Wednesday 31 October 2018

Going after Lynas - the danger of being overzealous

This is a press statement issued yesterday by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (bloody long name for a ministry, if you asked me)

Take note of the words in the red circle, especially those at the end of the paragraph.

They are basically saying that Lynas Corporation was lying by claiming that its temporary licence to store its rare earth residue had been extended indefinitely while in actual fact it was only extended until Feb 15 next year.

Yup, the ministry was saying these Lynas people are bad lying people.

The ministry was referring to this earlier press statement by Lynas,

If you read carefully the words in the red circle, you would notice that Lynas didn't say anything about it getting an indefinite extension of its temporary licence.

It just said it got an extension.

I think the minister and her officers were all so fired up to get Lynas that they didn't read the statement carefully and ended up accusing the company of lying.

So, much later in the day, the ministry people, probably alerted by someone of the consequence of their overzealousness, sent out this second press statement,

See, in the red circle, there's no more accusation that Lynas was lying.

Well, of course, the DAP Minister, being the kiasu that she is, never going to admit being wrong, posted this on her Facebook page,

Hello Minister, when you are wrong, just admit it la, okay.

Next time, try not to be so overzealous just because you want to score some political points.

Because of the ministry's cock-up, I was told that all the news agencies, including Reuters had to retract their earlier stories done based on the first press statement which accused Lynas of lying.

That's quite embarrassing, okay.

Now, I'm just hoping that the review committee, despite at least one of its members being known to be supportive of the anti-Lynas movement in the past, will be fair and professional in handling their task (unlike the minister and her people).

For further reading, please click on this link

Public hearing of Lynas review on November 11

and for those who prefer to watch a video on this Lynas issue, this is a rather good one


  1. Instead of Lynas, The gov should stop importing plastic for recycle in Malaysia. That already proven environmental disaster. Save PULAU INDAH !

    1. LOL...

      "They are basically saying that Lynas Corporation was lying by claiming that its temporary licence..."

      Actually no, that is Annie's own spin.

      To me, it's just for removal of any doubt.

      The Lynas statement itself does not specify any time for the extension, so why not remove all doubt? Why alarm the public for no good reason?

      Annie, if your spin is of this "high" quality, I think your BN may get only 36% of the popular vote in the upcoming PRU14.


      PRU14 already happened?

      Betul ke?


      I guess all the failed spinners should make a written apology to BN.

      You first, Annie : )

    2. Not my fault that morons like this can't read or pretend not being able to understand what I wrote.

    3. Hee hee,

      Typical Annie when cornered : )

      As such, you can explain why the Lynas statement didn't specify that it was until 19/2/2019 only?

      So by the Ministry issuing a clarification, how did it become a "lie"?

      Or you prefer the folks in Kuantan to goyang kaki waiting for a proper and accurate announcement?

      Hee hee, I think Annie should take her next holiday sunbathing next to the Lynas plant.

      Safe, what : )

    4. Betul la tu, Si Annie.

      Your ass is truly cornered : )

      Gurau jer, jangan marah, K? We lub you long time!

      But seriously holiday sunbathing next to the Lynas plant, just use SPF5,000 sunscreen - you know, just in case it's not as safe as the Aussies say?

      Kih kih kih!

  2. What did she mean by she was surprised?
    Apa.. hari terkejut sedunia belom habis lg ke?

  3. najib want to talk about economy & annie want to champion lynas, they shud talk more about the coming recession eg contagion affect fr China & already lots of forced sellings at KLSE sigh

    1. Annie needs to champion Jibby.

      Because defella changing stories every five minutes now.

      "Najib reckoned he could explain. He had thought (wrongly, he now seemed prepared to admit) that all this money was coming to him from royals in the Middle East, whose culture of handing out buckets of money to foreign leaders is apparently well known.

      So, the money that arrived to the tune of over one billion into his personal bank account came from the dead King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the money to buy Rosie’s $37 million pink diamond and pay for Riza’s movies and the mansions came from Sheikh Mansour in Abu Dhabi.

      So, although Najib appeared to be admitting to Mary Ann Jolly that he now realises the game is up on the actual origin of the money (last month he was still adamant it was from the letter writing ‘royal Saudi donor’ whose signature proved false) his new claim is that it was actually a mistaken assumption or possibly he was deliberately misled.

      After all, compared to the questioning and the demands for detail this man in going to face during trial, the reporter from Al Jazeera had only just got started."

      Alamak...apa hal?

      Now dragging in Abu Dhabi pulak.

      I remember Umno gave 41 different reasons for the 2.6 billion "donation".

      Looks like Jibros gonna break their record.....


    2. 10:22 unlike those najib & dumbo songlap economics, PH Dr M is already fortifying the economy to face global market uncertainties

  4. No-lah, Annie. It is only YOU who wrote that the Ministry was accusing Lynas of lying. Why do you have to be so adversarial?

    The sequence is this:

    First, Lynas announced it has been granted an extension. In that announcement, Lynas left out the important fact of how long is the extension.

    It IS important because the material stored needs to be established as to whether toxic or its storage safe. If neither, the importance of allowed period of storage kicks in. The longer, the riskier;

    THEN it next followed, the Ministry makes announcement to CLARIFY that the extension period was only until 15th February next year.

    Making this announcement also puts into context the timeline the review committee must operate to review the storage risks.

    Nothing in the Ministry's announcement alluded to Lynas lying. If yes, Annie please to circle in green where it is said or may be implied.

    Any (annie?) allusion would in fact be MORE on how come Lynas in ALREADY knowing the extension would ONLY be until then DIDN'T add it into its announcement.

    After all, when under review, schedules and timelines are administrative matters and in a public announcement on such an important matter one would think completeness of information dissemination should be the order of the day.

    Which incidentally explains the Minister's exclamation of surprise.

    Did Annie ask herself that question first before jumping the gun this morning?

    Leaving her now to quickly relook at herself in the washroom mirror, let us pin down WHY it is important to conduct due diligence on the risk of Lynas at this stage.

    It's simple, really. Whether it was actually done or not by the previous puusssy gomen is past. The present one is to find out what are the risks of storing radioactive materials as are being stored by Lynas now?

    They may be in small quantities but many types are toxic even in minute quantities and if the storage container degrades over time or an accident happens, they may leech into the ecosystem and contaminate the water bed (not that type of water beds-lah).

    Pahang supplies water to everywhere. Including Bangsar. Over many times of drinking such water especially to cool oneself when overheating, some rare earth residues may be imbibed as well. Come fifty, all the hair besides the teeth suddenly drops off. Think - of - the - children - first.

    How then?

    How about lunch, soooonnn?

    1. Please don't confuse Annie.

      She does not like Facts or Logic,

      She is an Insignificant Blogger Only, okay?

      Leave her alone.

      Maybe she should stick to Korean drama serials....

    2. //Please don't confuse Annie.//

      But she is already much confused. Maybe confusing an already confused Annie would produce a profusely positive person who then won't have to try and find what she really can just by watching women slug it out in the boxing arena.

      Tomboy, she ain't. Or shouldn't try to be.

      It would be a grievous loss to men.

    3. Ini betul betul putaran tahap maksima.
      Explanation punyalah panjang.
      Najib should have employed you.

    4. "Nothing in the Ministry's announcement alluded to Lynas lying. If yes, Annie please to circle in green where it is said or may be implied."

      You'll be waiting a long time, bro.

      Annie tactic:

      a) Do some spin.

      b) Fail completely.

      c) Move on to next blog post.

  5. Looking forward to Lynas issueing statement on how and who they pay off to get the license and approval for storage of residues in our country.Wishful thinking but then shit do happens.

  6. LOL....

    Annie The Numberrrrr One Bullshit Umgnok Macai is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

    Two expressions you need to learn, Annie:

    a) "Kuman di seberang laut nampak, gajah di depan mata tak nampak."

    b) "Making a mountain out of a molehill."

    If you want to do red circles, Annie, then why not do the same for your PinkLips Pirate Idol?

    And the complete mess he is making out of his Saudi Fairy Tale? Now he's contradicted himself about 12 times on the "681 American Pies."

    As a fan of "cerita dongeng" yourself, Annie, why not help him out : )

    Kipidap, Annie, defend the kleptocrats sampai mati O!

  7. Annie,

    As you may know, I am a very lenient person, so I am happy to put up with little fumbles like these.

    I mean, the Minister is still relatively inexperienced, so I don't think she checked her facts and depended on her advisers here.

    But, as far as I am concerned, we are squabbling over small inconsequential chicken shit stuff.

    Yes, you are 100% right - the Minister should beat up herself in public for our pleasure and amusement because she seems to have fucked up over the press release.

    But, like I said, I am quite lenient with these new Ministers at the moment.

    It takes years of practice to become a Mahatir or Anwar or Lim Kit Siang.

    Even Lim Guan Eng is becoming quite a statesman, in my opinion, but I think he is still a bit rough and uncouth, so he needs a bit more practise to become polished.

    Look at Najib, so classy and suave. He is going down like a bag of shit, but he is still smiling and waving to the crowd, still acting cool and calm, impeccably dressed, every hair in place.

    But Najid had years and years of practice in power and statesmanship, while LGE has always had to fight and fight hard for his political survival.

    So, in summation, you are right to criticise the new Ministers for their clumsiness.

    I mean, if nobody complains about their poor performance, how would they know they are not doing the right thing?

    But know this, they are fast learners and they will improve.

    They had better improve because my patience and leniency does not last forever. :)


    1. Gladiator,

      Read the thorough explanation by Anonymous31 October 2018 at 10:34.

      The only one who fucked up here is Failed Spinner Annie.

      So how come SHE never learns?

  8. unlike stupid mmc gamuda macai, this time lynas no mention voted PH wink

    1. lynas will threaten to vote BN if lynas close down :(

  9. A grim remainder from first world countries
    Chernobyl and Fukushima
    Now a waste-land


  10. Anonymous @ 31 October 2018 at 19:23,

    //Read the thorough explanation by Anonymous31 October 2018 at 10:34.//

    I did.

    And it was that Anon's opinion that the Minister was not lying.

    Annie is entitled to her opinion that the Minister was lying.

    Aren't humans so fantastic that two persons could read the exact same words and draw different conclusions? :)

    //The only one who fucked up here is Failed Spinner Annie.//

    And it is your opinion that Annie has fucked up.

    The thing I always puzzled over is why some Malaysians cannot tahan it when others express opinions which do not agree with theirs.

    Maybe the level of hate and anger for these Malaysians is so deep that there is no way back?

    Maybe that just how politics has developed in Malaysia over the last 60 years.

    But like I said, I am a patient and lenient person.

    Just as I don't expect Pakatan or BN politicians to adapt immediately to their new roles, I dont expect Pakatan or BN supporters to change immediately.

    Seeing as Pakatan is now leading the country, I am curious as to how Pakatan and its supporters intend to repair the terrible fractures in Malaysian society caused by race and religion.

    I only know that UMNO did a lousy job, but that should not excuse Pakatan from doing the same lousy job.

    I am not even going bother talking about what Parti Anak Syaitan has contributed over the years!!


    1. "The thing I always puzzled over is why some Malaysians cannot tahan it when others express opinions which do not agree with theirs."

      Hmmmmmmmm......that really depends on whether objective facts still have value?

      After all, Jibby's "opinion" is that he did not steal 2.6 billion from 1MDB.

      Annie's "opinion" is that Lynas (or Lie-Nas?) were accused of lying.

      But the evidence doesn't bear out the theory.


  11. perhaps annie blog can live update on najib social media frens chat @ pwtc, anyway to najib - jgn lari sila duduk for a rilek chat (subjudice to talk 1mdb & 2.6 billion) wakakaka

    1. Anon 23:32

      Pompuan lawak tu pun dh berjangkit budaya pokpekpokpek PH. Mujuq Najib walk off.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Najib walk off bab pengecut la tu...berani kerana benar.

  12. I agree with the comments that Annie is making a mountain out of molehill here.

    The only overzealous person here is Annie.

    In a way, Annie is really bankrupt of constructive issues to raise and hence her propensity to dwell on pettiness.

  13. Agreed with Anon 23:48.

    Annie is not interested in the truth but only to further her sinister agenda by spinning. There is nothing noble in her cause and writings as demonstrated in Lifeofannie.

    1. The truth is Pulau Infah has become plastic dumping ground and polluted water around the area and the gov not doing anything but encourage more plastic been recycled with new AP issued.

  14. Anonymous @ 31 October 2018 at 23:48,

    //After all, Jibby's "opinion" is that he did not steal 2.6 billion from 1MDB //

    Believe it or not, you are 100% correct there.

    The problem for Jibby is that his opinion will be tested in a court of law.


  15. DOJ indicts Jho Low for 1MDB scandal.

  16. Indictment by DOJ on jho low. Still believe Najib innocent ?

  17. Anonymous @ 2 November 2018 at 00:04

    //Indictment by DOJ on jho low. Still believe Najib innocent ?//

    Come lah, it's Jho Low who is trouble with DoJ, not Jibby, OK?

    And what you and I believe abt Jibby does not matter - it's what the court and jury believe.

    Hmmmm, is there going to be a jury trial for Jibby? I duuno how these crimes... oooppps.. charges work :)


  18. pity all these people indicted by DOJ whilst MO1 & dumbos are still roaming free