Friday, 2 November 2018

About catching them young

I totally agree with Dr Mahathir on this one,

PM against political parties in universities

I hope the handsome old man will tell the not so bright Education Minister to be more sensible when making policy statements.

Seriously, why did that Maszlee guy wants political parties to set up branches in public universities?

The students don't have enough distractions, is it?

Or is it because this Maszlee guy is trying to be popular again among the students after these sorts of things,

And bear in mind that he wanted to allow political parties into those public universities, which were financed with tax payers money.

Did we pay taxes to finance students making political noises in universities or did we pay taxes to finance students to be good in their studies so that we can have better future generation for the country?

If I have a daughter studying, let's say in UiTM, I would tell her to stay away from all these political people and just concentrate on her studies and enjoy her life as a student,

Of course she may observe the political happenings and form her own opinion but beyond that I would prefer her to wait until she graduated and earns her own living.

Most importantly, being so young, I wouldn't want her to be conned by the likes of this Maszlee guy.

Talked as if he's so good but the only thing significant so far from him is just about black school shoes and socks.

Well, now they even want to lower the voting age to 18 years old.

I believe they want to do that because politicians like the clueless Syed Saddiq needs the younger fan base.

Lowering voting age will enable Syed Saddiq to use these sort of videos to become more popular,

And they said I'm shallow....sigh.


  1. Finally, Jho Low is charged with criminal charges by DOJ.

    1. Ya Tim liessner of Goldman Sachs cave in and plead guilty on Thursday of fraud and kickback. Atleast now Malaysian government can sue Goldman sach for the obscene commission fees on the 1mdb bond. I can see Tommy Thomas plotting to sue the pants off Goldman Sach. Well done Harapan make Malaysia great again.

  2. "And they said I'm shallow....sigh."

    No lah, Annie, don't be hard on yourself.

    You are not shallow.

    But you are one hell of an incompetent SoPo (SoPo-thetic) Blogger who actually damages your Umgnok masters every time you post : )

    To cure your "memory loss", your Umgnok masters had a very bad habit of misusing the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971 (AUKU) to arrest and harass any uni students who pointed out that they were corrupt pieces of shit.

    Just like your Umgnok masters arrested and harassed any Oppo politicians, NGO members, or members of the public who pointed out that they were corrupt pieces of shit.

    That's why Tun saved us before we became 100% a repressive dictatorship under Pinklips Pirate.

    Thank you, Tun!

    The PH gomen promised no more repression in unis. so that's good and hope Tun lives up to his words. That's all he said. (Yes, sadly your readers can actually read the source materials and not rely on weak Annie spin ; )

    As for branches? Hey what about the Majlis Professor2 Kangkung before? That was already an unofficial Umno cawangan - judging by the amount of butt-licking they used to do......

  3. "Lowering voting age will enable Syed Saddiq to use these sort of videos to become more popular..."

    Hellooooooooo, he DIDN'T make that video lah Annie.

    Someone made it ABOUT him.

    See the big diff?

    There are plenty of videos like that on KJ too.

    Another failed spin, treated your readers like idiots :)

    PS: Wonder why there are no videos like that on Bung and Lokman and Jamal? They are all very very very hensum, Annie, so if you're still single (ahem ahem!)

  4. Annie

    Sorry, but I fully support university students getting involved in mainstream politics.

    Today a longhaired scruffy umiversity student, tomorrow a captain of industry.

    OK lah, so not every student will be a captain of industry but you know what I mean, I hope.

    A politically aware student is a socially aware student.

    He/she will OWN a piece of the country and will care more about his/her country - BY HIS/HER OWN CHOICE.

    //If I have a daughter studying, let's say in UiTM, I would tell her to stay away from all these political people//

    And that would be good advice from a mother.

    BUT you still need to let your daughter learn to make her own decisions.

    //Well, now they even want to lower the voting age to 18 years old.//

    FFS, they are talking about LEGALLY fucking little 11 y.o. girls in Kelantan to make them into mothers!!!

    And we are quibbling about giving an 18y.o. a vote in their future

    Will an 11/12 y.o. mother with two kids be allowed to vote??

    //I believe they want to do that because politicians like the clueless Syed Saddiq needs the younger fan base.//

    Personally, I dont like Syed Saddiq.

    He always seem to have a smug arrogant look on him.

    BUT the simple truth is that he is one of the best around.

    Why shouldnt a smart young person be given a chance at power?

    We already know the older folks have totally fucked the country over the last 60 years.

    Like it or not, I feel that Syed Saddiq is a close approximation of youth today.

    If I am right, and Syed Saddiq continues to get support from Malaysian youth, I will feel a bit more confident for the Malaysia of tomorrow.


    1. Malaysia TOTALLY FUCKED over the last 60 years? Including that 22 years under Dr Mahathir, is it?

    2. Najib also stared young


    3. "Malaysia TOTALLY FUCKED over the last 60 years? Including that 22 years under Dr Mahathir, is it?"

      Yes Annie, that's correct.

      But a man who helps to unfuck a country has also redeemed himself for whatever he did before.

      What about Jibby & Borosmah?

      How to redeem 9 years of fucking-up Malaysia?

      Maybe can redeem jewellery only!

    4. Well, Ive been to other countries quite a bit. Compared to them i don't feel Malaysia is TOTALLY FUCKED.

    5. Of course, we are very lucky we are not Somalia, Sudan or even the USA (if you ask me.)

      But let's also not forget that a PM of this country stole billions of public money and got away with it for 3 years.

      Meaning severe damage to the system had occurred.

      In Japan or Korea or UK, they would have jailed him in no time for 0.01% of that money.

      Not that those countries are perfect either...but some things are basic to a functioning society.

    6. So, Malaysia is "not like Somalia, Sudan or even USA". Still want to describe our country as TOTALLY FUCKED the past 60 years or not?

    7. For accuracy....

      We were 60% fucked by BN in 60 years....... 6% unfucked.

      Check back in 6 years, maybe by then 60% unfucked.....and hopefully not 60% more fucked : )

    8. Hey Annie,

      Agreed with others.

      It is not that easy to unfucked after getting fucked for so long.

      We have to give some time.

      The best thing is not get fucked again so many times.

    9. Somehow you don't sound as if you have ever been fucked, let alone being fucked for so long.

    10. Heh heh heh....

      Now Annie is accusing her readers of being virgins, pulak!

    11. It is almost impossible to unfucked when you have already been fucked over and over. It is too messy. To be unfucked you need a new pussy with a chastity belt.

  5. dumbos shud copy deepak by spilling the beans on mr & mrs MO1 right

  6. Annie,

    //Compared to them i don't feel Malaysia is TOTALLY FUCKED.//


    OK, OK, OK, I'll have to concede that point to you, OK?

    I keep forgetting you have a legal background and you can get picky about precise wording :)

    Can't claim I was misquoted, can't say I was taken out of context.

    So, instead of "totally fucked", how about "pretty much fucked"? :)

    I know, I know, I am being weaselly and substituting two words for one :)

    I'll never make it as a lawyer, eh? :)

    Too honest, too ready to admit I made a mistake, too kind to others.

    I need lessons on how to be a bastard... correction ... I need lessons on how to be a fucking bastard :)


  7. Ooi Annie,

    What is wrong with students joining politics?

    Have you seen the income of the ministers in the newspaper?

    Lim Guan Eng at first number one, now no 2.

    Syed Saddiq got rm50k salary some more.

    Let say, our student study degree in Engineering. After, no job available, have to sell nasi lemak like the story in Selangor. How much can you get from selling nasi lemak?

    Politician can get so much money.

    Pakatan mininster very daring and brave for them to share their income status.

    We want to know also, if possible their asset. How much in total.

    But how come the BN side do not want to share their status? Scared ah?

    1. "But how come the BN side do not want to share their status? Scared ah?"

      According to Ku Li himself, every KBU's income is not less than 50K a month but with "kabel and kontrak", much, much more.

  8. Politicians talk about the high salaries of GLC executives when their own salaries are not bad at all considering what they do most of the time are just endless talks.

  9. Wei... stop that fucking argument of 60 years being fucked

  10. about catching dumbos earlier when altantuya was killed then 1mdb songlap & annies blog wont happen wakakaka

  11. najib toksah cakap 1mdb assets & liabilities, the ugly fact is najib himself is a liability (rather than an asset) to dumbo right sigh

  12. 1/n

    A: Why is giving our university students a political platform in their campuses important?

    B: We just need to look at what happened when they weren't the last time.

    A: Well, they studied, passed their exams, got their scrolls, found work, contributed to society.

    B: Like the Lokman, Jamal, Dusuki, Papagomo, Takiyuddin and Abduh of Umno and Pas Youths add their red and green shirts?

    Who then grew older and became the Ismail Sabri, Noh Omar, Zahid Hamidi, Md Hasan, Ahmad Maslan, Zainal Abidin, Syed Mydin, Musa Aman, Syed Alhabshee, Shahrizat Jalil, Zahidah Khan, Hadi Awang, Tamby Chik and Shahidan Kassim of society?

    A: But these are only a few and there were many more others who became the salt of the earth of Malaysia, vital statistics of the Income Tax Department, solid rocks of the middle class, leaders and supervisors and service providers of the nation.

    B: So why did the many more others in the last general elections evict to the last man and woman the few who had led them and this country for so long?

    Why did people like Mustapa Mohamed and Ermieyati Samsudin resign from Umno and why was Pas trounced out of so many states?

  13. 2/n

    A: (examines fingernails...)

    B: In the previous administration, the university deans and dons became political animals and boot-lickers and in turn recruited only other academicians who could also be made political animals and boot-lickers.

    And their students were threatened with expulsions for so much as congregating to voice against what all, not just them, had seen was wrong about what was being done to this country and the other races. While the patrons of the same public universities kept hushed for some unfathomable reason, if one is allowed to add.

    Well, today, those wrongs are being exposed one by one. However and despite those exposures, the Umno which had exacted draconian curbs on our youths are still about it - "for bangsa, agama dan negara", "malay rights and ru355", "revenge, is it?" and "give back Umno money" (however) "we didn't know anything about it"...

    Let me tell you in simple inggeris:

    it was all a syndicated, concerted and deliberately vile attempt at the munafikasi of all Malaysians to keep their personal power and plunder. fact, the lowering of not just academic standards but also the standard of public morality using this hand which is aided by a muzzled media under the thumbs of warlords, while pompously propagating their version of Islamic values and norms to jaguhkan our Melayu using the other hand on the excuse that if they didn't, it will jatuhkan then our Malays under the weight of their own self-doubts.

    See the fuck-up, A?

  14. 3/n

    A: (faces reddens a degree) So are you now saying we should allow political parties to enter the lecture halls and deliver their sermons to our public university students?

    B: Allow me to respond to that tangentially first.

    University education is not to lower educational standards in order to pass more. Would you trust a leader with half-baked knowledge that was why s.he was given the role to lead? Would you trust your limb to a surgeon who can't recall accurately all that is needed to operate? Or a structural engineer not too certain about an equation to foundation that high-road?

    All subjects to be studied require certain criteria and standards of knowledge, understanding and application that are universally recognized, not just so that what is taught and learned will be relevant and useful out in society but also what is maintained as the existing standards will be the stepping stones to make progress in the subjects themselves the following year.

    Without progress, civilizations stay stationary. And in the case of countries, nations which stay still will fall behind and be marginalized when others progress and bypass them.

    And once marginalized, they will be deemed irrelevant or risky and will fall out of the radar of investors, bringers of goodwill and technologies, buyers of goods and services, visitors of curiosity, and integrators of supply chain.

    Then domestic standards of living will fall and the peoples will become serfs to others, to wit colonialism by proxy.

    A: I have read world histories and works on rise and fall of nations. I can accept what you have said. In fact, thinking about 1MDB and MH370 and so on, i too think we are in dire straits. Totally fucked-up comes to mind.

    B: (eyebrows rise a centimetre, again) Back to what i was thinking... i have always wondered about the motive force of top-ranked universities in the west, how they maintain their edge. And it's simple. They want to maintain their reputation for academic excellence above everything else. Oh, you may have teaching staff to students ratios, proportion of foreign students, peer-reviewed research literature indexed, and all the other parameters.

    But the one thing i have noticed is something simple. Their academic staff are always gunning for top-class brains to the extent of dishing out lecture notes and tutorials that only a small proportion may be expected to understand. Take the tougher subjects taught by places like Mit, Harvard, Cambridge and so on. On first look, you wouldn't expect the students to know how to even go about understanding them. In one first year tutorial, only a small number of the class' students could answer the questions coherently even for Mit.

    Yet the same pedagogy is maintained year after year. It's to tease out the creme de la creme that is the 1% of the best of the best. That's how their engines of industry stay on top when they later enter the field of work. The rest will pass on the average but even a pass there is better than a high score anywhere else. That's their strategy. To force their students to study and master the subjects on their own BEFORE the lectures even start. They look for high-achievers with personal initiative that drive their innate curiosity to find out and master things on their own.

    A: Hmmm. Any of our public universities have something similar?

    B: Years back, UM put its twenty-year olds to master texts like Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology inside two semesters. But it's just top-down drilling to memorize compressed facts in order to answer cunning questions.

  15. 4/n

    A: So, back to the question..?

    B: With all that about global standards in the background, we can now answer your question. Yes we should incentize our university students to be more politically aware BUT not at the cost of their losing focus of their primary objective at hand which is to get a good tertiary education.

    A: Isn't that a contradiction? How does one do two opposite things at the same time? How, by the tail of Shahrizat's cow-ke?

    B: You just out of some crevice, huh? Isn't multitasking opposites exactly what modern-day working life is all about?

    Let me then suggest this: put the in-campus political platform as part of an extracurricular program that highlights weekend interaction lectures between the students and luminaries from not just the political arena but also from industries.

    Let's give it a good name: the Annie Drama Supreme Lectures (or, ADSL). So in next Saturday's evening ADSL, students can listen to Ong Kian Ming talk about the Mahathir Doctrine, amplified by discourses by invited speakers Wang Gungwu and PPBM strategist Rais Hussin. Then some of the other political leaders, perhaps M2.0, can chip in to say something on where Malaysia sits today at the interface of global forces that will affect the economics, politics and sociologics of this nation to be shaped later by the audience when they graduate.

    Please note my demand that the entire series be properly recorded on professional-quality video and uploaded to be viewed by the public wherever they be. Proly the more interesting parts would be questions and answers by AND from the students themselves. Let that be a gift to posterity of the next generations of future leaders who can refer to them to join the dots and thus circumvent future mischief such as seen all these fucked-up years.

    Let me add what i'm saying. If you just let political parties in to interact with the students, they will present their messages and the presentations will finish in ten minutes followed by recruitment etc. Then what after that for the rest of the two hours? Minum teh, ke?

    What i am saying here is that if we want to treat our students as future leaders better, they must be treated as already future leaders arrived. And to do that, we should respect their critical thinking powers. And in doing so, enthuse them to recover it which was buried by the Umno swamp to serve warlords. And once critical thinking returns to universities, it will become more important and a disciplined focus backwards to the schools and colleges, then osmose further back to families and households. Then we will have a critically intelligent and informed society which will uphold moderation and cooperation, not the craproots who riot and mount camp outside the MACC to object without foundation kleptocrats of the highest marcosian order.

  16. 5/n

    There's also another reason. In some of the campuses, you still can see agglutination and clustering by race and religion. Maybe, shy, huh? The shield of civility but separated by upbringing, background, embedded prejudices, eh? If that be so, inserting any racial politics such as practiced by the present opposition parties directly into the campus for solely political messaging purposes will only increase the divides and create clans of political tribes.

    Therefore to diffuse that, place political messaging and discourse into something bigger that impacts the students later in life inasmuch the nation today.

    Anyway, that's how i would do it. It should be about two hours a week at most,or maybe biweekly a month. Leave all the other time for them to study hard so that they can help themselves help their lecturers raise the standards expected to help Malaysia survive the next onslaught of HR irrelevance.

    A: (looks pensive) I sense there's something else you want to say...isn't it?

    B: (sad eyes ponder long). Before he goes, M2.0 must do the following, not just to redeem himself but also for the future of this nation.

    A: (shouts to the background) Quiet, everyone! Turn off that blardy korean tv drama. All day crying and shouting non-stop. No wonder we have all become stupid and soppish.

    (tv is turned off)

  17. 6/6

    B: Where was i? Oh, M2.0 must do the following:

    1. institutionalize Rule Of Law and Rule By Law; at the same time, return Rule Of Law to secular justice and fairness;

    2. balance (1) with social services that recognize the poor and needy, whichever their race and whatever their background, should be helped up equally to help themselves but only within means to do so and without any political force or motive;

    3. Upgrade the standards of the education system in the country that not only upgrade the national education system but also other equally if not more contributive education systems in recognition and appreciation of the diversity of contributions from one and all that can make this nation a stronger and better place to take on the challenges of today and the future;

    4. end money-politics and corruption by embedding the principle of public morality to do the right thing always and to blight without fanfare and with expeditious dispatch all those with personal ambitions for power and plunder; and

    5. make Malaysia a happy, cohesive, united and progressive nation whose society is made of critical thinkers who will ask why and answer for themselves their decisions, not leave them to religious warmongers who are not above using religion for personal objectives;

    6. go all out to canvas for investments, whether foreign or local and make this economy a breezier place to do business on the firm belief that principled and efficient administration of the state will create the very narrative to dispel the kleptocratic disrepute that has sullied the name of this country.

    7. Ease unnecessary rules and regulations, expunge the warlords, bootlickers, napoleons and religious fanatics, and make being a Malaysian a badge of honor again. Take back all the money stolen and misused and charge to the hilt all those still in the woodworks.

    8. Build a foresight engine in the administration of Putrajaya that will invest in global information gathering and analysis for iterative learning on how the world really works, and what can be done in preparation of trends and forces about to impinge on our shores. Doing so will also elevate focus on the need to recultivate a passion for learning, education, knowledge, self-improvement..the works. Not the pedestrian, cheap, low-life form type of bullshitting around aimlessly that does an absolute injustice to the urgency to defend against the threats to our national self-syioking survival.


    A: Ah, now i understand why you started with education standards. You were actually talking for him, not me, weren't you?

    B: (grins sheepishly) He has to do something solid before he goes. Otherwise, looking around, things may spiral out of control after he is gone, don't you think so?

    A: I was just wondering. How come when we started you didn't mention the names Najib, Jarjis, Khairy.

    B: Oh, first didn't graduate, second died, third still snaking around corners looking for personal opportunities.

    You know, A, perhaps our politicians should undergo a boot-camp to teach them that politics is meant to be a personal short-term sacrifice to help society and not something as a public stepping stone for personal gain as shown by some in lying through their teeth when found out.

    A: Such as? Not M01 again ah?

    B: Such as a wheelchair-bound boot-licking old-man going out at 11.30 pm to donate money, didn't give it to the teacher he called but insisted on giving to the teenager himself in the dark who however instead of being delighted at receiving the aid ran out in tears to file a serious report at 2.30 am but then retracted at 10.00 am.

    A: What the fuck?!

    B: Yeah, totally and irretrievably fucked.

  18. UMNO guys are scared shit after DOJ filed criminal charges.

  19. "Dr M: BN defectors will be vetted, backers of thieves turned away
    Koh Jun Lin | Published: Today 7:03 pm | Modified: Today 8:30 pm"

    Vetted by who? the best solution is to publish the name of the individual in mainstream media and online similar to the multiple petitions and allow the voters to vote and to vet.
    Or do we live with this type of reasons and excuses?
    " Mahathir: Tok Pa not happy with Najib but afraid to speak up
    Koh Jun Lin | Published: Today 7:41 pm | Modified: Today 8:49 pm"

  20. Anonymous @ 3 November 2018 at 11:39,

    //put the in-campus political platform as part of an extracurricular program//

    Well, I guess that is one way to introduce politics to students.

    But there is nothing wrong with the way US universities or UK universities or European universities allow students to form clubs/societies/official bodies which subscribe to a particular political philosophy.

    Hell, they even allow students to join the Communists!!!

    But somehow though, I don't think we would be seeing The Young Communists (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Chapter) just yet :)

    //So in next Saturday's evening ADSL, students can listen to .... //

    Najib Razak? Zahid Hamidi? Jamal Jamban?

    Hadi Awang?

    Will they also be allowed to hawk their wares?

    Or you just gonna just allow Pakatan people?

    I am saying that ANYBODY should be allowed :)

    //If you just let political parties in to interact with the students....//

    How do other countries do it?

    My guess is that ONLY STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED to form those organisations, only students are allowed to do any signing up, only students run the show - zero input from the normal party machinery other then from a distance.

    I think that in other countries, students are only members of that student organisation/club/society.

    Those students may or may not be members of the political party which that student organisation may support.

    //Then what after that for the rest of the two hours? Minum teh, ke?//

    Personally, I don't care.

    It is up to the students to decide for themselves what they want to do.

    //And to do that, we should respect their critical thinking powers.//

    Yup, even if they want to "pak tor" during meetings, I really don't care.

    Those students MUST learn how to make decisions for themselves - somehow.

    No interference from officials of political parties, no interference from university authorities, nothing.

    It should be of the students, by the students, for the students...ok ok ok... not original but you know what I mean :)

    //In some of the campuses, you still can see agglutination and clustering by race and religion.//

    Well, let's see how it is in 5 years time.

    //Such as a wheelchair-bound boot-licking old-man going out at 11.30 pm to donate money//

    But... but ... but ... he is just being a good hearted kind old man trying to look after a little girl....


    Dunno why that child ran crying from his car though.

    Has he explained that?


    1. 7/8


      i don't have a problem with:

      1. "anyone hawking their wares" - since

      1.1 in the case of Najib, Zahid, Jamal, Hadi et al, the last one checks there is no campus dress rule that those wearing orange jumpsuits can't be admitted to the grounds;

      1.2 each ADSL should have moderators who can invite questions from the floor which can interrogate anyone for trying to fluff what they say;

      2. "It should be of the students, by the students, for the students"

      One must be careful here. Who can say the student organizing committee itself won't be politicized as BN today still has more funds than PH? There should be checks and balance in the process of organizing ADSLs even if each committee is formed and operated completely by students who should be nominated by election (another administrative problem?)

      3. time management

      ADSLs must be efficient and effective because focus and time management are imperatives in the light of dropping standards across board.

      Leaders of the future in today's campuses must be aware that time is always a diminishing asset and must be used to maximum result, not just because they have much coursework to cover and command, but also because as leaders later in workplaces, they will have to instill the same focus on time management onto their staff to be more productive.

      Look at tea-breaks and holiday-galore Malaysia today. Any employer and investor truly happy with productivity?

      and... ;P

      4. i of course deliberately made a lynasian faux pas. I tarred 'deans and dons' without adding 'some' in the same way Lynas didn't add the extension expiry date which it already knew.

      It was just meant for 'political appointees' still in the campus whether they be academic or administrative staff.

      By not qualifying it in that regard, i stand corrected but only if the context of why i had made the omission be noted.

      Namely, bad things tend to return if roots of problems be not weeded out.

      This point is also to encourage citizens from politicians to students to do their level best to make this country a better and cleaner place for all.

      And the first admissible step is to clear the weeds. Those in agriculture will tell you weeds deplete useful growth. (there is a special type of grass one can grow between trees but that's for water retention and it is costly).

      Just to add one more point to my long post (my posts tend to re-scope each blog topic because i tend to see inter-connections of issues and challenges that make long comments somewhat inviting).

      I think the drive towards excellence, efficiency and effectiveness must be piloted by our young. This country has been too dependent on politicians, and others in some automatic-in-the-head topdown classroom-type approach. Until personal initiative is sacrificed out of fear of making mistakes.

      On the other hand, there are some political and other leaders who show initiative but their ideas seem to miss the core challenges that impede real progress.

      The reading of those core challenges are still missing. The country impedes itself in too many ways so that when the others see that as the same-old's, they get demotivated and won't rock the boat.

    2. 8/8

      My bringing up the academic demands in top ranked uni's elsewhere is just to show sometimes you need super-heavy approach to break the impasse of comfort-zones.

      There is little urgency, primacy, energy, focus in our academic circles.

      With more from Budget 2019, perhaps one and all can discuss why that should be so, and what they can achieve if it be not so. And how to do it. Because who to do it must be everyone.

      Notice Malaysians have stopped reading? Bookshops have hollowed out and many have closed down. Libraries are a dying species. Depending on just web information and social media content won't provide bullets for critical thinking machine guns.

      That's also why i took liberty to use the word 'stupidity' - it was just to prod, not to insult.

      I have run out of books to read and movies to watch.

  21. let see whether najib did inspire blogger macai2 to fightback (before burial) wakakaka

  22. Actually the reason for lowering the voting age is simple.

    The older generation only remembers UMNO for what is what good for, getting independence and fighting against Malayan Union.

    The younger kids only remembers UMNO for GST and 1MDB.

    Once the older generation continues to pass on and dies off, you will see UMNO becoming less and less relevant.

    Nothing to do with Syed Saddiq.

    I will be surprised if Barisan gets even 25% of the vote share of the 21 to 30 year old voters.

    If voting age lowered to 18, this vote share probably drops to 20%.

  23. Anonymous @ 4 November 2018 at 10:35,

    //Who can say the student organizing committee itself won't be politicized as BN today still has more funds than PH?//

    Let them, I say :)

    If BN-supported student bodies want to give a Ferrari to every student who signs up, great :)

    Of cos, that BN-supported student body may need to explain where the money came from, but I'll leave that to the students in other politically biased student bodies.

    //even if each committee is formed and operated completely by students who should be nominated by election (another administrative problem?)//

    Student elections an administrative problem?

    Fantastic, I say.

    Let the students figure out what the right administrative model is - NOT MY PROBLEM cos I am not a student.

    //Leaders of the future in today's campuses must be aware that time is always a diminishing asset and must be used to maximum result//


    100% true and correct.

    BUT you were probably 21 y.o. once upon a time, going through university, enjoying the freedom to associate with others, loving that big adventure in your life and you were probably told to do lots of things which will benefit you later in life.

    How many of those things did you actually do? :)

    Sure lah, we can always say things would be have been much much better if we had done this or that.

    But you are still here, still writing long complex comments, still thinking hard and to all intents and purpose, seem to have survived quite OK :)

    What I am trying to say is have some faith in young people, especially those going through university.

    //t was just meant for 'political appointees' still in the campus//

    Yup, there are, no doubt, political appointees still lurking in our universities.

    I don't think they will last very long, to be honest.

    Or if they do hang on due to tenure, I think their influence will diminsh.

    Once students have the freedom to think and make their own decisions, I have a feeling we will see very different university campuses.

    //my posts tend to re-scope each blog topic because i tend to see inter-connections of issues and challenges that make long comments somewhat inviting//

    And don't we all know it :)

    I have sometimes wonder how many other readers have gotten this far in your comments :)

    //There is little urgency, primacy, energy, focus in our academic circles//

    Come on lah, have some patience.

    Give Maszlee Malik a bit of time to figure out some directions.

    For me, I am willing to wait 2-3 years for him to settle into his job.

    Then we will see what directions are being taken.

    It will be at least 10 years before we see any fruit.

    As you say, it is a bit of an agricultural analogy.

    //Notice Malaysians have stopped reading?//


    I see plenty of Malaysians reading and writing - on Facebook :)

    //Bookshops have hollowed out and many have closed down. Libraries are a dying species. //

    Not surprising really.

    //Depending on just web information and social media content won't provide bullets for critical thinking machine guns//

    Wanna bet? :)

    Just as there are lousy books, there are lousy web sites.

    Just as there are karaoke bars and pubs and kopi tiams, there are web forums were people gather to discuss issues intelligently or rant and rave.

    Annie's blog is one such web forum where we get all sorts.

    It is all about where we go on the Net for info and knowledge, no real difference on how we get info and knowledge in the physical world.

    In the physical world, you can go to the bomoh or the government clinic.

    On the Internet, you can go visit some website of unknown repute or go visit Cambridge University's website.

    //I have run out of books to read and movies to watch.//

    Good :)

    Now go to Wikipedia, on the left hand column, click on "Random Article".

    Or just copy and paste the following in your browser address bar :)

    You never what you may find :)