Sunday 21 October 2018

Getting fit, be humble

I'm going shopping with my cousin today.

Need to buy myself a pair of proper training shoes.

Need to exercise.

Probably even need to enlist at a gym.

Really, I'm getting quite fat and unfit.

I keep wasting time doing nothing these days  instead of doing healthy things.

Yesterday I spent almost the whole day playing snooker on my phone

and watching a stupid Korean drama

I was not even bothered to check on the political nonsense as usual. It's getting too stupid and disgusting anyway.

However, it just so happened that I watched some MMA fights on YouTube later last night and they actually inspired me to get fit again.

Especially this less than five minutes fight which took place just earlier this month

That's fun, isn't it?

I wish I can fight like that.

Maybe sit on top of one of my haters and punch the living daylight out of her/him like that.

Hahaha....I know that's wishing too much.

I learnt silat gayong and was quite good at it when I was a teenager, but that's a very long time ago.

Now, I'll be happy just to be fit again.

And I must always try to remember what Khabib said

Yes, be humble.


  1. Annie,

    Just do it :)


  2. Depressing times for Annie.

    We totally understand that bcos her beloved but corrupted UMNO is being exposed with more and more exposes' to come.

    But dongibab Annie. Kipidap :)

  3. i like fat at the right places. omymy

    1. Annie, you can sit on top of me anytime hihi

  4. adoi so called jantan komedi is actually a puny coward hiding behind his kiddy cucu skirt, donot involve kiddy cucu be a man fight your own war sigh

    1. mcm annie take kids jalan2 at mall (not mcm komedi allow kids kelentong Bullshit Nasional at social media)

  5. Annie

    How come you don't want to sit on Zahid and whack him?


    Approve of corruption, issit?

    1. Anon 14:32

      Have you ever heard of Annie whacking Najib or Zahid?

      Of course not. Why is that ? Your guess is as good as mine.


    3. I agree. I have not read anything critical of Najib written by Annie


  6. Annie said:-

    "I was not even bothered to check on the political nonsense as usual. It's getting too stupid and disgusting anyway.

    Sabar Annie even though UMNO is going through a slow death.

    1. Anon 15:12

      ...Sabar Annie even though UMNO is going through a slow death.

      Slkw death? Kesian meghoyan tak kesudahan.

      Naaa org teksi pun dah mula loklaq dgn your PeeM. Did they oso memaki and mencarut too?

      Klo pun tak respect him as PeeM, and as an elderly pun worang dah mula tak respect, klo Jepun tengok sure mrk pengsan wan. Issshh malunya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Bodoh Prof Nasi Dedak,

      Kera2 yg buat kecoh tu bukan org teksi tapi sabotuer yg diupah untuk sabotaj majlis.

      Macam kau la tu...penulis upahan dedak

    3. Anon 21:42

      ...Macam kau la tu...penulis upahan dedak...

      Same old boring line.. thts all yg yang tau jawab. Otak kamu sama macam budak Malaysia Baru Jufazli.. owh video dia dah takde nk share sini.

      YES.. fitnah, mencaci, mencarut, menghina, mengaibkan orang tanpa segan silu adalah budaya PH. You reap what you sow. Padan muka.

      Dah lima bulan. Pi tolong Guan Eng godek2 accounts tu. Tak lama lagi dia nak bentang Budget 2019.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Prof Nasi Dedak,

      Kau in pun satu macam asyik dok pokpek entah apa.

      "You reap what you sow"? bodoh betul kau ni...memang la look what's happening to Najib and Zahid and what they are reaping now.

  7. Playing snooker the whole day should be quite interesting. Poking balls into holes, left, right and center.
    Annie sure need training shoes to keep fit, cos could be quite tiring bending and trying hit snooker balls to get into hole.:)
    Ahaha, stupid Korean dramas !!!! Some of those dramas has beautifully realistic love scenes.
    Silat gayong, very unfortunate for the guys.

    "Especially this less than five minutes fight which took place just earlier this month" unquote.
    I guess those guys won't last 5 minutes facing Annie with her silat.

  8. Annie is fat? I am curious how Annie looks like :)

  9. Should send Khabib to whack those Umno guys who stole rakyat's money to enrich themselves.

    Already so corrupted then sumore have the cheek to say doing all for bangsa dan agama. What hypocrites !

  10. Very unbecoming of Zahid's daughter Nurul hidayah to upload his grandaughter's video that has since been subject to ridicule.

    She is a very irresponsible mother and does not exhibit good Islamic values

  11. Only when UMNO is down and out, they learn to be humble. This is a good lesson for UMNO. Humility was never in UMNO's vocabulary before, now they learn the hard way. Corruption never pays and will catch up on you.

  12. Anonymous @ 21 October 2018 at 15:16,

    //Ahaha, stupid Korean dramas !!!!//

    Let me guess, you are a male?

    Most males simply do not understand Korean dramas but females seem to.

    I know a guy whose wife watches them A LOT!!

    Virtually every time I visit their house, the wife is lying on the sofa watching Korean dramas til late at night.

    Apparently, she belongs to a group of women and they regularly swap Korean dramas around on USB thumb drives.

    One thumb drive holds a whole series apparently - anything up to 28 episodes or something like that.

    I dont really know - I only know lots of Korean dramas come on USB thumb drives :)

    No idea where they get those episodes from.

    Korean dramas are apparently a world wide phenomena on par with Bollywood.


    1. mr. gladiator,
      talkin bout k-dramas…heeheee….not to say i dun see them…but i skip almost all of them after a few episodes. they r good build-up story lines in d beginning but getting stereotype n miserably fool u at d ends. i agree most of d female leads r cosmetically pretty but males r too pondan d faces to be attractive. i hate tat hair do which spout down to their eye-lines. i tot of endogenous hair cut in serawak….kah..kahhhhh. aaaah…one more thing tat I think annoys me, no matter how strong d female lead is, both physically or mentally, she can just be dragged away by foes, watelse her man even if she has been cheated thousands of time bfor….n getting mabuk where d hell of problems begin! it anger me…. usually ive to pause it or f= forward if it recorded.

      anyway they r way better than malay dramas….

  13. Annie,

    //Annie21 October 2018 at 21:32


    You need to understand that the way us Malaysians like it is when you whack our least favourite politicians with EVERY blog post.

    So, if ypu dont like Najib, he must kena lah, every day.

    Ditto, with Zahid aka "The Invisible Man".

    Note that this applies only for UMNO politicians.

    In the case of Lim Guan Eng, just a few blog posts will mean that you are his sworn enemy for life and a DAP hater :)

    Speaking of LGE, I am really quite surprised how quickly he is adjusting to life as Finance Minister.

    In my view, he is actually quite well-behaved compared to his mongrel-like behaviour when he was in Opposition.

    In those opposition days, LGE was a rabid attack machine with no quarter given.

    If LGE was an MMA fighter in those days, he would be kicking his opponent in the balls, gouging eyes, biting, and this is after he has knocked out his opponent!!!

    Yup, I think the LGE of today is, dare I say it, improving as a statesman.

    Still nothing like his father or Mahatir yet but then those two have years of experience under their belt.


  14. Anonymous @ 21 October 2018 at 17:28,

    //Very unbecoming of Zahid's daughter Nurul hidayah to upload his grandaughter's video that has since been subject to ridicule.//

    A stupid act by the mother but it does give an insight into the minds of these people.

    Apparently, the grand daughter threatened revenge when she grows up.

    But then, she is only a child and she does not understand why her grandfather is going to jail.

    Hopefully, when she does grow up and look at the facts, she will understand.

    But I am well aware that hate can be propagated across generations.


  15. Anonymous @ 21 October 2018 at 18:24,

    //Corruption never pays and will catch up on you.//

    On the contrary, corruption pays very very well in these sorts of multi billion ringgit cases.

    Najib and Zahid and all those corrupt fellers might go to jail for many years, but they know that the rakyat can NEVER get back all the money.

    Even if they never get out of jail, their families are going to live in luxury forever and ever and ever.

    For example, Imelda Marcos may have suffered for 20+ years(?) in exile but she is still immensely wealthy becos the Phillipines govt simply cannot get back everything she and her husband stole.

    There are ways of hiding money in perfectly legal ways which will surprise you.

    I could legitimately receive 1 million ringgit a month from a perfectly legal source and you can do nothing about it. :)

    And no, I dont intend to explain how it is done in a public forum :)


    1. Gladiator
      You tak pelik ke? CORRUPTIONS only follow UMNO and PAS people?? CORRUPTION tak dekat dengan orang2 kapiaq kan? Kekekeke tst tst tst lawak kan??

      Klo DAP dan PH, corruptions takut, terus sembunyi macam kes Guan Eng yang kena tiba2 terjun menghilang gitu sja. Macam badut la kamu semua ni.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. I feel a sense of pity that the once mighty UMNO is now a spent force that will eventually be reduced to be a token party. But then again this is the party that has strayed so much from its humble and noble beginnings.

    1. Anon 23:45

      ..Spent force?
      You dok menghoyan sorang diri kut?

      Alahai.. majoriti of leaders fm PH wr from humble beginnings too. Sekarang, just check what they own.. eg Guan Eng. Now can afford million dollar bangalow got swimming pool some more. Cheap cheap lelong lelong price.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Prof Pokpek Parrot,

      U bodoh ke tak reti eja "bangalow"?

      Itu bungalow la....bukan u punya bangla punya ejaan.

      Yeee...bodohnya Prof Form 3 dropout ni...kahkahkah

    3. Prof Dedak,

      Satu birkin handbag boleh beli 10 biji bungalow.

      Kalau 400 birkin handbag kat Pavilion.....hmmm...agak Istana pun boleh beli kot

    4. Hello Anon 16:38 n 17:28

      He eee. Colluption pun pandai pilih2 olang. Asalkan kapiaq dan pengikut2 kapiaq, kolupsi mayak takut dekat..

      KEKEKEKE Lawak lawak

      400 birkin handbag? Tunjuk resit2 kat sini bole tak? Pemimpin kamu dok ajaq bohong aje hari2 ke?

      ...Siakap Senohong Gelama Ikan Duri. Siakap Senohong, Gelama Ikan Duri, Bercakap bohong, Lama-lama mencuri..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. Nama saje Prof tapi eja bungalow pon tak reti.

      Ni produk education system BN. Tahniah....kahkahkah

  17. iya la akak…when troubles come our heart must be weary. even d loss of our pets can make us down. now d defeat of d trusted be, then d feeling is must also be grounded.

    to me i’ve finished with umno long ago. so no woes to whatever d end is. wat worries me now is d greasy slip at d pakatan as we've high hope for a better malaysia.

    my fear is, wat if tun has his turn around again? i mean his old stuff, d none apologetic- non challenge for wat he wants n says, is reverting now. n i tot he just reinstated tat in many occasions n junctures….as seen he was not softened his stance. wat if he still stuck to his past.

    d matter now is move msia on its good feet again. but about d way how he stated on many dis n tat as thou to invite more disturbances….at worst it can stir up d muck either in goment or to investors. bluntly said not only d d economy but d wholly hope ‘ll also be gone with d wind.

    hopefully we r not going to deal with craps tat we r fighting not to define by. at d end of d day, we all need d same thing…to enjoy our lives.

  18. 1/n

    Ramblings? Here are some as a small echo for this week...

    1. Technology has made us sedentary. Urbanisation has nailed it in. In the past, we had more public fields, parks and courts where people could exercise to their hearts content. These days however, open areas are taken up for housing. Even schools are bereft of fields to run so that physical education as a compulsory subject has disappeared. The excuse is that the weather has changed and the air has gotten bad. Which may be true whenever poor indon farmers burn undergrowth for replanting. But what is the net effect of a sedentary lifestyle which affects not just the students hooked on virtual non-reality but also his/her future health condition when later taking on jobs that require mostly keyboard strokes as the only exercise? The result is degraded eyesight what more limited peristalsis from fast-food diets. The eyes, the gut and the lungs will affect the heart which will affect the individual state of mind. Which affects attitudes and thus altitudes and hence directed existence. And therefore elevated meaning and purpose.

    So, back to Annie (as we must for she has potential to be better - and we know that - which is a good reason to be here)... Was it not Chopra who wrote, " We put food to our mouths for two reasons - one, for nutrients, and two, for something else". For his book "What Are You Hungry For?" is written the following:

    "What are you hungry for? Food? Love? Self-esteem? Peace? In this manual for "higher health," based on the latest findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine, Deepak Chopra creates a vision of weight loss based on a deeper awareness of why people overeat - because they are trying to find satisfaction and wind up using food as a substitute for real fulfillment. Repudiating the failed approaches of crash dieting and all forms of deprivation, Chopra's new book aims directly at the problem of finding fulfillment. When that problem is solved, he argues, normal eating falls into place automatically, and the entire system of mind and body achieves what it really desires.

    "Everyone's life story is complicated, and the best intentions go astray because people find it hard to change," writes Chopra. "Bad habits, like bad memories, stick around stubbornly when we wish they'd go away. But you have a great motivation working for you, which is your desire for happiness. I define happiness as the state of fulfillment, and everyone wants to be fulfilled. If you keep your eye on this, your most basic motivation, then the choices you make come down to a single question: "What am I hungry for?" Your true desire will lead you in the right direction. False desires lead in the wrong direction."

    This reference is not to say Chopra has the last word on weight loss for happiness enhancement but it is one of a number of ways for Annie and others to review life per se and what has happened to bring one to such a condition.

    Unless mistaken, one also notes she has not mentioned her father before. Knowing other similar cases of duality, closer must be made.

  19. 2/n

    Just as Annie is now trying to reinvent herself, so too must Malaysia.

    Post-Ge14, we are starting to find the momentum of change is grinding down as the new crop of leaders find to their horror the extent of damage done by the previous administration which is keeping them from fulfilling all the manifesto promises whilst fighting fires of little napoleons entrenched in their government machinery and trying to wrangle with the legalities of sending shameless crooks to jail, getting back all the rakyat dough stolen in broad daylight, fostering investments needed to nurse the economy and industrial backbone back to health and tiptoeing around the perpetual danger of voter sentiments still pivoted around the 3Rs of race, religion and rulers.

    3. M2.0 knows all this. But as Fatin has astutely noted, M2.0 seems ambiguous as of late. Perhaps he has convinced himself the Malay mindset is fixated on sentimental attachment to an impractical and self-denuding past and so one must accommodate to it come hell or high water. LKY saw that tragedy long ago which may explain why M2.0 hates the little dot so much. Because truth and reality are too painful to contemplate in the absence of solutions. Which may also explain the revival of the idea of the crooked bridge despite the existential threat of where to find money to pay public servants rm8 Billion in wages every month. That besides the billion ringgit servicing of interest for loans taken for the Umno-era megaprojects.

    For final resolution in the interest of his mortality, perhaps M2.0 should ask himself before everything else whether it is because of his diminishing energy or because of his duality - or both - that has caused him to still think the way he does to do the same things he had tried to do before. Bridge, car and sinophobia for political expediency - no more, please. And Khazanah money is still public funds. In fact, all funds held by any government are rakyat money. After all, that nation-wide realization was the ticket that created the tsunami that was GE14.

    M2.0 may remember me. When he was M1.0, and was walking up the stairs to dinner at the mall opposite PWTC one evening, he turned around, smiled and directly waved to me sitting on the sofa at the foot of the stairs. I could have given him the inevitable trajectory of the nation then but would he have even listened?

  20. 3/n

    closer (in 1/n) = closure, and 2. (in 2/n)

    3. Was i in my early twenties then? (;P)

    How does one foist change in this country?

    One, understand one and all that the biggest problem that is the final constraint of everything is exclusively the Malay mindset. It unreasonably wants to retain all its comforts of the past handed to it on a silver platter. It doesn't care for the consequences of what that entails - even when dunia dah berubah. It remains blinkered to possible solutions because of the fear and suspicion that change means permanent loss. It fears being swamped by changes it cannot accommodate. Therefore, the continued same-old complexion of Malay politics today which repeats the same ways but expecting different results.

    Take the taxi drivers. In the past, they receive rm400 allowance each to buy tyres. But they never asked where the money came from. It came from their passengers. By way of taxes paid or public amenities foregone. Now their world has changed. They see their livelihood threatened by progress. Their passengers now have other fuss-free choices. We have gone over Grab and Uber before on this. Just grabbize and uberize our taxi drivers as well so that they too can maintain their living. If the new drivers can do so despite having to invest in spanking new cars, why not older taxi drivers who are more seasoned in their service? Instead of mounting a showdown with M2.0, they should mount a showdown with their franchise owners; they don't because those are Umno cronies? What if the public boycotts them then? How are they going to make a living then?

  21. 4/n

    4. Going forward, there are at least three possible scenarios:

    one, return to the old Umno-type ways;

    two, continue this calibrated incremental path to change;

    three, fire away on all cylinders things that should have been done long ago.

    Take the first. What will happen? It will decant Umno whose members will fill Pribumi. Then Pribumi becomes Umno reboot. Because it was all about money politics, the root of all evils. Harapan is working on the problem but after realizing it doesn't have enough funds to engage more continuously with the rakyat in the same way Umno has thrown rakyat money around just so some can jom-heboh without conscience. What will be the resolution? It must be in tandem with declaration of assets - an exercise that should include family members and relatives - and done annually without fanfare, furthermore open to public scrutiny. Together with open tenders. And if open tenders take too long, figure out how to shorten the process without sacrificing integrity. It isn't difficult. Kickass parallel processing under same framework.

    In the social media going round, there are two photos. One of the former South Korean head and the other of the present Umno President. The SK head hangs her head in shame, the Umno President gloats and glees and smiles, wearing a cherubic expression that however does grave injustice to the sum of over a billion ringgit that has been pandered his family holds. Not bad for a javanese. How do our local Malays feel about that? Same religion so semua ok? Note the other observation. When he was charged, there was a deafening silence in the midst of the Umno supreme council. Except for Lokman who rustled up 200 gargoyles to defend the indefensible at the MACC gates, not a whisper to chastise the man's daughter for having the nerve to talk about reformasi when the final exposure is listed out forty five times. What was the man's monthly pay when he was DPM and home minister? And why was he allowed to extract pounds of flesh from poor foreign workers, Muslims to boot? Unlike the SK ex-leader, no shame, lagi sheer hypocrisy.

    So - pin it on the must-do list. Charge ALL of them, and GET BACK all the rakyat funds. Let this national will and determination be headlined so that the rakyat can keep tab. That is the essence of the manifesto. So the government can have more funds belonging to the rakyat to fulfill other promises - like less tolls, free PTPTN, more meds...

    Meanwhile is there a unit in the MACC to check on the accounts of the others and do the needful with their passports? How much has been siphoned offshore since May 8th?

    And what is Harapan doing about PAS' enjoying 1MDB money? Nail them too if you want to get real about the future of this country. Hypocritical medievalism against the true grain of the faith has no place in this nation, especially of its peoples. The good of the faith has been buried so that mass persecution can be executed to earn personal benefits for the self-anointed. Enough-lah.

  22. 5/n

    So, next, the second. Azmin must not say the HSR is canceled only to have the dot declare it is suspended for two years only. Which is which and more importantly, why the difference? This is just an illustration of the depth of the commitments Umno has made which is sinking our nation that has left him in Economic Affairs with little room to maneuver. So all the more reason to say LGE-like exactly what is the damage.

    One and all must therefore conclude nothing is hunky-dory anymore. Retail is down but don't blame SST. It is necessary so the public service must fully realize their pay is paid from the blood, sweat and tears of millions of tax-payers. The chip on the shoulder that shouts entitlement should be burned on the spot to be replaced by painful productivity. All the research done on national competitiveness boils down to productivity - its continuation in a series of ascending value-added curves protected by institutional integrity. This country cannot afford anymore the excesses of an affirmative policy directed onto only one community. Especially when its original time-limited remit was to enable all communities in need to rise so as to be able to jointly contribute to nation-building.

    But is such a populist economic socialism feasible these days when the economy is down and more private sector initiatives are needed to plow money where prospects for profits are better or must one still bend back restrained by new taxes that will punish those who can in order to serve those who won't?

    In the coming days, this challenge will have to be debated carefully and resolved clearly so that all will accept that the past is gone and the future for their young will depend on reality not dope.

    This second scenario may just talk above that and miss the only boat in the harbor. Because time is not on our side and luck can be quite frivolous and flighty. Prayers alone aren't going to help much too otherwise those who wear religious garbs while receiving their sentences in courts of law will be singing free.

    Fear leads to timidity leads to evolutionary extinction. No?

  23. 6/n

    So, three. Boldly thrust ahead?

    A, Mazlee should not waste his time on school shoes. It is a sign of those who have received only islamic training that they will exude engaging energy and enthusiasm but mostly on form and not substance.

    Solve the education system nonsense once and for all. Go out and survey which country is doing well for its citizens in that area. If it is that dot, so be it. Adopt it wholesale if necessary. Don't fuck around with the young. Surely he must already know it's even no longer know-how in national HR circles but know-what-where-who. Technology has disintermediated the HR component of modernization and progress so construct new business models for the nation-building citizen and what he must be, then intrapolate year-by-year of studentship within a new education system so that the most relevant things are taught in the most motivating ways by the most non-political teachers and lecturers so that the students will achieve their highest potential in this most competitive planet. Or so die trying. Does the novice even know the dot tests its fourteen year olds on a subject called 'governance'? If KJ had studied there before Oxford, maybe he won't be in such a hurry to push blame onto his JKR for the substandard project under his helm? MACC should do the onerous and open an investigation file on his assets. Potential for leadership is no excuse not to punish slime-ball non-integrity if only to set lesson and example for the young.

    And what's this about the UEM? If there are Malay extremists against it, get them to take its exams in order to prequalify their right to block it. If they fail, go back to school. If they pass, what's the real reason beyond racial unity and harmony but based solely on our Malay formula which so far has not much going for it, one reckons. If unbelieving, ask our Malay luminaries who are working overseas. Say, that surgeon in California for instance.

    Why is this important in reality? STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are what built the KLCC, Putrajaya, highrise, bridges, factories, refineries, harbors, highways; they are what make sure we can read what we write on these screens, piped through fiber optic cables from global servers, and soon, ubiquitous computing will connect us through pervasive devices that populate our environment. The STEMS move trade, optimize decision-making, even deliver korean tv dramas. So how? Where to find them so that this nation can undergo stem-therapy? Learning our local history alone with names as long as the width of the textbooks isn't going to put food on the table, roof over head, money for reloads or investments for a future replete with a declining local currency and an inclining capital flight.

    Mazlee, there is more STEM in the UEC than in the national schools, for that matter in your religious tahfiz. The social problems of the community are caused by a lack of rational thinking displaced by brainwashing and maintained by fear displacing compassion and wisdom. Is that what religion is all about? Seeking the afterlife without going through the experience of secular progress?

  24. 7/7

    Interesting facts. We are one of the world's biggest solar panel makers and exporters. We also have 13% market share as producers of backend semiconductors, of which Penang holds 8%.

    In the light of the ongoing reshoring/offshoring/re-offshoring shifts going around this planet's global supply chain, what-is-our-new-FDI-direction? Can M2.0, Azmin, LGE etc in fact the entire Pakatan cabinet answer this since it affects the national economy, the thousands of SMEs as the industrial backbone, and the millions of workforce in the services sector who service the industries and the hopes of millions of youth who will soon need to know what's the new direction for this nation on the gasoline of change to make the come-back as a new nation or else die in the backwaters of a has-been?

    One won't expect the sleepyheads to suggest why not flip the market by, say, making Penang a FTZ island again. Or beefing up the immigrations processing counters at the causeway not just to relieve traffic but also to integrate so as to assimilate the best of that dot in order to foist the changes domestically. Or create a new investment promotion scheme that targets the futures of industrialization and human resource management that will form the foundation of a new Malaysia that must take advantage of those same changes that must be made in order to survive and not fall back into the era of Umno-Pas mudification of madness on whose edge now incidentally tips the PKR duality (another one but of the same race)?

    And that's why it all shall start with a first step. Namely, Annie must get back her pristine shape (which has moved mountains of men before). How else can they sweep her off her feet? She achieves a new her, country immediately progresses a decade.

    There are too many walruses in the our society these days. And some duality guy has to criticize the suggestion that the one way our Malays can improve themselves is to reproduce less so that they can invest critically more in their children on their fixed incomes. That guy would rather they reproduce more so that their children can contribute to their old age. Even if it means consigning those children to repeating the same fate befalling their parents for want of more food and education in their formative years. So much for an LSE training. Fear, or prejudice?

    Ok? Done...kipidap-dongidab is also very smart. Glad there are still some around.

    [ps: Deo - wake up to what's really happening in the new pricing and marketing of packages. Use offshore speed tests to check as well on what is really delivered.]

  25. 8/8

    UEM = UEC

    (no breakfast)

  26. The uploading of video by Zahid's daughter, Nurul Hidayah has backfired big time.

    Goes to show her lack of good upbringing and parental skills in her exploitation of her 9 year old child for her own selfish interest.

    1. Nurul Hidayah is an arrogant mother.

      I think she should be more humble like what Annie said about Khabib's video

  27. Gladiator at 22:30

    "On the contrary, corruption pays very very well in these sorts of multi billion ringgit cases".

    Not really because retribution for your sins has a way of catching up to you and your future generations one way of another. Don't underestimate what the eye cannot see and not everything that matters is reflected only in monetary terms.

  28. Prof Nasi Lemak,

    //CORRUPTIONS only follow UMNO and PAS people?//

    Where did I say that??

    And for all the years UMNO was in power, they only have LGE's case to hold up and wave about??


    1. Gladiator
      One case is enough to show the world why all the kapiaq2 in Malaysia are "NOT CORRUPTED".. BERSIH BERSIH BERSIH..

      He eeee lawak2. Macam badut2 la kamu semua ni.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  29. Anonymous @ 22 October 2018 at 11:38,

    //Not really because retribution for your sins has a way of catching up to you and your future generations one way of another.//

    Well, the children and grandchildren of Ferdinan and Imelda are still living extremely well, and thank you for asking :)

    No retribution for them after all these years, and I think no retribution forever and ever and ever.

    I am willing to bet you ANYTHING that in 100 years from today, the great grandchildren, the great great grand children and the great great great grandchildren of Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi will still be living very very comfortably :)

    If you are waiting for karma or some divine being to punish them, well, good luck to you.

    I mean we should all keep believing in things that give us comfort and succour. :)


    1. Gladiator,

      Well it is very shallow to assume things from the surface only. But I can understand that you may not fully comprehend other factors which may not necessarily be measured in monetary terms only.

  30. A super hero emerges. The contamination of PH rises rapidly, maybe more to come?
    "Hisham volunteers to track down Jho Low in China
    Anne Muhammad | Published: Today 12:34 pm | Modified: Today 3:00 pm"

    1. If he had no intel on a bunch of Mindanao invaders until they could set up camp on Malaysian soil, what makes him think he can know where's the man hiding on foreign soil?

      Why should rakyat money be given to this Umno fella and who will keep tabs on what he'll be doing with it, pedigree vintage notwithstanding.

      PH should reject his offer outright, call upon the MACC to open investigation papers on him, confiscate his passport and delve into his accounts.

      Don't be naive. If this one is also guilty, appointing him to check on JL will not bring closure to 1MDB. He will bury more evidence while gaining amnesty from prosecution by dint of the appointment.

      He will just scoot scot-free.

  31. Anonymous @ 22 October 2018 at 07:18,

    //Ramblings? Here are some as a small echo for this week...//

    I am blown away by the depths of your insight :)

    You do write very long posts but they make for very interesting reading.

    You probably already know that you bring up waaay too many subjects to be meaningfully responded to but I have to say that I do agree with the majority of what you have said.

    Thks for sharing your thoughts.


  32. Is this a joke? We have one going to China to get Jho Low, now we have another one?
    Look as it the score is 1-1, one for the handsome Dr. and one for the Admiral?

    "I’m Anwar’s hardcore supporter, says Nazri
    Melissa Darlyne Chow - October 22, 2018 6:42 PM

    1. ...depends on what 'hardcore' means

  33. make it easier for H20, from his own pocket he to offer reward USD1 million to catch & bring back jho low alive & kicking (no dead corpse) wink

  34. Anonymous @ 22 October 2018 at 18:05,

    //Well it is very shallow to assume things from the surface only.//

    Not sure what you mean there.

    //But I can understand that you may not fully comprehend other factors which may not necessarily be measured in monetary terms only. //

    As far as I am concerned, the only factor which matters is whether we, the rakyat, can get all our money back and the answer is most probably not.

    I think Lim Guan Eng suggested that we would be lucky to get back one third of what was stolen.

    Eeerrrr... that is one third of billions upon stolen billions.

    I am saying that the Najibs and the Zahids will be laughing even though they may be rotting in jail because they know their families will be very well provided forever and ever and ever.



    When one has lots and lots of money stashed away in the Cayman Islands or whatever hidey hole there is, just go live in Monaco or Côte d'Azur and your reputation will be fully and magically restored :)

    Other factors to consider?

    Hmmm, karma?

    Bad things can happen to anybody anytime - even to good people who are totally innocent.

    I may say things like "Karma is a bitch" but I don't really believe in karma.

    I believe in probabilities though :)

    Punishment in the after life?

    Well, so far, I have seen no credible evidence that there is an after life.

    I tend to believe that all this talk about divine beings and after lives is all man-made from way way back when humans did not understand what was happening around them.

    BUT like I said, if there are people who do want to believe in karma and divine beings and after lives, I have no problems with that as it does not really affect me in any material way.

    I mean, we still have cargo cults today!!

    Like I said, I do understand how such beliefs can bring comfort and succor to the believers.

    Are there other non-monetary factors which I may need to consider?


  35. Anonymous @ 22 October 2018 at 18:29,

    //what makes him think he can know where's the man hiding on foreign soil?//

    I think you are referring to Hishammuddin Hussein's offer to help in capturing Low Taek Jho as reported.

    I am just curious as to why he has gone public about wanting to help.

    Maybe he is trying to stay relevant and look like the good guy.

    He has kept a very low profile since May 9th.

    I am sure that there are investigations into him as well by the relevant Malaysian authorities and offering to help with 1MDB investigations could give him some bargaining power.

    If he goes to China in his personal capacity, his so-called Chinese contacts will probably not even bother to answer the phone.

    But if he has some official or semi-official status, somebody there might consider answering the phone.

    I have a feeling that his offer may be rejected because there is no reason to assume that the Jho Low problem cannot be handled just as efficiently through normal diplomatic channels.

    Of cos, Hishammuddin may be suggesting that Jho Lo is being protected by people within the Chinese military and as former Defence Minister, Hishammuddin may think he is able to talk to the right people in the People's Liberation Army.

    I dunno.

    Maybe Jho Lo reads Annie's blog and now knows his cover is blown and has made his escape - again :)


    1. Please read between the lines on H2o's statements
      (1)he can heip locate and bring back JL to Malaysia
      (2)he reitirated his stand on 1mdb
      There is a concerted effort by the previous administration's groupie to debunk the 1mdb scandal in the social media today
      They are pedalling this perception that
      AMLA is not equal to 1MDB,by playing the game on ignorances
      That the AMLA charges levelled at their leaders are not connected to 1MDB
      H2o can see the siver bullet in hastening the rreturn of JL to Malaysia to settle this mess
      Umno is in a limbo
      Criminal cases can take ages to resove


    2. Fadzireen
      Kamu ni pasti peminat Captain Hook kan?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  36. Zahid said the recent quake and tsunami in Indonesia is punishment for LBGT activities there.

    Looks like UMNO leaders really have nothing much to contribute these days

  37. Fadzireen,

    //That the AMLA charges levelled at their leaders are not connected to 1MDB//

    Let them, I say :)

    In a way, it is true because many of the charges ZH is facing look like outright acts of corruption and not connected to 1MDB.

    This is merely the start of many many court cases to come :)

    I don't think charges for 1MDB have been fully formulated yet, so I am sure there will be more 1MDB-specific charges coming in the future.

    //Umno is in a limbo//

    Well, I think it is madness for Zahid Hamidi to refuse to step aside or step down despite being arrested and charged.

    He does not seem to care about the problems UMNO is facing - the negative perception of UMNO by voters, the attempt by others in UMNO to reform, the need for UMNO to be seen to be doing something after defeat, etc etc.

    Nup, all ZH seem to want is for UMNO to protect him and support him in his time of need - a typically selfish act by ZH.

    Oh, well, he is the President of UMNO and he can do what he likes.

    //Criminal cases can take ages to resove//

    The longer it takes to settle those court cases, the harder it is for UMNO to win back its credibility with the voters.

    If I was Najib or Zahid, I would just admit to everything and go quietly to jail.

    Their families are going to remain wealthy forever and ever, their political careers have ended, so why delay the inevitable?

    It is really hard to believe that they are totally innocent after all.

    The court cases will just give Pakatan lots of political ammunition to use in GE15, in GE16, in GE17 and in every by-election in between.

    So, it makes sense to put out the fires which are consuming UMNO, cut-off Pakatan's ability to make political capital, and allow UMNO to rebuild and rejuvenate, by sacrificing themselves.

    But we know the Najibs and the Zahids of UMNO-world do not think like that :)

    UMNO only has itself to blame if it dies.


  38. Dear Annie, most of comments in your blog makes me wonder the majority of those who read your blog are people who heavily brain-washed by PH propaganda machine who can accept slanders, lies and broken promises. Their comments are repeating those PH campaigners who talk like stupid moron-including a lot nasty name calling to their current leader- Tun M.