Sunday 14 October 2018

Khabib, what do you think of Anwar's victory in Port Dickson?

For me, the biggest story the past week is not Anwar and his antics in PD.

The biggest story for me the past week is this guy

In case you don't know him, he's

Khabib Nurmagomedov

the light weight world champion of mix martial art (MMA).

What I like most about him other than his fighting prowess is that he is a good person, devout Muslim, and always humble attitude. He can also be quite funny sometimes.

He successfully defended his title in a fight the other Saturday, beating MMA superstar

Conor McGregor

I really enjoyed watching the fight....and the brawl after the fight.

That includes the built up to the fight too,

and what happened after Khabib's victory

Well, I hope to see more of Khabib's victories in future.

On the light side, since I watched his victory over McGregor, I did imagine asking Khabib this,

"Khabib, what do you think of Anwar's victory in Port Dickson?"

And I imagined this is his reply,



  1. Khabib hailed from that Russian region called Dagestan. Men coming from that part of the world are born fighters. Warrior’s bloods are running through their veins. Legacy of Genghis Khan’s fearless spirit..

    1. so altantuya is a fearless spirit hunting or haunting najib, terbaik...

    2. Khabib?

      You mean Najib.

      Also with warrior’s blood running through his veins.

      That's why he had to run fearlessly in the opposite direction from Tun at Nothing2Hide.

      Hee hee...

  2. Hee hee hee....

    Annie is a real masochist.

    After kena whack left, right & centre for her tadika-level Maths skills and failed spin in her last post, she tries once more.

    Anyway, some facts for you, Annie:

    Anwar winning 71.3 percent of the popular vote was higher than......

    ......Najib's 62 percent in Pekan

    ......Hadi's 59.3 percent in Marang

    .......Zahid Hamidi's 51.4 percent in Bagan Datuk

    .......Wee Ka Siong's 43.98 percent in Ayer Hitam.

    And that ain't bullshit : )

    1. Anwar got higher popular votes than Najib even though it was only a by election with 58% voter turnout. A remarkable achievement by Anwar.

    2. This is numberr one stupid :)

    3. Eh eh eh, Annie!

      "Numberr" one stupid is spelling "number" with 2 "R"s.....heheheheheh

      Gurau jer, jangan marah, I know lah, typo.

      But seriously, Anon 22:26 is right.

    4. Malays(ians) are totally screwed up. We do not seem to value integrity.
      I thought we kicked out Najib because he was corrupt
      But there’re people who voted for Isa, another corrupt
      Then there are the ones who voted Anwar who was jailed for corruption. So being pardoned erased your wrongdoings? I don’t think so. Do people not remember how inept he was as a minister? Are we so devoid of good leaders that we have to elect him.
      I pray that we will be spared of his premiership.

  3. Also, Annie, you may want to advise your bosses that the PAS grassroots swung MORE TO PH, not to the proxy Umno alternatives like Isa or SaiFool, who were sent to split the vote.

    Malay support for PH in Port Dickson appears to have increased, based on polling district data from the by-election. Compared to the 14th general election, Anwar received more votes in seven Malay-majority districts, despite a lower turnout in these areas.

    Yes, failed strategy again from Umgnok.


    1. This is numberr one stupid also :)

    2. HAAAAAAA, Annie dah mengamuk dah!

      Annie Blogging Technique No. 7:

      When she needs to lepas geram (e.g. after Anwar wins election), Annie will suddenly start replying to multiple readers' comments.

      The "numberr" of Annie replies = level of geramness.

    3. The bottom line is simply this......

      Anwar has proved that he remains arguably the most popular and trusted figure in the country, and his support cuts across all demographic lines.

  4. Annie' Blogging Method No. 6:-

    a) When you can't take the heat of Anwar's resounding victory, divert attention elsewhere. Anywhere else will do.

    b) latch on someone else's fame and victory even if it's UFC and claim it's yours

    c) spin a bit and spin sumore

    d) finally throw in an unrelated youtube video clip after sulking the whole day due to Anwar's win

    1. LOL, our Annie now up to SIX blogging techniques!


    2. This is numberr one funny :)

  5. With hair like that he looks like a blonde Rosmah....hahaha

    1. Bro....

      If the wig is six times bigger....yeah.

      Plus RM1,200 for maintenance...


  6. Justice for Lokman14 October 2018 at 20:37

    It may be that Khabib is also a DSAI fan. Nazri has revealed that even UMNO warlords are now Anwar fanboys. Anwar as PM, Rafizi (senator) as DPM, Guan Eng as FM, Mat Sabu as Defense, Nazri (defect to PKR) as Tourism, Shamsul Iskandar as Economics Minister. Bung Mohktar and other UMNO bigwigs like Tajuddin Ab Rahman ( Pasir Salak) also defect. PKR may now be the dominant force for a generation. Only pity is that Lokman Noor Adam cant join the party. Khabib can work in PMs dept. Hes tough enuf to handle the job.

    1. "Nazri (defect to PKR) as Tourism"....


      Mamat tu dah jadi Fan No. 1 of Anwar.


      God's will.......

  7. Khabib was actually directing his BS comments at Saifool who only got an embarrassing 82 votes....hahahaha

  8. "Khabib, what do you think of Anwar's victory in Port Dickson?"

    He he he... Answer... 'This is number one bullshit'.

    Even his pardon was also bullshit.
    As I said previously... if indeed one is to be pardoned, its customary for the convict to... first, admit guilt, show remorse and swear never to repeat the same deed.

    1. RD at 20:58

      Watch your words as they are deemed DERHAKA to our Agong

      Lokman Adam Ellie Suriyaty & the self proclaimed defenders of Agong will be protesting soon

    2. "Lokman Adam Ellie Suriyaty & the self proclaimed defenders of Agong will be protesting soon"

      HA HA HA!

      Lokman's head will explode.....

      Have to attack Anwar for getting pardon.....but who pardoned him??? The Agong! So...ummmm....ahhhhhh...ummmmm.....

      Poor boy will be very confused:

      Protest or not protest?

    3. Anon 2222

      Well... in that case, you and those in Anwar's camp should join Lokman Adam Ellie Suriyaty to defend the supposedly apolitical Royal Institution.

  9. najib & michelle yeoh are BFF right, then michelle can ask najib to make a cameo appearance in her Billion Dollar Whale movie & najib can ask michelle to top up his Tabung Solidariti 2.0, najib you help me i help you (perhaps annie can audition to appear as najib PA) wakakaka

    1. Annie this is number one box ofis pls :) wakakaka

  10. Great tool for retaining the reader's attention.

  11. Annie,

    As far as I am concerned UFC fighters are merely wannabe Pankration exponents.

    Only two rules in Pankration - no biting and no eye gouging.

    Other than that, go hard or go home.


    Cant do this, cant do that, cant hit here, cant hit there, blah blah blah.

    Pussies compared to Pankration. :)

    If Pankration is too tame for you, I think there is another version of Pankration which has no rules.

    OK, maybe one rule - when your opponent is vanquished, you win.

    I have forgotten the name so I couldnt google for it but I will try and find out from my Greek friends.

    Re the Nurmagomedov-McGregor fight.

    I didnt care that Nurmagomedov is a Muslim.

    In the Octagon, one's religion counts for naught.

    If religion did matter in the Octagon, then Hadi Awang could be the best UFC fighter around.

    I am just glad Nurmagomedov beat McGregor who is a loudmouth, boorish pig.

    And no, I didnt watch the fight.


    1. Gladiator.

      I would have not known who Khabib is, if he had not jump off the cage in retaliation to the boorish behaviour of Conor and his team.

      "I am just glad Nurmagomedov beat McGregor who is a loudmouth, boorish pig".

      Me too.

  12. Annie,

    My apologies.

    Bad form on my part to add to my prev post, but you may note that Khabib Nurmagomedov has a background in modern pankration :)


  13. Annie said:-

    "What I like most about him other than his fighting prowess is that he is a good person, devout Muslim, and always humble attitude".

    Ya, right. A good humble person and devout Muslim who likes to beat up people OUTSIDE the ring by climbing over the ring which is totally against the rules of the game and got himself suspended accordingly.

    1. Like Anwar, McGregor have fanboys :)

    2. Annie, please lah....

      That Khabib guy is a low-class gangster!

      You always choose the wrong men.....

    3. Anon 13:12

      What to do? It's the UMNO culture thingy.

      UMNO also breed many gangsters. Jamal Jamban, Lokman Adam and the other law defying and public nuisance fellas.

    4. Anonymous15 October 2018 at 16:19.....


      You may be getting Annie "excited" (ahem!)

      I know that her top fantasy guys are:

      a) Jamal Jamban (she loves the misai)

      b) Lokman Adam (she loves the thosai)

      c) Syed Saddiq showing badan sado in bathtub (she loves the ......ahem ahem no comment)

    5. Okay lah. You all win. Pakatan supporters are like McGregor. I'm like Khabib. Cheers.

    6. PAS deranged no cheers no oktoberfest sigh

    7. Not really Annie.

      I have never been a supporter of McGregor and neither am I a fan of Khabib whom I think is arrogant and full of himself.

      Also it's strange that we only hear of you being a Khabib fan only AFTER he has won.

      It's always easy to support the winner huh? (except maybe for Anwar, hehe)

      Cheers :)

    8. What ever?

      Aiyo...don't la merajuk Annie.

    9. You better seek help for your master ajibgor who is suffering from mental delusional disease. Making stupid comments here and there trying to be relevant. Everyone knows he is a thief and for him to make political comments makes him look mentally unstable. The only thing he has is money and his strategy of paying machai's like you to spin news is so obvious. Machai's like you are the one's making him look like Rasputin.

  14. Khabib sounds like Najib.

    One is a Russian fighter, the other a Bugis Warrior.

    One turns up in a ring and fight his opponent.

    The other does not show up during Nothing to Hide Forum while his opponent waits for him to show up.


  15. Hi Annie,
    What's the latest spin this time? Race, religion? So long no news about Lim Guan Eng? Any new story on Lim Guan Eng?

  16. annie i request najib to desist fr supporting manchester united (MU), after he declared support MU can never win any trophy (mcm dia tak boleh menang undi) geramnya :(

  17. Bon Odori also bukan budaya kita, why PAS no bantah or cucuk wink

  18. Anwar can piss off for all I care!


    "Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Yeo Bee Yin said the Cabinet on Oct 10 had decided that members of the committee would comprise those who had not openly stated their stand, either to support or protest against Lynas’s operations.

    “This is to prevent any parties from questioning the credibility of the committee, due to the stand of some of its members (over the issue),” Bernama reported her as saying in a statement today.

    She said the ministry had examined the list of committee members and found them all to be experts in their relevant fields.

    The six members of the committee include Institute for Environment and Development (Lestari) research fellow Prof Mazlin Mokhtar; United Nations University – International Institute for Global Health visiting lecturer Prof Jamal Hisham Hashim; and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Unit director Prof Maketab Mohamed.

    The others are Assoc Prof Anita Abdul Rahman from the Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia; Universiti Malaysia Pahang’s Earth Resources and Sustainability Centre director Assoc Prof Muzamir Hasan and former director of the Hazardous Substances Division in the Department of Environment Malaysia Che Asmah Ibrahim."


    ...these folks have NEVER stated whether pro or anti Lynas.

    They are professionals & academics.

    They are actually our favourite blogger lah : )

  20. RD,

    //I would have not known who Khabib is, if he had not jump off the cage//

    Actually, I think that was totally unnecessary for Nurmagomedov to jump the cage.

    But that is easy for me to say, sitting here on my fat arse, thousands of kms from the action :)

    OK, I dont really have a fat arse but you get what I mean.


  21. Annie,

    You probably already know about this but others may find it useful.

    Absolute genius of Art Harun to publish these saluran figures becos it is stuff like these which were a closely guarded secret by various power brokers in the different parties.

    Well, at least in my kampung any way :)

    One other secret remains to this day.

    NOBODY except 4 or 5 ppl even know the exact boundaries of the state seats and parliamentary seat for my area!!!

    One of the guys who does know is a local power broker (we are talking PH here and he is a DAP guy) who is hated by many of the local DAP supporters.

    There may be MCA and UMNO ppl who also know it but I think they are just as secretive.

    I asked around amd everybody just said ask the DAP guy. I asked him and he was very very evasive.

    I am not sure how to get the info myself becos I am certain it must be available publicly on the SPR site.

    If I can find that info online, I intend to advertise it loudly and publicly to all the local folks. :)

    These power brokers, regardless of which party they are from, are NOT going to treat us common folks like fools if I can help it.