Friday 25 March 2016

DAP wouldn't care less also

It looks like the government really want to shut down the anonymous political blogs.

You all can read it at Rocky's posting,

Blog/portal registration: Why some politicians stand to lose most

If your blog is registered, that means you can't be anonymous anymore, isn't it?

That includes me too, I guess.

Well, mine is actually not strictly a political blog.

I don't try to be a saviour of Umno or become penyelamat umat Islam every other days like some people.

That would be too tiresome.

I also write about things other than politics too, okay.

Movies, music, travels, autism, my family, etc.....and even a bit of my pathetic love life.

But still, I guess they will come after me if I don't register this blog.

"Annie, you are hereby charged with operating an unregistered political blog. By writing that you are dating a DAP supporter, you are actually campaigning for the evil Chinese evangelists of that party."

I can just imagine them saying that to me.

So troublesome.

Well, are we going to have "thought police" now?

Even if I go and register this blog, there's no guarantee that they will not later on take action against me.

They can after all interpret what I wrote at their whims and fancies.

"You are against people attacking Tun M. You must be a ProTun trying to topple the government. You are bad. We are shutting you down."

Ya, that sort of things.

Some are already doing that.

"Either you are with us or against us," so they said.

It's all really not worth it.

Therefore, once the new law comes into effect I think I will stop blogging.

I'm not going to break any law.

Instead, I will do other things.

Maybe I will switch to Facebook.

Yup, somehow they were not concerned about FB.

Facebookers don't need to register....just bloggers.

And blog is actually outdated compared to FB.

And how about twitter? Should they register twitter users too?

Wassap? Telegram? Want to register those also or not?

I used to be an active Facebooker before becoming a blogger.

I will think of it.

The idea of quitting blogging is actually not so bad.

This blog is not as precious to me as some people thought it is.

Despite being anonymous, it had caused me quite a lot of trouble.

Back then, I felt the risks were worth taking.

Kerana agama, bangsa dan tanahair.

Lately, I'm not very sure of that anymore.


They can shut it down if they want.

I will just walk away.

I'm totally okay with that.

By the way, I need to continue with my book project.

If I don't blog, I would have more time for it.

So, no problem.

Everything a bit more restricted but it should make us feel more like being in Singapore.

Singapore is good what.

Ask the DAP people, including the rejects if you don't believe me.

Singapore is their paradise.

By the way, do you all know any prominent DAP blogger?

Honestly, I only know Sakmongkol AK47.

From what I know, DAP is not depending too much on blogs for cyberwar.

Maybe that's why there are bloggers who actually love DAP but got disheartened and switched to supporting BN and Umno because they were not given due recognition by the party.

So, I guess DAP will not be very affected by the newly proposed law either.

What a shame, isn't it?

All those efforts and sacrificed freedom of speech will be wasted, I think.

Well, too bad.


  1. "By the way, do you all know any prominent DAP blogger?"

    Dah lupa ke - fat Chinese Gollum a.k.s Blubberella?

    Middle-aged Ah Soh, hardcore anti-Islam Malaysiakini writer to the point of getting charged for sedition, suddenly converts to sucking Umngok's behind?


  2. Too bad ma'am for the fall guys ... cos we're only human

  3. come on got nothing to be afraid you said this blog is not on heavy politicking kan. its good that the government do this. so many people write without considering the damage that they might cause to people.
    they hide behind their blogs and spread hatred among the rakyat.keyboard warrior but too chicken to show face....freedom oft speech is still there but must own it lah

    1. Yup, true also. But why bother? I may as well write on other platforms other than blog where I don't have to register or whatever. Or not at all.

  4. Hi Annie,

    You asked:-

    "By the way, do you all know any prominent DAP blogger?"

    Yes I do and personally too, from back when he was a Gerakan guy before he switched to DAP shortly before he contested for and won the Jelutong parliamentary seat for DAP in the 2008 general election.

    I'm talking about Jeff Ooi from Subang Jaya, a former columnist for a now defunct magazine for which I once wrote, which described him as a "prominent blogger" for his blog Screenshots, popular amongst pro-opposition and dissident netizens back in the 2000s.

    He announced his Jelutong candidacy for the DAP for the Jelutong seat surrounded by bloggers, Tweeters and Facebookers at The Food Foundry restaurant in Section 17, Petaling Jaya in the run up to the 2008 GE.

    Netizens expected back then that Jeff's online popularity would carry him far in his campaigning for the Jelutong seat but soon after I read somewhere online that Jeff soon discovered that few constituents in Jelutong ever heard of him and soon switched to campaigning the hard way - i.e. in the flesh on the ground, and on his first day as a DAP Yang Berhormat in parliament, the media showed him and others such as Hannah Yeoh, etc blogging whilst in parliament.

    However, soon after, Jeff's blog posts on Screenshots became fewer and far between, and today, all that's left on his blog at is a message "Hello World!", dated 14 September 2012.

    There is nothing much on his Facebook page either, though I did not log in, since I terminated my Faecbook account several years ago and di not want to risk reviving it, in case my login details are still retained.

    The bottom line is that Jeff whom my now defunct magazine once hailed as a "prominent blogger", now now no longer relies on blogs and social media and whilst he still is the Jelutong MP and is still with the DAP, he is very rarely mentioned in the media, whether in print or online.

    So you are right to say - "From what I know, DAP is not depending too much on blogs for cyberwar."

    In the run up to the 2008 GE, I interviewed several politicians and political commentators for a feature on the role portals, blogs and social media would play in affecting the result of the upcoming elections. Those interviewed included Arul, Sec Gen. of PSM, Nik Nazmi and Tian Chua of PKR, Tan Sri Sharir Abdul Samad of UMNO, Bunn Nagara and Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai, both of the Star and with the exception of Tian Chua, all the rest concurred that online media would have a limited impact on the results of the GE, and that its effect would be felt most in those five states which had the highest degree of Internet penetration, PC penetration and IT-savvy people. And, they were right back then when those five states went to Pakatan but in the 2013 GE, Pakatan retained only three states - i.e. Penang, Selangor and Kelantan.

    Shortly before, on 27 March 2013, the new defunct The Malaysian Insider reported that Lim Kit Siang predicted that Pakatan would "sweep" seven states.

    "Mar 27, 2013 - KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) can win seven states in ... PR's chances of winning as level, with the former having the upper hand. ... The Malaysian Insider had previously reported that surveys by BN ..."

    Portals, blogs and social media may have had their greatest impact in favour of the opposition back in 2008 but the results show that its impact has since declined and its heydays are over.
    Also, these media are double-edged swords, which cut either way, depending on who wields them.

    Hopefully, the Minister in charge right now will understand this.

    1. That was a long time ago. DAP no longer needs blogs as they are already quite obsolete. I stayed with blogging because I prefer not to be intrusive. People choose to come here to read my thoughts instead of me going around forcing them to read it. If the government don't want me to be like that, then it's okay. I can do other things. But the decision to force political blogs to be registered will only give the impression that the government is curtailing on freedom of speech, and in a stupid way too. That;s about all it could achieve. That's why I asked, how about FB and Twitter? Want to register them too? They are more effective compared to the obsolete blog.

    2. Bunn Nagara! Dah lama x dengar nama tu : )

    3. "But the decision to force political blogs to be registered will only give the impression that the government is curtailing on freedom of speech, and in a stupid way too."

      Why not tell that directly to Salleh Syed Keruak in a letter (not e-mail) sent by AR registered post to him at his ministry, or maybe hand deliver it.

      Anyway, the "great" Singapore, the "paragon of virtue" in the eyes of many dissident and disaffected Malaysians, does exactly that without bothering too much about what foreign investors and tourists will think.

      To understand the freedom we have enjoyed on the Internet so far, that is due to the collateral benefit to us from a concession granted to potential foreign investors in MSC Malaysia as part of the 10 Point Bill of Guarantees promised to all MSC Status companies.

      I heard that when then Prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir visited the Silicon Valley to promote MSC Malaysia way back in the 1990s, potential investors told him that they wanted no censorship of the Internet in Malaysia and all of a sudden, Malaysia became characteristically super liberal online, where access to anything goes, whilst media regulation continued over print and broadcast media.

      Now it appears that the Najib administration realises that MSC Status companies will only object if any censorship online adversely affects their business-related activities and operations online, such as funds transfers, business communications, etc. and that regulation of un-related websites, blogs, etc. is a domestic political matter which does not affect the business and operations of MSC Malaysia companies, who are here to take advantage of the facilities, infrastructure, skilled human resources, 100% equity, tax and other incentives which come with MSC Malaysia status.

      I mean, how many foreign investors, including multinational IT companies, have shied away from making Singapore their regional HQ because of the Singapore government's tight regulation of political and perhaps also pornographic content online?

      How many industrial and commercial investors shied away or abandoned Malaysia in protest because of Ops Lalang in the 1980s?

      And, with talk in the US and Europe of government monitoring and even regulation of the Internet, what kind of example are they providing to the Malaysian government, not that we should ape them.

      "That's why I asked, how about FB and Twitter? Want to register them too?"

      Good point, since unlike a portal with a unique web address, there is a major common component in the addresses of each individual account holder, so if one is blocked, does it block others as well?

      What if the Twitter or Facebook pag eof an MSC Malaysia company or a major foreign investor or even a Malaysian corporation or government department gets inadvertently blocked due to a block being placed upon another Facebook or Twitter account disapproved of by the powers that be.

      I guess, we'll just have to wait and see whether it can be done and its adverse impact on others.

  5. Annie,

    Another prolific DAP blogger besides Sakmongkol?

    Hm, there is this not very well-known blog by some fellow called Lim Kit Siang.


    It is so dry and humourless that I pity the poor MCMC officers who are forced to monitor that blog.

    I have tried reading it more than a few times but I gave up because I had to always think hard and rationalise what he was saying.

    Don't get me wrong, his postings are usually of exceptional depth and quality but very difficult and boring to read.

    He could do with a few tips from you on how to write a nice easy-reading blog. :)


    1. Uncle Lim loves superlatives. His statements must contain the words "shocking", "appalling", etc.
      Old school politicking.

  6. Registered or otherwise we are all traceable. It is the anonymity that makes it easy reading. Readers can come and go as they feel comfortable. It is an open living room. Where one can take a break. Quietly. We need that. We all do I think.

    1. "Registered or otherwise we are all traceable."

      True. And people around the world have been detained by such traceability.

      Despite the blocks on websites such as Malaysia Chronicle, it's interesting that the powers that be have not raided and shut down actual physical premises of the owners and operators of such blocked sites, as well as the actual physical people involved, especially when these premises, properties and human resources are physically present in Malaysia.

  7. We are all outdated n outclass by dap.......they have been innovating communication since building the great wall.

    Agreed that dap wouldnt give a rat ass on the communication gag

    1. "Agreed that dap wouldnt give a rat ass on the communication gag"

      I would rather DAP would not give a rat's arse over an ELECTRONIC communications gag, since there have been earlier forms of non-electronic communication, such as word of mouth whispered from one to another, since long before mass adoption of the Internet.

      Like even when newspapers were suspended following the 13th May 1969 racial riots, news about what was going on passed through the word-of-mouth grapevine.

      Thus based upon its experience gained from those periods way back, parties like the DAP would not be too concerned about blocks on the Internet or the registration of bloggers, except perhaps if speaking up against it gains the DAP some political brownie points in the eyes of its young supporters and youth.

    2. @Amir
      Couldn't agree with you more. DAP, not only in cyber world, have been politically active and effective by way of their physical organisation skills on the ground. Honed by generations of various Chinese clan associations and organisations. By the way, I always wondered whether the powers that be monitor blogs and other social media communicating in Chinese or other languages.

    3. DAP's strategist knew that once they have poisoned the dam that is of online media, there is no use to keep poisoning it.

      Right after GE2013, their Red Bean Army has shut down operations and they have moved on to other strategies to secure their power base & capture new voters, one being the putting hot young Malays as the "face" of the party.


    4. DAP atak manyak macam rankaian maa aa . Olang UMNO semua lengar berita TV 3 and TV satu .

  8. Many ways to skin a cat for those who want to remain as anons. Don't see the purpose tho. Aren't there enough laws to protect against abuse of blogosphere for the likes of bigotry, racism, religious extremism, slander et al political or otherwise? Will comply provided there are no monetary and bureaucratic requirements, better be safe than sorry. If there are, then will remain dormant, like how I am now.

  9. With pro establishment blogs demonising DAP left right and centre every single waking day, is there a need for pro DAP bloggers?
    DAP has got more then enough free publicity.

  10. Nampak sangat gomen dah desperate. Curi duit sana sini. Daylight robbery pun dah tak segan silu. The latest, Bank Rakyat sapu duit dividend ahli 0.5% under the guise of donation. Derma paksa, boleh gitu? They got away with a cool RM2 million duit derma haram. Tak lama lagi adalah muka seposen menteri (or PM) yg cari glamer masuk tv or paper beri scholarship to students dgn duit haram yg dicuri dari ahli.

    Apalah sangat 2 juta kan kalau banding dgn 2 beliyon? Pemurah betul Bank Rakyat mendermakan duit ahli.. kan? kan?

  11. Same goes with Tun DET...........HEHEHE.
    The more they downgrade him, the more supporters go
    to his side.
    Better to get bad publicity rather than NO PUBLICITY.
    Tun Det knows this.

  12. Ya, like I said yesterday, hari-hari kutuk Tun M. Takut sangat kat Tun. Which means, Jibby and gang have something to be takut about. We all know what lah.

    Now Pak Lah Petronas adviser. Bagus lah. He can slumber while the Lanun busy emptying out Petronas's coffers. Menantu under siege with 100 million scandal.

    Waiting for march 28 report on Jibby by Aussie tv crew yang kena tahan. Salleh Croak nak block channel ke?

    Tak malu! Whole world knows Jibby' s corrupt. Shameful for Malaysia!

  13. The idiots from Felda and Borneo sent the whole country into doldrum in 2013.

  14. Salutation for the third time to Annie,
    I tried to WARN you, on my second message.
    My cogitation, is almost never wrong.
    I based my predictions, via my cogitation.
    Lots MOAR coming, in the near future!
    (Much WORSE)

    Since you like Japanese, I leave you a quote "Shinda kohai nai, sumu dai kohai". That is my predicament, dunno how much longer to live, actually dun wanna care. Might see my last prediction come true, or not, I dunno, I dun care.......(manglish lar)

    1. Hi my friend. Please take care of your health and be okay again. Take care.