Tuesday 15 March 2016

Better ways to defeat TMI

Woke up at about 5am.

I slept quite early last night.

Checked the phone and saw this image sent via Wassap by a friend who was a senior editor in the now closed The Malaysian Insider.

He sent it to me at almost 1am.

Just right after the portal closed down at midnight.

I know quite a few of the faces in the picture.

At least they are still smiling despite losing their job.

These guys are actually my "enemies" in my fight to defend Umno and the establishment all these years.

You can check the archive of this blog and noticed that I had really nothing good to say about TMI.

But still, to see them shutting down makes me a bit sad.

I rather argue with them then shutting them down.

I actually did just that here,

After all, I believe that the outcome of the war to win the hearts and mind of the people will be decided by the people themselves.

I believe that the people will decide based on whom they like better.

The perception now is that TMI closed down because of the recent blocking of its website by the government after it published a not so nice article about PM DS Najib Razak.

In my opinion, it makes BN looks bad.

It doesn't matter that the TMI bosses and the portal's owner had announced that it had to be closed down due to commercial reasons.

I think it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't block the portal's website that day.

That to me, was a bad decision.

Why can't they just argue better than the TMI people?

That way, the people can see the truth and not think of the government as being the bullying type.

Actually, even suing and bankrupting them in court is better.

Anyway, I believe that if not for the blocking, the people would have accepted that TMI had to close down anyway because it's financially bleeding.

After all, the local online media is suffering now.

I first wrote about it here,

Well, another version of the story that I heard was that the TMI bosses decided to scuttle the portal rather than letting it fall into the enemy's hand.

Don't know lah....that one you all better check with the now former TMI people themselves.

Okay, I need to get up and get ready for the day now.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. Annie,just like mainstream newspapers owned by their political masters fulfilling the masters' political agendas will be meaningless if it is not comercially viable.Thats why newspapers like Utusan Malaysia still runs gossip columns and other human interest stories.You cannot survive on the diet of politics alone

    Prof Kangkung

  2. What was the "block" for?

    They reported that the MACC had recommended charges against Najib.

    But guess what?

    It must be true:

    a) If the MACC does not find evidence of corruption, then they will close the file AT THEIR END. It never makes it to the AGC. Ask anyone in MACC if this is true. Standard practice.

    b) If there were no charges, when Pandi closed the file in haste, why did the MACC Oversight Committee want to re-submit the case? (Zeti sent her 1MDB case twice, too,) Because, there were charges recommended.

    The truth cannot be hidden forever.

    One day this will be shown to be true. Then will the govt apologise? Nope.

    Also, the ONLY official statement made by Saudi was by their Foreign Minister, who said the money was NOT A DONATION. Yet that was the whole basis of Pandi clearing the lanun. Why hasn't the case been reopened?
    The MACC have NOT closed the file; it's simply that they are being blocked from getting overseas evidence.

  3. Nothing to say much annie,this are the goverment of a day that we have ,the thirth world mentality with no wisdom.

  4. I would rather see TMI closed down than having to put off fires created by them almost everyday. It is just a waste of time.

    1. tapi usyaitan tu ok, ber? perghhh....

  5. Thank goodness TMI closed shop. Let's us all read Utusan and NST, the government's gospel of truth.

    1. Ha ha.....utusan dah jadi 'zombie' - dah mampus but keep bail-out.....with our money!

  6. Annie,

    Yupe, blocking TMI was a silly thing to do.

    From what I have read, TMI was bleeding money and it was just a matter of time before the shareholders pulled the plug.

    Now, the perception is that TMI had to close because of the block, TMI can't make money from advertising due to the block, yada yada yada...

    More negative publicity for the government.

    Maybe nobody in government cares what anybody thinks because they believe they are so mighty and powerful.

    Even the case of the two Aussie journalists was clumsily handled!

    The AG, Apanadi should have just let them go and everything would have died down quietly in the same way it started - a non event.

    But no, they had to escalate the situation to show that they are mighty and powerful.

    Well, the whole world now believes that two Aussie journalists have been arrested for trying to ask the PM of Malaysia questions about corrupt behaviour!!

    Notice that this is quite different about allegations by WSJ and Sarawak Report that the PM of Malaysia was corrupt.

    In omputih countries, such allegations are confronted head-on by the accused and not by arresting the inquiring journalist!

    OK, fair enough, those two journalists have now been released without charge but the damage has been done.

    The question now is, how pissed off are those two journalists.

    They belong to a powerful organisation, they are backed by a powerful journalist union, they work on one of the most respected premiere top-rating programs, they are well-respected journalists, they have contacts in many journalist organisations around the world.

    Well, damage control must be something Malaysians love doing.


    1. have you seen the pink lips ever answer a question directly without script? NEVER. No telur, so.....

    2. "Have you seen the pink lips ever answer a question directly without script?"

      WHY? Because -



  7. I didn't pray for it but happy, lil sis Ms Annie
    alhamduli'Llah as a former reader, that MI has closed.
    I was a regular reader and commenter over the years but MI editors started not to post some of our comments. You'd notice there were some MI articles with 200+ comments particularly on Islam and DAP but without any strong rebuttal comments(?)

    Who's blocking?
    Last year I stopped reading after they sent a message they have blocked me totally, why? Because I suggested that owner Dato Tong KO should be in Thai jail with convict Justo for a contract to buy damned stolen PSI digital property.

    You would in-sya-Allah not block dissenting views kan?
    ( block-lah 18SXs, incl the obscene woman? )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  8. Najib staff are too stupid to argue rationally. They behave like the taliban. Taliban when they meet with people with better argument, they would declare opposition as infidels. Then kill them using religion as the excuse. How much different are najib people.?

    1. Macam perangai Tai Gor dengan geng macainya.

  9. To bad for The Malaysian Insider to shut down for commercial reason. It makes no different with or without TMI.

    The time for societal change cannot be stopped nor can it be reversed. The time is
    a changing for the worst or better, but the thought so better is going to be worsen in the midst of TMI's spinning world.

    The points are, we cannot make fool of the community who reads. We cannot humiliate those communities whom have pride. We cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.

  10. cheer you up, annie....something inspiring


    FYI of non-muslim.....


    so touching of dog has a procedure to clean.

  11. As a staunch BN supporter and voter, I never really bothered to read Malaysian Insider or Malaysiakini much. But that all changed after the 1MDB and Najib's durian runtuh billions. None of my usual pro-government sources dared to even question it. I had a lot of questions which weren't being answered truthfully.

    So I began reading these blogs which echoed my questions. Also they carried lots of info which were suppressed by mainstream media.

    Now I read most of these sources because I'm disgusted with mainstream media and pro-Umno blogs, especially those demonising Tun M and slamming him, conveniently forgetting how the Malay middleclass expanded under his 22-year government.

    Until Najib goes and his gerombolan of gangsters go too, sorry lah, I cannot support or vote for BN.

    As a Muslim, how can I overlook and support blatant tipu, lies, oppressing the poor through prices rises and taxes, and now threatening those who want to go on Haj if they withdraw their hard-earned savings from Tabung Haji!

    But use orphans money to go holiday and play golf can!!!

    Cis and celaka!!

  12. Maybe, Sinar Harian will be next.


    1. "I LOVE PM" , jangan lupa cekap itu macam maa aa , lain-lain hat jangan ambil peduli maa aa .
      Apa-apa pn mesti mau "redha" maa aa ,pandei punya olang ada cekap itu "untung sabut timbul ,untung batu tengelam" pikir itu macam mesti OK punya.

    2. Sh quite balanced bro...but maybe too "brave" sometimes also...we need more brave people!

  13. ABC video showed Aussie reporters didn't cross security area: http://m.malaysiakini.com/news/333948

    - No wonder they didn't press charges, only deported. IGP pun boleh apa-apa lagi dah isytihar AG akan press charge pastu tak jadi pula. Orang semua dah pening..

    1. Aussie my brothers .......


  14. annie...i wonder if you like this song...


    >james bond

  15. Tebing Tinggi XVII16 March 2016 at 06:47

    Annie - it's spelt "WhatsApp"! Some exactitude, if you please?

    As for the demise of TMI, we want free and fair media coverage and reporting, but we are seemingly happy that political parties can own or influence media channels in this country.

    Ask yourself why the Singapore media (Straits Times, Business Times, Channel NewsAsia etc) have more informed coverage on Malaysia than the Malaysian media.

    Detractors claim that the Singapore media "spin" their reports on Malaysia..how can they "spin" things if there isn't a foundation to begin with?

    Simple, right?

    1. But Singapore media is also an organ of the PAP.

    2. Tebing Tingii XVII,

      O cum now, y r u so picky about spelling, huh? :)

      Next we wold be arguing abt punctuation :)

      I feel it is more improtant that ppl write wat they r thinking as they r tinking it.

      Yes, it would be nice if they laid down their thoughts using good English with spelling and grammar correct and with punctuation in the right places but we are exchanging ideas here - improving our English skills is secondary, for the time being :)

      Lighten up, buddy :)

      i hope you take this comment in the spirit of fun and frivolity it was intended to be :)


    3. whassap or whutsup also can.....we understand!

    4. Tebing Tinggi XVII16 March 2016 at 14:25

      Anon 16 March 08:16

      At least they (the Singapore media) use good English. And sound arguments.

      Have you watched the newscasters on Channel NewsAsia? Hubba hubba....

      As for the PAP angle, how is that different from media everywhere having connections with the "establishment"?

      Are you saying that the Malaysian media is 100% free, unfettered and uncensored?

  16. Hahahahaha.

    FELDA to be an economic powerhouse.

    Gone are the days when you see Government Guarantee you just dish out money for the project (if you are a Bank)

    Better do due diligence now.

    The 2 Senior Relationship Managers in Aminvestment Bank was asked to leave with security guards as escort. Totally blind sided. Didn't see that coming.

    And then horrr...why special branch nowadays have nothing better to do than to follow ex-bankers around? Bugging handphone? Scare they spill the beans ke? But AG already said PM innocent. Better use that resources for something else la...like...Saya ingat PM and Co banyak takut kena kidnap by ISIS?

    Anyway you all got it wrong la.

    Altantuya was not killed by Sirul & Azhar. Where got rogue cops Mr Razak Baginda? How can you say that? Altantuya was escorted to a secondary jungle in Shah Alam, and she put on the a C4 vest and blew herself up.

    Then Kevin Morais, he got into an accident, got emo and decided to jump into a cement filled oil drum.

    It is that simple.

    I love PM. Really.