Tuesday 1 March 2016

Three years have passed

This blog is three years old today.

The following is for my record keeping purposes,

Posts : 1,120

Pageviews : 3,078,991  

Comments : 33,503

I would like to thank all who visited this blog, especially those
who commented on the issues that I wrote.

As of now, the most read post is

Stupid Malay men

which I wrote at the height of campaigning of the Teluk Intan

by-election in May 2014.

For comparison, this is what I wrote exactly a year ago,
and what I wrote the previous year

As for today, I'm still semi-retiring from writing about politics.

Can't totally quit as if I do so I'll be accused of all sorts of nonsense.

The last time I tried to do that, I was accused by some pro-Najib people of being banished, banned and what nots for not towing the line.

Then there's a bunch of DAP rejects trying to take credit of it as if they are the ones who managed to hound me out of cyberspace.

Also, some anti-Najib people had went around telling the world that I wanted to quit writing politics because I was not paid to do so anymore.

What a bunch of shallow, pathetic losers.

These are the type of people who think that the world revolves around them just because some people read their blog.

Their bloated ego and sense of self importance got the better of them.

Armchair and paid blogging do not make one a political expert, okay.

Believe it or not, I have actually been on the Malaysian political battleground for quite a while.

I'm talking about really walking around meeting people on the ground and stuff .

Yet, still I don't claim myself as an expert of everything or anything.

What I wrote were mostly just my opinion from what I observed myself.

That's all.

For instance, when I wrote about the Teluk Intan by-election, that's because I was actually there for the whole duration of it.

I didn't just pop by for a day in Teluk Intan and then wrote about the by-election as if I knew everything about the whole thing.

Worse still if I'm just sitting at home and blogging as if I'm the expert of Teluk Intan because I can make some fancy charts and theories.

That's why, when someone asked for my opinion about the impact of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad quitting Umno last night, I just said I wouldn't know for sure.

Logically though, I don't think anything visible will occur.

It's not like there will be an exodus of Umno members quitting the party because Dr Mahathir did so.

I'm of that opinion based on what happened in 2008 when Dr Mahathir quit the party to protest against the leadership of Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Umno members were not bothered to quit along. They just continued as normal....but many continued to protest from within the party too.

I saw it happened back then and that's why I concluded the whole thing that way.

It's as simple as that.

I don't think a fancy chart is needed to explain it...unless of course if you desperately needed to impress readers or please your paymasters, maybe.

Okay, that's all for now.

Need to get up and get ready for the day.



  1. someone's spinning that being struck off from one's blogroll means tak nak kawan lagi. "That you are either with me or against me". So, that was what incurred her wrath and sparked the war against Annie? Is she five years old? I think Annie removed the blog because it's a hate site and repetitive and Annie, who isn't vindictive by nature, just don't want it to be part of her blog. That is all there is to it.

    1. I removed most of the sopo blogs from my blogroll back then when I decided to quit writing about politics. They are from both sides. I still consider some of those bloggers as my friends.


  2. Ahhh, an early morning dose of politics, ehhh Annie.

    Not too much though. Too much of anything is bad for the health.

    Couldn't help taking a swipe at the old frog, could you?


    Old habits die hard Annie.

    Meanwhile, have a good day everyone.




  3. re, Believe it or not, I was actually on the Malaysian political battleground for quite a while .

    Annie , I am sure you realize the sentiment on the ground toward Najib and what he has done lately ,some of them don't even want to hear his name being mention,especially those under forty.

    1. Wow lufang, crash course in English? Or only BM not so terrer?

      Just joking mate!

    2. Saulala Lufang!!!

      Wa lasa manyaaa keechaywah, sibab sikalang lu punyak pahasar olang Butih soolah naik standard giler ee aa. Wah lau eh! Wa tabblih cakak ini macam standard, sibab wa pilaja sampai Form 1 saja dalam SJKC, lipas itu telus pi jual TeeVeeTee kat itu basah malam.


      Kalau Saulala Lufang mahu tingok itu firem "The Levernen" sama itu leng chye Pilonardo di Caplio, yang balu minang itu Othcar, lu mali itu basah malam Kepong hali Silasa, wa ala satu gelai kecik maa aa. Wa bagi lu satu flee copy, "for old time's sake" macam olang butih cakak.

      (Lu jangkak lisau, clear copy, kalau tak clear bolih bawak balik.)

      Itu macam maa aa, Saulala Lufang.

    3. Hai yaa , ini lunia macam-macam bolih jadi maa aa ,itu buluk punya nama macam "Lufang" pon atak olang mau kasi tumpang lor rr .

      Wa ingat itu past Salleh Sayed Keruak manyak malah maa aa , lia cekap semua olang mesti atak identiti sendili-sendili ,itu macam lebih kurang ,hai yaa Wa tatak pandei apa macam mau cekap maa aa.

      Tun sutak keluar UMNO , Wa manyak lespect itu macam punya cala maa aaa, manyak gentleman and manyak cool itu macam maa aa. Tapi kalau lia tatak keluar pon mungkin itu UMNO punya MT kasi luchut lia punya ahli ,mungkin Najib and Zahid tatak jadi pengrusi juga.

      Wa ingat UMNO sikalang sutak ikut macam DAP maa aa ,tatak sokong kasi pecat ,tapi Wa selalu lengar lia olang cekap pasat demokrasi .

      Wa tatak tau lea aa.

    4. Haiyaaaa! Lufang kina citak lompak olih.....Lufang??? Ini pikala ruahbiasa, o!

      Tapi wa situju sama Saulala2 Lufang(s), mimang Tun akan kina picat olih itu MTU, sibab lia simua itu ranun Pukis punyak kaki podek. Jadi Tun sikalang soolah maintain maluahnya.

      Itu ranun Pukis sama itu Tokong Cina kat Penang betui2 selupa, dua2 tunjoo pelangai diktator. "Democlasy is dead", macam olang butih cakak.

      Kalo ini dua olang mali saya punyak pilate DVD stall kat Kepong, wa tammau layan lea aa. Tapi Tun, saya 100% layan, saya bagi Tun flee of chak saya punyak Koleksi P Lamlee (52 DVD set, simua pilate DVD, tapi manyaaaa clear macam oligina jugak.)

    5. lufang 08:52 = tipu punya lufang
      lufang 17:04 = betul punya lufang

      itu tipu punya lufang misti manyak punya jilaka punya orang

      >james bond

  4. Happy 3rd Anniversary!


    1. Wa lagi lupa lea, aa mau cekap sama Annie , " happy anniversary kali ketiga Annie " banyak halap semoga manyak tetap kuat maa aa .

      Wa punya nyonya pon cekap selamat Annie .

  5. Happy Anniversary, Annie!

    Not bad, 3 years, despite no fancy charts, graphs etc.

    Just writing from your experience.

    Don't let no-life jealous ugly obese armchair experts get to you. They are unlikable, detested and friendless. Ugly outside, equally vile inside. And people can see it. Which is why they cannot tahan you.

    You're honest. If you don't know, you admit it and I respect you for it.

    Better than delude yourself that you're a know it all and be proven constantly wrong, despite ramming cherry-picked charts and graphs down readers' throat.

    Yes, I mean you, you lurking nasty low life. Thanks for upping Annie's page hits. You cannot survive without Annie eh?


    1. "Yes, I mean you, you lurking nasty low life. Thanks for upping Annie's page hits. You cannot survive without Annie eh?"

      Ha ha yes I can just imagine Ah Soh's tiny little sunken eyes poking through the flab on her face, wearing a massive scowl as she stalks poor Annie.

      What a waste of skin.


  6. Annie,

    Congratulations on three years of blogging.

    In the cesspool that is Malaysian political blogging, it is rare to meet a blogger like you who does not depend on hate and anger to promote her political beliefs.


  7. You never lose something but that there's something greater truth to find ...


  8. Tun's done the right thing.

    The thing is that there's a clear split between the grassroots and the bloated fat cats in UMNO. The 191 corrupt fat cats at the top are not the heartbeat of the party any more.

    If Tun can put together a nucleus of UMNO, PAS & PKR leaders as a clean(er) face of Malay politics, that will pull (at the very least) 33% to 50% of existing Umno members over. PERKASA gives him good reach as well. That leaves the fat cats without a base. People are not that dumb.

    Najib underestimates the sheer level of revulsion towards him among the public.

    He is beyond repair.

  9. Demi 1MDB, Najib akan merosakkan imej Islam dengan lebih teruk lagi.

    Baru-baru ini di Sarawak, dia telah berjanji bahawa Yayasan-1MDB akan menaja 150 (Imam la kot) untuk Umrah atau Haji.

    Saya syorkan Mufti-Mufti atau Majlis Raja-Raja, batalkan cadangan ini. Apakah tujuan sebenar 1MDB menaja? Untuk buktikan bahawa 1MDB mendapat untung dari menjual harta-pusaka Rakyat?
    Untuk memperbaiki emej 1MDB, dimata Rakyat beragama Islam dengan 'merasuah' 150 orang, termasuk kaum keluarga mereka?
    Afdal ke, hantar Rakyat pergi Haji, guna WANG Rakyat dengan berhutang atas nama Rakyat?

    1MDB ditubuhkan dengan berhutang dan Rakyat yang menanggung hutang itu. Nak bayar interest keatas hutang pun terpaksa berhutang lagi, dari mana datang WANG untuk menaja 150 pergi Umrah/Haji. 1MDB bukan berhutang dengan Baitulmal, TH, Yapiem atau Lembaga Zakat. Oleh yang demikian, Rakyat bukan beragama Islam juga punyai hak, atas apa yang 1MDB gunakan WANG hutang itu.

    1. Betul, betul, betul.

      Duit hutang, duit rasuah, duit kotor.

    2. Masih ingat lagi, Najib mengaku dia memasukkan duit derma dalam akaunnya tapi tidak menggunakan untuk kepentingan peribadi? Itulah idea dari Najib setaraf idea pak pandir.

      Selepas dikritik hebat rakyat Malaysia, dia tidak lagi keluarkan kenyataan secara sepontan kecuali membaca idea orang lain untuk kebaikan dirinya. Lihat lah...siapa yang bercakap bagi pihak Najib?

      Rakyat terpaksa menanggung keluarga bangsawan ni berbelanja tak cukup dengan itu mencuri lagi iklas cakap setiap kali muka pm dan bini keluar dalam tv loya tekak rasa nak muntah cepat2 alih siaran betul tak tipu semua menyampah dah.

  10. Life as usual. Living another day. As NATO...that's best describe.
    People are just not interested. They are tired of the political antics. Be there who... A politician is a politician.Shit!
    Only party members ...if paid, then they move otherwise they also are not interested. A cup of coffee and roti canai ..half boiled eggs if the tasks endure perhaps the treats come with nasi lemak.
    So that's about all folks. The people shall wait and see the developments. 27/3 that..STUPID!
    What's can one achieves..nothing!

    1. Dear Saudara Sufian,

      What can 27/3 achieve?


      Just wait and see.

    2. What can 27/3 achieve? Actually a lot....but only if stupid wan azizah stays away with her never-ending 'free anwar' song. Nobody can free anwar except agong. Stop dreaming. It is just a side issue, not the main objective now.

    3. Apa yang diperkatakan oleh Muhyiddin di facebooknya bahawa AG telah memberitahu ada kesalahan jenayah yang dilakukan oleh Perdana Menteri Najib melibatkan wang KWAP.

      Di tambah dengan kenyataan Mahathir, AG Gani Patail telah diberhentikan dengan false representation kepada Agung kononnya tidak sihat padahal hari ni dah jadi practising lawyer.

      Dari sini ada 2 perkara berat yang telah dilakukan oleh Najib yang menjadikannya boleh dipecat oleh Agung. Pertama korupsi. Kedua menipu YDP untuk mengelak didakwa dengan memecat AG Gani Patail.

      YDP Agung yang memilih Perdana Menteri. Agung juga ada kuasa untuk memecat PM dalam situasi tertentu.

      Dalam hal ini, Najib sudah melakukan penipuan kepada YDP bila melantik Apandi dan ini adalah sebab munasabah untuk memecat Perdana Menteri.

  11. Kita tak boleh mengheret semua ahli umno untuk tinggalkan umno.

    Masing2 ada fahaman ada matlamat yang tersendiri.

    Jika dalam 30% pengundi yang dulu undi bn berpaling tadah, maka sudah cukup untuk turunkan najib dari tampuk kuasa.

    Angka itu memang ada, sekarang kita tunggu pembubaran parlimen. Kita bangun tunjuk kuasa kita pada najib dan kuncu2nya.

    Banyak cerita sekarang pun tak guna, orang berlagak dan perasan bukan nak dengar cakap kita.

    1. Umno dulu ditubuhkan untuk mempertahankan hak orang Melayu. Umno sekarang hanya menjadi kuda tunggangan bagi orang-orang yang berkepentingan.

      Takde siapa lagi yang boleh mengepalai UMNO dikalangan yang ada sekarang. Baik tubuh parti baru dan pemimpin baru yang berkaliber. Harap parti baru bebas rasuah nanti boleh diregister online dan segalanya telus dari ketua sampai ahli.

    2. "Umno dulu ditubuhkan untuk mempertahankan hak orang Melayu. Umno sekarang hanya menjadi kuda tunggangan bagi orang-orang yang berkepentingan."

      Parti UMNO ni syarikat sendirian berhad milik najib. Dia nak buat apa pun dia punya sukalah. Rakyat pun tak akan ambil peduli. Rakyat pun tak mahu tahu dan tak mahu ambil tahu.

    3. Najib adalah PM paling prihatin setakat ini. Samada dia atau beliau upah orang. Semasa berada di Arab Saudi pun dia mahu siasat bagaimana seorang murid di SRJK(T) boleh termakan kaca dalam mee-goreng. Hebat Najib ni. Rakyat di Dahulukan?

  12. Annie,

    Speaking of shallow, pathetic losers, the arrogant, disgusting comments of Nazri and Ismail Sabri will really turn off any neutrals.

    Comparing Tun to a coma patient waiting to die is just disrespectful and sickening. Come on lah, he built Malaysia to what it is today. The corrupt opportunists in the Cabinet should give respect where it's due.

    Look up who is the current voting part of the MTU. All those sordid, makan rasuah faces. Yuk. All minor criminals, just breastfeeding from the Penyamun No 1.

    PS: Oh, he's just said he won't comment on the WSJ's new story.

    Why not?

    Where's the lawsuit after 7 months?

    Warrior, my foot.

    1. Agree totally. These suckers are so bloated with blind arrogance, they don't realise by insulting Tun M , they anger a lot of Malays, especially the elderly and surprisingly the younger crowd. They don't realise that for those in their mid20s, Tun has been present for most of their lives. The younger generation are also now more aware of human rights, environment issues and injustice.
      They read the Internet. They know all about the Birkins, diamonds etc.

      Jibby's yapping poodles and one butch Rottweiler are in for a nasty shock. They've repulsed almost 27 million Malaysians!

      We need an Edsa against Fernajib and Rosmelda.

    2. Nazri Aziz ni memang bangang, akal pendek dan sakit mental....umpama sebuah tin kosong, berbunyi bingit namun tiada erti, bahkan minta diisi...begitu agaknya diri dia, banyak berkata memberi nasihat, namun dirinya terasa kelat, dek kerana Nazri Azis adalah sebuah tin kosong!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Anon. I don't allow certain names in this blog. Thanks for commenting anyway.

  14. "Tindakan Dr.Mahathir ini adalah tepat pada masanya yang akan melumpuhkan sokongan orang Melayu terhadap UMNO dalam Pilihanraya Umum akan datang .UMNO sudah pun berada dalam keadaan cedera parah yang sukar lagi untuk diubati dan dipulihkan semula."


  15. But after DS Najib, if it's DS Zahid as PM. How?

    1. By Allah! please save us Lord!


    2. Add TS Adenan to the Dream Team, Sdr ANON 20:53
      after in-sya-Allah steamrolling PKR
      in Sarawak SE-11 elections

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  16. All this conflict is like "the Outsiders" by SE Hinton. Socs vs Greasers. The made-in-Malaysia version Protun vs Projib. I don't know what will bring about a reconciliation?

    1. No reconciliation. One left standing.


  17. YAB Tun will confuse 27/3, little Sis Annie
    because opposition voters have long bitter memories of his PM-ship.

    Congratulations for yr longevity and versatility!
    Many are not over-fond of longkang-so-po that is so so popular with locals, kan?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


    1. Hj Zain,

      Opposition was never in confused state of mind ,their objective is clear .
      The ketua-ketua bahgian and their (UMNO Najib) members are in the state of confusion ,they can't justified what is right and what is wrong .


    2. Politics to me is like the sand dunes of the desert.

      Ever changing and ever shifting, in unison with the blowing winds.

      Thus, today's friends and allies are tomorrow's enemies and rivals.

      Nothing is permanent in politics, just interests and goals.

      So never under-estimate Tun M.

      He is brilliant, wise, smart and wily.

      Certainly stupidity never is, and never has been one of his traits.

      Ever the strategist that he is, he is always at least two steps ahead of everyone.

      Love him or hate him, he deserves the highest respect.

      Ignore him at your own peril.

      That's my two-cents worth for this morning.




    3. PAS is not confused to avoid 27/3, Sdr Tebing
      which including PAN is Syaria-unfriendly kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Say Zin, how friendly are you to syariah?

    5. "YAB Tun will confuse 27/3, little Sis Annie
      because opposition voters have long bitter memories of his PM-ship."

      But all rakyat have fresh bitter memories of Najib.

      See the point?

      Tun was NEVER as hated as Najib is.

      Go ask people out there.

    6. Bagi saya "syariah" hanya untuk cari-makan. Sudah tentu kos perniagaan akan meningkat. Kursus Perkawinan pun kerana WANG. OSTB pernah kata, No Money, no Religion.


    7. Pass Syaria enactments now, Sdr ANON 10:07
      in-sya-Allah to the limits with or without political unity but unity of the Ummah.

      See how lackey PAN and Tn Haji Mohamad'll squirm
      to final inconsequence. What can we really expect without PAS from 27/3?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. Tuan Haji, are you falling into the trap that TGHA fell into? You think Umno will deliver on its false promises?

  18. Brother Hj Zain,

    Unity of Ummah is always being stress in Quaran ,if every Muslim adhere to it's teaching ,why the needs for others.

    1. I guess MONEY also plays the BIGGEST part in the "Unity of Ummah". That's why Najib's UMNO had turned into 'Cash is King'.

    2. Yes. And they are also deceiving pas into abandoning their principles.


    3. Sounds like plenty sour Pakatans(?) Sdr Tebing
      as UMNO and PAS will push common Islam
      and Bumiputra agenda starting in-sya-Allah with $$ for Sarawak SE-11.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. You put Islam and $$ in the same sentence. Is there something wrong with you?


    5. Nothing wrong, Islam and $$ Sdr ANON 00:50
      ( al-Quran, 59: 7 )
      for the Rakyat of Sarawak.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  19. Saya rasa malaysia tak akan jadi negara dunia pertama kerana malaysia panas terik
    Panas terik hari hari
    Tidak letihka berjemur tengah panas
    Siapa mahu kerja dalam cuaca sebegini
    Cuba beritahu saya ada tidak negara maju yang panas?
    Negara maju semuanya 4 musim
    Tapi jangan beri jawapan singapore kerana kawasan itu istimewa
    Juga kecualikan brunei kerana itu negara kecil dan pengeluar minyak
    Negara yang terletak di kawasan khatulistiwa memang tidak stabil dan rakyatnya malas malas belaka
    Oleh itulah negara khatulistiwa mengambil kuli macam bangla nepal gurkha indonesia philipine thailand india untuk buat kerja dibawah sinaran matahari
    Cuba tengok amerika
    Mana ada orang kulit putih mahu kerja yang susah susah
    Situasi ini akan berlaku sampai bila bila
    Negara pengeluar minyak macam malaysia hanya bagus untuk dikoloni oleh negara luar untuk jual minyak dan mengkayakan negara 4 musim
    Tiada siapa mahu kerja dibawah sinaran matahari khatulistiwa termasuklah orang malaysia

    Tuntasnya wawasan 2020 mustahil walaupun 1000 tahun
    Cuba fikirkan apa yang akan terjadi kalau 30 million rakyat malaysia ditukarkan jadi orang canada/usa/british
    Orang ini pun tak akan mahu kerja dibawah matahari terik


  20. Sebaliknya negara bermusim usaha kuat, Sdr ANON 16:58
    untuk terus hidup. Dalam musim panas mereka perlu menyedia bekal makanan dan bahan-api untuk musim dingin, jadi kehidupan mereka terancang hingga dapat berikhtiar bagaimana untuk menakluki dunia, kan?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH