Friday 11 March 2016

The sad story of TRP journalists

These are excerpts from a last month's posting,

The other day, just before CNY, another prominent portal, which however is a pro-establishment, got into financial troubles and ended up not being able to pay the salaries of its staff.

I lent a bit of money to a journalist friend working there so that he could celebrates CNY.

It's now past Chap Goh Meh and his salary is not yet coming.

I was actually holding back from telling the whole story.

At that time I was hoping for the journalists involved to still be paid their salaries despite whatever problems the portal was going through.

But I guess, it's not going to happen.

Today, Rocky came out with this posting,

So what's the story, TRP?


Some 70 journalists and editors were thrown into the streets, not paid a single sen since the New Year, and on Feb 29 The Rakyat Post announced that it was ceasing operations.

Yeah, what's wrong with these people who own The Rakyat Post.

It's terrible what they did to those journalists.

And these people are supposed to be pro-establishment.

TRP was actually doing well and was catching up with the likes of Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider as well as beating other prominent pro-opposition portals such as Free Malaysia Today in term of hits.

Its reporting was good and relatively balanced despite the clear editorial policy which leaned towards the establishment.

Yet now the journalists working there were cast out just as if they were garbage.

For me, it's yet another case of the establishment's lousy media strategy or maybe even the lack of it.

Those in charge don't seem to know their priorities or even differentiate between good and bad.

This is one of the main reasons why Barisan Nasional is losing the battle for heart and mind of the people.

The media generals just don't give a shit about what happened to the soldiers who are fighting in the trenches.

All they care about is their cushy highly-paid jobs and being surrounded by boot-lickers.

It doesn't matter to them if the boot-lickers' talent is limited to only boot licking. Let's not even talk about their actual political inclination.

Those who were really dedicated to the job and committed to the cause became so demoralised by the whole thing.

Why bother to work so hard and go the extra mile when you will still be cast out if you don't have the talent of kissing the bosses' ass.

I have seen this happening all over the place.

Well, I have actually been bitching about this since quite a while ago even when I was still going all out supporting the establishment.

Now, I'm just tired.

This TRP case is really the ultimate.

Up to 70 journalists working for a pro-establishment media set-up being treated like garbage in one go, at a time when the establishment needs all the help it can get.

That's really brilliant of the establishment's media strategists.

I give up trying to say more, okay.

By the way, I heard the owner of the Malay Mail Online is taking over TRP. Don't know for sure whether it's true or not. If they do, I hope they can salvage something out of the mess.


  1. "TRP was actually doing well and was catching up with the likes of Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider as well as beating other prominent pro-opposition portals such as Free Malaysia Today in term of hits."

    So any reason why they hit financial trouble?

    Or not a financial thing?

  2. Another summertime ... the enslaved lullabying the master ... and drowning.

  3. Nothing wrong with strategy or standard of journalism. The simple fact was that it's impossible to cover smelly carcasses for longer than when it starts rotting. Get the best journalist in the country and a substantial budget from the 2.6b and they will fail in no time.

    Who's next in line? Utusan, Berita, NST are not more than bangkai bernyawa.

  4. Dear Annie,

    If BN is doing this a pro-Establishment portal, what more we the rakyat biasa?

    We are just merely idiots to them.

    Betul ke UMNO memperjuangkan negara, bangsa dan agama?

    More like expanding their never ending wealth, robbing this country till hari Qiamat.

    Hari-hari Gomen menipu.

    Malas nak layan dah.

    Fed Up.

  5. Annie,

    A real shame to hear of people losing their jobs.

    But this is Malaysia where workers have no rights and no safety net.

    Maybe it is because we are so used to treating foreign workers shoddily that we now have no problems doing the same to Malaysian workers.


  6. But someone got RM2.6b +RM42m in his private account so he should be able to pay them. If Jho Low and some unknown Arab conman can get billions,why not these poor journalists.

  7. Very funny to see complete nobodies in Umno all come crawling out of the swamp to defend the lanun : )

  8. The same is happening to the country. We're being shafted, cheated, lied to by the bootlickers' Boot. They are all filthy birds of a feather. Same policies -- get rich by exploiting others.

    Latest, the "cabinet" ie Jibby sacked Tun M as Petronas adviser. So what? Think Tun cares? They must have been high-fiving, thinking it a brilliant move. Well, only for dedak like them, seeking cushy positions without earning it.

    Tun M will have seen all this and more coming. At 90, the old man has more brains in his little finger than the whole Jib-gang put together. (I retract that. This isn't a compliment to Tun. The whole Jig-gang...brains...oxymoron).

    Gosh, that Jibby. Never has anyone been hated by so many.

  9. When trash is left to rot in the bin, its got nothing better to do than turn to garbage.


  10. Sdr Omar Ong'd get PETRONA$(?) little sis Ms Annie
    to assist from the savings in the termination today of PETRONAS big advisor.

    OK we wish those redundant and their families all the best. These smart people should in-sya-Allah find another position although maybe not as good.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


    1. Saudala Hj Zain ,

      Sikalang semua olang mau cekap ,'I LOVE PM ' maa aa . Wa manyak ingat juga ,semua olang mau ada itu PM punya gambar lekat rumah ,mau kasi bukti lor rr , itu ta'at setia maa aa .

      Wa manyak takuat sikalang , Hj eaa hh, Wa ingat you tatak problem ta'at setia .


    2. Gua taat sama PM, Sdr lufang
      in-sya-Allah talak delaka apabila Tn Guru DS Haji menang PLU-14 nanti
      ( Hj Guan Eng, PM? )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  11. jangan risau Annie, masih ramai yang minum kat Starbuck

  12. The money ran out.

    The owner of TRP is a Wespacom Sdn Bhd. Not much about this company, except an address at The Saffron Condos in Sentul and a 012 handphone number.

    Couldnt he have asked our beloved PM for a 'Series B'? RM12 million could do it.

  13. BN sekarangkan CashIsKing party. Bila cash dah kena frozen, duit dah kering, foot soldiers pun kena fired lah. Serve them right for working with no integrity company. They shd resign long time ago.