Thursday 10 March 2016

So much for Pas

A month or two back when I expressed my disagreement with the new "either you are with us or against us" dogma of Umno, I was labeled as a ProTun and a few other not so nice things.

Some sort of a DAP reject turned Umno saviour and penyelamat Ummah said Umno must throw out everyone who disagrees with the leadership and replace them with Pas people.

It doesn't matter if the Umno members are still loyal to the party. As long as they disagree with the leadership they must be thrown out.

No need to try winning them back into the fold.

All very gung ho.

It was also suggested that Pas be given seats currently own by MCA, Gerakan and other "useless" BN coalition members.

Basically, according to the brilliant suggestion, as I understand it, the new BN should consists of Umno, Pas and the Bumiputera parties of Sabah and Sarawak.

Others can be thrown into the lake.

No worries, Umno have Pas.

Pandai sangat.

But today I noticed there were these stories;

PAS says will back no-confidence vote

PAS to form new opposition pact

So how now?

Really, I don't know what to say about this.

I'm not clever.

Maybe someone can come up with some sorts of nice charts to explain how this latest development is going to help Umno.

I'm going to keep quiet.

Talk too much, then people will throw all sorts of nonsense at me again.

I better not.

I'm too tired anyway,

You all think la about it.

I want to sleep early.

Here, as you think about the mess, you can listen to this song,

Nice, eh.

Good night.


  1. Annie,

    PAS seems directionless.

    I have read elsewhere that Hadi Awang does not believe in changing the status quo as far as the PM is concerned because Islam does not permit leaders to be deposed.

    Now, we have statements from other PAS leaders that PAS is going to support a no-confidence motion against the PM.

    So, what is going on?

    What is PAS's true position?

    PAS's only one mission is to introduce Islamic rule - a Malaysian caliphate if you like.

    PAS has no interest in making Malaysia an economic powerhouse, nor a center for science and technology.

    PAS only wants to implement it's religious objectives and drag Malaysia back to pre-medieval days.

    I suppose that the one good thing about a full-on Islamic caliphate will be that at least one blogger will need to cover herself up - and thank goodness for that!

    One of those times when a head-to-toe covering will actually be an improvement to how someone looks :)


    1. but your assumption are not facts...are you a melayu bodoh?


    2. 03.08

      If you cannot counter Gladiator's arguments intelligently, please don't resort to name-calling.

      It only reflects one's mental faculty deficiency.

      Let's make our debates here healthy ones, okay.

      There is another blog elsewhere, whose name cannot be mentioned here, that promotes such negative attitudes.

      Meanwhile, have a great day ahead.




    3. Anon 3:08,

      Assumption are not fact ,that true enough but observing PAS all this years what could they offer , 'petang cakap lain ,pagi cakap lain ,malam cakap lain ,halal & haram is just thier game.

      The truth is they are just another political party whose aim is just Putrajaya . What hope do we have on such character not becouse of the turban and jubah ,after all we don't needs turban and jubah to be a good Muslim .

    4. Hadi and Nik Aziz used to hate Dr. M and anything UMNO. Nik Aziz has to answer to Lord God now. But Hadi's heart still harbors that sick aversion for Mahathir - is that why Hadi now best friends with Ah Jib Gor?


      Komen sikit ttg tradisi Jews yg banyak di Egypt ni..Ulama2 Al Azhar setuju ke? orang melayu ramai yg keliru lah.

    6. Anonymous 11 March 2016 at 03:08,

      "but your assumption are not facts."

      I was not making assumptions.

      I was making statements on what I believe based on the evidence I have.

      I deal with evidence.

      If the evidence is not true, then you are more than welcome to correct me.

      Evidence re Hadi Awang's views, here's a link to a *ahem* banned site

      Evidence re other PAS leaders supporting a no-confidence motion on the PM, well, there is the above Malay Mail link.

      I think there is no argument about PAS's desire for an Islamic State aka Malaysian caliphate? There is plenty of evidence in Kelantan for that.

      As for the economy, I think PAS wants to go back to using dinars or gold or something in Kelantan but were prevented from doing so by Bank Negara. If I am incorrect, pls do correct me.

      Science and technology? I don't think we should even be discussing them as far as PAS is concerned.

      People in PAS still believes in moons splitting, magic flying horses, rocks turning into fighters, etc etc. Go ask Hadi Awang.

      I would love to see anybody from PAS performing a dissection of a pig in front of a class of PAS veterinarians.

      Also, it may have had been a cruel joke being played on me but I was told that some people in PAS still believe in the "flat earth" theory!!

      Hmm.. what other supposedly assumptions are left?

      Ah yes, that I am a Melayu bodoh.

      I don't know what my race has anything to do with the discussion.

      If I am wrong, pls do feel free to correct me and explain why I am wrong.

      Just because I may be a Melayu does not make me stupid.

      Only some Melayus are stupid, just as some Cina are stupid, and some Indians are stupid and some DLL are stupid.

      And yes, bodoh people exist on both sides of the political divide.


  2. Annie,

    There are a lot of undercurrents going on in PAS, some of which are so obvious they don't need to be explained, e.g. the east coast / west coast split. Hence the party is sending out too many conflicting signals right now. And TGHA's motives are being questioned even by his own party grassroots.

    But...they do have good leaders. In fact, if I had only one choice of a politician who should be Malaysia's next PM, I would personally choose Dato' Tuan Ibrahim. If from UMNO, then Tok Pa (or he can be DPM). My criteria is always, honesty, consistency & integrity.

    I think these two men are among the rare few we still have left. Let them lead, and you will have no more of the 1MDB, SRC, TH, YAPEIM, MARA scandals, no more 40 excuses for songlaped "donations", and no more flip-flop every five minutes.

    We have had enough bad leadership in these past 7 years to last for 7 centuries.

    Dah cukup dah.

  3. People should stop paying attention to a bunch of clueless religious fanatic who are too eager to meet with their maker. I wish they would jump off the bridge so they can meet their maker faster instead of talking gibberish in this world. Umno can have PAS lock stock barrel. Wish them luck in their new found love for PAS.

  4. pas is a pushover in politics, they always walk into the umno flytrap, the mere mention of muslim unity and the descend into a stupor and now just to spike their amanah rivals they are mulling 3 penjuru, well its a democracy, its their call and umno again will be sniggering behind their backs
    btw someone mentioned covering up, you need a full spread of tapoline to cover a garbage truck but what's the point, the pong will still emanate

  5. PAS is a useless political party made up of clowns and donkeys. All they know is about sex and how a woman should be a sex slave to the man. Just check out their Harakah and you will see every page is filled with advertisements on sex related products. Mustafa Ali was caught on camera having sex in a hotel room with another lady.Hadi Awang have more than 1 wife. PAS has many names among which PArti Ajaran Syaitan or Parti Anjing Suruhan.