Tuesday 22 March 2016

A nice melancholic movie and other small stuff

Had dinner with my mother.

She was on her way to Singapore and stopped here to see me.

It's nice.

I had not seen my mother for quite a while.

She's always busy with her work in KL.

Sometimes I wonder how my father could stand her not being around most of the time.

He loves her very much despite all that.

Well, she's going abroad again for work later in the week.

That's why she is down here to visit my grandparents who are currently at my big aunt's place in Singapore.

Anyway, today I got no mood to write about politics.

It's the same ding dong as always.

Nothing really worthwhile to write.

Good that I'm not being paid to write this blog....unlike some people.

Otherwise I would have to cook up something to justify the payments.

Malay unity, resistance against the enemies of Islam, etc.

These days, all sorts of people are writing about those.

Sometimes it gets quite hilarious because I knew what the writer who wrote such stuff was really all about.

So fake.

Still, I don't mind it that much.

Everyone has to make a living, okay.

Well, let them be lah.

Actually, just before I started writing this, I just finished watching the last portion of the movie,

Our Little Sister

It's beautiful and really heartwarming.

I've been watching it online bit by bit since yesterday.

For me, it's about coping with being left by our dearest beloved and staying strong without being judgemental for the days to come.

I love this type of Japanese drama movies.

The pace may be a bit too slow for most people here, but I don't mind it at all.

It gives me time to enjoy the smaller details of the movie.

It makes the movies so real.

There's this certain pleasant but melancholic feeling whenever I'm watching them.

Honestly, it's the same feeling I got when I was traveling around Japan,

Something to do with the Japanese landscape and the way of the people there, I guess.

Nonetheless, it's really nice actually.

Eh, past midnight already.

I better sleep.

Unlike some lucky people, I have to actually get up in the morning and go to work instead of just writing about penyatuan umat Melayu bagi menentang musuh-musuh Islam....or something like that :)

Okay, good night.


  1. Ooh, looks good. Will check it out. Reminds me of another japanese movie, can't remember exact title but it's like "Love Letter." About this girl who has the same name as a teenage boy who died. His girlfriend writes to her, they correspond and discover what he meant to both. I think that's the one where she goes to hokkaido and yells "o genki desu ka" at the mountains.


  2. Wa manyak sukak tengok itu gambar, Japanese girl's,lalam you punya posting, manyak sweet maa aa and tersangat ayu lea aa.

    Wa ingat Japanese girl's memang manyak ayu-ayu lea aa ,tapi Wa lebih sukak Chinese ,atak sikit kasar maa aa ,kulang romentik lebih senang hilup lor rr .

    Bulayu eaa aa , pon manyak romentik tapi tak realistik .

  3. 'Sometimes it gets quite hilarious because I knew what the writer who wrote such stuff was really all about.'

    Ha ha, yeah.

    From MalaysiaKini to FlabbyTerkini in the space of one year? As if, lah.

    Leopards cannot change their spots, and leopards actually do some exercise. Seriously, you ever seen a leopard with a double chin, like this?


    These people do anything for money, I guess.

  4. Here's fatty in superb form:

    Haram supremism fans bigotry:


    Behind Perkasa's pig obsession:


    Criminal bullying of the poor into Islam:


    I'm sorry, lah.

    At the age of 45 (back then), people do not change their inner beliefs, unless it's for $$$$$$.

    I think her seven fans should read the above (and much more) before Jabba The Butt gets on her fake soapbox.

    You are bring sold cha siu paw under the table, my friends.

    1. Oh,, she gonna get you!!

      But it's true about her hypocrisy. Also, can she please stop her delusions that she's the righteous defender of Islam and Malays.

      As a Muslim, it irritates me. If she sincerely cares so much, please convert lah. Put your money where your mouth is. Oh , but i forget. She sided with Lina Joy (cried, konon, at the verdict) and said she broke up with Malay boyfriend because she didn't want to convert.

      So, she wasn't ready to embrace Islam but obviously ready to misuse Islam for her personal agenda by constantly trying to instigate Muslims and Christians. Whether dendam or revenge, manalah tau, her warped thinking. Sudah cuckoo in the head.

      She says she's a Chinese Buddhist, so please lah, Ah So, no need to susahkan yourself to defend us. Go write about Wesak, or racist Buddhist monks killing Rohingya Muslims or meditate to achieve nirvana so you don't get reincarnated as a slug.

      Write also everyday with the same level of spite about the DAP, like she writes about MCA and Gerakan. But she only limits herself to words like RBA, DAPster, "what sort of people are they" and occasional articles.

      Trojan horse lah. Our poor Annie has to bear the brunt of her insanity. Hannah Yeoh should send you flowers lah Annie!

    2. betina cina tu dah kuat makan dedak bro, of cos lah suka jilat bontot si lanun bugis tu kow2.....geli geleman ler aku....yukk

    3. "Here's fatty in superb form"

      What a superb turn of phrase! Made me burst out laughing!!

    4. Anon 12:55 She did touch on the Rohingya issue last year. But only in context of the boat migrants. That is what I recall.

      She was quite dismissive of their plight and even excused Aung San Syuu Kii's silence on the issue as 'mindfulness'.

  5. Annie,

    I think it is about time you stop making snide remarks about the other lady blogger. It is no longer cute, in fact getting a bit boring. Let her be la. be the better person.

    1. You would be welcome over there if you find Annie boring. Its the blog owner's choice to write whatever and however they want to. Just as you have the choice to skip reading any blog including this.

  6. re"For me, it's about coping with being left by our dearest beloved and staying strong without being judgemental for the days to come."

    “The world is filled with love-play, from animal lust to sublime compassion.”
    ― Alan Watts

    Try often to recall the subliminity and compassion...

    1. The Beloved One and Only: Didn't I Tell You?


  7. The sharks are circling around KJ now. Padan muka. He thought by staying silent, he can survive. For all his Oxford education, straight away lepas tangan. " I donno lah". 100 million ringgit can siphon off like that!

    Best hypocrisy quote of the day by Jibby on the issue of corruption. 100 million ringgit, he nak comment. 2.6 billion...silence of the Bogus warrior. Ptui!

    With Mukhriz out, KJ now soon to kaput, very interesting lah to see jockeying of power in Umno youth.

    Crooks everywhere.


    1. Dato Dr Asyraf of same age, Sdr ANON 15:37
      and not promoting him here but yes, more interesting now.

      ( demi penyatuan ummah- to quote LoA)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah

    2. Laaaaaa.....lanun Bugis merepek ttng "loyalty' (setia pada pemimpin), Hadi merepek ttng wala' (setia pada pemimpin). Bezanya cuma satu guna bahasa Melayu, satu lagi guna bahasa Arab. Satu penyamun, dan satu lagi bersungguh2 nak berkawan dgn penyamun. Knape nak bersekongkol dgn penyamun & penipu besar? Nie bukan 'penyatuan ummah', nie 'penyatuan penipu'. PAS dah dapat "donation" kut.

      Mereka ini termasuk dlm kalangan munafik. Masanya akan tiba x lama lagi, ahli2 akar umbi PAS akan tolak Kawan Penyamun seperti juga ahli2 UMNO akan tolak Penyamun tu.

    3. Ahli-ahli politik diseluruh dunia pun sama, penyamun atau pun lanun untuk dapat kekal kuasa.

    4. "Ahli-ahli politik diseluruh dunia pun sama"? Habeh hang nak buat ape plak? Jemput si lanun tu teruskan songlap harta negara dan mufliskan malaysia?

      Orang macam Najib memang tidak tahu malu.

      Najib akan terus menjadi Perdana Menteri walaupun hanya lima atau enam orang sahaja yang bersama dia. Najib rasa dia hebat walaupun ahli UMNO yang datang menyokongnya hanya beratus orang atau "rental-crowd" mcm si jamal poyo tu. Poorahhhh!


    5. Padan muka YAB Guan Eng lari Sdr ANON 17:41
      ke PRC Cina tengah malam. Tengok berapa ahli DAP tunggu di airport.

      'OOO pemohon rumah murah menuntut daripada corrupt Exco DAP tukar syarat tanah kerajaan untuk pusat pergigian kepada hotel dan apartment mewah.

      ( dapat % politik kut dari $ pemaju? )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. To survive Jibby has to surround himself with really greedy people who have very thick skin ... like himself.

    7. I didn't even have a clear idea why I wanted to go to Oxford - apart from the fact I had fallen in love with the architecture. It certainly wasn't out of some great sense of academic or intellectual achievement. In many ways, my education only began after I'd left university.
      -Alan Bennett

      Some get misguided along the way out from Oxford, it is possible.


  8. “ There is only one pretty child in the world and every mother has it”
    -- old Chinese proverb

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Anak PAS dah makan dedak, nampaknya Umno dah jadi mcm ibu (atau penternak?)

      Najib Razak puji Hadi Awang & Haron Din sebab tak percaya RM 2.6 billion masuk akaun peribadi Najib. Lepas tu PAS dah hilang suara pulak.....*krik krik krik* jer.....PAS nak jadi penolong kanan penyamun tu ke? Naik jer kapal pinisi Bugis yg karam...kalo nak turut tenggelam sekali, "be my guest"...kih kih kih

      jadi 2 org nih dapat "rezeki" brape from the Mother Hippo


    2. Dato Dr Haron advising on Syaria, Sdr ANON 21:28
      together enacted in DUNs and parliament
      with ASWJ based on al-Quran & Sunnahs
      ( Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah schools )
      while Syariah-unfriendly opposition still marveling on their new thorny catch, YAB Tun and his Declaration Mahathir(?)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. What akidah specifically does Dr. Haron hold Mr. Zin? Wahhabis do claim AWSJ for themselves


    4. Not Asian WSJ kut(?) Sdr ANON 00:10

      No difference alhamduli'Llah of Tawhid in akidah. Only some claim to be closer to the Sunnahs and Salafi ways.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    5. Saudala Hj Zain ,

      Wa mau tanya maa aa ,you ingat itu Dato Harun Din ada kasi advise sama Najib pasat itu 2.6 billion ,Wa tak tau lea aa .

      Mungkin Dato Harun Din cekap ,olang kasi ,angkat tatak apa punya lor rr ,Wa sikalang lagi pening maa aa.

      Itu Guan Eng punya hat ,olang mau kasi halga lendah ,apa past manyak bising ,Wa lagi tambah pening maa aa.


    6. Hs ha PAS hulur kopiah Sdr lufang
      cukup $ korection untuk kempen erection(?)

      UMNO sama DAP purak $ business dan foleign funders fliendly, ala?

      ( DS Anwar lams dah songlap $ UMNO)

      Lu bukan poritician ta usah pening la.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Nampakgayanya, Najib sudah terikut-ikut pe'el Peliwat yang gemar menggunakan 'Agama' untuk menagih popularity dan pengaruh politik. Tidak dinafikan juga, lakonan watak alim dan warak adalah 'perisai' amat berkesan untuk menangkis tuduhan salah-laku moral atau criminal.

      Oleh yang demikian, imej Agama akan lebih teruk lagi tercemar dan diperlekehkan orang, lebih-lebih lagi oleh mereka yang memang diketahui, anti-Islam.

      Pada masa yang sama, bila masyarakat terlampau dicandukan dengan rhetoric keAgamaan yang berpuak-puak dan taksub kepada makhzab atau kabilah yang berkiblatkan tokoh agama silam, maka lebih berpecah-belah lah masyarakat itu seperti apa yang berlaku di Negara-negara Pak Arab. Lebih buruk lagi apabila Agama digaul dengan Politik untuk mempertahankan pemimpin dari masaalah peribadi.

      Demi 'Bangsa, Agama dan Negara' akan menjadi rhetoric, semata-mata.

    8. Lufang.

      Apa pasat lu mau peenin.
      Khir Toyo pun beli lumah, "olang mau kasi halga lendah", tapi DAP manyak bising. Sekalang lia lalam jel.

      Kalau Guan Eng tak kena jel, nanti olang Melayu lagi manyak marah sama Najib. Nanti di olang cakap, Kerajaan Najib hanya belani sama bangsa sendiri saja.

    9. Encik Lufang, tolong lu mesti hanta anak anak lu pegi sekolah kebangsan ... jenis integlated boleh tak pakcik?


    10. Wa memang manyak support itu sekolah kebangsaan maa aa ,lakyat Malaysia mesti mau itu macam maa aa.

      Wa lulu Cina sekolah ,Wa pak pilih lor rr . Wa sangat tatak paham apa pasat bolih pilih-pilih maa aa ,lain tempat atak bolih pilih-pilih kaa , Wa tak tau lea aa ,tapi Wa ingat tatk ada maa aa .

  9. Dear Annie...

    I could not stand myself away from my live one...

  10. Dear Annie,
    Any comment on your handsome RM100m boy?
    Thank you.

  11. Dulu mereka dengan lantang menafikan bahawa kejatuhan nilai Ringgit disebabkan kemelut 1MDB. Semalam, bila terlihat yang nilai Ringgit mula mengukuh sedikit berbanding USD, TV3 mengaitkannya dengan kesan positif dari penjualan IPP milik 1MDB.

    Adakah ini membawa maksud bahawa 1MDB telah melakukan kerja yang baik dengan menggadai harta-pusaka Rakyat, hanya untuk melangsaikan hutang?


    1. Anakanda Arul K in-sya-Allah, Sdr RD
      for Minister of Finance !

      ( not YB Tony, please )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH