Sunday 14 October 2018

Things they hope you'll not notice about PD results

Some of you all got so excited about Anwar winning the PD by-election yesterday and started commenting on it at my last post which has nothing to do with the nonsense at all.

So, I think I better do one a bit about it so that you all can comment properly instead of trolling at a totally unrelated post which is rather irritating.

I have half in mind not to publish them but considering that you all had took the trouble to write, I just let them through.

Anyway, please try to refrain from doing it again as I will probably treat them as spam next time.

Okay, first, this is the headline of Bernama's report;

Anwar wins with a bigger majority in PD

Read carefully the first paragraph,

PORT DICKSON,  Oct 13 (Bernama) –  Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim won today’s Port Dickson by-election with an even bigger majority than in the 14th general election  (GE14).

The use of the word "even" emphasis the significance of the bigger majority.

Actually, it's a kiss ass report.

If you go to the Bernama website and read their PD by-election reports, you would understand what I'm trying to tell you.

Well, never mind. I understand that the people there need to keep their job.

Okay, other than the highlighted bigger majority to show how popular Anwar is, let's look at the statistics a little bit closer and compare them with those of GE14.

Please click on this link;

Port Dickson by-election

Three things to note:

1. Turn out 
PD by-election : 44,136 or 58.25 per cent
GE14 : 62,548 or 83.16 per cent

What I think : Almost half of the voters in PD don't really care about the by-election even though it was supposed to usher in Anwar as the new prime minister of Malaysia. Well, they should be more excited because their MP is going to be the PM. Over 18,000 voters during GE14 didn't turn up for the by-election. They were definitely more enthusiastic during GE14 to put Dr Mahathir as PM.

2. The votes that Anwar received
Anwar's votes at the by-election : 31,016
PH candidate's votes during GE14 : 36,225

What I think : About 5,000 PH supporters during GE14 couldn't care less about Anwar. Hey, PH supporters in PD, it was not a normal by-election, okay. It's Anwar for PM. How come you all gave that nobody PH's GE14 candidate more votes than Anwar?

3. The votes of Anwar's nearest rival
Pas candidate's votes in the by-election : 7,456
Pas candidate's votes for GE14 : 6,596

What I think : If the PH candidate was only to face a Pas candidate in GE14, his majority should be 29,631 and not 17,710. Anwar's majority in the by-election is 23,560. So, Anwar's trumpeted bigger majority is not really a big deal. If BN had contested or campaigned for the Pas candidate, Anwar will still win but he may not look very good at the end of polling day. Maybe you all should ask Zahid again why BN boycotted the by-election. I mean really really ask him.

Okay, you all Anwar's fanboys, knock yourselves out.


  1. Itu la...Dah start merajuk dah Annie. Annie is a sore loser.

    1. Annie's logic also failed.

      Anwar's votes at the by-election : 31,016
      PH candidate's votes during GE14 : 36,225

      Difference in turnout = almost 25% less.

      Hence, the winning majority is - proportionately - much LARGER than in PRU14.

      Like Homer Simpson would say:


      Pendek kata, with 80% turn-out in PRU15, and Malay votes already swinging to PH in PD, Anwar's majority will be MASSIVE.

      The Pasumno candidate may lose deposit.

      But by then, no more Umno lah....all members absorbed into Bersatu.

    2. Annie merajuk maximum.

      Even edited her post later to say....

      "Anwar's fanboys, knock yourselves out."

      Yes Annie, we noticed : )

      Better delete last para and put Korean drama video instead.

      Kih kih kih....

    3. Naughty naughty ... 40 mm Rear Admirel Fan Boys? The Stinking Saudi suck up Islamist that's utterly corrupted our education system.

  2. LOL....

    Kesian lah poor Umgnok blogger WHOOPS Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Neutral Annie.

    The mission to return your kleptocrats to power becomes harder and harder with Anwar's easy win. Also, because Tun looks to be 100% in support of him.

    Most worrying for you:

    "Malay support for Pakatan Harapan in Port Dickson appears to have increased, based on polling district data from today's by-election.

    Compared to the 14th general election, Harapan candidate Anwar Ibrahim received more votes in seven Malay-majority districts, despite a lower turnout in these areas."

    How lah Annie?

    Anyway, don't stress about NS politics.

    Concentrate on winning back Johor, Annie.

    In fact, I nominate you as Official Umgnok Whoops Neutral Propaganda Leader for Johor PRU15 effort.

    Problem is... you have ANY fresh spin we haven't seen one million times before? Tu lah soalan cepumas.

    If not, you & your geng (now half of them are retired, anyway) will merely repeat your failure.

    Kipidap, Annie, dongibab : )

    1. haha.. i think now it is time for NUAR vs Atok Turn.. tengok sapa yg tersungkur.. hehe

    2. But with Umno and its coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) officially sitting out the Port Dickson by-election, why did PAS not gain more votes, especially with its traditional image of being the alternative to Umno when it comes to “defending” Islam and Malay interests?

      Ilham Centre executive director Azlan Zainal explains that some of the BN votes actually shifted to their rival PH, citing Anwar’s increased majority which he said was backed by an increase in Malay and army votes.

      Strategy backfired.

      PAS cannot pick up BN votes.

      The PAS grassroots still geli to vote for corruption of Umno.

  3. After winning the Port Dickson by-election, Anwar will concentrate on reforming Parliament, said Universiti Utara Malaysia political lecturer Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani. Anwar had announced when he became an MP, he has an agenda of reform and renewal in Parliament, he said.

    The moment Anwar enters Parliament as an MP, there will be a recalibration of the political equation in the country.

    “When they see him (as an MP) in Parliament, it is game over. Anwar will be the leader of the largest political party in Parliament,” he said.

    “You will suddenly see some (not friendly to Anwar) politicians changing their positioning. They will start to be friendlier to Anwar.

    “Do you really want to make Anwar your enemy?

    “Are you sure you can kick him out (as potential PM)?” he said.

  4. Annie,

    You asked:

    "Maybe you all should ask Zahid again why BN boycotted the by-election. I mean really really ask him."


    Wak Jahid is auditioning for the Indonesian version of the "Invisible Man" and is too busy to look into Umno affairs. Please DO NOT disturb him.

    So please note, ya:



    That's the reality.

    After DSN books his room in Bamboo River, please take orders directly from Lokman.

    He is very smart and very cultured.


    100% true.

    Almost as good as Jamal Jamban.

  5. hahaha!u r rite annie! now the pitch is all set 4 de grand final -mahathir vs anwar...sold out!

  6. Very lame spin. Also your math is as bad as your grammar.Seek help.

  7.'s something funny. The only 2 Umno bloggers covering or knocking the Anwar victory are you and the fat Chinese walrus woman. So you have something more in common, ha ha! Even the cirit-birit UnSpinners gave up already.....

  8. You are absolutely correct, Annie. Those who did not point out the truth like you did, they are distorting the picture, biased. These people intentionally do not want to report on anwar unethical behaviour to the public, and a danger to society, especially the political analysts and the professors. They pretend to be objective but are not so. Keep up the good work, Annie, shoot 'um up!

  9. Annie,

    Sepatutnya you happy Anwar menang. Lepas ni dia nak reform parliament dan bawa masuk geng umno dia dan tendang Tun M. You tentu suka kan ?

    Next PM and our future is pompeii ?

    Ya Allah, selamatkanlah Malaysia.

    1. Your maths also fail la bro

      Who gonna follow Anwar to declare no-confidence motion in Tun?

      Not enough MPs lah.

      Shafie / Warisan are pro-Tun

      More than 50% of PKR is pro-Tun


      Cannot happen lah.

      Tunggu jer.

      There will be orderly handover la

    2. Anon 14oct @12:29

      Eh? How did you do your maths get 50% pkr pro tun ?

      Anwar means PM-8 the soonest.

  10. "Some of you all got so excited about Anwar winning the PD by-election yesterday..."

    I'm not excited at all, since I prefer Saiful. I like his campaign of 'Don't throw rubbish in the longkang'.

    "Actually, it's a kiss ass report".

    I've been listening and watching BNC of late, and yes they've been kissing PH's ass.

    "If BN had contested or campaigned for the Pas candidate, Anwar will still win but he may not look very good at the end of polling day."

    I don't think Zahid or UMNO was of any significance at all, in the buy-election.
    If not because of Dr.M's popularity and his appearance in PD, the turnout for the buy-election would still be below 45%.

  11. annie stop making excuses (kelentong) & acknowledge the good news BTW syabas to PH & anwar...

  12. Opposition can only highlight losing with better support or losing to lower margin. They seem to be missing the key word losing. Please keep losing with improve x. Just put anyword to the x. Big L in the forehead to umno and pas. This will be a common theme for them to the next 15 years. How long can this blog last when the dedak becomes less and less.

  13. I pray for Malaysia and Malaysians. Someone has ben ripened to wreak havoc on our politics.

    It would be good to know what parliamentary refrorms are required; nothing has been spelt out and I believe we are being hoodwinked like before. There will be a lot of high-falutin talk but no substance really. New ords will be introduced to our vocabulary, especially of Arabic origin. But apart from that, it will be game on. The provocateurs have already started work, greedy for power.

    What we will see is the breakup of PH and goodbye to all our hopes. The future will be Anwar's and his PKR soldiers. We will be left gaping at what should be our victory that will be usurped by an ambitious but not so clever man.

    I hope I am proven wrong, for all our sakes!

  14. Quote Annie--"Some of you all got so excited about Anwar winning the PD by-election yesterday and started commenting on it at my last post which has nothing to do with the nonsense at all." unquote.

    I think this one is most exited and even invoke God's name.

    God’s will that Anwar leads Malaysia, says Nazri
    Robin Augustin - October 13, 2018 11:51 PM"

    1. Wow.

      I mean WOW.....

      "The Padang Rengas MP said he was “extremely happy” with Anwar’s victory in the by-election, where he gained some 70% of the total votes, defeating six other candidates.

      “I’m also looking forward to him being in Parliament because it is easier to work with Anwar on national affairs,” he told FMT.

      Nazri said the PKR leader deserved the victory.

      “Malaysia badly needs him now,” he added.

      Nazri said only Anwar could “put the country back on track”

      What's going on?????

      Nazri to join PKR?

  15. What an amazing achievement by Anwar in getting 72% of total votes cast. That's like way above two thirds of total votes cast.

    What is even more amazing is the 72% feat is achieved despite lower voter turnout and despite that the winning majority is even more than what PH got in May.

    Compared to the 3 by elections since May, PD has much higher voter turnout at 58% and winning majority.

    PH also got a lot more Malay votes this timet and this augurs well for PH's future.

    Annie's analysis is deeply flawed bordering ridiculousness.

    1. "Annie's analysis is deeply flawed bordering ridiculousness."

      Annie is hoping her readers can't count : )

      Then she can get away with her "Spin Maths".....

  16. Saiful came in last in the byelection. Does it mean that the overwhelming majority does not believe him? Anwar shd be PM by end of the year. Papa Gomo, Lawyer Shafee and anti Anwar bloggers should be a bit more cautious.

  17. Saifool only got 82 votes.

    How Pathetic!

    But to Annie, that is a success..hehe

    1. Anonymous14 October 2018 at 13:59

      Don't say that lah kawan.

      Prof Pokpek Parrot is actually Saifool in disguise.

      Nanti dia marah, how?

    2. That's like 0.000000000001% of total votes.

      Even spoilt votes way more than 82.

    3. Anon 14:31

      Alamak? 31K voters pun nak kepoh semacam?..Issshhh doksah hingaq2. Malu kat dunia.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Aikkkk...dah keluar dah Prof Nasi Dedak...

      Ingak sembunyi kat mano selamo ni...senyak jah

      Rupo ruponyo sembunyi kat backside Saifool..kakakahkah

  18. Am I the only one who doesn't give a rat's ass about this by-election?
    He can't save the fooking Melayu la.

  19. Quote Annie-" Maybe you all should ask Zahid again why BN boycotted the by-election. I mean really really ask him."

    Good question. My guess is with the good Dr. plus Macc etc literally trying to clean house, does one need more enemies?
    Also look at our Nazri, now saying Anwar never left Umno, and he has been a supporter of Anwar all this while. Trying the great escape gimmick?


  20. Annie,


    I am not going to fall into your trap by addressing each and every question you posed :)

    Before the by-election, my elder sister was kind of doing the same as you - crunching numbers about PAS, about UMNO, about Isa Samad, about Anwar.

    I told her not to waste her time because the only thing which mattered was simply how big a majority Anwar would win by and we cannot know that until the votes are counted.

    And it looks like Anwar has delivered a big win.

    But if anybody wanted to crunch numbers, I am sure that if I played around with the numbers and made certain assumptions, I could probably show that Anwar Ibrahim actually lost the PD by-election or at least lost the popular vote :)

    On other matters, while some might think that Parti Anak Syaitan has done very well, I think they have not.

    PAS only managed to pick up a mere 1,000+ additional votes which I suggest are from unhappy UMNO supporters who have succumbed to the agama and bangsa story line which we know PAS loves pushing.

    But I think the biggest loser from all this is Isa Samad.

    We now know that Isa Samad is a nobody without UMNO.

    I mean, 3000+ votes?

    Come on lah, if I had his money, I think that even a zero-profile feller like me can drum up 3000 votes.

    On top of all this, the big mystery is why Zahid Hamidi has refused to put UMNO into the PD arena.

    Even a political novice like me know that it is important to make sure Anwar Ibrahim wins by the smallest possible majority.

    In his stupidity, Zahid Hamidi decides to let Anwar win by the largest possible majority!!

    Nup, Zahid Hamidi is showing himself to be an incompetent bumbling jaguh kampung, and from a very small kampung at that.

    He cannot comment on the economy, he cannot say anything about finance, he cannot comment on social issues, he is almost completely dumb as far as the media is concerned!!

    No wonder Najib has been doing all the talking for UMNO!!

    Poor Najib, it is not as though he hasn't got enough problems of his own.

    Things are just not going well for UMNO with "The Invisible Man" (with thks to Anonymous @ 14 October 2018 at 08:56) at the helm.

    Hehehehehh!! I like that - Zahid Hamidi aka "The Invisible Man" :)


    1. Yes, do show & elaborate how Anwar by winning 72% of total votes actually lost popular votes as you claim

    2. Najib only won 62 % of popular vote in Pekan in GE whereas Anwar won 72 % and even that Anwar won in by election with lower turnout.

      I am curious at Gladiator's assertion that by number crunching he can show that Anwar lost popular vote and also lost the by election.

  21. Congratulations to Anwar and Pakatan Harapan for an overwhelming and emphatic win !

  22. Annie,

    The more important question is why Port Dickson? Why Anwar did not contest in Permatang Pauh?

    Actually the data fromGE14 provide the answer. Around 70% of Malays in GE14 voted either UMNO and PAS.

    And Permatang Pauh being aMalay majority, is a risk for Anwar. With UMNO and PAS cooperating, Anwar will likely lose out in Permatanh Pauh.

    You are right about the manipulation of data( by not highlighting the statistics).

    Anwar received fewer votes from Daniel. Ya. People can say lower percentage of voters in by election. But how come PAS garnered more votes despite lower turn out.

    The answer is UMNO and PAS cooperation in the bylection is showing result. Many of those who support UMNO voted for PAS.

    A win is still a win. But this is a by election. in next election, imagine with PAS and UMNO cooperating, results in many Malay DUNs and Parliamentary seats would have been different.

    For DUN Tebing Tinggi(Perlis) , Kulim(Kedah), Sg Acheh, Bertam, Pinang Tunggal, Teluk Air Tawar, Pulau Betong, Teluk Bahang, Permatang Berangan(Pulau Pinang), Chenderiang(Perak) , most likely the seays will go to either UMNO and PAS.

    And Titiwangsa, Kulim Bdr baru, Jerlun, Kubang pasu, Parit Buntar, Lumut, Tg Malim, Tampin, Kuala Pilah, Hang Yuah jaya, Kuantan, Temerluh, Muar, Batu Pahat, Indera Mahkota, Johor Baru,are Malay majoriry areas will go either to PAS or UMNO.

    We are know Tun and Anwar are using eaah other for their political benefit.

    Only UMNO ans pAS need to be more vocal. Use social media to whack PH. Anyone in UMNO who can useYoutube to explain how Guan eng misled us on national debt?

    Make it simple. Like basic 101 of national debt. Just 5 minute creayion that whole world can see

    1. umno and pas members need vote in credible leaders to have a chance. With zahid or hadi there is no way the country will think of voting umno or pas to rule malaysia.

  23. The Return of the King,

    And all hail the King...of Sodom n Gomorrah...

  24. Anonymous @ 14 October 2018 at 17:38,

    //Yes, do show & elaborate how Anwar by winning 72% of total votes actually lost popular votes as you claim //

    Anonymous @ 14 October 2018 at 19:12,

    //I am curious at Gladiator's assertion that by number crunching he can show that Anwar lost popular vote and also lost the by election//


    I have been debating with myself whether to let you two continue to challenge me to prove what I said could be done.

    Maybe you two were speed-reading and misread what I wrote.

    OK, OK, OK, so let's do it to keep you two happy, OK?

    I am going to crunch numbers and make "certain assumptions" like I said, OK?

    Let's use the figures from Wikipedia here and assume they are the god-honest truth, OK? First assumption here :),_2018

    OK, looking at the wikipedia site (which I have just done for the very first time because you two fellows wanted me to crunch some numbers), the total number of registered voters is 75,770.

    So, here is another assumption - if ALL those 75,770 voters turned up to vote, Anwar Ibrahiim would have lost the popular vote because he only got 31,016 votes :)


    I said, I was going to make "certain assumptions" and I just did, and according to the "certain assumptions" I have made, Anwar Ibrahim has just lost the popular vote.

    Pls, no need to clap :)

    OK, now for the next bit about Anwar losing the by-election.

    Out of the 75,770 registered voters only 44,136 turned out to vote, meaning that there were 31,634 voters who did not turn up.

    OK, now to make certain assumptions again :)

    If all those 31,634 voters did turn up and they all voted for PAS (7,456 votes) or even Isa Samad (4,230) or hell, ANY other candidate, then Anwar Ibrahim would have actually lost the by-election.


    I made "certain assumptions" again.

    BTW, I never said that those "certain assumptions" needed to make sense, OK? :)

    Pls, I told you to stop clapping, OK? :)

    And there is no need to debate me on the assumptions I have made. You know and I know, there is no need :)

    Incidentally, I believe the Penang Second Bridge is for sale, because I met a guy who says he can get a good price on it provided you bear the cost of dismantling the bridge yourself.

    Anybody interested? :)


    1. Gladiator,

      I am afraid to say that you are beginning to talk cock like Annie and your assumptions are hallucinations at best

    2. He was talking tongue-in-cheek la.... aiyoyo.... sarcasm ni sometimes susah nak faham...ekekeke....

  25. Anonymous @ 14 October 2018 at 23:58,

    //I am afraid to say that you are beginning to talk cock like Annie and your assumptions are hallucinations at best//

    And I am afraid you need to get a sense of humour :)


  26. Annie,

    Another cheesy write up from the neutral Annie. We could feel how depressed and frustrated you are on Anwar excellent winning in PD. You sound like a sore loser.

    The people have spoken by casting their votes during the by-election. Facts don't lie. First and foremost, a 58% turnout at that time when the previous 3 by elections had lower than <50% turnout showed that the people believe that this was not a betrayal of democracy.

    Secondly, to get 71% of the vote is a strong achievement. If people were turned off by Anwar, they would have voted the independents as a protest vote bcos there was no BN/Umno. This tells us that the PD voters and the rakyat fully supported Anwar.

    Furthermore, when Gerakan openly gives their support behind Anwar and UMNO did so, covertly, guess who really won in PD? :)