Friday 18 March 2016

Chill and don't be so negative, okay

Someone invited me to join a  summer trip to Europe the other day.

I was actually quite tempted.

However, after an extensive calculations of my finances, I had to say no to it.

The trip could costs me a minimum of RM15k.

Really can't afford that at the moment.

Still, I'm glad that the person had invited me to go on the trip.

I was very happy because of that.

It would have been very nice to visit those places again, and in good company at that.

But I have to be realistic with my finances.

Things are quite tight now.

And I'm not alone.

Most people are going through the same.

Some even feel that the country is collapsing because of those difficulties.

I think that's being a bit too dramatic ,  but yes, I do agree if the government is to push itself harder to make life less financially difficult for everyone.

But, I still don't think BR1M is the answer.

Cash handouts can't be sustainable and not so nice for the country's image.

I wish I'm some sorts of an economist and can offer a suggestion on how to do it.

But I'm not.

Maybe the more clever bloggers can suggest something brilliant to help the government make the people's finances better.

Who are the more clever bloggers?

Well, they are the ones who can come up with fancy charts and graphs la.

Maybe they can impress the government with those charts and graphs so that BR1M can be replaced with a better policy to make the standard and quality of Malaysians' life better.

That's better then using the charts and graphs to convince everyone to hate each others.

Example : See, my very fancy charts indicate that the Chinese belligerence level has reached the boiling point due to the mental poison administered by the Christians. So, the Malay Muslim ummah, heed my word, YOU ARE IN DANGER!!!!GET READY FOR WAR!!!!NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER!!!!EITHER YOU ARE WITH US OR AGAINST US!!!!

Aiyo....chill la. Go take a shower. That should cool you down, okay.

Really. In my opinion, if everyone takes it easy a bit, we will be much better off.

Life is always fraught with difficulties, but if we don't lose our head and get emo all the time, I'm quite sure we will eventually overcome them.

Keep a good heart and Allah will bless us with a better life (and finances), okay. InsyaAllah.

Anyway, I'm going to keep saving some money for maybe a winter trip either end of this year or early next year.

As I said in a previous post, I want to go to a hot spring in Hokkaido to do this,

Yup, taking a dip in the hot spring there with the snow monkeys in the dead of winter.

That would be an amazing experience.

I've been in Japan in spring and autumn.

Always want to go there in winter.

The summer is just hot....sometimes more than in Malaysia, so I was told by a Japanese guy.

Well, whatever it is, I need to save money for the trip first.

Hopefully things will get financially better not only for me, but all Malaysians.


  1. Annie ko jangan jadi macam Najib,lawan mentor sendiri.Jangan lawan orang yang pernah ajar ko sesuatu.Dulu trafik datang kat blog ko neh pun banyak dari blog dia.

    Dulu-dulu pun dia ada sound ko,tapi ko tak kecik ati pun.Sekarang mentang-mentang dah glamer,ko berani lawan cakap cikgu.

    Jangan mudah sangat lawan cakap orang tua.Garam yang diaorang dah makan lebih banyak dari beras yang kau dah makan.Kena ingat tu.

    1. Bila masa pulak lah aku lawan cakap orang tua...aku kan baik dan bersopan santun sentiasa :)

  2. "Aiyo....chill la. Go take a shower. That should cool you down, okay."

    Ewwwwww, Annie, I just got a mental image of...this the shower:

    I don't think I can eat for the next 3 days...

  3. Don't say about Europe holidays...even coming to Singapore has become difficult for my Malaysian relatives. It has become like US currency and Mexican pesos...both separated by borders.

    If PM Najib is really a "jiwa besar" I think he should let someone else take over...majority here in Singapore knows that he looks and moves like a guilty person. There is no way Malaysia's economy will turn around for the will only go down further...sorry that is the truth.


    1. Unfortunately, 12.26, what you said is true.

      Sometimes, to some people "berjiwa besar" is to let them get away with anything, while the rest of humanity is powerless to do anything.

      A leader, more so if he is the prime minister, must be clean and must be SEEN to be clean.

      To me the situation now is beyond redemption.

      The PM has been tainted with too many scandals,and his association with many unsavoury characters does him no help at all.

      No amount of excuses, lies and spin can save his skin.

      He can stay and rule over us with dictatorial powers.

      If that is his option, then he will go down in history as the least likable pm ever.

      He, and unfortunately his family, will be cursed by the rakyat for generations to come, if not forever.

      Of he chooses to go now, at least the damage done will be somewhat contained and mitigated by the next pm.

      Of course he has to pay for his misdeeds.

      Justice will prevail.

      It is up to him how he wants history to remember him.

      Hopefully, history will be merciful to him.

      Such is the curse and bane of power.



    2. Honesty is not necessarily found in revealing the truth, but in understanding how deeply afraid of the truth we are. To become honest is in effect to fully and wholly submit to powerlessness. This is improbable for Jibby and the gang.

  4. Ya lah, annie. My family also planned to go to Europe this year, got relative there can tumpang, but after calculating air fares, ringgit exchange, tak boleh lah. Kasi illek, as my indian friends say.

    Then wanted to go Singapore, again, kasi illek or tada duit.

    Anyway, now quite scared go Europe or US as a Muslim. Takut if name somehow sooi sama as Isis or Alqaeda, kena tahan. Also all the bombings and terrorists shootings. These evil killers have killed more Muslims. I do not support them and I've told my family, especially the men, if you know anyone voicing support, go inform the cops.

    I'm worried we will kena also. After all, every day, there's a fugly frustrated failed excuse of a female churning out racist and religious instigations to pit Malays against Chinese Christians. Dunno why she hasn't been picked up for a second sedition charge. Wonder what she'll become then? Born-again Christian? Weather-vane blogger.

  5. Thing's are not so bad after all ,there is still people planning for holiday in Europe and planning next trip to Japan .
    For many many, are waiting ,when will be next BRIM payout to buy their outstanding need to go on with life ,but they 'redha ' because that life and it has to go on .

    Probably ,for some the have achieve that status "negara maju" but for many more what will be their next meal is still in question .

  6. annie
    take my word, be magnanimous, you don't need to take a dig at that woman who does a stand up at the urinal, your readers will get tired, be like hannah, she wouldn't even give her the time of day, just imagine yourself the flavor of the month, eventually she'll train her crosshair on another victim, she's inflicted and suffering from vindictive horribilis

  7. Whatever you do, you don't wanna be crooning with the ape in the water.

  8. bak kata pepatah negrito:
    hujan emas di negeri orang
    hujan bauxhite di negeri pahang
    lebih baik duduk kajang....ada satay

    1. "bak kata pepatah negrito:
      hujan emas di negeri orang
      hujan bauxhite di negeri pahang
      lebih baik duduk kajang....ada satay"


  9. If someone don't take the RM4bil from 1emDeeBee and put it in NY apartments and european masterpieces & Picasso; there would be more than enough BR1M to go around. And the fall of the ringgit and oil prices won't hurt us so badly.
    It does not take a financial genius to figure out that spending borrowed money without a solid income base will send us to the poorhouse eventually.

    1. "We didn't become the most prosperous country in the world just by rewarding greed and recklessness. We didn't come this far by letting the special interests run wild. We didn't do it just by gambling and chasing paper profits on Wall Street. We built this country by making things, by producing goods we could sell."
      - President Barack Obama

  10. kak annie,jes let fancy people do fancy things. btw..brim tu cuma nak dapat kan database income org kampong je.