Monday 7 March 2016

The need to stay cool, calm and collected

I saw this Voicey's posting

Sabah's voice must be unimportant to Habibur Rahman

and got a bit jealous.

Some people can get away with such things.

If I'm the one who wrote it, surely there are people who would jump up and down accusing me of these and that.

May likely whine to others that I should be ostracised for being a ProTun or something like that.

Ya la, whacking one of the media bosses of PM DS Najib Razak is no small deal, okay.

Well, never mind.

Anyway, I totally agree with Voicey when he pointed that what were said by Foreign Minister DS Anifah Aman should be given a better highlight by the mainstream media.

What the guy said makes a lot of sense.

I find him to be one of the more sensible ones.

The anti-Najib people may hate him for defending his boss, but they should admit that Anifah doesn't do so blindly like so many others.

These are among his words;

"What concerns me right now is that with the actions of Dr Mahathir, who is a lauded statesman and a beloved international icon, the country could become unstable, driving away foreign investors from this nation at the same time.
"As a former Prime Minister, he should be more understanding of what democracy is, which cannot be achieved the way Dr Mahathir is going about it now."
You all may disagree with what he said but have to admit that it's a cool, calm and collected statement.

A lot better than all those who screamed and shouted at the elderly statesman, calling him names and such.

As I once told a prominent pro-Najib blogger who is much favoured by someone who hates me very much from their camp, it's the people who will decide the winner of this struggle and their decision would depend on whom they like better between the two sides.

It's not about who can shout louder or present fancy charts and graphs to convince the people.

It's about who can present themselves as being better in the eyes of the people.

Behaving like a thug or as if afflicted with some kind of mental illness would not win the people over.

At least that's how I see it.

That's why I feel that Najib needs people like Anifah very much, the same way Dr Mahathir doesn't need people like that creepy Hishamuddin Rais on his side.


  1. People choice is clear ,what is needed now is UMNO choice . Should they go for UMNO and the country ,or their dear leader .

    UMNO has to make a choice .

    1. Biarlah jenderal jenderal najib pukul gendang perang sekuat manapun. Kita rakyat jelata tunggu dulu. Kerana itu adalah hak mereka untuk mencanangkan kemenangan dan kegembiraan mereka. Biarlah najib nak tersenyum sampai ke telinga sakalipun. Itu hak mereka.

      Pernahkah mereka kira satu persatu berapa ramai penyokong mereka masih ada lagi pada hari ni? Biarla masa saja yg menentukan kenyataan.

      Dalam al Quran ada menyatakan demi masa manusia itu dalam kerugian. Manusia yg macam mana? Hanya masa juga yg akan menentukan kenyataannya.

      Tak rugi kalau kita bersabar dan berikhtiar. Hanya setahun setengah saja lagi.

      PRU ke 14 ini adalah pertembungan di antara kerajaan 1MDB najib versus rakyat jelata. Janji tuhan, apabila datang yg benar yg bathil pasti akan hancur.

    2. Teringat saya pada zaman awal Bani Umayyad perintah ummat Islam dengan kuku besi, diorang sendiri hidup dalam kemewahan macam Rum.

  2. "You all may disagree with what he (Anifah) said but have to admit that it's a cool, calm and collected statement."

    Holey baloney with an "educated" tinge. Anifah's beloved bangsatwan has already deterred foreign governments and investors with his ill-conceived financial policies that have seen the ringgit continually plunging and the humongous 1MDB debts that will undoubtedly burden Malaysian citizens for the forseeable future.

    Anifah cool, calm, collected .... nah. Calculated confabulation is more like it. Thank God we still have the good old doctor with us to battle this perverted viral attack.


    1. Simalam Wa lengar itu Najib kasi announced itu Johor akan lapat 4 mega project ,bilion-bilion punya nilai.

      Wa nonya tanya apa lakyat bolih lapat , Wa cekap ,balang lagi mahal maa aa ,itu keleja semua pakai asing punya olang ,semua mau makan maa aa .

      Wa nyonya cekap lagi ,apa pasat lia olang tatak kasi utama itu tempatan punya pekelja , Wa cekap , manyak susah keleja lor itu macam .

  3. "You all may disagree with what he said but have to admit that it's a cool, calm and collected statement."

    Yeah Annie, it's also way off the mark.

    "....the country could become unstable, driving away foreign investors from this nation at the same time."

    Foreign investors are fleeing Malaysia for sure, but simply because the fact that a PM can get $700 million in his account and then sabotage the MACC, AGC, SB and BNM in 2 weeks is showing a serious system breakdown.

    Zeti is far more respected in finance circles than the lanun. If she tries twice to prosecute 1MDB, then people are not going to ignore that. they know it was covered-up by the 24-hour guy. And any sane finance guy would say:

    "Wait, so you ran up RM48 billion in debt, generated no jobs, paid hundreds of millions in interest, then sold your assets off to China? What was the point?"

    We are an international joke.

    That has nothing to do with Tun.

    Anifah is talking crap, sorry.

    1. ""Wait, so you ran up RM48 billion in debt, generated no jobs, paid hundreds of millions in interest, then sold your assets off to China? What was the point?"......point to songlap for badak air shopping trips........tu jer lah!

  4. "That's why I feel that Najib needs people like Anifah very much......"?

    Anifah is invisible, Annie.

    The visible ones are arrogant loudmouths like Nazri & Ismail, kaki bodek like the 2 Kota Belit losers and the shemale, and fat Freddie Krueger lookalike, roti Nan.

    Then you wonder why the lanun is down to under 30% approval rating and falling?

    The good ones like Tok Pa are not defending the Bugis loser at all.

    1. tok pa too quiet, he is senior and should make his stand known.

    2. Tok Pa is too much 'above politic'. Like Ku Li. Sometimes we get frustrated. But he just want to do good job for MITI, so OK. Serve country. It's up to him. At least not corrupt.

  5. Najib is definitely fraud. He once boosted that TPPA was signed on 'our terms'.

    If it's on our terms, why do we need to rectify 26 of our laws accommodate the TPPA.

    Therefore, just like 1MDB, the TPPA will be the next major blunder in 2 years time. And that is about the same time that we are suppose to have GE14. By then too, our boys in that Saudi's Northern-Thunder military exercise, might have engaged in skirmishes with Yemen's Houthi-Syiah. May God forbid.

    That's is why I have a hunch that GE14 would be postponed indefinitely. Kit Siang thought so too and that was why he let himself 'diperkudakan' by Dr.M in signing the Citizen Declaration.

    1. Nothing much the rakyat can do except 'redha' ,UMNO strong backing is more then enough for Najib to hold to power.

      Citizen declaration also won't do much good ,tidor bersama mimpi lain-lain .

    2. "umno backing" for pok jib is at kbu level bro, tu tahap dedak emas, dorang dah makan kenyang dah : ) ahli2 biasa cerita lain....

    3. At least, Najib have become a 'kera-sumbang'. Apa dia buat tak tentu arah. Moga-moga satu hari nanti, naik terjun dri tingkap PMO.

    4. Amiiiiin.

  6. Not only Anifah, everyone is both surprised and disappointed of Tun's move to oust Najib so to call Barisan to loose. This is the result of over-attacking Tun personally.

    Never mind the past, whether it is good or bad about Tun Mahathir. He probably has gone through his mental masturbation exercises to save the country.

    This is about the current situation led by the present Prime Minister. The ugliness he has created.

    We fully support Tun Mahathir who firmly says 'no'. We have a Prime Minister who is deceptive, corruption will never cease in our country .

    We are saying "no" to a grossly corrupted leader because it will destroy our country. We have a bad leader by leadership and we know it won't fit us.
    We also say "no" to a leader who is immoral because he is weak to lead.

    Tun Mahathir is braved to say "no" to it. His voice is our voices at least for now. Najib has to go or resign; it won't take our hope and future away. We hope our future will be brighter and sweeter sooner without Najib's leadership.

    As for Nazri, his insinuation is a motion of being a sucker to Najib. He is in denial of the overwhelmingly sentiment against Najib within Umno and the people at large.

    Nazri and the gang are still in their false belief that the president has done no wrong by leadership. Isn't it ironic?

    Dr. Mahathir, Muhyiddin and rest of the personalities are not the issue anymore after their declaration to oust Najib.

    It is now an engagement of political war between the opposition and the BN regime to win Putra Jaya.

    In the midst of this, Najib is on trial by "People Court" The subject matters are, corrupted Prime Minister, not trustworthy, no integrity, dishonest, lier, wife's sucker, catch-22 and many more.

    Najib asks for it, he got it and Umno has to face it.

    1. Bro, u understand.....evidence? The 2.6 bil into ambank account, where did the money go?...Ok, to all the umno KBU, ok? Now, you think they do not got detailed record and evidences of all? Macc got everything, bro. Kalo si lanun bugis tu masuk penjara, they all go is a CORRUPTION act under MACC act. They will all sokong the lanun sampai hari kiamat. In law anyone who ambik rasuah tu kompom guilty. Ask si botak why & how his son got 7 mil bungalow?

    2. Ahli parti yang bermaruah sewajarnya ikut jejak langkah Tun. Bukan jadi apapun keluar parti, sekurang-kurangnya maruah dan harga diri kita selamat.

      Esok bila parti dah bersih dari kepala lanun dan pemakan-pemakan dedak masuk la balik. Selagi kita kekal dalam parti, selagi itulah kita jadi keldai yang menanggung lanun, koruptor-koruptor dan pemakan dedak.

    3. Those that mind the State must mind the state of their mind.

  7. I agree Anifah is, at least, measured in his criticism unlike the other yapping poodles calling Tun M comatose, or dogs etc.

    Still, all those who kutuk Tun for teaming up with DAP etc cannot, or are bodoh sombong refusing, to see the forest for the trees.

    Not just Jibby must go, but the whole stinking cesspool of sycophants and greasy grubby leeches.

    Anyway, I wonder which Wonder PR boot licker thought up the #I respect my PM latest sucking up slogan?

    Because it has backfired horrendously on twitter with almost all mocking and ridiculing Al-Jibs. Malu only! There's something seriously wrong in Jibby's PR team, thinking that slogans like I love PM etc work. Well, I suppose it works for syok sendiri Al-Jibby who obviously believes it. DUMB!

    And there's a story about Zouk disco in Singapore where a famous DJ got pissed because he was ordered to cut short his performance because Jibby's would-be DJ son wanted a go.

    Dunno if story is true but if it is -- well, the sense of entitlement by that family!!! It's all "I want, I want and I don't care how I get it."


    1. Jemuan Jibby & Mama Dowager


    2. Shakti Power! Papa Lingam and Mama Yoni!

  8. Errr Annie.

    Gua tak tau apa yang lu tengah hisap. Tapi setahu gua, kita punya PM yang bagi nama busuk kat negara kita orang ni.

    Lu cuba tanya bank yang ada exposure kat 1MDB ni apa mereka cakap. Ada satu foreign bank yang buat itu UBG deal cakap dia punya boss kat Singapore kata ini Msian government cannot be trusted.

    Tak jive la Annie. Itu AG cakap PM innocent cam bayi tapi Ambank pulak kena fine 53juta. Itu relationship manager yg handle 1MDB semua kena ask to leave. Banyak benda yg tak kena tu.

    Gua fikir tukar PM pun tak guna. Ini semua salah UMNo. Saya tak setuju dengan Dr M. Baik hapuskan je UMNO sebab tukar PM pun benda sama je. Just different thieves.

    1. Kalau BN terus memerintah lebih baik untuk Negara. Tapi mesti buang Najib dan geng penjilat tegar dikalangan Menteri Kabinet. Lebih-lebih lagi yang mulut celupar, berabtai di leher dan terlampau kaya tanpa sebab munasabah. Sekurang-kurangnya kroni-kroni UMNO, kebanyakannya sudah diketahui dan mereka semua sudah 'kenyang' belaka. Oleh yang demikian, peluang untuk mereka pelahap dengan lebih rakus lagi, mudah dikesan dan dibendong.

      Tetapi, kalau diganti dengan Geng lain seperti PAS, DAP/PAN atau PKR, saya khuatir mereka juga punyai ramai kroni-kroni yang kesemuanya, sudah tentu 'lapar & dahaga' kerana tidak perolehi sebanyak peluang kontrak dan habuan seperti yang diperolehi kerajaan BN. Pasal itu Najib tidak mahu berengang dengan jawatan Menteri KeWANGan. Kroni-kroni mereka pun Rakyat belum kenal sepenuhnya. Oleh yang demikian, sudah tentu kroni-kroni ahli politik pembngkang akan merampok dengan lebih rakus, seperti 'kera mendapat bunga', mempelahap segala peluang yang ada depan mata, tanpa disedari Rakyat marhean. Maka bertambah tertutup lah peluang Rakyat yang tiada 'kabel' kepada ahli politik.

      Saya berkata demikian kerana saya sendiri mempunyai seorang adik-ipar. Bila di depan saya dan ketika bercakap melalui HP dengan sesaorang, dia akan menyebut orang di hujung talian, sebagai Dato.
      Contoh: Ok Dato. Kita jump esok. Terima Kasih Dato dan sebagainya.
      Beliau seorang kontrakor, punyai banyak kabel-politik dari BN atau PR, berwatakan alim & warak, manis dibibir, cari lobang ambil keuntungan atas angin, dapat kontrak-jual. Kehidupan beliau teramat mewah; beli MPV mewah, datang KL - bermalam dirumah saya, beli 2 HP beribu-ringgit......ketika itu PR memerintah Perak selama 11 bulan, 2008.
      Malangnya selepas PR Perak tumbang, kehidupan beliau kembali sedia-kala setelah 'putus-kabel', seperti sebelum PR menangi Perak. Kereta MPV ditarik kerana tak mampu bayar bulanan.

      "....tukar KERAJAAN pun benda sama je. Just different thieves." more hungry ones.

      Harap maklum.

  9. Guysss......GUYSSSS......Guysss.....Please stop it.
    Please #RESPECTYOURPM#..............Hehehehe

    1. ha ha! lanun ke badut ke, aku RESPEK sama Emperor Nazi Bugis tu!

    2. Dah jadi macam PAN Mat Sabu dah.
      Amanah or Respect is earn, not given.

  10. Anifah is so short sighted.. do you really let the thief in and out of your house bcos its better than steal fr your shop..cmon.


  11. Project I/C alhamduli'Llah already sealed Sabah kan(?) YAB Tun

    Is that one demonstration of your "depth of political opportunism"

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Tu cerita basi tuan haji.....we more worry of now problems caused by Mr. 2.6 beliyon.....& barua2 yg sewaktunya....

    2. Cerita terkini pula. Keluarga mangsa2 MH370 mula bertindak ...

    3. Kalau pasal IC Sabah, Tuan Haji kena tanya Peliwat dan Ketua Menteri Sabah yang berkuasa ketika itu. Kedua-dua mereka mesti lebih tahu dari Dr.M. Maklumlah, Dr.M tak 'kemut' Kementerian KeWANGan seperti Pak Lah & Najib.


    4. Basi or not these are FDs Sdr ANON 00:01
      ( basi for some to swallow )
      in Sabah and Sarawak that will deliver Putrajaya starting with complete $$ rout of PKR in Sarawak SE-11 kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. At least you put "$$" because that's all the bugis loser knows! Stealing...then give crumbs back,


    6. Yes our Bumi cousins in Sabah & Sarawak, Sdr ANON 13:16
      deserve all the $ billions poured there heheh with or without the local elections.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    7. Saudala Hj Zain,

      Yuo mesti lapat you punya info dali itu Salleh Sayed Keruak and Rahman Dahlan .

      Wa tatak kenal itu olang , Wa tatak bolih cekap maa aa ,itu atak betut atau tidak maa aa.


    8. Gua caya lu, Sdr lufang

      Gua tatak caya banyak olang comment sini
      tatak letak nama, maa.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. Aku pantang apa benda yang ada kaitan dengan Rosmah Mansor ni.

    1. Gardenia.
    2. Raj Banana Leaf
    3. Apa benda yang ditaja oleh badminton player yang suka jual dia punya game tu, yg super jilat buntut kak mah. Tak pulak ku nampak the Sidek brothers kaya cam tu. Boleh tinggal di Damansara Heights bungalow berjuta-juta ringgit.

    Papa rich pun tak nak Kak Mah masuk equity.