Wednesday 30 March 2016

Inspiring story

This is Erich Hartmann,

I first read about him when I was in school.

Hartmann was a German fighter pilot during the Second World War.

This is an illustration of him flying in his "Black Tulip" fighter, followed by his wingman,

They were flying Bf109s.

Not exactly my favourite WWII fighter.

There were better others.

But Hartmann preferred to fly only Bf109.

He shot down a total of 352 enemy aircrafts, the highest score ever recorded in history

It's exceptionally high even by the standards of WWII.

Considering the nature of current and likely future air combat, his feat was likely never be matched by anyone else.

But Hartmann fought for the losing side in the war.

He was imprisoned in the then Soviet Union for over 10 years after the end of the war and was among the last German prisoners of war released from captivity.

You can read more about him at this link:

Erich Hartmann

The story of this "Ace of the Aces" fascinates me when I was a kid.

It leaves a strong impression on me.

Bravery, selflessness, sacrifices, loyalty etc.

May sounds stupid in our materialistic world today, but I like those things.

Anyway, Hartmann's story to me is much better than the story of current Malaysian politics.


There are actually so many other better stories out there than all the nonsense that those people want us to believe.

At the moment I prefer reading or writing about people like Hartmann than about Dr Mahathir, Najib, Lim Guan Eng, etc.

How I wish I can do things like flying and shooting down my country's enemies like the guy instead of mostly just bitching day in day out.

Previously I thought I was sort of doing the same by writing this blog, but now I think I was just stupidly bitching along and nothing more than that.

Next time, I should write better stuff.

Yup, I'll try.

That's if they don't shut me down first la.

What? Najib stole all those money?

Let him lah.

If he really did, let's pray for Allah to make him choke to death on all those ringgit.

Well, what else there is for us to do, isn't it?

Dr Mahathir and the rest had done everything that they can what.

Najib insists he's innocent and wants to stay in power.

And he has the power to do that.

What more can you all do other than making noises and praying?

Other than that, just wait la for the general election.

Realistically, that's all there is to it.

Life has to go on for now, okay.

Need to do the necessary to go on living.

Well, need to get up now and get ready for the day.

I'll write again when there are something really worthwhile to write.

This blog is slowing down a bit.

Sorry, I'm getting really lazy.

Or maybe just not motivated or inspired :)


  1. Annie,

    I recall someone saying that you were banished to Johor and banned from discussing Malaysian politics.

    If so, you are not doing a very good job of staying banned... or maybe you were never banned... or banished...




  2. re, How I wish I can do thing's like flying and shooting down the country enemies .

    Me too ,but things isn't that simple ,solid defend's on the ground make things ain't that easy .

    It's easy if we just destroy the base camp ,but it will be too costly ,the main objective is to get the commander out and leave the base camp intact .

  3. Menongkah arus or going against th3 current takes a lot of efforts.better go with the flow

    Prof kangkung

    1. The flow can sweep us into the longkang bro......

  4. Sorry Annie I don't care about yr childhood flying fascination. I hate the hateful Nazis.

    1. Look at the man in the mirror ... he's more than a handful for a foe ...

    2. Interestingly enough if you read the wiki article, he ultimately ended up back in the west German air force and resigned over a matter of principle, so...

      Is not unusual for officers not too closely associated with the party or war crimes to end up with very successful careers in the post war German military...

    3. I hate Hitler too. Its because of him that the common Jews fled to Palestine, then displaced the Palestinians. While the more affluent and brilliant Jews were welcome to the US with opened arms.
      Therefore, those Islamist who have high regards for Hitler's Nazis should take note.

    4. I hate the political dictators who play up the fires of racial chauvinism ... whether they are German or Malay.

  5. Apalah lu Annie, tada motivation etc. Whereas ada orang, setitik darah melayu pun illek, hari-hari diehard defending the ummah and Umno.

    Give her a medal, I say, or datukship. (Aiya, ini autocorrect. I type datukship, keluar datuk shippuden! Dattebayo!)

    Just read that dep agri min Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, joked that Jibby cannot entertain everyone, otherwise "no time for Rosmah."

    Amboi, boleh joke openly about Rosie now. First Adenan, now him.

    Shifting sands...

    Re Hartmann. Lots of honourable and loyal soldiers were sent to fight and die because of the megalomania of Adolf. Look at what happen to Rommel and the generals who wanted to save Germany after the failed July 20 plot.

    A country gets so easily ruined by a delusional dictator propped up by sycophants singing his every praise while looting the nation. Aik!

    Anyway, joke going around is that Jibby's least fav dessert is ABC, and that during sekolah, his least fav game was Four Corners.

    I loved that game!

  6. "Bravery, selflessness, sacrifices, loyalty etc."

    In UMNO today, the only thing left, is 'loyalty' and that is to the President only.

    The President too, can be easily fooled or manipulated by mischievous and fraudulent people like Jho Low, Deepak Carpet and Razak Baginda. His habit of picking sycophantic characters to elevate his diminishing reputation would only make the party he reign, irrelevant, then collapse into oblivion.

    ".....wait la for the general election."

    I don't think GE14 will come as expected. He postponed UMNO's election. He made defunct the Special Task Force, PAC, AG and SPRM. Now he seems to be 'buying' the loyalty of the Police and Arm-forces. The recent 'solidarity campaign', held in Kuantan's Air-Force Base was a sure sign to this fact.

    With the revised NSC bill, he wield too much power, rendering the YDP Agong, practically a lame-duck, hence a threat to our Constitutional Monarchy Rule. All he needs to find is an excuse to postponed GE14, indefinitely if possible, to safe his skin. That's why he 'wants to stay in power', as long as he possible could.

    1. "The President too, can be easily fooled or manipulated by mischievous and fraudulent people like Jho Low, Deepak Carpet and Razak Baginda. His habit of picking sycophantic characters to elevate his diminishing reputation would only make the party he reign, irrelevant, then collapse into oblivion."


      All the wife's doing. Some are 'hen-pecked', but Jibby is 'hippo-pecked'.

      I know some folk who claim that Najib was actually quite an OK guy (honesty-wise) before he married her.

      Be careful of who you marry!


    2. Manyak takut maa aa ,itu macam ,manyak nasib baik lor rr ,Wa nyonya naik 70cc Yamaha pon OK maa aa .

      Wa ingat Wa punya nyonya manyak 'redha' maa aa.


  7. re, the President too ,can be easily fooled or manipulate by mischievous and fraudulent people like Jho Low ,Deepak carpet and so on .

    The president then fooled it's members ,and the public as well .Many has been fooled ,and many didn't ,but as they say ,fool will never learn .

    1. I don't think UMNO membeers are fooled by Najib. They are 'drunken' by power, greed and selfishness. This is where 'Cash is King' rules.

      As an example: Zahid had just said, the country needs at-least RM 1 Billion for maintaining security in the Northern borders of the Peninsular alone. He even suggested the use of a private security company.

      Wonder who will gets the contract?

    2. Zahid the fool and our (rakyat) money will soon be wasted...

  8. Love Najib. The best thing that happened. Malays have no problem. Sokong Najib. Fitnah cakap dia curi wang tau.


      Knape blom saman matsal2 nih?

    2. Millions spent on jewellery, baju, bags, cars while people back home were wading in flooded waters, losing their homes etc.


      What has happened to Umno, from the days when makcik2 donated their gold bangles etc for our merdeka fight?

  9. Hartmann is a piece of shit for ww1&2 histories are all lies agreed upon.

    >james bond

  10. You're still in dreamland Annie...

  11. Annen May Kantereit

    1. Entschuldigung .....

  12. I do wonder if we actually need honest leaders. I have lived in times of honest and dishonest leaders but these leaders didn't seem to improve to reduce my standard of living much. At least the leaders I have lived under were not insane. Anyway, I like Robert E Lee as another losing warrior. He led with dignity in defeat as well as in victory. Also, good luck to all Sarawakians in their state election - lets see if they will inspire the nation.

  13. Tun M resigned from Proton and all posts so petty Jibby can't hold these companies to ransom.

    That's the mark of a true statesman-- putting the interests of the people first.

    Something Jibby and his avaricious poodles will never understand in 2.6 billion or 4 billion years!!


    1. Itu Wa manayk lespect sama Tun M ,maa aa .

  14. Annie..the first arrest in progress. Are you slowy walking away from 1MDB?..:-)

  15. Wow...belanja di chanel store hawaii...lebih nak saman wsj ni....cepatlah....