Sunday 6 March 2016

Living an ordinary life

Just resting today.

Earlier, a friend told me via Wassap that he's flying down from Tokyo to Singapore.

Maybe can catch up with him over there later if I have the time.

Lucky guy flying all over the place like that.

Me, stuck here and bogged down by its political nonsense.

Just so happened that I watched Totoro again last light.

Satsuki offering Totoro an umbrella at a bus stop. Satsuki is carrying her sleeping little sister Mei. 
Well, I kinda miss Japan quite a bit of late.

The closest that I can get to it is by going to Singapore.

Singapore may not be as nice or pretty as Japan but it's not too bad either.

Clean, disciplined, proper etc.

And the people mostly move around using public transport....trains especially.

Malaysia is supposed to be like that in 2020.

That's about four years from now.

With all the nonsense going on now, I doubt we will achieve that.

I even dread thinking about the next general election two years from now.

Hopefully, there will be not too much upheaval.

For now, I'm just going to try carrying on with my life.

Trying to keep it simple.

Earn a living, fulfil my responsibilities, obey the laws, etc.

I'm no longer trying to save Umno and the ummah and other fancy stuff like that.

Let the fancy people do that....or claim to be doing that.

Everyone needs to earn a living, isn't it.

For me, nowadays I just want to continue living the life of an ordinary person.

End of the day, when it comes to the next general election, I'm going to ask myself whether my life is getting better or otherwise in order to decide who I'm going to vote for.

I'm not going to listen to rhetorical bullshit to make up my mind.

Well, that's me.

How you all going to decide is up to you all.

I think it's still a free country as far as that is least for now.

Do enjoy it.

Okay, enough of that.

Here's a bit of Jazz for this lazy Sunday afternoon.



  1. It's nice to snooze on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Annie. Take time to smell the roses and chill. No pressure to churn out daily poison because you're not on anyone's payroll.

    Me too taking it easy. Waiting to see Return of Superman on Kbs. The kids are so adorable, it's such a relaxant as I laugh at their antics. Don't know if you know the show but the Song triplets left the show and it's a bit boring now.

    Anyway, read Sultan Johor donated the latest CT scanner to hospital. That's what a great leader is. Johor has a fine royal family now.

    I like the Totoro bus, if I recall correctly.

    1. Anonymous 6 March 2016 at 15:27,

      I like the Totoro bus, if I recall correctly."

      That would be the Cat Bus.

      All the buses in the world should be Cat Buses :)


    2. YESSS! The Cat bus! I read somewhere that Harry Potter's Night bus based on it?

    3. Anonymous 6 March 2016 at 18:17,

      Hm.. I dunno if the Harry Potter bus was based on the Cat Bus but they are both magically cool :)

      Well, we could catch the Cat Bus, ask him to take us to JK Rowling and ask her if she did base her bus on Miyazaki's Cat Bus :)

      The Cat Bus will know how to find JK Rowling :)


  2. "I'm not going to listen to rhetorical (political) bullshit to make up my mind."

    Ultimately, it all boils down to which candidate has the right character and moral capital to be able to lead millions of people in this country and to safeguard their common interests. Justice and compassion.

  3. "End of the day, when it comes to the next general election, I'm going to ask myself whether my life is getting better or otherwise in order to decide who I'm going to vote for."

    I doubt there would be any 'next GE'. With the new NSC, media restriction, Geng Baju-Merah, IS threat and the threat from Sulu, in two year we would be in a state of emergency.

    When the 1MDB fleece was exposed, we were asked to wait for the Auditor General's report.
    At the same time, 'wait for the PAC report'. A close friend of Najib is the new chairman. The new Attorney General too. Finally, the report was OSA-ed.

    And now we are told to 'wait for GE14' to oust the PM. Therefore, GE14 might also face the same fate.

    Soon we will be literally at war, defending Saudi Arabia from Yemen's Syiah Houthi, an ally of Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria.
    Najib just said; "Solution for violence and extremism could be found in Islam".
    I doubt that, when he chose to participate in 'Northern Thunder' or that 'Coalition of Islamic countries Against Terrorism, coined by the Sauds. Getting involved with Arabic sectarian killing is definitely unIslamic.

    1. I fully agree. Si lanun tu mmg desperate. But x yah lah we sokong Saudi vs Yemen, because the Saudis are the aggressors. Why we campur tangan? We have enough problem.

    2. Sebab itu dia dapat jumpa dan berbual dengan Raja Salman, Sudi King. Never mind nyawa askar-askar Malaysia dipertaruhkan, demi Najib.

    3. Tak boleh "never mind" Cik Minah.

      Sama tak mahu askar-askar kita ikut perangai Pak-Pak Arab yang berbunuhan sesama sendiri. Yang untung adalah Zionist.

      Arab Saudi ni pun bukannya baik sangat. Oleh itu masyarakat dunia pandang serong pada mereka.
      Mereka tidak amalkan Democracy. Pancung orang dan wanita tak dibenarkan memandu kereta. Tetapi yang paling pelik, Arab Saudi adalah sekutu-kuat Amerika. Atas nama 'Democracy', Amerika mengebom Iraq & Libya, dan secara tidak langsung menyebabkan Saddam & Gaddafi dibunuh dengan kejam.
      Amerika punyai Pengkalan Tentera/Udara di Arab Saudi & Turkey. Dari Pengkalan inilah Amerika mengebom Iraq/Libya yang membunuh Saddam/Gaddafi untuk menegakkan democracy yang akhirnya berpihak kepada puak Syiah. Jika dibandingkan hari ini, setelah lebih 10 tahun, Iraq & Libya, jauh, jauh, jauh lebih aman semasa Saddam & Gaddafi masih hidup.

      Kemudian Arab Saudi bersama Amerika, membiayai pula IS (puak yang terpinggir setelah Iraq & Libya beralih kuasa kepada Syiah) untuk menjatuhkan Hafez Assad (Syiah Alawiate) di Syria. Lepas itu pula, atas sokongan Amerika, Arab Saudi mengebom pula Negara paling miskin, Yemen (dikuasai puak Syiah Houthi) yang langsung TIDAK punyai Tentera Udara.

      Hakikat sebenarnya, Amerika dengan bantuan Arab Saudi telah menyemarakkan permusuhan Syiah-Sunni dikalangan Negara Pak-Pak Arab. Malaysia tidak harus terjebak dalam pertelingkahan atau perbunuhan sesama sendiri yang menguntungkan Zionist & Barat ini. Sepatutnya kita ikuti Indonesia yang curiga terhadap 'Coalition of Muslim Nation Against Terrorism' yang diilhamkan Saudi Arabia.
      Oleh yang demikian, dasar luar-Negara terhadap pertikaian di Timur-Tengah yang diamalkan Najib, bakal membawa malapertaka dan Najib akan memalukan Malaysia dimata Dunia setiap kali dia 'melawat' Arab Saudi. Russia, China dan Iran sudah tentu akan memusuhi Malaysia, jika kita menyebelahi Arab Saudi menyerang Yemen. Mempertahan Kerajaan BerRaja Arab Saudi adalah sesuatu yang mendatangkan aib kepada Malaysia.

      Harap Maklum.

    4. Setuju 100% bro.

  4. "End of the day, when it comes to the next general election, I'm going to ask myself whether my life is getting better or otherwise in order to decide who I'm going to vote for."

    That's how most folks do it.

    Most don't read blogs, or go in for politics!

  5. Annie,

    That scene is one of my favourites. It is so low keyed, so casual, so normal :)

    Another favourite scene is where the totoros help make the trees grow - overnight.

    Don't you wish you had O Totoro as your neighbour? :)


    1. Sometimes I wish Totoro as my prime minister :)

    2. In the anime Gintama, there's a parody. A sleazy looking guy like a cross between Freddie Mercury and a Village People member who is called "My neighbour Pedero" !!!

      Sadly, we have Jibby the Hutt...

    3. Annie,

      "Sometimes I wish Totoro as my prime minister :)"


      Totoro would make an awesome PM but somehow I don't think he would want to rule over anybody.



  6. Living an ordinary life,

    Ini petang Wa angkat Wa punya nyonya jalan-jalan dengan Wa punya 70 cc Yamaha , nonya manyak selonok.

    Tak tau lea ,esok apa macam hilup maa aa ,yang penting olang macam WA, atak bolih makan sutak manyak happy lor rr.

  7. "If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know (what a wonderful world we have)."
    -Louis Armstrong


    1. Wa manyak ingat itu ,'hujan ditengah hali' ,P Lamlee .

      'Ku sangka panas sampai ke petang ,rupanya hujan ditengah hari'.

      Apa macam nasih maa aa !.

  8. This is PAYBACK for voting Bangsat Nasional last time, vote wisely next time!!! ABU

    1. ABU here, ABU there, ABU everywhere, yet you people wanted a rejected ex-UMNO aka sodomite as PM.

      Anyway, with Najib at the helm I don't think there will be a "next time". GE14 that is. Kit Siang might have thought so too. If not, why do you think Kit Siang supported Dr.M in signing that declaration to oust Najib without changing the government altogether?

    2. Maybe we need total new alignment. But no anwar and no bugis lanun - ever!


    3. Agree with you 14.08

      What we need now is a total cleansing of the whole system.

      We need good, honest, clean, accountable and credible people at the helm.

      No more dubious and dirty scoundrels. Ever.


  9. Writing about Totoro and lepaking on a Sunday can also make one spin that that is a move to get Malays not to vote. You're amazing la Annie. Either you're very good at what you do, or the "spin-ster" is mercilessly picking on you.

    The PM always strikes me as someone who is nice which makes me wonder if only the biggest crook can appear to be the coolest guy.

    I don't know what nonsense I'm talking about. Better get back to sleep.

    - I AM

    1. Nice? Ask altantuya lah. And that case is underway in france. Tunggu jer.

  10. Summertime ... nothing lazy about this sad song about the enslaved lullabying the master. Sounds familiar here?