Wednesday 9 March 2016

No rush and middle finger to haters

Honestly, I'm a bit like this Anon who wrote this last comment which I got before writing this,

sighhh....just wait for the GE lah...wats the rush???...Negara kita ok jer....people still go Starbucks...Buy Iphones....Go Overseas....Shopping Complex still full...Movie collection juta2....people still buy designer dress...people still can afford pergi Jom Heboh....Football matches.....blablabla

I just want to wait for the next general election.

It's just two years from now...probably earlier even.

That's not too far away from now.

I know. Some people are very angry but can't they just wait a bit rather than getting all worked up like now?

Things may be tough at the moment but I don't think it's at a point where everything is at the brink of collapsing on top of us.

Whatever it is, please don't break the laws to express unhappiness over things, real or perceived.

Don't be too obsessed with anything, okay.

We still need to earn a living, fulfill our responsibilities, take care of our loved ones, etc.

Let's not wreck the country in our effort to fix it.

As I previously said, for me, when it's finally time to cast my vote at the next general election, I will reflect on my situation and decide who to vote based on whether my life is getting better or otherwise.

Why must we let ourselves be herded like sheep into following everything that other people said?

Why must we believe in everything the politicians, writers, bloggers etc said?

Can't we think for ourselves?

I believe that we can assess our life ourselves instead of being told how we are by those people with vested interest.

Okay, getting involved in a political movement can be quite a bit of fun and everything, but please don't over do it.

I understand the needs to "keep the fire burning" and everything, but please don't let the fire gets so big that it ends up burning everything down.

Be rationale, okay.

Furthermore, the chances of settling "the dispute" before the next general election is hardly realistic.

Actually the harder people push for their course under the present situation, the harder it will get for everybody.

People don't like that.

They don't like to see weird characters instigating people to make things worse for the country as others are struggling to make ends meet.

It puts them off.

The same way they were put off by some people who endlessly call for people to hate each other because of their different race and religion.

Aren't you all put off by people such as that?

I do.

Just because they were rejected by their own race,

they are now calling on us to hate and punish that particular race.

That's mean, isn't it?

It's not as if they love our race or anything.

They are just motivated by hate and now they are calling on us to hate others too just because they didn't get what they wanted.

Why must we believe in these sorts of people.

Those who want to rush things before the next general election should reflect on this.

If they go overboard, people will be put off by their antics.

Really, there's no real reason to go overboard.

Protest all you want but be nice about it.

And please keep away the creepy characters.

That way, you can keep things going and people may even like and support your cause.

On top of that, be realistic, okay.

Things can only be changed at the general election.

That's a fact.

Unless you all want this country to burn.

If you fail at the general election, there's the next Umno election.

Those are the only ways to do it without wrecking this country.

The present government will not step down under any other circumstances.

It had proven its resolve to do so during the Umno civil war last year.

As for the meanwhile, life has to go on.

Bear that in mind.

Okay, I need to get ready for work now.

Have a good day.


  1. Some people believe ,'alang-alang menyeluk pekasam ,biar sampai kepangkal lengan' , busuknya tetap sama .

    1. "Selamatkan UMNO!" dorang jerit. Tapi bukan membantu ore Melayu kan? Apatah dana Tabung Haji orang miskin pun tidak di kecualikan oleh Jibby. Dia mahu sapu utk tutup lobang gigantor 1MDB projek monyet tamak halobanya!

    2. Dengarlah dongeng so Lapizi pondan of Pandan! Ingat langkah Kajang yang tak menjadi? Hanya orang biul ikut cakap so bapok

    3. Ko buta ke bodo jer bro?

  2. annie things are bad.

    its just us malaysian, who are a bit slow to pick this kinds of thing. we will shop till we suddenly realize that price are increasing like crazy. its gonna happen.

    are we not malaysian, who always take action when things already happening.

    najib must go and he must go yesterday. hes been playing with the law and bylaws creating new acts and wht not to make sure he wont be prosecute after the next GE.

    1. I respect my PM. Mahathir and DAP can go to hell

    2. When the skies shatter and the seas boil over, we will see where Jibby and his favorite macai will be politicking...

    3. "I respect my PM. Mahathir and DAP can go to hell"......kih kih kih....

      Nie la standard macai Mat Mustlearn tu...malu o

    4. Respect is earn, not given.

      Maybe Najib's sycophants have taken a cue from Mat Sabu's Amanah or trust which must be earned too, not given.

  3. "I know. Some people are very angry but can't they just wait a bit rather than getting all worked up like now?"

    You are not wrong, Annie.

    But the problem is Malaysians are TOO passive.

    If the GE ever happens (the sneaky Bugis pondan may sabo it, like he sabo-ed the investigations) then the time to prepare is now.

    Personally, I don't want a lying, stealing, unethical crook and his kaki bodek running the country. Because he's ruining it.

    Nothing to do with Starbucks or iPhones.

    More about maruah.

    Are we so morally degraded that as long as we have latte and gadgets, we can remain pekak, buta, bisu to wrongdoing?

    I hope not.

    1. i agree. had to admit i didnt see it tht way and quite ashamed of it.

      people with integrity will not just do nothing.

    2. Bermaruah yg dimaksudkan ialah, najib dan macainya akan hina dan jatuhkan legasi Tun M dgn cara "hook atau crook" sehingga hilang maruah Tun M.

      Kalau Tun M senyap maka Najib tak akan teruskan kerja gila tu.

    3. Mahathir memang dah lama hilang maruah. Amat memalukan orang Melayu Dan Islam. Sanggup bersekongkol dengan DAP laknat, ptuih!

    4. 07:28, kalau air liur mu terlebih telan saja lah! Mu ni benak mahu melanggar belaka. Hak itu mesti di syorkan hak, bathil itu mesti di syorkan bathil kan?

    5. 08:24 - well said, bro!

    6. 07:28 Anak PM kesayangan kamu pulak masuk kelab malam. Kenapa tak pulak takde orang bising dia memalukan Islam?

  4. Other countries are asking "what is hapening to your country?". Do we answer "wait for the next GE and everything will be ok by then"? Come on. Dimana maruah kita? Apakah bangsa Malaysia boleh bertahan lama lagi dgn apa yang berlaku sekarang?

    1. Which country bro.... just eager to know about it

    2. Dear kura kura dalam perahu: for starters, go south. Theres a country called singapore.

    3. Segar Amat,

      My relative kat Australia tanya la. Relative kat USA pun tanya. Bila I pergi Singapura pun kena tanya daripada kekawan kat sana. Heck even my partners kat Cambodia pun tanya.

      Tapi I bukan ANon 10:35

  5. Anon di atas tu dia boleh komen la apa dia suka ,masalah di sini adalah najib yang sudah busuk kemudian dipertahankan oleh menteri menterinya serta kuncu kuncu beliau jadi semua sudah rosak la ,bila benda dah rosak teruk ia harus dibuang kalau simpan lama lama nanti satu bakul akan rosak ,jadi kamu annie dan anon diatas tu kena faham betul betul hal kenegaraan bukan boleh relaxs relaxs ,kalau di negara maju yang ada maruah kenegaraan pemimpin macam najib dan menteri mneterinya dah lama berhenti dan letak jawatan kerana sudah hilang integriti sebab skandal .Jadi ubah sikit minda fikir kita jangan di takok lama.

    1. Kalau di Negara kafir dah lama Najib bungkus.

    2. Rakyat bijak berubah demi masa depan anak cucu, rakyat kurang cerdik asal senang skrg dpt hasilnya tak kisah masa depan anak cucu.

      Biar negara tergadai asal bukan mereka yg merana inilah harapan penyamun apa mereka kisah nasib rakyat yg sdr kurang bijak mudah ditipu dan di suap dgn pasir.

  6. GE14??
    I doubt it would ever come.

    Soon, Najib, his Deputy, his the whole country would be agitated in disagreement over our military involvement in that senseless Arabic sectarian war between Sunnis and Shias. Therefore, nobody care whether or not, there would be GE14 or UMNO election, All they want is to get rid Najib and his sycophants to undo all his stupid policies.

    1. Bro., like Erdogan, Ah Jib is resorting to the Islamist camp using religion as a vehicle for personal and group interests.

    2. Tai Gor Jibby's Swan Song

  7. Are we relly PONDAN and BACUL just like what people have been saying about us MALAYSIAN............?????
    If Najib is Japanese Prime Minister, dahlama dia buat HARA-KIRI. Bukan berpaut kepada jawatan PM, so save himself. Almost 50 BILLIONS of lost in 1MDB, is that considered as intelligent...????

    1. Bukan shj Umno parti korup, M'sia juga negara korup.

      Pemimpin Umno bolih sapu bukan US$1billion tetapi lebeh pada itu. makCik dan PakCik Felda serta Khalid Twitter tetap akan sokong Pemimpin sebegini.

      Dlm negara macm2 jabatan Islam ada termasuk Mufti. Mereka tak akan berkata apa2. Tapi kalau isu2 yg remeh, mcm nak rak mereka berkataw.


    2. Sikalang ,lamai olang cekap ,'I LOVE PM' apa lagi bolih buat maa aa .

      Balang mahat ,srahidup mahat pon misti selalu cekap 'I Love PM ' mesti bolih senang hati maa aa .

      Selupa macam Annie cekap maa aa ,relex and redha ,kalau atak untung macam sabut mesti timbul maa aa ,tapi kalau jadi batu telus tengelam ,habit celita .

      UMNO, kalau mau tuka lia punya president ,lama sutak lia tukak maa aa , lain olnag apa bolih maa aa .

    3. Saulala Lulang,

      Simalam, wa tandaktangak itu "Wa Lespek Wa Punyak PM" kempen.

      Manyaaaaa bagiuh punyak kempen! Wa sokong itu Nacheep. Culi wang lakyat siki-siki OK lah. Tarak hal.

      Tapi, wa punyak nyonya cakak, sibinahnya, lebah bai ada satu "Wa Suspek Wa Punyak PM" kempen.

      Hahahahaha....wa punkyak nyonya sukak melepek, itu sibab wa mayaaaaa sayang sama lia aa....hee hee!

  8. No need to worry about unhappy malaysians wrecking the country. The lying crook is doing a super-efficient job as it is.

    I know you're a pacifist, Annie, but Jibby cannot be allowed to remain for another 2 years. It will hammer the final nail into our coffin.

    He's so consumed with saving himself and his billions, his yes-poodles are so consumed jostling to bodek him, etc, so much so there's no proper leadership especially on the managing the economy.

    I'm just an ordinary person. Maybe it's because I don't know any big shots, but everyone I know or talk to just despises Najib. Melayu, cina, india, lain-lain -- all curse him. The saddest thing is many of them, like me, are staunch BN supporters. But no one wants to vote for him anymore.

    Families are suffering. Eg my family, medicines and medical fees melambung. Some firms hv reduced medical insurance or compensation. I buy from pharmacies also, all ubat prices naik some by 20 ringgit!!

    School uniforms, bookslall naik. Do you know a karangan buku salinan is Rm 3 each? Kids in sek men use these for many other subjects. Minimum canteen food is RM 3 for drink and nasi lemak. How to afford?

    The GST is strangling us. Except for Cash is King leeches.

    I'm more fortunate at least my family can manage still but we hv cut back a lot. No more buying clothes, shoes; eat more bread; don't even dream of holidays even locally; etc.

    I lie in bed at night worrying about bills and future of the kids. Worried if any of us kena sakit teruk or chronic illness, how to pay?

    My 2 protons are rusting and old but cannot afford to change cars because we need every sen.

    And some people's kids can afford to waste their foreign education to become DJs. Stealing jobs from people who really need it just because they want to glamor and gaya.

    Celaka lah!


    1. Uncle Lim ,sutak manyak kali pesan ,"ini kali lah " ,itu UMNO sutak kasi buka jalan manyak luas maa aa.

      Jangan kasi salah sama DAP maa aa , itu pandei punya olang cekap ,'olang mengantuk disorongkan bantal ' mesti mau titon punya maa aa.

  9. Thanks and appreciate your advice. We don't think we are engaging hates among ourselves. How could we! At the end of the day, we are all fellow Malaysians.

    It just that, we don't like Najib's leadership and we just can't take him anymore.

    We used to like him but we really don't right now. He carries too much of obvious shits over his head. He makes us feel shitty to shoulder his shits while our lives have to go on.

    How could we keep calm and carry on! It is a dragged to play dumb barter, deaf and stupid like him as the Prime Minister.

    The worst we can do is to continue to speak out patiently against him, to make him realize that he has been doing very wrong to himself, to us and to the country till the next general election.

  10. I gathered your commentator is from Middle Class.

    At the moment, still okay. For the time being.

    Schools are not paying their gardeners, cleaners etc. on time now. Some can't even afford to keep a security guard.

    A lot of retrenchment going on. Some are in the papers, some are not. Mostly hit are those in the lower rung. People who are already affected badly by the high cost of living.

    If you volunteer at soup kitchens, you will know how dire the situation on the ground is. I would say about 80% now are urban poor seeking for a hot meal. People who are doing #2kerja.

    We are not in recession, yet it feels like recession. Companies are cutting down. Try asking the fresh graduate how are they doing in securing a job interviews. I pity them.

    Yes, the cinemas are still full, the eateries are still full but the buy iphone, buy designer dresses...who are you following on instagram? UMNO Ministers' kids? Women who married their meal tickets? Well you know how their wealth come about.

    For those who are salaried earners, that is hardly the case.

    Banks NPL is on the rise. They are trying to cut down giving out loans.

    Give another 6 months.

    The whole economy sentiment is tied to the PM.

    1. Lol.

      Kalau korang ikut instagram Nina Ismail Sabri...memang molek la pakaian dia tu. Beribu-ribu sehelai. Tapi kalau isteri PM pun cam tu, kena la ikut leader.

      Anak Nazri pulak bila travel naik business class. Best betul jadi anak menteri. Kaya-raya.

      Nak mintak Pak Menteri punya nasihat/petua cam mana nak kaya sampai tu. Sebab gaji Pak Menteri tak sampai RM15k. Pandai sungguh!

    2. Umno dah rosak teruk. Dah tenat dgn pebagai masalah dan mustahil untuk dipulihkan.
      Kalau dulu selepas umno asal di berikan wajah umnobaru, dgn kebijaksanaan Tun Mahathir, rakyat sokong Dan tetap percaya. Malah bangga ada PM seperti beliau.

      Tapi kini diberi nama atau "brand" apa sekalipun, rakyat yg bukan pemakan dedak tetap akan tolak. Kepercayaan rakyat dimusnahkan oleh pemakan dedak yang memenuhi MT termasuklah ketua2 bahagian. Usaha untuk memulihkn umno hanya membuang masa sahaja. Rata2 rakyat menanti Pru sahaja untuk menunjukkn kebencian pada umno.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Anon. I don't allow the name you mentioned in this blog. Please adjust your comment accordingly if you want it to be published. Thank you.

  12. Pemakan dedak gaduh plak...kih kih kih!

    1. Biar je 2 ekor beruk nih gaduh!


    Can PAS comment a bit?

    Jakim, Jais...comment la sikit.

    Takkan sebab tu anak PM tak berani komen.

    Kat Malaysia, kalau pompuan minum arak dah disebat.

    Ni pergi kelab malam buat apa?

    Lepas tu ayah dan parti ayah dia sibuk nak pertahankan Islam.

    Janganlah hipokrit.

    Nak kata budak, dah berapa tahun?

  14. Annie,

    It is about another two years to the next GE.

    Lots of things can happen between now and then which will influence our voting decisions.

    As you have said, there are people out there who still believe in using the politics of hate, racial polarisation and religious dogma to influence voting decisions.

    I am not sure how many Malaysians can resist these siren calls because most of us are simply not equipped to think critically.


  15. On January 27, 2016, A-G Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali was quoted by The Star as saying “Najib also did not commit any offence under the Penal Code and there is no evidence to show that he knew, was informed of or had approved the transfer of monies from SRC International to his personal accounts.

    “Evidence showed that at all material times, the prime minister was of the belief that all payments to him were from the donation of the Saudi royal family, that was earlier transferred to his personal accounts.”

    Today, Najib in his parliamentary reply said SRC International did not know of any funds transferred to his own accounts.

    The contradiction is clear.

    Apandi said the money was transferred by SRC into Najib’s accounts but the prime minister thought that it was “a donation”.

    Najib said that SRC did not know about the transfer.

    One lie, another lie, how many hundred lies.....

    Why you want to put up with this?

  16. Annie, yours and Jebat MustDie blogs are the blogs I read to maintain my sanity. Both of you appear calm and unemotional when dealing with nasty comments. You are neutral whereas Jebat's stand on anti-corruption is well known. That is why, how come you want to stay neutral when it is clear this leader took money and lied about it. Why do you think Malaysians are pissed? Why are you still supporting a liar?

    John 12:7

    1. Dear Anon, I'm staying neutral for the same reason Switzerland staying neutral.

    2. Klu dilihat air muka pemimpin2 yang bersungguh2 & bermati2an mempertahankan 1MDB ni, cukup jelas 'kekeruhan' nya.

      Tak dapat dipastikan samada terlalu tinggi hujahnya yg mahu disampaikan atau terlalu bodoh alasan yg mau diketengahkan bg menghalalkan segala 'derma' tersebut.

    3. You are not neutral if you choose status quo. You are saying it is ok for Najib to abuse his power by firing Gani Patail, it is ok for him to arrest Khairuddin n Matthias under SOSMA, it is ok for him to receive secretly "donation" of billions.

      I am a well to do person so I'm not overly affected by the rising cost of living but that doesn't mean that I condone the blatant abuse of power by Najib government.

      I voted for BN for the past 3 PRUs but will not do so for the next one if Najib is still in power. Sad really coz I still like BN. I just hate Najib (and Rosmah).


  17. The alternative is Tk Guru DS Haji, Sdr ANON 19:38
    for PM. All the rantings from YAB Tun and whatever opposition he can gather has in-sya-Allah no effect.

    Middle finger-lah all we like ..

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Hey En. Zin, me and my family and friends will never settle for an Islamist who pronounced TAKFIR on millions of Malay people! And broke up the Malay unity ... until today!


    2. Good for you alhamduli'Llah, Sdr ANON 23:18
      but just telling it that we're not spoilt GE-14 for choice kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. ABIM for GE-14

      "Asalkan Bukan Immense Munafik"

      Jadi Si Lanun Bugis & TGHA x payah lah tanding. Undur jer.

    4. Tuan Haji Zin.

      Dengar cerita Haji Hadi dah termakan 'dedak' RM13 juta. Rawatan dalam-dada dia di Turkey pun ditaja oleh si-pemberi dedak.
      Cuba bayangkan; Di Trengganu pun di tak sokong Mat Said, undi tak percaya MB. Hanya perlu seorang lagi je ADUN UMNO. Mat Said kan dah ada seorang kawan-baik beliau. Hanya kerana Haji Hadi, PAS tak dapat 'tawan' Trengganu. ADUN-ADUN PAS yang lain mesti marah, nanti. Maklumlah, dengan 'Kuasa' banyak lagi WANG boleh dapat. Nampak-gayanya PAS Trengganu bakal 'bergelora'. Ramai yang akan bangkit lawan Haji Hadi. Lagi pun, Haji Hadi akan membawa PAS terpalit najis jika berbaik-baik dengan Najib. Ramai penyokong UMNO yang mahu bertukar sokong PAS, sudah tawar hati.

      Mungkin Ahmad Said saja-saja acah undi-tak-percaya-MB untuk pecah-tembelang Haji Hadi yang dah termakan dedak. Makanya Najib kenalah tabur banyak lagi dedak untuk 'mendiamkan' ADUN-ADUN PAS yang menyokong Mat Said.

      Pasal tu Rakyat dah hilang 'respect' pada orang yang guna Agama untuk tujuan Politik. Maklumlah, kalau 'Cash is NOT King', nak pergi Haji pun tak boleh.

    5. Hadi Awang seorang yang asyik menyebarkan fikrah Said Qutub - bapak radikalisme yang membangkitkan pelbagai ide2 terrorisme. Muslim membunuh sesama muslim dan manusia! Kononnya Hadi dapat terima dedak banyak pula!


    6. Kalah menang PAS lebih penyokong, Sdr RD
      daripada DAP(?) untuk menentang UMNO ke Putrajaya kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    7. Bukankah PAS dulu, bukan sekali tapi DUA kali pernah berpeluk-peluk dengan DAP untuk menentang UMNO kan, kan?

      Malah ketika PRU13, Haji Hadi siap berpegangan-tangan dengan Lim Guan Eng, berjalan sambil senyum meleret, berkempen.

      Takkan lah bila kedua-dua UMNO & PAS porak-peranda, baru nak berpakat. Mesti 'Cash is King' menjadi ilham.

      Kalau dah kedua-dua Party besar orang Melayu tidak lagi boleh diharap, maka pilihan terakhir bagi mereka yang anti-Najib, mungkin PAN. itu oun kalau PRU14 tidak tertangguh sampai bila-bila.

      Maklumlah, Malaysia akan terjerumus dalan kancah peperangan bodoh Pak=Pak Arab, tak lama lagi.


    8. PAN dianggap sebagai barua DAP, Sdr RD
      oleh rata Melayu dan bersama PAS akan in-sya-Allah amat kecewa di Sarawak pada PRN-11.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    9. Saudala Hj Zain ,

      Wa manyak setuju PAS lamai ahli ,tapi Wa ingat itu DAP lamai pengundi lor rr .

  18. 19.38
    Where is Jebat must Die resides....for Gods Sake
    He is same like Malaysia Today blogs Admin
    Both are staying overseas and write as if they are staying here
    One is a fugitive and we understand his position but this JMD resided in US and no telor to come back and had the cheek to berated his original country and badmouthed the leaders....Poorah

    1. If the leaders are crooks, liars, cheats etc, it doesn't matter whether JMD lives in the North Pole, Timbuktu or Kuala Ketil junction (..I went there for a function..someone once sang those lyrics on tv).

      He writes very intelligently, whether one agrees with him or not.

      There's a whole huge world out there for those prepared and willing to crawl out from under the tempurung.

    2. Eh? Nih bukan 'teloq' punya pasal lah. Hang ade otak kan? So evaluate his arguments rationally - are they sound and based on fact? Yes. If he is writing in planet Mars or North Pole or Brazil, ko peduli apa? Hang pi baca Unspinner & Kuntum jer. Ish....

    3. Akibat guna Razak Baginda sebagai orang-tengah, bayar komisen beratus juta ringgit, sampai hari ini, setelah lebih 10 tahun, ia masih mendatangkan masaalh besar kepada Najib dan Kerajaan. Setiap kali PRU, Pembangkang masih boleh guna sebagai bahan kempen-politik. Sudah tentu Altantuya dan sekarang Sirul pula akan digunakan jika ada PRU14.

      Deepak Carpet satu lagi bala yang Najib dan isteri cipta untuk Kerajaan. Dia dapat pinjaman RM30 Juta tanpa-faedah dari Bank Rakyat.

      Jho Low, tak payah ceritalah. Najib dan Keluarga pernah bercuti atas Kapal Mewah, bergambar bersama Jho Low.

      Yang pasti, 1MDB akan menjatuhkan Najib.

      Semalam pula ada berita; PM mencadangkan kepada Khazanah untuk membangunkan tanah Kerajaan di kawasan TUGU Peringatan sebagai warisan Negara.

      Mungkin, masa dia nak tubuh 1MDB, dia lupa bahawa Kerajaan sudah ada Khazanah.

      Bayangkan tanah kerajaan yang luas disekeliling Parliament tu. Jika dibuat cagaran untuk berhutang lagi.

  19. Itulah perangai kamu annie...kamu dab anon yg kamu post tu buat comparison dari org atau anak org yg punya duit...pergilah lamu check di arrahnu atau pajak gadai...kamu akan lihat ramainya yg bergadai...siapakah melayu...masihkah kamu percaya si najib penipu tu...duit src yg masuk dlm acct pun tak mengaku telah dibelanja....apakah buta mata hati kamu untuk melihat yg hak dan batil...astaghfirullah...

  20. Annie,

    Kalo tunggu GE, bukan sajer najib ke laut dgn dgn umno ke lautttt!!.. imej NEGARA, pada saat aku tulis komen ni da mendapat status PARIAH daa, di sebabkan si bugis penyamun ni jadi PM!! ...
    Kalo kau atau kawan kawan kau nak stay neutral ke, nak homestay ke, nak stayback ke.. gi shopping, starbuck, beli iphone, itu kau dan kawan kawam kau punya pasal larr..lagipun perjuangan/struggles ini bukan utk org yg HATI KECIK!!..


    1. Saudala Anon 16:53,

      Pandei punya olang atak cekap ," untung sabut timbul ,untung batu tengelam " , maa aa .

      UMNO lagi sukak sama PM ,lain olang apa lagi mau buat maa aa ,

      Jangan malah maa aa.

  21. to those who kept asking najib to resign...najib still have his own supporters...they may even be more than the even if you dont respect najib....have the decency to respect his supporters...he has every right to remain as our PM.
    asking najib to resign is the same as us asking you to leave malaysia and go stay in a country who has the leader that u like...please do so...the country do not need these kind of disturbance in the leadership as this affects people and the economy...u think things will get better if najib step down?... dream on...there will always be idiots who disrupts...

    1. "u think things will get better if najib step down?"

      Coba lah.

      If you sse, if next one terlibat in only 2 murders and is under investigation in only 6 countries, tu kira "improvement" already. Hoorey!


    2. Can't understand the Chinese, Sdr Dina
      getting high and totally forgetful with YAB Tun giving them all the bluff opium.

      While DAPs so distracted, UMNO and PAS will alhamduli'Llah accelerate our Muslim-Bumi agenda.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Jangan nak mimpi la Tuan Haji.
      Melayu pun dah terikut dan terpedaya hasutan musuh dengan 'menyertai' pembunuhan sesama sendiri Pak-pak Arab, di Timur-Tengah.
      PAS pernah mengkafirkan UMNO. Pernah 'berpeluk', buka sekali, tapi DUA. Malangnya, Dr.M baru sekali memperkudakan DAP untuk menjatuhkan Najib, kita 'terkejut'.

      Jika PAS terkeluar kali kedua dari Pakatan, menghasilkan PAN, 'Persahabatan' Haji Hadi dengan UMNO akan hanya menyebabkan PAS berpecah sekali lagi. Kalau Najib & Haji Hadi tidak mahu PAS berpecah lagi, mereka mesti tabur lebih banyak dedak atau lantik wakil PAS ke dalam Kabinet. Akhirnya kabinet Najib akan di penuhi 'hampas-dedak'.
      Contohnya: Nak kurangkan kemalangan jalanraya, baca yasin tepi-jalan atau sembelih kambing, tolak-bala.


    4. Rata Muslim bersatu dgn ASWJ, Sdr RD
      ( Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah )
      yang fatwanya berasaskan al-Quran dan Sunnah dan diterima majoriti Muslim tak kira pegangan politik, kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  22. The problemnya Annie, orang-orang ni tak mahu tunggu PRU14 sebab takut BN kalah kalau Najib tak turun sekarang...mereka sayangkan UMNO bukan Najib...

  23. Salutation again ANNIE,
    Sounds like a lot of people are getting angry of late, myself included!
    From the way things are progressing (or regressing), there might not even be an election at all.
    I would say 50% chance of no election, that certain someone might just declare a state of EMERGENCY, everything will be under martial law, exactly like the Philippines.
    I am not saying there will be an EMERGENCY, but my predictions (or cogitation) has been rarely wrong. I am hoping for a WRONG prediction, this time! Please prove me WRONG!

  24. Malaysian First
    Who are you to predict there will be no election or GE 14
    From the way things going now there is nothing to worry the Govt not to hold elections
    The opposite of perceptions,presumptions and speculations is Realities.
    Look around the realities that we the Rakyat eeperiencing now
    Agreed cost of living are rising,but I think partly to our own doing esp the urbanites.
    They are too materialistics,egoistic,brand concious,adopted the policy of buy what they want not what they need
    In one family,they have more than 1 car and used credit cards lavishly,no budget planning,and when they landed into debt they started to blame other people and becomes anti establishment
    Nevertheless generally life is not bad for the moderates
    Shopping Malls still crowded
    People still able to spend hoildays overseas or locally
    Most of Companies in Business sectors still making profits esp Financial Institutions
    Jobs opportunities still available except those whose hates the 3D jobs
    There are lots more that we can see that we the rakyat live harmonously insrespect of races.
    It is unfair to compare us with the Philipinoes or for that matters other closeby neighbours of ours as they had history of their own.
    Well,sdr I think and I can say your prediction is WRONG this time.Good Luck

  25. bak kata pepatah negrito:
    bermudik mudik ke Cebu
    berkereta ke Yan
    bersakit sakit dulu
    silap2 sakit jugak kendian