Thursday 17 March 2016

The garbage out there

Thought of writing something current, so I surfed around just now to know what others are doing.

Tried to find out what their opinion on things.

Not really reading, but just checking the headlines.

Nowadays, I more or less know what the contents are by just reading the title.

Things are becoming rather predictable.

As of late, it's mostly the usual bad mouthing ding dong.

It's coming from all sides.

Rather stupid, actually.

It makes me wonder though - do all that name calling and uncouth remarks really help their respective course?

Honestly, I don't think so.

I believe people are mostly just put off by them.

Or is it the whole name calling and bad mouthing are just for them to vent anger and feeding their bloated ego?

Or is it that the cybertroopers have run out of ideas on how to churn out stories to justify their payment that the most they could do these days was to resort to name calling and bad mouthing?

Lack of imagination and thinking, if you ask me.

Boss wants to counter that dastardly him a lying bastard lah.....easy what.

The problem of it all, I believe is that most of those in this line of story telling business are getting lazy nowadays.

Lazy to use their brain.

As long as the payments keep coming in, they don't really care.

I don't think they even care whether the people who really matter read what they wrote, let alone believe in them.

Never mind, I'm also getting lazy....but at least I'm not getting paid to write my nonsense.

Well, today's the same so far.

Really nothing worth writing on that frontline.

What? The Pas-Ikatan pact?

Eh, please don't waste time on that, okay.

I'll check again to find better stuff later.

For now you all can just listen to this song from an old crazy movie first, okay.

Errr...that song actually should be sang at the end of a day instead of in the morning like this.

But never mind lah. I'm running late and no time to think and find another song.

Need to go to work now.

My little advice - you all should avoid wasting your time reading all those garbage out there, okay.

And try to have a fun day instead.



  1. Garbage?

    This is what the pirate himself said:

    “Setiap sumbangan yang ingin diberikan kepada mana-mana parti politik samaada di peringkat pusat mahupun negeri, hendaklah disalurkan melalui akaun rasmi parti. Ini bagi mengelakkan ahli-ahli politik menyalahgunakan nama parti untuk meminta atau menerima apa-apa sumbangan yang kemudiannya diselewengkan untuk kepentingan persendirian. Setiap sumbangan yang dihulurkan perlulah dikemukakan resit penerimaan dan dimasukkan dalam akaun parti. Menerusi rekod penerimaan yang teratur ia boleh diaudit pada tiap-tiap akhir tahun kewangan. Kerajaan percaya inisiatif seumpama ini akan mengelakkan sebarang bentuk perbuatan rasuah dan penyelewengan..”

    – Najib Razak, February 2012

    We can’t have a prime minister to actually said it is wrong and corruptible to receive money in private accounts and then did it anyway without facing any consequences. What kind of man is that? Who believes in one thing but does the exact opposite. A leader needs to have principles but clearly Najib does not have any.

    1. 'Who believes in one thing but does the exact opposite. A leader needs to have principles but clearly Najib does not have any.'

      Teloq pon takde!


    2. Hard to find principles and politician in the same sentence, Sdr mdzfrs

      Tn Guru DS Haji did stick and what all things DAP leaders huhu tried to stick on him.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. You think Hadi stuck to true principles? Half the Malays thought his tahaluf siyasi was a load of political bullshit


    4. The Tahaful S principle, Sdr ANON 20:16
      must give way to the biggest principle, Not bow to the Tokong idol
      ( like DAP lackeys now)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  2. The religio-garbage out there Annie ...


  3. Plenty less smelly < So-po, Lil sis Ms Annie

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


  4. Recycling garbage nowadays has proof to be very profitable and saving the natural resources for the future .

    Garbage politician are not worthy the effort .

  5. hmmm...sick of reading the comments condemning point at all...a lot of name calling like you said annie....brainless act indeed...


    1. Cannot take personally kut(?) Sdr dina
      as unavoidable part of the whole deal of being a politician

      We shouldn't however nauzubi 'Llah target non-combatants like DS Rosmah however some dislike her glitzy style kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. " sick of reading the comments condemning najib "

      Then dont read lo. Not good to fall sick. Better go to the fat aunty there. Praising Najib every single minute there. By all means, please.

    3. On brainless rulers ...

      "The less people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they'll sleep at night."

      - Otto Von Bismarck


    4. 00.17,

      When Najib himself resorted to calling people "bangang" and "bangsat", how do you expect people to react?

      With praises and admiration?

      Respect is to be earned, there are no two ways about it.

      Hence, in anything we do and say, moderation, honesty and intelligence are foremost.

      This goes for everyone.

      Have a nice day ahead.



    5. "When Najib himself resorted to calling people "bangang" and "bangsat", how do you expect people to react?"


      "H*aramj*dah" pon ade......can you imagine his late father behaving this way? Never.