Friday 19 October 2018

Coffee shop rambling

Wanted to go home but the traffic jam is always very bad at this hour.

Google Map just told me that it would take me more than an hour to reach home if I go now.

It's always like this on Friday evening.

So, I'm sitting alone here killing time at this coffee shop.

Not much to write actually.

Except maybe the Zahid's prosecution today.

But honestly, I'm not really interested in the story.

They are just doing what I expecting them to do.

I believe they will charge all the other Umno leaders too.

They are going to kill the party altogether.

It's exactly what I told my friends who are formerly with Umno but joined Pribumi before GE14.

They all said that they just wanted to defeat Umno to get rid of Najib and his gang.

That Umno will be revived after its defeat.

Of course now they know that's not going to be the case.

Now they want Umno dead.

Now they are saying that all Malays must unite under Pribumi.

They wanted all those Umno members to join the new party.

Well, Malays have never been united even under Umno.

But it doesn't really matter to me.

Despite what my haters said, I was never really under Umno.

Never a party member, nor employed by the party.

Ya, I used to help them, but I don't really take instructions from them.

I prefer it like that.

So, I definitely wouldn't join Pribumi.

I wouldn't join the other parties either.

No reason for me to do that.

I'm just going to do or write whatever I think is right.

What people think of me doesn't really matter.

What matter to me now is that I can earn a decent living, not harm others and hold on to what I believe to be good ideals.

No need for me to crack my head over all these political nonsense.

I intend just to do the best that my abilities permit me.

If I feel down, I'll just pray to Allah for the best.

If Malaysia Baru turns out to be fucked up, it's because that's what the country deserves.

The same if it turns out okay.

No need for me to worry about it too much.

After all, I don't have super power to change things much.

I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger.

Okay, I better stop rambling.

Maybe I'll go to a nearby KFC for dinner and hang over there until the traffic improves.



  1. This is how the political game goes. There is no permanent friends or permanent enemies, just permanent interests. So is your choice. Be on the right or on the left or stay neutral.

  2. Hi Annie,
    Somebody bad happen to your boss or dedak stop coming already? Are you alright? We need you to continue the race and religion blogging to give motivation to readers.
    Back to the Indon guy Zahid. This guy, I say he is excellent la. Manage to come from Java to Malaysia, using race and religion to con his way up to become UMNO President and get all the special right and privileges of bumi. Bravo! Bravo my boy. This is the guy that said, you don't like it, get out from Java boy ask people get out from Malaysia so he can songlap all to himself. He also use race to turn on Mahathir himself...calling him Mamak Kutty...hehehehe. He uses religion as cover up saying he build mosque and tahfiz school his corruptions. but oopss, maybe I use some of the money from the "foundation" I setup to avoid taxes for my shopping...hehehehe, he think he is smart...but we are smarter la. Remember, our IQ is over 100....this Java boy IQ still lower la. Con those lower IQ of some of Annie readers ok la, but cannot outsmart the smart people like the Jews la. How Zahid he will pusing, we also predicted already.
    I think all thru his political life and career, I give credit to him that he is a good observer and lesson learn. He indeed uses religion well because once he got his master Anwar teach him. He observe Anwar and how Anwar was once the darling of the religion he write notes...hmmm, religion...useful to learn, useful to con the idiots. Then after Anwar fall, he jump to Mamak Kutty camp la....and he observe Mamak Kutty uses race well, hmmm...race is a good tool too and he wrote it down in notes. And then, he start to pracice this himself...practice and practice...until one day, he manage to become the President of UMNO. He use religion more then Anwar himself, Anwar never build mosque, he built, he sponsors, all the money from corruption, he launder to wash become clean money because he believes thru religion he can clean them...then he become more racist then Mahathir himself, asking people to get out from Malaysia, and turn on race rhetoric to label Mahathir Mamak Kutty...oh Tun....hehehe, your student turn on the master. But as they say in Malay proverb...As smart as the squirrel jump, finally will fall to the ground too. So dear Indon did it. Congratulation!! Thank you Annie for posting this. Xie Xie, Nandri...Vanakam!!

    1. Try not to be such a stupid prick all the time.

  3. Annie - how your paychecks? Still ada? Your alter ego come fat Chinese Soh how? It needs like 50kgs daily of meat. Can your bosses still afford? If not run to fb la .Got loads of your scumbag friends there already. Free mah....

    1. Anon 07:34, no one forces u to click Annie's blog everyday. U tak suka u berambus la. Berapa sen upah bagi komen bodoh or u get high leaving inane comments? Poodah, hypocrite giler

  4. Annie, off topic; I wonder why we have not heard a squeak from those politicians defender of msian health & environment. 10 ppl could be dead in the latest penang landslide & yet all they talk about are plastic bag & lynas. Hypocrite!

    1. Anon 10:09

      What a stupid comment capitalising on nature tragedy to score political points.

    2. Anon 11:26, of course, the blame it on nature trick. Hello, nowadays just about anything can be engineered safely. It just takes proper investment, monitoring & compliance. What next, blame the earthquake in indonesia?

    3. Anon 12.49
      Can you stop the rain
      Yesterday Qatar was flooded receiving a year's rain in a single day


    4. Fadzireen, we have to take into account mother nature when we design something. Engrs do design for 100 yr events & there are low impact construction methods if money is not an issue. If we cannot ensure safety & environmental compliace during constr, then the project should'nt have been allowed. As simple as that.

    5. Anon 11.59
      Low impact enginering/low impact development/zero defects are only management terms, an ideal not a silver bullet
      Storm/earthquake will come and go
      Japan a land of high technologies and earth quakes,yet lifes are lost
      They can only reduce mortalty rate or migration/exodus

    6. Anon 10:32,

      You're not an engr are u? Did any of the highrise in japan crumbled during the recent earthquakes? With each successive calamity the japanese learned & improved. If it is msia, we probably bungkus already.

      Rain is a fact of life in msia, I iterate, if we can't make it safe, then don't build there. Is the project a necessity or a nicevto have to enrich the greedy developers?

  5. Going forward, providing insightful information or facts on political issues will reduce unwarranted destructive criticisms from fellow commentators. At most, constructive criticisms are welcome for the sake of nation building.
    The fact that you are criticised means that people do read your blog. Be relevant.

    1. Agree, be more relevant and you will do well, Annie. You can do it.

  6. mcm zombies, dead or dying dumbos still wriggling & jerking adoi

  7. Justice for Lokman20 October 2018 at 11:51

    I supported PR but agree that some of the commentators who constantly attack the blog owner are nauseating. My guess is that their possessed by some evil force.

  8. OMG these dumbos, warlords or thieves will definitely KOSONGKAN party before leaving, surely they love $$$ more than parti dumbo (only macai2 are so sohai) wakakaka

    1. Proposing macai2 to start looting the party before the govt come in to seal (not steal) everything mcm 1mdb wink

  9. Anonymous @ 20 October 2018 at 07:34,

    //Annie - how your paychecks? Still ada?//

    As far as I know, Annie is an independently wealthy person and pays for her own way.

    You may not have noticed this, but Annie writes whatever she likes about whomever she likes whenever she likes.

    It is a luxury which is enjoyed by people who do not need be paid to write, eg you yourself :)


    1. Stop being a boot licker Gladiator.

  10. Annie,

    Am trying to feel sorry for Wak Jahid but then I remember the deformed face of Amir Bazli....

    That could have been charges for attempted murder, kidnapping, serious assault, and many others, so I think Zahid escaped quite lightly.

    It's not a question of "shutting Umno".

    It's making sure they pay for their crimes.

    You like the Rule of Law, right Annie?

    (Suddenly : )

  11. Let see whether those cyberlosers lim sian see, dll are inspired by BN defeat to come back to fight for BN again wakakaka

  12. sorry lah mcm that indon toyol, this indon komedi will be whacked (or jailed) kaw kaw sigh

  13. No wonder the Javaman sucking up and crawling to Tun M at PMO days after Tun M sworn in as prime minister. Nak mintak nyawa rupanya...

  14. Annie,

    //Wanted to go home but the traffic jam is always very bad at this hour.//

    Traffic in KL is ridiculous.

    When in KL, I just catch the LRT or buses.

    I don't know what the answer is for the traffic congestion in KL, but I do hope somebody can solve it.

    //But honestly, I'm not really interested in the story.//

    Well, I don't think you could say very much about it anyway.

    Even the little snippets available in the following link, make for mind boggling reading.

    //I believe they will charge all the other Umno leaders too.//

    Reading the link I provided above, I have a feeling that many UMNO leaders will have been just as careless with their "business dealings".

    If so, why shouldn't those UMNO leaders be charged?

    //They are going to kill the party altogether.//

    It sounds like you are suggesting that there are many UMNO leaders who will be arrested for corrupt behaviour, thereby leaving UMNO without a leadership group.

    Are there no good clean people in UMNO who can take over the leadership?

    //Now they are saying that all Malays must unite under Pribumi.//


    Pakatan had better watch out :)

    //Ya, I used to help them, but I don't really take instructions from them.//

    I know you used to be quite active around 2008(?) but based on how you were writing and what you were writing, I also know you were merely volunteering your help.

    //So, I definitely wouldn't join Pribumi.//

    To be honest, I can't understand why anybody would want to join a political party.

    Once a person signs up, he/she is basically stuck - he/she has to follow the rules and cannot do or say what he/she likes.

    I have NEVER been a member of ANY political party despite being courted several times by several parties.

    I find that being my own man, keeping my own counsel, works really well for me.

    I can whack any politician I feel like whacking :)

    But many Malaysians, on the other hand, seem to find the need to be "wedded" to a political party.

    It is easy to see the die-hard UMNO supporters or die-hard PH supporters here in your blog. :)

    I will bet that these die-hard supporters are really really polite and worshipful to their ADUN or MP, if those politicians are from their respective parties :)

    I just find the idea of hero-worshipping a politician really weird.

    For example, hero-worshipping Zahid Hamidi would become very embarrassing if his corrupt behaviour is proven.

    //I'm just going to do or write whatever I think is right.//

    You just keep writing the way you have been writing, girl.

    You should know that there are many Malays who think like you but they simply do not have the same writing skills as you do.

    You are giving them a voice with your words.

    //After all, I don't have super power to change things much.//

    You may not have any super-powers, but you have something called a vote.

    Votes change governments.

    With Art Harun in charge of the Electoral Commission, your vote has become a lot more meaningful and more valuable.

    Politicians had better watch out.


  15. He heeee

    Angan tak kesampaian masih kena dok pokpekpokpek kecek2 UMNO members to join Pribumi??? Klo ketua mereka is Wallace Huo mungkin 1 minggu semua akan lompat masuk la.

    Kesian amat sgt 12/222 nih. 5 bulan nunggu macam punggok rindukan bulan. PH tak renti2 dgn segala smear taktik..banyak sgt tabur air lioq basi kut sampai sana sini asyik banjir dan tanah runtuh?

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. Thank god PH won the May General elections.

    Otherwise all these corrupted acts by UMNO leaders will continue to be buried.

  17. Call me a perennial optimist.I do believe UMNO will be stronger for the following reasons
    1.There is no exodus of UMNO members even though BN is no longer in power
    2.The Malays are witnessing the erosion of Malay dominance afer the GE14
    3.I am all for cooperation between Pas and UMNO.The results of the byelections after GE14 show that UMNO members/supporters are willing to give their votes to Pas and vice versa
    4.Bersatu will be a spent force once the handsome old man leaves the scene

    Prof Kangkung

  18. Dear Annie,

    I hope that you had actually read all the 45 charges against Zahid. This is not the people we want running UMNO if there is to be any chance of UMNO making a comeback. It sickens me that this is what the defenders of "Agama, Bangsa, Negara" are actually fighting for.

  19. Anonymous @ 20 October 2018 at 22:11,

    //Stop being a boot licker Gladiator.//

    Boot licking?


    Would that be boots with or without stilettos? :)

    I looooove women in stilettos if you must know.


    On another note, I am merely stating what I am pretty sure is the case, i.e. Annie appears to be an independently wealthy person who writes what she likes when she likes.

    Annie has given enough clues over the years about her financial position if you bother to go thru her archives.

    Or maybe you prefer to believe in your own fantasy that Annie lives on payments from UMNO? :)