Friday 4 March 2016

About clean heart and no malice

Been a very busy day.

Just got home.

No time to write earlier.

Just released the few comments for my last posting using my phone the whole day.

It's nice to know that some readers of this blog do care about special needs children such as those with autism.

It shows that there are still many good Malaysians out there who care about initiatives to make our society better.

I'm glad that not everyone is full of hate and obsessed with negative aspects of things such as the murky world of Malaysian politics.

Actually, I believe politics don't have to be dirty.

It can be about honesty, integrity, dignity, sincerity and other good stuff.

It doesn't have to be the way Malaysian politics now.

But then again, who am I to lecture on this.

I'm not an expert.

I can't even make this blog looks impressive with fancy charts and words or write very long postings.

All I'm going to say this time is that, I believe that if we strive to have a clean heart and bear no malice towards others, including those who deemed us as enemies, then insyaAllah we will be rewarded with goodness, one way or another.

If we can have that attitude in politics, then I'm confident Malaysia will be a better place.

Anyway, I saw the news about TS Muhyiddin Yassin announcing that he is not leaving Umno despite recently suspended as deputy president and sacked from the deputy PM post.

I'm fine with that.

After all, the guy has been with Umno all his life.

It's not like he is some sorts of a DAP reject who got nowhere to go, now trying to be an Umno saviour and defender of the ummah or something like that.

So what, that he said he wanted to continue making noises.

He's almost 70.

People at that age always make noises.

Normal la.

Well, at least those paid to blog can earn some extra income whacking him back....not that it makes much difference anyway.

Whatever it is, if Muhyiddin makes too much noise later, they can always get Ku Nan to sack him altogether.

No worries, okay.

PM DS Najib Razak and his people should now just do what they are supposed to do and make sure the people vote for BN in the next general election.

Hopefully they can....

Eh, that's too much politics lah. Supposed to be just a side issue.

Past midnight already.

I better sleep.

Here's a song for the night from the upcoming movie Redha,



  1. "Whatever it is, if Muhyiddin makes too much noise later, they can always get Ku Nan to sack him altogether."

    Ummmmm, that is the plan, Annie.

    It's also good strategy.

    All TSMY is saying is the truth:

    a) Najib faced charges from MACC (and BNM, for that matter) that were swept under the carpet

    b) The 1MDB debacle has not been explained to the public properly. The Swiss A-G does not sia-sia conclude that RM17 billion has been stolen without having very solid proof of that. The transactions were mainly through Swiss banks; Apandi can "NFA" all he wants but the Bugis lanun is an international joke.

    This is the truth.

    TSMY cannot be penalised for telling it.

    He is on the right side of history; Najib (and his flabby, double-chinned dedak eaters) are on the wrong side of it.

    Too bad for them.

  2. Good morning, Annie. Another lovely new day today.

    I think Muhyiddin should stay in UMNO while Tun M fights from the outside.

    Anwar has thrown his support with Tun to oust Najib. I'm not fond of Anwar because he's a cunning politician. But I admit it's big of him to set aside enmity to join forces to get rid of the biggest threat to the nation since Communism. Everyone who cares about rampant graft and lies in the highest echelons of the govt must unite to stamp it out.

    As for that paid DAP reject blogger cum UMNO "founder" and defender of the ummah, she has become an object of ridicule and mockery. It's become a running gag to count how many times she mentions Annie, proTun, HY, Dapster etc.

    Like a broken stuck record...on and on...screeching non-stop.

    Poor fei poh.

    1. Dia kan founder of umno, kih kih kih.....

    2. "Anwar has thrown his support with Tun to oust Najib. I'm not fond of Anwar because he's a cunning politician. But I admit it's big of him to set aside enmity to join forces to get rid of the biggest threat to the nation since Communism. "

      He's looking forward to a BIGGER FANTASY after his incarceration.

  3. Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w. yang bermaksud :
    "Demi Allah yang jiwaku ditanganNya! Tidaklah Allah memutuskan sesuatu ketentuan bagi seorang mukmin melainkan mengandungi kebaikan baginya. Dan tiadalah kebaikan itu kecuali bagi mukmin: Jika ia memperolehi kegembiraan dia berterima kasih, iaitu bererti kebaikan baginya, dan jika ia ditimpa kesulitan dia bersabar iaitu bererti kebaikan baginya ".
    (Riwayat Muslim)

  4. Watching Tun "Live' reading out the anti-Najib declaration. TSMY and Azmin are sitting on either side of Tun. Tun is cracking jokes, everyone laughed.

    I am constantly amazed that this man is 90 years old - his voice and mind are completely clear. Inspiring.

    Thank you Tun. Thank you for, once a upon a time, (a long time ago) making me proud to call myself a Malaysian.

    And thank you for not giving up.

    Whether the national cancer called Najib Razak can be removed, you did your best.

    1. Cold hands warm heart

    2. Johor adalah kubu kuat UMNO . tapi selepas ini mungkin separuh dari johor akan jatuh ke pembangkang . ini yang akan berlaku sebenarnya . orang dalam UMNO, masih tak sedar bahawa tun Mahathir mempunyai pengaruh yang besar di dalam parti UMNO. kerana mengapa UMNO masih bertahan sebagai kerajaan, adalah disebabkan jasa tun Mahathir menyelamatkan krisis mata wang asia serta pembangunan di seluruh negara. malahan, tun Mahathir juga mempunyai pengaruh di seluruh dunia sebagai seorang pemimpin yang berani berlawan dengan kuasa besar dunia Amerika serta Israil . kesan dari Muhyiddin juga sedikit sebanyak mencalarkan lagi imej Najib sebagai seorang pemimpin .

    3. najib cancer is stage 4.

  5. Missed it because was busy. Curses. But I feel like crying. The Jibby Jabbers will howl about about Tun etc sitting together with the DAP. Fei poh already bashing on her bog. What a busy Ah So.

    But any right thinking Malaysian appalled at whatis happening in our nation now should rejoice. We have to do something. This is truly what 1 Malaysia should be. Nor a PR feelgood empty blurb to praise a useless PM.

    If Jibby had been honest from the start, none of this would have been necessary.

    Dunno whether this movement can be successful. But at least, we tried. Imagine, 90 year old Tun with so much energy, bravery, brains, fighting spirit. Compared to Runaway Bugis Warrior who was summoned to kowtow to his Arab paymasters.

    Expect the word "Save" to be banned soon, along with yellow tshirts etc.

  6. Annie not fair laa you - saying people of aged 70 always make noises. I am seventy this year. My wife is the one making the most noise - semua tak kena, picking on me for the slightest that she thinks not right. Jealous pulak tu...... Hope you wont be like her later in life.

  7. Why dont all the oppositions MP resign together and trigger the GE now?

    1. No need lah. The jawa assassin will kill off the bugis lembik tak lama lagi.....tunggu, tunggu...

    2. Anonymous 4 March 2016 at 23:24,

      "Why dont all the oppositions MP resign together and trigger the GE now?"

      I vaguely recall some law that says any MP/ADUN who resigns from his/her seat is prohibited from re-contesting that seat for some length of time.

      Thankfully, this is a blog where I don't need to quote chapter and verse of where I came across that.

      There might be someone here who will know better.


    3. Ketawa terlajak bodoh-sombong.....kalau Zahid semacam taiko yang cabar 3D anak muda pun paham impact nya lalu u-turn, comment ulat-ulat lanun-bugis lagi lah tak ada makna!

  8. Tun M n friends may have looked happy laughing together...yeahhh desperate of them to get rid of Najib...sampai jilat ludah sendiri. They forget that it was Tun who threw their beloved Anwar into the slammer. And Tun forget it was LKS who bashed the Malays that resulted in May13. Melayu mudah lupa....ohhhh forgot he is a mamak...


  9. Lest you do not know Dina, nothing is permanent in politics, except goals and interests.

    Today's friends and allies could be tomorrow's enemies and rivals.

    Having different opinions and views does not make one a lifelong mortal enemy of the other.

    It is precisely having views like yours that makes Malaysian politics as muddled, murky and mucky as it is now.

    If we still think of this country as a free country, then the people are free to do what they like, as long as it is legal and within the ambit of the Federal Constitution.