pizza to gain sympathy
      (b) Spin about cost of living
      (c) More spin
      (d) Even more spin
      (e) End with some clip from Youtube Korean drama

  10. Another bodoh statement from ph minister:

    MRT2 not cancelled, workers can find jobs after fresh tender - Guan Eng


    Does he understand how long a proper tender process take? What does he expect the workers to do in between? Who cares right?

  11. Another stupidity:

    Tourism Ministry wants staggered school holidays to prevent overcrowding at tourist spots
    Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/10/09/tourism-ministry-wants-staggered-school-holidays/#ZEx75h76zuo7ou34.99

  12. Anonymous @ 9 October 2018 at 23:13,

    //You are single and alone Gladiator ? //

    And loving it :)

    //I thought Gladiators always have company//

    Company does not mean friends.


    1. You should rename yourself "Lone Ranger" or "Hans Solo" :)

  13. How easily politicians forget...they used to do the same to their counterparts in the prev govn but now they are crying foul when they are at the receiving end.

    So this is Msia baru? New container but the same muck inside.


    BN, get your acts together!

  14. Please don't get excited either that :-

    Labuan MP is expected to announce he's leaving Umno for Warisan

  15. Annie,

    A picture is worth a thousand words. The Malays called it "blessing in disguise". Finally, we can see the light in the end of the tunnel. Malaysians should cherish both of them to ameliorate our damaged nation done by Najib and Co. Don't you think so?

    Your write up seems ridicule and harbored with resentment. I hope you won't sit and crying in a corner, frustrated. :)

  16. Anonymous @ 10 October 2018 at 12:31,

    //You should rename yourself "Lone Ranger" or "Hans Solo"//

    The Lone Ranger had Tonto and Hans Solo had Chewbacca, so they were not exactly on their own. :)