Thursday 11 October 2018

Dr Mahathir may save the 20,000 jobs

Thanks to Dr Mahathir,

Gamuda, MMC shares rise after decision

 to review MRT2 cancellation


In a statement yesterday, MMC Gamuda KVMRT (T) Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between Gamuda and MMC Corp, said it welcomes the decision by the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, to review the cancellation of the MRT 2 Underground Contract with MMC Gamuda.

Well, unlike the DAP leaders controlling the Finance Ministry, Dr Mahathir knows that 20,000 people losing their job is not a good thing.

Maybe Dr Mahathir had considered the review because he  read these sort of reports,

Petition to save MRT2 jobs attracts

 25,000 responses within a day


“Five months ago, we voted for a better Malaysia. We never polled to become jobless. Never have I ever been so frustrated and disappointed,” wrote MMC-Gamuda’s quantity surveyor Fatin Syazwani at Facebook.
“During the election, we were hoping for a government that will provide stability and opportunities. Please don’t tell us to start a business. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea,” wrote MMC-Gamuda engineer Farid Khosim.
Hopefully, those workers will still have their jobs after the new round of negotiations between the government and MMC-Gamuda.

As for the DAP leaders' lack of compassion, I'm actually not surprised by their attitude.

Even their fanboys have the same mentality.

These are some of the comments on the matter that I received from them at my last posting

i will never engage these former mmc gamuda people, look like even my project go bust i still owe them a living...they shud be more enterprising mcm dumbos pandai cari makan oops shud not be revealed dumbos trade secrets wakakaka

Anonymous11 October 2018 at 14:36
  1. mcm mmc gamuda macais who blamed PH for busting them, will annie + other macais also blame PH for busting umno LOL
  1. let say msian population 30 million, imagine 29,980,000 hv to suffer & pay for these 20,000 overpriced mrt2, this is really sad sobbing :(
  2. #saveMRT2 smack of #savedumbos+cronies using those sohai mmc gamuda employees as sacrificial pawns
Sometimes I'm not so sure why they have to be so arrogant.

There's really no need to be like that.

Okay, I know I can't really blame them 100 per cent for such an attitude because they were probably just trying to behave and look like their top man Guan Eng.....

.....but seriously, they really don't have to be like that, okay.

Just be yourselves DAP people. I know that some of you are really nice and good people.

I know that it may be fashionable for you all to try to emulate your Guan Eng idol like that Melaka Adun, but I think you all also know that there is no real need to be so inhumane by calling people who are on the brink of losing their jobs "sohai" and "macai".

As you may noticed by now, most of the MMC-Gamuda workers actually voted for Pakatan in GE14.

They must be feeling very rotten if they really lose their job, okay.


  1. Haiiiiii kawan kawan!

    In today's lesson, we see "Too-Obvious Blogging Tactics" by Failed Umno Blogger, Kak Annie!!!

    (Tepukan gemuruh)

    Okay, kids, this is called "Wedge Strategy 101".

    All Failed Umno Bloggers use this in a desperate attempt to try and split PH parties.

    Some examples would be:

    "PH is controlled by DAP" - this is favourite of Uncle Petra, a fat, old, white man in YooKay who pretends to be Malay.

    Then, there's.....

    "PKR vs. Bersatu"

    "Anwar vs Tun"

    "Rafizi vs Azmin"

    And what Kak Annie is trying to do now....

    "Tun vs. DAP"

    However, even though Kak Annie and her gang of pro-Umgnok bloggers failed very, very, very badly to make anyone change their minds in PRU14, Kak Annie is still going!

    She never gibab!

    (Tepukan gemuruh)


    (Tepukan gemuruh)

    1. Hahaha I agree.

      They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      Annie is a real life example of it.

    2. Never mind, Annie, x payah evolve, beb!

      What the world & umngok needs now..... the same tactics that led to their defeat, repeated over and over and over again!


      (Tepukan gemuruh giler)

    3. talk cock and clapping himself....typical retard

    4. Anonymous12 October 2018 at 01:04

      "talk cock and clapping himself"...

      Salah beb.

      "applauding himself" is correct, you typical retard.

      Try to improve your Bahasa Omputih dear.

    5. Ini cerita orang ada mata... Bukan cerita orang buat2 buta.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri,duit BR1M makin tahun makin ditambah.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri,sekolah tahfiz dijaga rapi.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri,nelayan dan Felda tak pernah kecewa.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri,Sabah &Sarawak dapat lebuhraya bebas tol. Projek Bakun dah lama terbengkalai bawah pemerintahan Mahathir pun dihidupkan semula dan disiapkan.Projek-projek lain on the way..

      Kau kata Najib mencuri,SME businesses berkembang pesat. Jutawan muda entah berapa orang dilahirkan sepanjang 9 tahun ni...

      Kau kata Najib mencuri,jemaah haji sponsored makin ramai tiap tahun.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri,MRT hampir nak siap lingkaran lengkap.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri, HSR menunggu nak mula pembinaan.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri, aku tak pernah kebuluran, gaji aku kena potong RM10 dipaksa menderma ke tabung bidaah.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri, aku tak pernah diacah dipaksa kerja hari Sabtu.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri, Tabung Haji, Khazanah,tak pernah rugi..malah makin meningkat berganda2.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri, tapi gaji tahunan tahun 1999 dulu naik RM90,now naik RM250 setahun. Tak pernah gaji aku dipotong, mula bayar cukai lepas dapat over 4K.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri tapi elaun RELA dinaikkan.

      Kau kata Najib mencuri, rizab negara meningkat 3 kali ganda bebanding zaman pm4.

      Terlampau banyak lagi benda pelik yang telah dibuat oleh si pencuri ni demi kemajuan dan kemaslahatan rakyat for the next 50 years. Di bawah pentadbirannya, ekonomi negara pesat, hutang negara 50.8% of the KDNK. Dibanding zaman semua benda bersubsidi dulu, hutang over 100% dari KDNK. Apa kejadahnya?

      Kau kata Najib mencuri, tapi kau baru mula kerja, gaji basic tak sampai RM2K, kau berani drive Honda City, Toyota Vios,bermewah makan, melancong, beriphone-X.

      Tuduhlah dia mencuri.
      Butakan mata, pekakkan telinga.
      Kalau iye dia mencuri.

      Kalau dia tak mencuri dan anda hanya jadi tukang angguk kepada orang yang anda sembah, yang gelojoh menjatuhkan seorang pemimpin adil berjiwa rakyat..jenuhlah merangkak nak mencari org yg difitnah 'di sana' nanti..

  2. Annie is a real batu api.

    Trying to "berlaga-laga" people.

    She still harbours deep hatred and vindictiveness towards DAP especially LGE her favourite punching bag. Very typical of UMNO mentality...likes to blame everything on DAP.

    1. It should be,
      Trying to "melaga-lagakan" people
      Try to improve your Bahasa Malaysia dear.

    2. Not just batu api but hati busuk.

      Instigator extraordinaire!

    3. Hey, Annie's heart is not busuk, it's battered.

      I miss all the emo posts - cannot sleep lah, thinking of my beloved lah, etc etc.

      With sad YouTube clip at the end.

      Kemonlah Annie, less SoPo, more Emo, okay?

    4. Aiya, you say only. If I start writing emo stuff again, you all will whack me also and say I don't get dedak lah, no idea lah. You think I don't know you all DAP people ka? Same tactics all the time. You all been like this since I first started blogging la.

    5. Annie,

      Write-lah emo stuff, it's OK.

      At the moment, "no ideas" is already quite obvious from the last few posts.

      We need a change!

    6. aiyoyo annie ni asyik2 DAP so LGE shud clarify :) we dont consider ourselves DAP we are Pakatan Harapan wakakaka

    7. Annie has a black heart.

    8. Anonymous11 October 2018 at 22:00

      Annie has a black, just a predictable head.

  3. Oh Annie,

    How PH will created millions of new job within five years?

    The answer is by cancelling projects and crrate a new one. Hahahaha

  4. Standard Busuk Nasional sop with their infamous sob story - i voted PH last GE12, 13 & 14 & if PH make me unhappy i vote BN this GE15 (threatening PH right)
    PS a few years ago when i was rendered jobless i did not blame BN in fact i follow BN advice to drive uber now grabcar enuf said

  5. Quite funny....

    "Neutral Annie" always picks the same issues as about 80% of pro-Umno bloggers, and at the same time, too.

    This is called "Twilight Zone"....

  6. Dr M shud be careful dealing with these dumbo puppet masters & their agents provocateur (annie, dll?) Recalled how these dumbos condemned Dr M was too old to be PM adoi

  7. Annie,

    //Well, unlike the DAP leaders controlling the Finance Ministry, Dr Mahathir knows that 20,000 people losing their job is not a good thing.//

    Sorry, but I don't see it as DAP controlling the Finance Ministry.

    As far as I am concerned, it is PH controlling the Finance Ministry. :)

    Think of it as one for all and all for one.

    Hmmm... or should that be all for one, one for all???,_omnes_pro_uno

    //they were probably just trying to behave and look like their top man Guan Eng.....///

    Heheheheheh, come on lah, nobody wants o look like LGE.

    Behave like LGE?? Hmmm, maybe... cos he is one tough customer and we need tough guys in his current job.

    //As you may noticed by now, most of the MMC-Gamuda workers actually voted for Pakatan in GE14.//

    I am not really sure how to help those 20,000+ workers but I repeat - the problem here is NOT PH.

    The problem is MMC-Gamuda.

    All MMC-Gamuda needs to do is do the right thing.

    Show us their costings to justify their charges.

    That is all.

    If their costings are fair, I don't think the Finance Ministry would have a choice but to agree to the charges.

    I think I read somewhere that there may be up to another RM5billion of "fat" hidden in the remaining RM14billion to be charged!!!

    I am sorry, I should have saved the link but I didn't.

    So, as a nation, should we just walk away from that RM5billion?

    On another note, I think that Azmin Ali should step up here and give us some suggestions on how to re-deploy the 20,000 workers.

    I dunno how Azmin might do that but then that is why I am paying him to do his job :)


    1. "As far as I am concerned, it is PH controlling the Finance Ministry. :)"

      Ummmmmm, Gladiator.....

      Please remember Annie is a Retro Pro-Umno Macai who has not evolved mentally.

      She has been programmed like a robot with this "winning formula".....

      "Always equate DAP with Cinababi so that the Malays will feel threatened" - the usual boring divide and rule tactics. So she needs to keep the parties as separate entities to try and create shit, in her boringly predictable way (I can estimate with at least 75% accuracy what she will blog about in any given week - just follow the Umno blogs, lah : )

      Funny, poor Macai Annie will have to contend with all parties in PH being under the same logo in GE15.

      Seeing as as she completely fucked up the defence of her pink-lipped hero's Klepto-Regime in GE14, I think she'll find it increasingly hard to play the PKR vs. DAP vs Bersatu vs Chinese vs Malay card.

      Will our dearest Annie evolve?

      Will she develop fresh tactics to return the kleptocrats to power???

      Put it this way....

      Don't hold your breath : )

    2. Gladiator, in the 1st place, lge & tp probably never consulted azmin, too damn arrogant. It takes Tun to force a commitee to ensure a balanced negotiation.

    3. Anon 23:54, cinababi is your word, not annie's. You're the one who brought race into this. Do we have to keep quiet just because it's lge when we disagree. Why? Coz lge is a demi god & infallible? Coz lge is ethnic chinese & can't be criticised?

    4. Looks like Azmin is too busy fighting Rafizi for PKR VP post to have time to do anything about the economy or the plight of the 20,000 MRT2 workers.

      Maybe he will have time after the PKR party elections are over in mid-November.

      There's too much politicking going on and not enough governing.

    5. Anonymous12 October 2018 at 00:26

      Actually no, lge is NOT a demi god & NOT infallible.

      He is an arrogant Cinababi tokong prone to shooting his mouth off.

      But this is not about LGE, you see?

  8. Anonymous @ 11 October 2018 at 18:59,

    //Dr M shud be careful dealing with these dumbo puppet masters & their agents provocateur (annie, dll?)//

    The record shows that Annie has ALWAYS been a Mahatir fan, even up to now :)

    She was consistent in her admiration even at the height of the Mahatir-Najib wars between 2015-2016 (?).

    If I am not mistaken, there were comments from UMNO supporters, in those years, condemning her for her admiration of Mahatir.

    //Recalled how these dumbos condemned Dr M was too old to be PM adoi//

    Yup, I sure do remember :)

    The "senile nyayuk" old man has now served those dumbos their asses sliced thinly.

    Some dumbos have even been served double portions. :)

    And I have a feeling Mahatir ain't done yet :)


  9. Whoa Annie, DAP cybertrooper is really targeting u. Same persons leaving so many comments within short space of time. Benci tapi rinduu.."berlaga-laga???"

  10. Syed Mokhtar paying you Annie? Want budget surplus but still kronis?

    Umno President Ahmad Zahid lonely at MACC...go support la...

  11. aiya! any
    you now real expert in economics!!!!
    always mention 20,000 the gamuda mmc people.
    ask how many of these 20,000 is malaysia people in genral or
    malayandbumiputra in particular!!!!
    hint:- for any
    just go see the morning MRT2 work place morning semboyan,
    just see the sea of "banglas"
    even the SUKE highway tonnes of china, india, myammar, banglas, and nepali.
    aiya! where has all the local gone - singapore cuci jamban kah - hear the wage is sing$50 per 8 hours work!!!!

  12. Lots of people lose their jobs daily around the world. What's so special about the monkeys?

    1. Monkeys, pigs, same but why cannot criticise pigs? All animals equal but skme are more equal...

  13. Anonymous @11 October 2018 at 23:54,

    //Please remember Annie is a Retro Pro-Umno Macai who has not evolved mentally.//

    I am sorry but I don't share that view.

    I have always said that if more UMNO people were like Annie, UMNO would be a much better organisation then it was.

    But, pls know that I do understand the anger and hatred of many Malaysians for UMNO and anybody and anything connected to UMNO.

    //"Always equate DAP with Cinababi so that the Malays will feel threatened"//

    I dunno if that is necessarily true either.

    Annie may have a problem with Lim Guan Eng, but then even DAP folks have a problem with LGE, OK? :)

    //all parties in PH being under the same logo in GE15.//

    Well, I guess at some time in the near future, all parties in PH will officially be grouped under the Pakatan Harapan logo.

    As it is, I think they are technically still under PKR.

    //Seeing as as she completely fucked up the defence of her pink-lipped hero's Klepto-Regime in GE14,//

    To be honest, I do not exactly recall Annie defending Jibby for GE14.

    Perhaps you might like to refresh my memory?

    //Will she develop fresh tactics to return the kleptocrats to power?//

    Will there be enough kleptocrats left in UMNO to return to power in GE15?

    Bear in mind, some of them have gone underground, some of them will likely go to jail, and some have even joined PH!!

    And no, these kleptocrats are not the high profile ones.

    These kleptocrats from UMNO were at the branch level, at the division level, who have deserted UMNO enmasse to join PPBM.

    You can rest assured that these kleptocrats now in PPBM will be plotting to work their way up the ranks to positions of power in PPBM :)

    //Don't hold your breath//

    I can hold my breath for a very very long time :)

    My guess is that if UMNO can get their shit together, get rid of the useless deadwood still in there, eg the Zahid Hamidis, the Lokman Adams, the Jamal Jambans, then UMNO could possibly just maybe have a chance in GE16 or GE17.

    GE15? Forget it.

    Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng, Muhyiddin Yassin and Mat Sabu would need to have group sex publicly, with each other, on stage for UMNO to be returned in GE15. :)


    1. "Perhaps you might like to refresh my memory?"

      Oh, that would be very convenient indeed : )


      Go through her blog archive on the right.

      Hmmmmmm, OK, take May as a sample month.

      Then have a peek at the months after that.

      Then do your own tabulation:

      a) How many of the articles are anti-PH, discounting her now cliched blogging tactics (neutral, dead dog, I don't care, grandma, auntie, cerita dongeng, etc etc etc)?

      b) In how many did she suggest that Najib is being wrongly prosecuted, and is being persecuted? Versus saying it's justified?

      c) How may times has she actually exposed or criticised the wrongdoings of Najib or Umno?

      d) How many times has she used direct statements from Najib as evidence of "truth"?

      Heh heh heh.

      Go for it : )

      Open your eyes. Should be quite enlightening!

      It's almost like Annie is the twin of a certain deceased Canadian walrus : )

  14. PH nego 101. Get LGE & company flex muscles and cancel contracts. Then wait for the fireworks to start and see which direction it is moving, after which Tun steps to settle the ruffled feathers. In this case Gamuda-MMC had to climb down to Tun’s level and very humbly claimed, (excerpt from the Sun Daily below):

    “While expressing hope that the government would invite them back to the negotiating table as part of the review process, MMC-Gamuda said:

    We shall adopt an open book approach with the appointment of an international engineering consulting firm that possesses the necessary experience and track record in assessing tunnelling works around the world and, as such, be in the best position to re-examine where savings can be derived”.

    So what happened to their previous stand of not budging.

    No need to get hot and bothered and try to defend DAP which has been demonised from way before and in this case it is okay to be demonised because ultimately Tun gets what he wants with more savings which means somebody’s cut from the project just got chopped off.

  15. Annie, save your breath PH is going for sifar BN by next GE ciao

  16. Anonymous @ 12 October 2018 at 05:18,

    //a) How many of the articles are anti-PH//

    Quite a lot of articles to go thru so I will just use my own guesstimates, OK?

    I will take a wild guess and say that less then 50% of Annie's articles are critical of PH. :)

    No doubt, over the next 4 years, that %age will change as I expect Annie to pick on PH, it being the ruling regime.

    She has a history of picking on whoever is ruling, as you will no doubt know seeing as you have gone thru her archives.

    She bitched about UMNO politicians then in several of her articles.

    OK lah, I dont know how many articles becos I didnt count.

    So, how was my "less then 50%" guess?

    //In how many did she suggest that Najib is being wrongly prosecuted//


    IIRC, all she has said is that we should not pre-judge Najib until the evidence has been tested in a court of law or words to that effect.

    I think that is a fair view, even if I dont like it myself as I think Najib is guilty as hell.

    //Versus saying it's justified?//

    OK lah, you think it is justified, I think it is justified, but that is merely our own personal opinion.

    In a court of law, our personal opinions do not count for much, OK?

    Dont you want all those stories that we have read to be proven by a cold hard look by a court?

    Mind you, PH now controls the court system, so why are you worried?

    Oopps, did I say that PH controls the court system?? :)

    I wish to withdraw that :)

    //How may times has she actually exposed or criticised the wrongdoings of Najib or Umno?//

    I dunno about Najib specifically but I do recall reading articles where she has criticised some UMNO ppl.

    OK, she has not commented on the BIG issues which you may like, but to me, the mere fact that Annie has criticised UMNO is commendable, as far as I am concerned.

    How many PH supporters will even dare to publicly criticise even tiny issues in PH?

    Well, I dont know of many.

    //How many times has she used direct statements from Najib as evidence of "truth"?//


    She has?


    OK, hopefully, I have been open enough with you in answering your questions.

    Look, I am here on Annie's blog because I like her writing style.

    Annie doesnt crunch numbers, quote from journals, point to graphs, etc.

    I feel she wears her heart on her sleeve when she writes.

    I kinda like that cos that is how I write sometimes.

    For example, you notice I cant be bothered to go back thru Annie's archives and count her articles as you suggested.

    I count on my own feelings amd judgement in situations like this.

    //It's almost like Annie is the twin of a certain deceased Canadian walrus//

    Heheheheh!! Nobody comes close to Fat Soh, OK? She is in a class of her own :)

    I just had a quick look and I see Fat Soh is now moving into international politics!!

    Oh well, we will have to give her a bit of time before she goes back to hating on Hannah Yeoh, Christians and DAP. :)

    Always wonder why she hated Hannah Yeoh soooo much.


    1. LOL.....

      Ahhhhhh, you failed the fun little test, sorry : )

      a) Much higher than 50%

      b) Several times, accompanied with quotes like:

      "If I'm the one whom they said had stolen the billions of ringgit, I really don't think I can smile and issue statements like that."

      Hmmmmmmm, the famous Smile Defence! Hope Jibby uses it as his trial!

      Yes, I have zero problem with Annie being 101% a pro-Umno blogger, even.

      But it's always the same old, same old tactics.

      Annie needs fresher thinking.

      But Umno itself can't change, so....

      "Always wonder why she hated Hannah Yeoh soooo much."

      Hey, fat ugly girls always hate anyone slimmer and better-looking. And Hannah ain't even that slim or good-looking, so what does that say about Fat Soh?

      Hee hee.

  17. While Annie suka berlaga laga PH fellas, her UMNO comrades are plotting to leave UMNO.

    So she has find a distraction for the UMNO exodus.

  18. DAP have been whacked like forever by Annie and all Umno goons. No need to defend LGE and DAP. The more you whack them the stronger they become.And now they are in government.No mean feat by a party chastised as racist as hell.I think DAP survival is base on the amount of hatred spilled out by Annie and all Umno supporters. Najib even now is blaming everything on LGE,LKS and the DAP to make the people hate them.

    1. Poodah, it took Dap bowing to Tun for it to form govn. Salute!

  19. Anon 12.38 terima kasih . Bagi sekolah macai PH taksub yang sebenar tak boleh di ajar lagi kerana ketaksuban melampau mereka. Sebenarnya mereka memang dah tahu kene kencing PH tapi ego punya pasal tak mahu ngaku bahwa mereka dah salah memilih. Era najib masih yang terbaik malahan lebih bagus jika di bandingkan dengan 22 tahun zaman mahathir.

    1. Anon 14:43, you're delusional. Kjaan ph belum tentu lebih baik tapi zaman Tun kita bangga bina PLUS & klia, zaman najib kita bangga sebab br1M & jadi driver uber? Bagai langit dgb bumi.

  20. Something fishy is going on here.Do you know what is insider trading?

    Prof Kangkung

  21. Anonymous @ 12 October 2018 at 13:40,

    //a) Much higher than 50%//


    OK, if you say so but that is not what I seem to recall...

    Never mind, I am not going to ask you to prove it becos I guess it is a lot of work on your behalf and it is no point asking you to do something which is not really that important to you or me, right? :)

    I hope you are not to going asl me to prove my own assertions becos I can only offer you what is really just a wild guess on my part :)

    //b) Several times, accompanied with quotes like://

    Aiyah, that is just Annie's opinion about things.

    There are people who find it difficult to lie, OK?

    I am one of those - I do find it difficult to lie in real life, OK?

    Even in this cyber-reality, I do find it a bit difficult to lie despite the fact that you don't know me, and I don't know you and you cannot tell from my body language, etc etc.

    //the famous Smile Defence! Hope Jibby uses it as his trial//

    So what if Najib uses the smile defence?

    Zahid is another who is using it, Rosmah uses it and even Anwar Ibrahim has used it, I think.

    For me, just because someone is smiling, means shit to me.

    Only little children don't know that a smile can hide a lot of things. :) We are adults here, OK?

    //But Umno itself can't change, so....//

    Hmm.... I think that is a very very important statement you have made there.

    As at today, UMNO does not appear to have changed given that we think Jawa Man looks determined to continue the same bankrupt policies which have ruled UMNO for the past 50(?) years.

    But we know that there are people in UMNO who do not share Jawa Man's view.

    But let's pretend that UMNO DOES change.

    What should be or would be those changes ? :)

    //Hey, fat ugly girls always hate anyone slimmer and better-looking//


    OK, Hannah Yeoh is not bad looking but my personal favourite is Teo Nie Ching.

    I think she is really pretty.

    I was crushed when I found out she was married because it means that I need to keep a certain decorum when I am expressing my admiration for Teo :)

    Dyana Sofya is another very pretty gal but damn!! She is also married!!

    What to do? :)

    As for Canadian walruses, I guess there could be a certain charm to them but I have always felt that large whiskers look good on walruses, not females who look like walruses.


  22. Prof kangkung,

    //Do you know what is insider trading?//

    Do you know what is just civilised conversation with people who hold a different viewpoint from yourself?