Saturday 26 March 2016

Go KJ! (Part 2)

I think I got it right when I wrote that Khairy Jamaluddin is

Umno's new hope

Some had jubilantly cheered a likely KJ's downfall following the recently reported RM100 million embezzlement case in the office of the Youth and Sports minister, but I was convinced that the handsome guy would survive that.

Well, who else Umno has to lead the young ones in the party?

Seriously, KJ is the only one.

He's smart, charismatic, eloquent, etc...and of course, he has the looks too.

And yesterday, I think I'm more or less confirmed to be right.

KJ's beloved father-in-law Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was made the new Petronas adviser replacing that troublesome Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

KJ's star is shining bright again.

For me, there's no stopping KJ now.

He even got his nearest rival, Dr Mahathir's son DS Mukhriz Mahathir out of the way.

Unless he screw it up himself la, which I don't think he would after lessons learnt in 2004-2008.

KJ has survived it all.

If he plays his card really well, he may even be the one replacing DS Najib Razak as PM in not that many years from now.

I think he is capable of that.

His appeal as a leader extends beyond Umno.

Really. I'm not kidding you.

There was once I was in a car with a group of Indian young ladies.

All of them are highly educated and beautiful.

And they were excited about where we were going.

Believe it or not, we were on our way to observe the Umno general assembly at PWTC.

The reason for their excitement was that they got to see KJ in person.

They were like "OHHH!!! HE'S SOOO HANDSOMMMEEE!!!"

It's a real story, okay.

May Allah fry my ass and other parts of my body in hell if I'm lying to you all about this one.

(Note: I think I need to add that every time I tell one of my more colourful stories. Otherwise people will accuse me of being a fraud and liar)

Okay, enough lah for today.

Here's a song to cheer up your Saturday,

Have a good weekend guys.


  1. Troublesome Dr. Mahathir? You're developing early signs of old age dementia ..... down with the corrupt and corrupting ones!

    1. You're not very deep aren't you? Well, never mind.

  2. Good annie ,KJ become future PM you can be "pemakan dedak "supervisors.good income for Hippocrates liked you.if KJ as a leader umno images as corrupts shits will become more worst,by the way blogger liked you that using anonymous name have to register with mcmc good move ,at last we know who U are that why now you have to kow tow with KJ @ ajib gor and bullshit with the old man,that how bustard world works.

    1. Chill, okay. No need to be angry like that. Listen to the song. Relaxxxx....


  3. Hi Annie,

    As always you seem to have a soft spot for KJ.

    Granted that he is one of the more intelligent types as compared to the rest of today's cabinet, some of whom sad to say, are downright boorish.

    Well, that is your privilege, you are entitled to your own views and this IS your blog.

    But you seem to put too much emphasis on one's looks - handsome, pretty, beautiful, etc.

    I do hope it won't cloud your judgements or views on other people, especially to those less endowed.

    Back to KJ, many people I know still remember his days as one of the Tingkat 4 boys.

    And how his minions used to carry bagloads of cash during his campaign for Ketua Pemuda UMNO.

    Really, those are not good thoughts at all.

    Hope he has gone clean now.

    By the way, are you giving hints of your political drift by your current descriptions of TDM and Pak Lah?

    Enough of political talk for one day

    Have a great weekend.



    1. Hi SG. My political drift? I'm not drifting anywhere. Still the same :)

    2. So long as KJ still is a good friend of Kalimullah I cannot give my support to him as the next PM, sorry mate!

  4. You must be joking.... he spent over Rm 2 m habuan religious deed. Moreover his Mr Clean in law now looks like is tainted with habuan also.

  5. Annie,

    Hm, KJ has the credentials to be PM even without his FIL being Petronas chairman.

    He is miles ahead of Ah Soh the Hutt's newfound poster pin-up boy, Nik Abduh of PAS.

    KJ has a normal brain, Nik Abduh has the proverbial very expensive brain - you know the one - brand new, one owner, hardly ever used.

    KJ has many strings to his bow - he could walk away from politics and he would find work anywhere on this planet on his merits.

    Nik Abduh is a one-trick pony - his version of Islam full stop.

    If not for his father, the late Nik Aziz, Nik Abduh would be no different from any glazed eyed Arabic-blabbling ostard from some ulu FELDA settlement in Kelatan.

    Where KJ might engage in building infrastructure to reduce the impact of annual flooding, Nik Abduh would probably organise additional prayer sessions hoping his god will stop the rains.

    Will KJ ever be PM?

    Personally, I don't believe KJ is interested in the job.

    He probably knows that he is at least 4th in the queue.

    The UMNO succession plan is very likely to be Najib Razak, Zahid Hamidi, Hishammuddin Hussein and then KJ.

    That is a really really long wait for KJ.

    Better for KJ to hang around until just after PRU14, see how BN goes and decide from there - just as he did in PRU13.

    At that time, the media reported that he was going to walk away from politics.

    Regardless of what people may say of him, I have always felt that KJ was a good role model for many young Malaysian Malays.

    OK, he did exhibit elements of racist behaviour but I feel that the Malaysian political scene can make racists out of saints.


    I have decided that I am a God, so I am not affected by such petty considerations as racism or hate :)


    1. You better make up your mind. Want to be a gladiator or want to be God ? :)

    2. "He is miles ahead of Ah Soh the Hutt's newfound poster pin-up boy, Nik Abduh of PAS."

      The only pin-up that fat Cina Gollum has on its wall is a nice round pork dumpling.

      Anything that is made of pig meat, and is round, is a kindred spirit to her.

    3. Beware. She'll accuse you of spying on her...ewww!

      Jibby busy tossing dedak like confetti these days, even by his standards. First to JDT, then Kelantan, then to Slumberjack.

      I agree the 100 million scandal was leaked to grab KJ by his goolies to make sure he doesn't get ideas. After all, this was the guy who did a 100-meter dash to give Anwar his passport when Pak Lah assumed office.
      The Petronas adviser payoff to Slumberjack was a twofold smokescreen. One to signal the Pak Lah faction that Jibby will pay you off while threatening to twist menantu's family jewels; the second, to spite Tun M.

      But Jibby and his sucking leeches crowing with glee thinking they've outsmarted the old man...seriously, do they think Tun M wants or needs all these trappings of position and luxury?

      Now wonder they are all flipflopping, floundering and failing, compared to that brilliant old man who built up Malaysia.

      BTW, Jibby's KISS comment yesterday. Nice to see Jibby confirming what we all know about who wears the pants in the house. When Rosmelda tells him to jump, he asks how high?

      Also KISS stands for Keep it Simple Stupid, surely?

    4. Annie,

      "Want to be a gladiator or want to be God ?"

      Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

      I need a teh tarek, a tosai and a good lie-down with all this thinking :)


    5. Interestingly that dedak eating ah so has a PAS man in mind to replace KJ. In her own words, KJ has failed to attract the youngsters to BN's fold. But what makes her think that PAS guy will be any better??

    6. Woi mangkuk.
      Ini bukan pasal kerja bagus atau tak bagus. Ini pasal lanun-melanun, rasuah-merasuah dan pembaziran WANG Rakyat. Melantik terlampai banyak penasihat, consultant, Menteri & Timbalan Menteri kaki-bodek dan penjilat dan meletakkan mereka di GLC dan institusi Kerajaan dan Awam, berdasarkan atas sifat sokongan. Bukan atas dasar kepintaran dan kewibawaan.
      Cuba tengok kabinet Najib. Terlampau banyak kementerian 'menghabiskan boreh'. Nak buat apa, bila Najib sendiri boleh & nampak berlebihan melakukan kerja Kementerian lain, demi mencari popularity.
      Mungkin tugas sebagai PM & Menteri KeWANGan, belum cukup, bagi beliau.

  6. We need a true leader not a pest. Oh!we need a true writer not a pest too...

  7. Who else do we have beyond KJ? Other than him, his Pemuda posse don't really have any experience in government and although they come from technocrat backgrounds, most of them have quite an expendable waistline.

    People like Azwanbro & Ibdil yang kuat "makan" are barrels full of empty noises while the rest Twitter-savvy easily gets schooled in economics when they tried to defend their Chief.

    The ones I really see who have good potential is Tengku Zuhri...

  8. Wonder why KJ would want to refurbish Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium as his first 'project', as soon as he took over the KBS? Below URL might gives some clue.

    That RM107 million leak was exposed just weeks after KBS' sponsored 200-strong entourage for Umrah. No 'barakah' or blessing?

    A leopard can't change its spot. Remember 2009 UMNO election, when the whole PWTC erupted with "KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah, KJ Rasuah". Isa Samad was penalized for money-politic too, but KJ was left-off the hook....because his FIL was PM then?
    Yet today, both of them are re-elected to head a GLC and KBS, respectively.

    In 'kafir' countries, these kind of scumbag would have been long thrown into oblivion.

    In Dr.M's time, I've never heard of him re-electing someone who was smeared with allegation/or convicted of corruption.
    That's what went wrong with Najib. His ONLY preference is LOYALTY. Of-course MONEY can buy loyalty.

  9. can sense annie's enthuasm when she writes about kj....hehe.
    after tun m let down ya...
    but yeah i like kj too...maybe there is still hope for umno yet.

    1. The only hope for UMNO is for Najib to go, immediately.
      Or at least, hold UMNO General Election ASAP. Those tainted with allegation of corruption are barred from contesting, including the President.

    2. Dia mmg x rase malu bro....haiwan betul si bacul boogees tu.....

    3. siapa yang sebok suruh najib resign tu ....apa kata korang resign dulu in whatever jawatan korang tu...buat malu korang still at ur job sekarang ni...nak suruh pm resign sendiri pun kerja tak bagus...

  10. KJ as PM? Hahahaha.. baru jadi SIL PM pun dah korup. Bila jadi PM.. rosak binasalah Malaysia. Cash Is King the 2nd will be in reign.

    Alahai Dollah Badawi jadi Adviser Petronas.. if people doubt he is corrupt before, now they don't doubt anymore..

    These people are trully shameless..

    1. Pemakan dedak tertinggi di M'sia....tingkat 86! Tapi mmg tido je lah....

    2. In public affairs, or private.......only love is real, everything else is illusion

  11. "KJ's star is shining bright again. For me, there's no stopping KJ now."

    Just the opposite.

    He's in deep shit.

    "That RM107 million leak was exposed just weeks after KBS' sponsored 200-strong entourage for Umrah. No 'barakah' or blessing?"

    What is 100 million to the Umngok elites?

    KJ is trying to fence sit, being the ultimate opportunist.


    But of course, he'll go back to fence sitting after this.

  12. Love this piece Annie. Very honest. Especially the ass frying part hehehehe


  13. KJ ahh hh kalau UMNO lagi atak kuasa majority mau lead itu BN ,kalau tatak apa macam maa aa .

    Kalau UMNO selamat PRU 14 ,KJ mungkin atak chan maa aa ,tapi apa macam mau kasi UMNO selamat ,hai yaah manyak susah mau cekap ,sendili UMNO mau bunoh sendili mau kasi selamat president .

    PRU 14 kalau UMNO habit ,BN habit , Wow ! ,"ini kali ubah" manyak sutak pasti punya maa aa .

    Manyak lespect sama TUN mau kasi UMNO selamat ,tapi sendili UMNO tatak mau diselamatkan ,ini kali ubah maa aa .

  14. Untuk mengganti Najib, Kj memang mempunyai ciri ciri "Najib".

    Dua dua ada ilmu David Copperfield..menghilangkan tetapi jawapannya "tak tahu"

    1. Alamak ilmu silap mata Wang! Jemuan betui...

  15. the star he could reach was the starfish on the beach...we had joy we had fun...

  16. kj is an ideal politician. know when to play safe and learn from his mistake.

    but he is not a clean man.

    how many times has it been when u post something great about kj and we would all quickly reminded u of his dark side.

    guess u didnt care about wether he is a good man or not.

    but thts ok its ur prerogative. but thts also means u didnt care about man with good character inside and outside.

    i guess tht also shows tht we really have no one to hope for for our future leader. be it pas, umno or dap and pkr, they are all for themselves.

    u dont feel it now. but our country, we are heading towards a really2 dark future.

    may Allah saves us all.

    i cant relax. cause im worried about my future kids, and grandkids

  17. If in Japan, KJ would be been thrown into the dustbin already..

  18. Welcome to the world of Petronas Hadhari......

    1. "Welcome to the world of Petronas Hadhari......" hahaha!!! Hadhari berminyak....

    2. Dulu advisor MAS. Tak tau apa advise yg dia bagi. Now advisor petronas. Well good nite everyone!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. Slumberlah as adviser? So much easier for the thieves to steal!

  20. What could Paklah advise nowadays...mind u his mind and stutter speech and long gaps will put petronas bod to sleep and bored..a bit amnesia it seems

  21. podaagh KJ..bila KBS disiasat MACC baru nak kluar statement pro nujib.

  22. Ha..ha..what a joke...what a lembik leader KJ make him that...ppuuiii

  23. I have this nigling feeling that you are just testing the water. Hmmmmm. Well never mind.

    1. water is full of sharks to eat kj. kj also a shark!

  24. Corruptions, traggic rules violatiobs, self interest, kiasu. They are all acceptable Malaysian behaviour. Malaysians deserve the corrupy leadership that we have now. KJ is the next in line.

  25. Watch SCOMI..

  26. Dear Annie...

    Yes he survived but sadly we can see where he stands now. Just like typical UMNO, no backbone on his back and as for you my dear Annie, you're still in deep dreamland...