Wednesday 2 March 2016


Let's stop being negative for a while.

Today, I just want to tell you all that there is this local movie, which I believe is very good coming our way,

The movie will start showing in the cinemas on April 14.

This is a review from someone who had seen it,

These are the links for those who wish to know more about the movie,

Redha Movie - YouTube

REDHA (@RedhaMovie) | Twitter

And this is a trailer of the movie,

Just watching this trailer already made me cry.

I hope no one will later accuse this movie of being a Dapster-Protun propaganda just because I'm promoting it.

It's just about autism.

Guys, please go and watch it, okay.



  1. Sounds good! Haven't seen a really great local film since the late Yasmin Ahmad passed away. Now everyone seems to try too hard. Hers were effortless.

    A good foreign movie about a different kind of disability:

    Mar Adentro (2004) with Javier Bardem.

    Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (or, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) (2007)

    Both are good.

    1. Thanks. Will check them out.

    2. Have you see Jagat? I thought that was a superb local movie. The only local film I made an effort to watch in the cinema in 20 odd years and it was worth the effort.

    3. No, I haven't. Will check it out too. Thanks

    4. Well, I'm no film afficianado but I enjoyed "autistic" Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, and this soundtrack....

    5. Rainman is based on a true story. The character played by Hoffman is an asperger. That's why he was good with numbers. It's a good movie but Redha is more of the usual kind of people who have to deal with autism and in a local setting. It helps us to understand the challenges faced by them.

    6. Annie! Don't talk like you're an expert! Asperger is someone who talks fluently but very off socially together with many autism quirks! That Hoffman guy in the movie, his speech was not fluent and kind of limited considering his age! What that Hoffman guy was suffering from in the movie, that was called Savant Autism! Do your research before you open your mouth. As you sound stupid most of the time!!

    7. Not claiming to be an expert. I wrote based on what I know of the symptoms. Someone who has a child with autism told me it's asperger. If you are an expert in autism, then I'm fine with it. I don't think there's any major harm done if I'm wrong. I'm also okay if you think I'm stupid. That's your right to say. Thank you.

    8. Anonymous 3 March 2016 at 12:53,

      Wah!! You talk about research before opening one's mouth.

      Pity you didn't do any research yourself or you would have also mentioned that there is no longer any diagnosis for Asperger's Syndrome in the DSM since 2013.

      Here is what a 15-second googling effort on my part turned up :)

      I guess you are no expert in the field yourself either :)


    9. You should say stupid to yourself as well since you're the one who mentioned about it's no longer been diagnosed after 2013 - and that movie rain man was done in the early 80s!! Gladiator my ass!!

    10. Anonymous 3 March 2016 at 21:38,

      "You should say stupid to yourself as well since you're the one who mentioned about it's no longer been diagnosed after 2013"

      Sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to say.

      Did you read the Wikipedia article?

      Do you know what the DSM is?

      "and that movie rain man was done in the early 80s!! "

      And the relevance of this statement?

      "Gladiator my ass!!"

      I think we can safely say you have had your ass whupped, shall we? :)



  2. Redha , Wa tanya, Wa Bulayu punya kawan ,betut-betut ini 'rdha' apa lia punya maksud . Wa betut-betut tatak belani mau cekap pasat lia punya makna and maksut manyak lalam lea aa .

    Tapi eaa aa , Wa sikit-sikit atak paham ,kulang lebih ini macam , 'kalau kita betut-betut habit usha and tatak mampu lagi apa mau buat baru kita bolih redha' tapi mau cari habit jalan lulu maa aa .

    Dalam manyak hat ,kita tatak bolih terus redha , macam itu Tun M buat ,selalu mau cali jalan apa macam jadi lebih baik .

    Wa sayang Uncle Lim ,tapi Wa manyak lespect sama Tun M.

    1. I agree that we must try our best. However, I believe there are certain situations or a time when we have to accept things as Allah's will. At that point we can only pray for the challenges fated upon us not to be too tough to bear and we will be okay emerging out of it.

    2. Lufang aar.
      "Wa sayang Uncle Lim"

      Lalam DAP, misti mau sayang sama itu Tokong anak-belanak. Satu keluarga semua olang kuat dalam Party. Jika tak sayang sma keluarga Tokong, nanti boleh kena buang ma.
      UMNO pun, dulu wa sayang, tapi sikalang lia punya president sudah jadi macam Tokong DAP. Lia punya bini pun, mesti kasi sayang, cium tangan. Siapa tak tunjuk sayang dan bodek sama Najib & bini, mesti kena buang ma.

    3. RD eeh !,

      Cina memamg itu macam maa aa ,apa-apa hat kulit mesti tengok lulu maa aa ,itu mata atak sepet tatak sepet mesti mau tengok juga lor rr.

      Tapi Bulayu manyak tatak kila itu macam ,kalang-kalang atak tengok hensem tatak hensem ,bolih baca satu ayat itu AlQURAN semua Bulayu sutak jerit-jerit 'takbir' ,Wa ingat atak sutak mau buat menantu maa aa.

      Lu cekap UMNO sikalang, mesti tunjuk sayang sama ketua pon atak betut , Wa pon manyak helan maa aa ,apa hat bolih jadi itu macam ,kila-kila sutak macam selupa maa aa ,tapi lia olang selalu cekap pasat demokrasi .
      Lamai-lamai(3.2 million) pilih itu Timbalan president ,kulang lebih 20 olang boih kasi pechat maa aa ,manyak helan lor rr.

  3. Some parents memang in denial. I know someone, one of her daughters has ADHD and limited mental level of 5 years. Now an adult. But parents, ada duit lah and social climbers, refused to send her for special needs, claiming not much expertise here and centres cekai.They tried to send her to private schools but kena rejected. So the girl just stay home. When young, she's cute, now adult, I feel so sorry for her because she acts like a child.
    The parents expect her siblings to jaga her when they're gone, which is unfair to them.

    A relative also, I suspect the daughter slightly dyslexic. Teenager still mix up b and d, very poor attention in school and dismal results. But parents just brush it off, saying she malas lah etc.

    During our grandparents time, can lah keep such children at home because extended families can jaga. Nowadays where got? Sad.

    1. Special needs children require early intervention. That's why movies such as Redha may help parents with such children and others too. It creates awareness and makes people understand how to deal with such situations.

  4. One of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen is this Japanese movie, "Departures", about a failed musician who becomes an apprentice helping in funerals.

    And one of the most hilarious is another Japanese movie, Apology King, about this guy who teaches people how to apologise and escape lawsuits or trouble.

    Japanese movies can be insanely funny even reading subtitles.

    1. I have watched Departures. It won the best foreign film award at the Oscars. A very good movie with poignant moments. Funny too. Haven't seen Apology King. Will try to check it out. Thanks.

    2. "Departures" is good.

  5. How much do you know about intellectual disabilities? Special Olympics champion and ambassador Matthew Williams is proof that athletic competition and the camaraderie it fosters can transform lives, both on and off the field.


  6. There's Program Pendidkan Khas (PPK) Sdr ANON 23:16
    at so many national schools. They may not bring up disabled students to compete academically with the rest, instead focussing initially on personal hygiene and social skills in a safe surrounding and only later on academic.

    Early social intervention:
    Disabled students are easy targets for name-calling by young classmates who really do not know any better. Its important to shelter them at PRK at an early age or they will surely lose and never recover their self esteem.

    I moved my son who was diagnosed as moderately dyslexic after the 2nd year primary. After a few years and they felt ready, he was released by PPK to re-join the mainstream classes. He has full license however to return anytime to PPK for extra coaching where alhamduli'Llah the teacher student ratio is only 1: 5 !

    He's now just about academically competitive but most satisfying, many classmates and neighbours praise his easy manner/ high EQ.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  7. When Annie is minding her own business and writing about autism and films, her stalker and arch enemy no. 1 attacks her again.

    1. Nyte,

      Some people cannot tahan being ignored.

      They want others to talk about them and to hate them so that they have justification for the hate they carry inside them.


  8. and she even did an analysis on your readers dear!!!!

    1. Fat Cina Gollum ranting to herself again?

      She should get out more.

      Exercise is required urgently.

      Cut & paste into your URL bar (not after meals, ewwwwww) to see the clear beginnings of a double chin, and this was 6 years ago:

      When is she going to change her profile picture to something closer to what she looks like now, i.e. a shapeless blob of pork fat with two little raisins for eyes?

    2. mdzfrs,

      "Fat Cina Gollum ranting to herself again?"

      That is probably right because almost none of her readers seem to agree with or believe her "expose" on Annie.

      One gets the feeling that, at best, there seems to be a polite but uncomfortable silence from her reader base as she rants and raves.


  9. That snow white wannabe Ah So has gone ku-ku.
    Even her supporters are sick with her and attacking her now.