Saturday 19 March 2016

Annie is not a mockingbird...over the hardship issue

A friend asked why I tried to "water down" the people's financial hardship in my last posting.

He said it's not nice of me to suggest for the people not to complain too much and then telling them about my overseas travel plans.

"If I didn't know you any better, I would have thought that you are mocking the people. We, the rakyat are really suffering now, okay," he added.

Honestly, it was not my intention to mock anyone over the financial difficulties issue.

I was just suggesting for all of us to be realistic and not go overboard with our complaints.

That way, those who can do something about the matter can consider our message and do something about it.

It's better than just getting them upset and in the end refuse to help us.

What's wrong with conveying our message without getting all emotional?

Personally, I tend to ignore people who shout and scream not so nice things at me.

I just don't like it.

It's the main reason why I decided to remain neutral ever since the Umno civil war broke out last year.

Both sides appeared to be dominated by not so bright people who resorted to screaming and shouting when they can't argue their case intelligently.

For instance, there's that lady who screamed and shouted the word "kencing" to described her unhappiness towards PM DS Najib Razak. I honestly felt very uncomfortable watching the video and then realising that she has been hailed as a heroine by some people.

Then of course there was that quarrel of mine with a DAP reject turned Umno saviour and penyelamat ummah from the Najib camp who is instigating Umno to be a gangster party with the motto of "either you are with us, or against us".

I do wonder what these sorts of people were trying to achieve by using words such as "super moron" and "orang tua nyanyuk" (senile old man)?

For me, that's what brought about the whole thing to this level where finding peace on our political landscape now is next to impossible.

Seriously, I'm fed up with the whole thing.

I rather talk about being realistic now.

I may not like the Najib camp for all the stupid things they are doing, but realistically, I don't believe the effort by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his supporters to topple him before the next general election will succeed.

As I wrote previously, everyone should just wait for the next polls and not make things worse for the country.

Those who now hate Najib should just bare with it for the next two years.

I'm okay if they want to campaign against Najib, but hopefully they don't do so by disrupting life of Malaysians who just want to make ends meet in this not so economically solid time.

The main thing for us now is to make sure this country remains safe.

Actually, for now, there are still quite a lot of people who can still afford a not so bad lifestyle.

Here is an example;

What tough times? You must be joking……

Anyway, I told my friend that I have to be truthful by admitting that at personal level, I don't really have much to complain at the moment.

My finances is currently quite tight but not that much worse than previously.

In fact, I'm earning more now with my current job compared to the last one.

My work is also less stressful and my current employers are very nice to me compared to my former bosses, who are a bit of the pain in the ass type.

Well, maybe I'm among the lucky few.

I admit that there are those who are not as fortunate as me, and I'm not mocking them.

Pertiwi soup kitchen in KL

Nonetheless, I'm still not convinced that this country will fall apart before the next general election if we all don't hurry up the effort to topple Najib.

I just don't see it happening, okay.

So, I think it's still alright for those who want to get rid of Najib to wait and do so at the ballot box instead of resorting to not so nice things which would only make things worse for everyone.

As for my travel plans, I actually thought of going to Japan again right after returning from my trip there last year.

I like Japan that much, okay.

Actually, if we plan our trips carefully in advance, they can be quite affordable.

For now, I can still afford to have such plan.

It's not that I'm rich or anything like that, but I always believe that putting on our best effort can get us what we want as long as we are being realistic about it.

And I can do so without even turning myself into a paid blogger, okay.

Well, whatever it is, I'm going to take it easy for now.

Want to enjoy this weekend.

Hope you all enjoy it too and not get all stressed up all the time :)

(Note : To the commentator who asked for info about van service to go around Tokyo, sorry to inform you that I have none. During my visit there, I mostly moved around with trains. Other modes of transportation there are quite expensive.)


  1. "I don't believe the effort by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his supporters to topple him before the next general election will succeed."

    The almighty works in mysterious ways

    1. Thanks for your comment Freddie, but I'm just trying to be realistic when I said that.

    2. Lighten up folks ..... darkness is only where light is not.

    3. Try this for the real thing ...

  2. You don't have to apologise for what you write, annie. It's your blog. Those who don't like it can go elsewhere, while others can discuss and comment even if they disagree.

    But I, for one, disagree that we wait patiently for 2 more years. Heaven knows what will happen by then. I have no more trust in Najib and his ilk. Read today Shahrir Samad is quitting politics. Have also lost respect for him. But at least, he's clever enough to see the writing on the wall. Took the money and ran. I expect more will follow.


    1. Anon 15:28,

      re ,Those who don't like it can go elsewhere .

      You must be the believer of ,"if you are not with me, you are against me".

      I am not apologetic too .

  3. Sharir Samad is pathetic and a disgrace compared to his brothers, especially Khalid Samad.
    SS ia a man without principle. Money first.

    1. why Sharir Samad never got investigated over RM1 million paid by bugis lanun? Shd be in jail!

  4. "I'm okay if they want to campaign against Najib, but hopefully they don't do so by disrupting life of Malaysians who just want to make ends meet in this not so economically solid time."

    The main thing for us now is to make sure this country remains safe."

    I think your logic is wrong, Annie.

    The fact that Malaysians are having a hard time is because the gomen coffers have to be refilled. Oil prices are one thing, but the way that 1MDB and the 2.6 billion have been 'handled' is sinking the ship.

    Najib is seen internationally as an incompetent, bungling conman who can't even tell lies properly.

    That does not encourage confidence.

    And his gang of thieves will just keep stealing from public funds, over and over.

    So why shut up for the next 2 years?

    He has to yesterday.

    1. mdzfrs, I'm not asking for anyone to shut up. I just don't want anyone to do things to make things worse than what it is now. Thank you.

    2. But then is the answer to be passive?

      I am pretty sure that if Najib thinks he is going to lose GE14 (and let's remember he's the least popular PM in our history!) then he will pull a fast one and use the NSC.

      So the pressure has to be maintained.

      This is a great chance for Malay unity as well - if PAS, PKR, UMNO grassroots can set aside their small quarrels and unite, Najib WILL fall because the party warlords will kick him out. As a united force, it is too strong for UMNO to overcome.

      Let's make it.....Corrupt UMNO Kaki Bodek vs. The Rest Of The World in GE14. Simple.

      No, we cannot shut up.

      The countries who got rid of corrupt dictators had to suffer for their struggle, Annie.

      Nothing comes free. Rule of life.

      We have to do something - even small.

    3. see how filipinos get rid of 3 days he ran away!

  5. "Nonetheless, I'm still not convinced that this country will fall apart before the next general election if we all don't hurry up the effort to topple Najib."

    If we wait for GE to topple Najib, that means we have to vote UMNO out too. I don't think that is what Dr.M's had in mind. The Rakyat's Declaration only wants Najib out, not about UMNO. The sooner Najib goes, the better for Malaysian.

  6. The chirpy bird just wanna have fun.Don't kill the mocking bird.


  7. Annie ,

    Pandei punya olang cekap , "kalang-kalang apabila melihat bintang dilangit ,kita lupa kita berpijak dirumput dibumi".

    Ini hali Wa nampak ,Chinese looking girl pakai kacamata hitam besar , lambut selupa macam itu gambar, 'little lady of the velley' , waah !,Wa hati sutak mau jatuh maa aa . Manyak nasib baik maa aa ,Wa Nyonya kasi sedar sama Wa maa aa .

    Sangat menarik maa aa ,this Chinese looking girl , tapi lia punya watak macam Bulayu maa aa and luluk satu meja sama Bulayu punya famili .

    Wa teringat-ingat .

  8. Annie,

    I have re-read your article titled "Chill and don't be so negative, okay".

    I am a bit puzzled as to how your friend can say that you are "mocking" people about their financial state and then telling them about overseas travel.

    The only "mocking" I could see relates to people who draw lots of graphs and charts.

    I think your friend is reading too much in what you write.


  9. Annie dear,
    Getting rid of Najib thru the ballot box means getting rid of UMNO/BN. Some people do not want UMNO/BN to go down the drain., that's why they want him to step down not UMNO..hope you get it correctly ya..

    1. HGJ dear,
      I'm afraid the reality is that what many are hoping is not going to happen. At least that's how I see it. Something somewhere has to give. Thank you

    2. it's najib who have to give. He can use all the dirty trick but now org melayu really hate him bad. It's facts.

  10. Annie ,

    Government coffer masih ada duit tapi they cut our best student from studying abroad.

    Lepas tu spent 600k cetak buku penjelasan 1mdb and baju merah.

    super moron suit them well

  11. must be the weather that gets people that way.
    hopefully they will cool of soon. and thank god the month of ramadhan is coming. i am for najib. he is better then others that make so much noice mcm tin kosong. as for tun....he is probably doing this to show people what hypocrites the oppositions are especially dap...hehe.


    1. re, i am fo najib.

      Waa hh !, sikalang sutak undi aaa aa , sikalang undi mana mau pangkah maa aa .

    2. So Dina u dont feel u are a hypocrite yourself ah? Najib dont have a tin kosong ... his tin sudah overflow with 2.6 billion ringgit lebih kurang ...

  12. I think you are rightlah Annie, Najib seems immovable thanks to the majority of corrupt UMNO members. Tun M can only do so much against these corrupt people. I think it is truly time for BN to be kicked out by the people during election. There are too few good people left in BN.

    Let's just hope the election will not be rigged. Money will flow like crazy by Cash Is King team provided they can unfrozen their accounts. Hemm.. EPF, PNB, LTH and all the other cash rich funds must be safeguarded and monitored closely. We don't know what mischief the lanuns plan for them.


    1. So Malays choose corrupt YB Lim(?) Sdr ANON 08:03
      enriching DAP crony developers destroying green Penang hills.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    2. Yes impossible to van Tokyo, Lil sis Ms Annie
      due to the traffic vs excellent Metro network.

      NB. Japan car rentals vs trains
      Japan inter-city is very drivable, safe and cheaper. You can rent a Nissan X-trail with GPS for RM3,000 a week/ 4 passengers.

      Tolls are expensive but after we include it, parking and petrol, the average transport cost per person is RM150- 200 per day, much cheaper than trains and more flexible.
      ( OK drivers need a RM150 International driving permit)

      This is just a suggestion. We used local transport around Tokyo and drove around the countryside to Shirakawa-Go UNESCO village during our August 2015 trip.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  13. To wait till next GE....nampak sgt naive nyer kamu....pls check around..the bomb is ticking...takkan nakxtunggu kalau dah meletup baru nak tergadah...prevention is better than cure...

  14. Aisey....malaysia will believers in free market adjustment ka?

  15. The people's hardship? It boils down to the bogeysman's mocking stupidity. Avarice and arrogance were named after this sucker.

  16. Bomb mana yang ticking ni......
    Tolong la beritahu sikit
    Nanti bolih take cover
    Jangan seksa kan diri sendiri.....nanti frust menunggeng
    Najib hanya bolih diugugurkan
    1...222 MPs.....failed
    2. Ahli UMNO.....Kantoi
    3....GE 14
    So in meantime stay calm,wait GE 14,then you pangkah lah...if not kalau dah tak sabar sangat buat lah Arab Spring itu pun kalau ada telor


    1. Shootout sama sendiri pulak Sdr 18:12
      antara pembenci YAB Tun vs pembenci YB Lim dlm huhu pakatan bodoh Deklarasi sama(?)

      Ya kita tunggu PRU-14 Srmentara itu BN dan DAP berfiesta kerusi di PRN-11 Sarawak
      ( dua2 bunuh PKR )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH