Saturday 27 October 2018

Khabib, what do you think of Waytha Moorthy's words?

This is interesting,

Minister claims ratifying ICERD will not affect Malays, Bumiputeras


In a statement, Waytha Moorthy assured that the government would engage all stakeholders to obtain their views on ratifying ICERD.
“The government is not rushing to ratify ICERD as it wants to gather as much feedback as possible,” he said as he dispelled speculation that ratifying the convention was intended to challenge or abolish Article 153. 
The Article touches, among others, on the special position of the Malays and Bumiputeras and the legitimate interests of other communities.
So the government is not rushing to ratify ICERD is it?

Ya, and that's just because of the uproar isn't it?

Here, read this story published by The Edge just a few days ago in case you haven't,

Govt to ratify six treaties

 including ICERD early next year 

Early next year?

This is end of October already la, and he claimed that it's not being rushed.

And these are Waytha Moorthy's words;


“I want to state that the ratification of conventions including ICERD is in line with Pakatan Harapan (PH)'s manifesto."
“The commitment is not only by me but also by the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department for Religious Affairs Datuk Mujahid Rawa. It is further strengthened with the statements of Foreign Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah and Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the United Nations General Assembly recently.”
“We need to remember that the ratification of ICERD may require the Government to modify several existing legislations and policies."

And what are those several existing legislations and policies that needed to be modified?

Ya, and he said Article 153 will not be affected.

Again, as I imagined, Khabib would say,

Well, of course the trolls will go to the comments section and call me a racist playing the racial card, Umno macai and such for writing this.

But let them be.

I'm used to them and their bullshit talk already.

Having said all that, let me tell you all that I honestly don't really care about Article 153 because I can do without it.

I'm not a poor Malay kampung folk who needs that provision to cut through the barriers imposed by all the other invisible racial discrimination in our multi-racial society to improve myself.

Ya, I'm talking about all that bullshit such as jobs for only applicants who can speak Mandarin.

Really, I can take care of myself without that Article 153.

But what really pissed me off was the bullshit peddled by the minister.

Today says something, tomorrow says something else.

Making announcements without even doing a proper study.

Simply talk to make it as if he is doing something.

Real shit minister, if you asked me.

The same with so many other ministers these days.

It's still not so bad if they are just stupid, but in this ICERD matter, the minister was also irresponsible and highly likely trying to promote a malicious agenda.

I hope Dr Mahathir will be even more careful in the selection of his future Cabinet.

I shudder to think of a possible Anwar's Cabinet because I think it will be even worse.


  1. Khabib, what do you think of Najib's performance on Al jazeera interview ? :)

    1. As a Malaysian, all I can say is:

      "Kemaluan saya amat besar."

      This unstable clown was our PM for 9 years????


  2. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

    40 UMNO MPs joining Bersatu. Here's a pantun for you:-

    UMNO bridge is falling down, falling down,falling down
    UMNO bridge is falling down, my fair lady..

    1. Pokpek Parrot is hiding in the Amazon forest because his paymaster is likely to become a Bersatu member.

      I would love to see Pokpek using the 12/222 line and insulting Tun after this....

      Ada berani ke, PokPek?

    2. Anon 00:13 n 11:54


      Mamai,nyanyok atau dh nak k Alam kebudak2an ni? Malam2 takleh tidoq sejak 9 Mei kenangkan 12/222?? Mimpi Alibaba and his "40" thieves kut?

      Lawak, lawak.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. Pokpek parrot is not normal.

      So he does not understand the meaning of malu or bodoh.

      He operates in his own fantasy world. In bahasa he is termed as "kurang siuman".

  3. Annie should not disrespect and dismiss her readers by saying that their comments are "bullshit talk".

    In fact she should be more appreciative that they are still reading pro UMNO blogs like LifeofAnnie despite UMNO's fledging political fortunes and relevance.

    Her mindset is still stuck in the rut of the old UMNO ways of false sense of arrogance and superiority.

    1. Anonymous28 October 2018 at 07:47

      Seriously, I'm just here for entertainment.

      If you want to laugh, go to PonyGod's blog and look at the line-up of losers on the right-hamd panel.


      No wonder BN got crushed flat.

  4. Annie,

    Please clarify for your readers here:

    (a) what YOU understand is the ICERD's objectives;

    (b) what YOU understand is the scope and intent of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution;

    (c) what YOU understand is the reason for the timeline for the adoption of the ICERD;

    (d) what YOU understand are the causes AND reason(s) for some job applications to require Mandarin-speaking skills and whether the requirement has abated; AND whether YOU know of any OTHER examples which requires open discussion;

    (e) what YOU understand are the reasons for why our Malay community still need the protection of Article 153; and how upholding those reasons have helped the others who also are in the same situations as our Malays.

    Then your readers will be able to understand where you are coming from in this topic, what are the underlying reasons you are doing so, and what can be responded clearly going forward to will resolve for the last time this sticky issue that has apparently been in your throat ever since you were born from two parents across a divide - in a way that has been observed happening equally in others of the same disposition.

    This is serious, girl. Your answers on the above questions are awaited.

    1. Anonymous28 October 2018 at 08:29

      You will get no answers, because Annie's shallow mind was merely programmed to try and scare the Malays by pulling some bullshit (her favourite word) out of thin air.

      Evolution as per Darwin's theory does not apply to Umngok bloggers.

      They cannot evolve.

  5. You want THAT job learn Mandarin.
    That applies to Chinese who never went to Chinese school.
    Why can't the fooking monkeys understand that.

    And ohhhh, 15 should have been gone a long long time ago. Fook the monkeys.

    1. O really? Learn mandarin? 2 of my kids know mandarin. Went to manyinterviews require mandarin. Didn't get the jobs coz they actually want only Chinese. Worst of it all, the jobs don't even require mandarin. All of their customers are malaysian. Majority Malays if I may add.

    2. Anon 15:03, that's because the pigs operate on the basis all animals are equal but pigs are more equal than others. Pigs are the biggest hypocrites of all, masquerading as an upright man.

  6. Annie,

    //And what are those several existing legislations and policies that needed to be modified?//

    Aiyah, wait lah!!

    You are patient enough to wait for a court to decide on whether Najib is innocent or guilty and THAT is a much much much longer wait, OK?

    So, there is little point in speculating what laws are going to be changed due to Malaysia's ratification of ICERD.

    I mean, the all important Article 153 is not going to be touched, so what is the problem?

    I fully understand the concerns some Malays may have about Article 153, because Malaysia Baru is unexplored new ground for many Malays who have never had to do very much to get the goodies they received from UMNO.

    Are you suggesting that Malays should continue to do nothing and keep receiving goodies?

    How will that help the Malays?

    Anyway, with the rumour of the 40 UMNO MPs joining PPBM, that would mean that Pakatan will have a whooping huge majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

    What if Mahatir decides to abolish Article 153 and every single discriminatory item in the Constitution?

    What could UMNO + PAS do?


    What if DAP is able to brainwash Mahatir into passing discriminatory clauses in the Constitution to benefit just Lim Guan Eng, his descendants and all the Lims in Malaysia??? :)

    Mati lah like this!! :)

    The truth is that I simply cannot see any changes to preferential treatment for Malays for a long time.

    There are just sooo many Malays who do need help due to the years of neglect for their development.

    BUT in saying that, I hope Malays understand that there are also many many Indians and Chinese and lain2 who need just as much help.

    Annie, the days of the lopsided unfair discriminatory policies should no longer be pursued - IT DOES NOT HELP THE MALAYS!!

    Especially the "poor Malay kampung folk" you mentioned.

    In fact, Article 153 NEVER helped the "poor Malay kampung folk" - it just drove them deeper into the morass.

    //I'm not a poor Malay kampung folk who needs that provision to cut through the barriers imposed by all the other invisible racial discrimination in our multi-racial society to improve myself.//

    Hang on a minute there.

    Why would the "poor kampung folk" need to even go look for jobs amongst the Chinese and Indians and face those stupid barriers?

    According to the propaganda, I thought UMNO had looked after "poor kampung folk" so well, thru Article 153, etc?

    I thought Article 153 was central to the good fortune enjoyed by Malays thus far to this very day.

    I mean, without Article 153, Melayu habis lah, right?

    Yet all this good fortune from Article 153 seems to have somehow by-passed your "poor kampung folk" to the extent that they have to go learn to speak Mandarin and look for jobs with the Chinese??

    What has gone wrong there with Article 153 under UMNO?

    //Real shit minister, if you asked me.//

    I have a lot of regard for Waythamoorty.

    He walked away from a golden opportunity to make himself hundreds of millions of ringgit without having to work too hard for that money.

    All he had to do was to make the appropriate noises at appropriate times and he and his family would have been like Najib, Zahid, et al - fabulously wealthy forever and ever and ever.

    I am perfectly willing to wait a couple of years before I start bitching about any Minister in Pakatan.

    //the minister was also irresponsible and highly likely trying to promote a malicious agenda.//

    Eeeerrr.... in what way was the minister being irresponsible?

    And what is the malicious agenda he is trying to promote?

    I am sorry but I see none of those characteristics you mentioned.

    Would you like to provide further details?


  7. Aiyo annie! x cukup dedak ke...kesian

  8. "Well, of course the trolls will go to the comments section and call me a racist playing the racial card, Umno macai and such for writing this."

    Annie, actually tak payah lah.

    It's a given that you are an Umno macai, whoops Very Very Neutral.

    We're just laughing at how badly you do it : )

    I guess the 8 remaining Umno MPs will be quite lucky to have your services....

  9. Annie lebih kurang sama dengan Ridhuan Tee

    1. Aiyo...mana boleh?

      Ridhuan Tee is a loser.

    2. if lifeofannie is life Tee

      And Tee is a loser....

      Lifeofannie is???

      Cuba teka....,,

  10. Aiyah Annie, why so harsh. The article from the Mole that is referred to in link, doesn't show anything malicious. In fact it says:

    :“In line with our commitment towards the United Nations and in enhancing human rights, it would be advisable to ratify but with reservations, and ensuring the Federal Constitution is upheld with the intention of the original framers,” he explained.

    The minister also said that ‘unfounded fear’ was causing many to speculate on the results of ratifying ICERD.

    He assured that institutions, like MARA, and other agencies used to uplift the needy among the Bumiputera community would not be in any way affected by the ratification of ICERD."

    RATIFY WITH RESERVATIONS...meaning Article 153 wouldn't be touched. In any case you think Tun will let anything like to be pushed through. He is the only politician that I know who loves his Malay and Muslim race so much that even though the Malays themselves have called him names, mamak and such, will not abandon his race, period! I have full confidence in Tun.

  11. Waythamoorthy is a good and principled man.

    Anytime much better and cleaner than the present MIC fellas. Poor Samy choice but still stuck with MIC

  12. najib claimed other than jho low many others are involved in 1mdb songlap & this bloody dumbo bangsa & agama not even lifting a finger to stop them sad

    1. And annie blog not even one opposition or objection to 1mdb songlap, in politics annie can claim neutrality (but no neutrality where songlap crimes are against the msian people right) sob

  13. ‘Israel pun tolak ICERD, kenapa pula Malaysia harus terima’.

    Pada bulan Julai lepas, Israel meluluskan undang-undang negara bangsa (nation state law) yang mentakrif negara tersebut sebagai negara Yahudi atau “Jewish state”.

    Undang-undang tubuh negeri itu – memetik bahasa rasmi usul berkenaan – mengabsahkan Israel tanahair Yahudi:

    • The land of Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people …

    • The State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people …

    • The state’s language is Hebrew …



    DAP slams Israeli parliament for passing Jewish National Law …
    12:01 AM - Jul 22, 2018

    Fikir-fikir la sendiri kalau israel pun tak suka IECRD apsal kita nak implement pula.

    1. Israel tak suka IECRD sebab buku suci mereka Talmud menyatakan bahawa hanya orang Yahudi sahaja manusia dan manusia lain di dunia ini "goyim". Goyim itu "sub-human" iaitu setaraf dengan binatang. Tak kan lah orang Israel nak tandatangan undang undang yang memberi "goyim" sama taraf dengan mereka kut! Kalau iapun you nak compare tolong lah cari negara lain, ini pula you compare dengan Israel. Ish!!

  14. Khabib what do you think of Annie? I know you would probably not heard of Annie but I have to ask you anyway coz you've been asked about Anwar winning PD by by-election and now Waytha Moorty all the same. Khabib, do expect Annie asking your opinion on Asyraf Wajdi Dasuki as well.

    1. Denk you forrrr asking.

      Annieski is numberrrrrrr one bullshit.

      She is, how arrrre you say?

      Makang de-dack?

    2. Annie likes Russian guys ?

  15. Anonymous @ 29 October 2018 at 01:17,

    //najib claimed other than jho low many others are involved in 1mdb songlap//

    Hmmm... come to think of it, Najib did say that, didn't he? Something about "other international figures".

    But right up until May 9th, he had Arul Kandar doing roadshows around the country about how everything is A-OK at 1MDB.

    So, where did these "other international figures" come from?

    Najib's narrative on 1MDB seems to be very slowly and very carefully changing to where he is starting to implicate others.

    I guess this is where poor Arul Kandar is going to be screwed big time :)

    Najib, himself, is, of cos, completely innocent :)