Saturday 12 March 2016

Reality check and doing a bit of good

Lots of small birds chirping outside the place I am now.

Other than that, everything else is peaceful.

Very nice.

Drove here with my father yesterday evening for the weekend.

I wish my mother is with us but she's busy as always.

Well, never mind.

Didn't check this blog since my last posting yesterday afternoon.

Too lazy.

Found a few pending comments just now and just let them through.

I think this blog has became a bit of an outlet to vent anger and frustration.

So many negative comments.

But I don't mind that. Better let it out here than resorting to really harmful things.

Actually, I have been doing that all along.

If I get angry or frustrated, I pour it out here.

For the more personal stuff, I omitted the names.

It's after all just sort of a therapy for me.

I never really believe that this blog changes anything anyway.

The bad things will continue even if I repeatedly write about them.

The most, more people would become aware of those bad things.

That's about it.

I reminded myself of that whenever my ego gets the better of me.

I'm definitely not one of those who claim to know everything because I'm writing a sopo blog.

Actually, I don't even care if there are people who say I got no credibility.

If they think I'm writing nonsense, they can simply not come here and read those nonsense.

It's not as if I'm going all out promoting this blog.

I'm not even on Facebook or Twitter to do that, okay.

Anyway, despite all that, sometimes I do get a bit of fun too writing this blog.

Especially when I think I can do something really good.

Small stuff mostly.

Like when I promoted the upcoming movie about autism,

Nice to see quite a number of people read that posting.

Maybe some of you all will actually go and watch the movie and learn more about autism.

That's a little bit of good out of this blog.

The thought makes me happy.

Better than all the peddling of political poison.

Anyway, here is another good movie about autism which I would like to recommend,

And here is the link to a  short video about the movie,

Filmmaker Janet Grillo on bringing 

the reality of autism to the big screen 

Hope you all will check out this movie too.

And on that positive note, I'm ending this posting.

I need to relax now.

Maybe I'll go to the beach later in the day.

Have a good weekend guys.


  1. re, Lot's of small birds chirping outside the place I am now,

    The small birds must be very happy without the bigger birds around ,and the world must be theirs .

    Power and influence must be within them too, should they go against ,probably their leaders among them will kicked the rebel out of the group .

    Are we humans, supposed to be like the birds too ?.

  2. You're right Annie, life is never meant to be "all about me" ...

  3. Autistic savants can produce the most brilliant artwork and music. It's so strange, how the brain compensates a negative setback for a positive outcome.
    I once saw a teenage chinese girl in a wheelchair in a mall. She looked as if she had cerebral palsy as her head drooped one side and she had no control over her limbs. But she was beautiful, slim, with long elegant hands and delicate features. One could only wonder what her life could have been. Sad.

    Most comments here are negative because that's the sentiment of most malaysians these days, annie. You're fair, you let us have our say without jumping at our throats like a certain fighter cock delusional nutcase.

    That's the mark of a rational, intelligent person, willing to allow the views of and listen to both sides. All the charts and graphs in the world won't change a person's mind if you are offensive.

    Have a nice rest.

  4. Musical Interlude

  5. Annie,

    Promoting awareness of autism amongst Malaysians is a noble cause.

    You have done yourself proud for standing up and trying to do something about it, small though it may be.

    Like the other causes you promote, I know that you are promoting awareness for autism from the very depths of your heart with no expectations of reward or praise.

    By expecting no reward and no praise - one never gets disappointed when there is none :)


  6. This young woman has only been learning to sing for 7 months. Her family was told that she was autistic when she was just 5 and would probably never even speak.

    Never underestimate people!