Monday 22 February 2016

Whacking, is it really helping?

I was once scolded by a senior for writing an article about the absurdity of supporting DS Anwar Ibrahim.

He said I was being "too soft".

"You should whack him hard, exposed him for what he truly is, and make people hate him," he said.

Admittedly the article was not hard-hitting, but that's because I didn't intend it to be so.

I was instead trying to reason with the readers that Anwar is not actually someone they should follow due to his many character flaws.

But I didn't try to explain to my senior why I wrote the article the way it was.

I saw no point in it.

He is the aggressive type who enjoys "whacking" people that he doesn't like in his writings.

It makes him feels powerful, I guess.

You see, the guy is the macho type.

He would go around telling people,

"Have you read my article today? I whacked the bugger really hard, that he surely can't eat or sleep for days."

I was like, okay, that's fine with me, do write what you want, but I'm not going to be like that.

For one thing, whacking people in writing, for me, doesn't serves any purpose other than making one "syok sendiri".


Okay, once in a while is still not so bad....sorts of like letting off steam.

But whacking people everyday?

Will it have the desired effect?

Let's say I'm a BN cybertrooper. Am I really helping BN if I turn myself into a rabid attack dog for it?

For me, people who read my articles will judge what I stand for, based on how I present myself.

If I'm behaving like a rabid attack dog, then the readers will see BN as a dog, at least.

Instead, if I present myself as a nice person who reasons with a certain level of intelligence, then  the readers may likely see BN as nice and intelligent too.

I have seen blogs which whacked the supposed enemies receiving pageviews rate by the millions, but who are really the audience of these blogs, actually?

Are such blogs really capable of convincing the crucial fence sitters instead of just being a platform for same-minded party members to whack the enemies?

I don't know about you all, but whacking people seems so stressful to me, especially these days.

I'm now trying to avoid doing that as much as I can.

I doubt it's effective anyway.

The harder you whack someone, the harder it is for people to believe you.

People are not stupid.

They will ask questions such as,

"Hey, the one being whacked is a good person and have done so much good. Why the blogger is whacking him so hard like that? What has the person ever done to the blogger? The blogger got paid ka to whack him so hard like that? "


"The blogger must be jealous of the person being whacked? Otherwise, how to explain all the hate, isn't it? The one getting whacked prettier than the blogger, is it? Terrible blogger. Why BN blogger like that one?"

Well, really, even though I always try to write from my heart, I also think of what ever little insignificant impact my writing have on the people.

I don't want my writings to make things worse like that.

But, as I had discovered recently, those running the BN/Umno machinery at the moment prefer the macho style.

Whack till they die, so it was said.

Maybe they are smarter than me.

In that case, then they can go ahead with it.

Well, it's their party, after all.

Since my reasoning style is not favoured by them, I'm just going to sit and observe.

That's about it.

Okay, I admit that I'm not perfect.

That's why I think it's better for me to try to reason with people rather then telling them how to think.

I'm not necessarily right all the time, okay.

Whatever it is, I'm not going to behave like a know it all diva and whack everyone that I dislike or disagree with.

At least not all the time la.


  1. Pandei punya olang selalu cekap ,'jangan ajar itik belenang ' tapi kalau ajar itu itik kasi belenang itu selamat punya tempat mesti itu buaya tatak lapat makan lea aa .

    Sikalang UMNO punya olang manyak ingat lia olang "master" lalam semua hat ,manyak sedih maa aa . Pandei punya olang lagi cekap ,"pandei tatak bolih ikut ,bodoh tatak bolih ajar" manyak teluk maa aa .

    Wa halap itu Uncle Lim ,jangan jadi itu macam maa aa.

  2. I'm sorry Annie. This is off topic. I'm posted this reply in comment's section in Lim Sian See blog (LSS) under the entry 'the untold story of crooked bridge' but it didn't get published. Wonder why; ) So much so of accusing people by being propagandists yet he himself filtered information in his blog and prevented the truth from came out.
    He's trying to deny Tun M contribution by insinuating PLUS wasn't really Tun's legacy and accusing him of continuing of what already being started by his predecessor. Here what I posted yesterday:

    'Selective representation of facts huh? What are you? A new spin doctor? Credit should be given where it is due dude. You just don't take something from someone which is rightly theirs. PLUS indeed is ONE of Mahathir's legacies. That is FACT. It is rightly mentioned on Wikipedia as well as Barry Wain's book Malaysian Maverick.
    The ones that you painstakingly put up here devoid the whole truth. You just picked the ones which only suite your narrative. The idea probably first cropped up in 1977, but the premier at that time was dithering and reluctant to go ahead with this massive project. Then came Mahathir.
    He found ways to construct it which was by doing them by phases. Tolls collected from phases which had been completed being used to fund the new routes until it was completed fully by 1994. The actual construction began when he was the prime minister. Here is the details :

    " The North-South Expressway was constructed due to the congestion along the Federal Route 1 as a result of the increasing traffic of the FT1. In 1977, the government proposed to build a new north-south divided highway as an alternative to the Federal Route 1, which would be later known as the North-South Expressway E1 and E2. The proposal to build the new highway was mooted as a result of the severe congestion along the Federal Route 1.
    Because of the financially massive scale of the project, the highway was planned to be privatised and tolled, but none of the constructors being invited by the government were willing to do the job due to economic uncertainties at that time and the plan could not be materialised.
    It was only after Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad became the Prime Minister that the North-South Expressway project was revived. The project was launched in 1981. "

    -More here: North–South Expressway '

    1. I'd never gone to LSS to read anything he wrote. All that I knew about him or her, came from other blogs. I guess he must have done a Din Merican or the so-called 'freedom-of-speech' champion. What ever comments that are not on the same bandwidth as his/hers, would go to the bins.


    2. LSS is actually not so bad. I don't mind her that much. At least she tries to argue intelligently and not really rude.

    3. LSS made the mistake of taking on JMD directly once. Hancur - got completely destroyed siply with facts and logic.

      The most merepek blogger of all is RPK.

      He's actually a waste of however much money he is sucking up from the PMO, because nobody in their right mind takes him seriously.

      Never trust anyone who changes sides after the age of 40 (or 200 kg in weight, whichever comes first). You can be sure that $$$$ is involved.

      And it's not worth it, really. You may end up being a fat Chinese gollum with an unappealing odour of bile & sour lemons.

      Not good, not good at all.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Sorry Anon 22:16
      I decided not to let you whack my blogging captain this time. I think you got it wrong about him. Thanks for commenting anyway.

    6. mdzfrs,

      What makes you think that RPK is being paid by PMO? Do you have concrete evidence? If so, please provide all the details and if not, don't just assume. At least RPK writes with facts and unlike you merely allegation. I presume you are one of those who will be attending the ANC rally on 3/27/2016 together with Mr Botox aka Umie Aida's hubby and father and baby Lims. Good for you, birds of the same feather, flock together!

  3. Thanks God that you had chose a "soft' stance, Annie. I'm of the opinion too, that its the best way to make people 'love' BN or UMNO, again. Of-course, minus almost all of the current politicians it it, especially its President.

    But,..... you must tell the truth about that 'kaki-main-pungkoq' fella. There's no two-way about it.
    It was the late 'Tiger of Jelutong', together with Mat Sabu, that first accused him (as DPM to Dr.M, then) a 'Peliwat', in 1997. Mind you, the allegation was made in Parliament. Just google, 'Hansard Parlimen', (around June~Oct. 1997) if you don't believe me.

    The facts is; Mat Sabu was the first guy to nicknamed him 'Al-Juburi' because of his pious, religious background and fitting his Pak-Sheikh image that he was portraying to the public then.
    Therefore, if Mat Sabu really had any 'Amanah' in him, he must explained to Malaysian, why he called named that guy, Al-Juburi.

    1. I think PKR's obsession with Al-Juburi is quite misplaced. It is time to move on, but then very few political parties in Malaysia can "move on".

  4. Annie,

    Many Malaysians operate on the basis of hate.

    Hate is what gets them out of bed each morning.

    Hate is what helps them thru the day.

    Hate is what follows them to bed each night.

    Those who hate similar things will congregate, they feed off each other and they urge each other onto more hate.

    On their own, they shrivel up and die.

    On the other hand, those who do not hate, can survive quite happily on their own.

    I am quite happy not to hate - it cost me less emotional energy :)


  5. Annie.

    The most depressing thing about Malaysia is the lack of principle of our politicians.

    Of course you may argue that across the world people hardly respect politicians, but I think ours are worse.

    First you have the hippo's swami, who in any decent system would have been jailed for corruption for a lifetime by now. Come on lah - you sabotage, sack, transfer and whatever the MACC, SB, BNM, etc just to save your own worthless behind? Tak kan ko nih PM terrer sangat, doh. Just resign lah. The whole country is sick of you.

    Then on the other side you have hypocrites like the Tokong Cina from Penang, who kononnya represents the DEMOCRATIC Action Party (ha ha), but you are not allowed to abstain on grounds of conscience. You must follow the Tokong without question.

    So 2 x 5, 5 x 2 lah.

    I hate to say it but there's a grain of truth in what Musa Hitam said - don't look at the source, lah - in that tun retained power by cultivating followers, not new leaders.

    Now Umno is one giant bodek machine (at the top, not the grassroots) so let's see what happens.

    Not too sure anyone great is on the horizon, actually - from any party.

    1. Salah Tun M lagi.. Kalau Tun cultivate followers, dia tak akan jatuh tersungkur di Bahagian sendiri selepas jadi mantan PM. Fikir-fikirkan.

  6. forget about the arrogant, the envious, the hateful schemers ... love is all around o ye lovers.

  7. Whackos who whack together wank together. Chief whacko will spew it out on a daily basis while mini whackos will lap it up in ecstasy. . Preaching to the converted.

    Instead of ramming their opinions down other people's throats, they should try intelligent reasoning.

    For example, just look at the respected journalists like Christiane Amanpour or Stephen Sackur;, they are firm but well- mannered in pushing their point in interviews.

    Have you seen some Arab news programmes, where host and guests are shouting, gesticulating and once even punching? Or Fox news?

    BN and Pakatan both mirror images of useless politicians. All self-serving liars.

    Even more nauseating are the loud sucking noises these past few days from brown noses over those "40 years" of service to the nation?

    Self praise, I did this lah, I did that lah...

    Well, we ALL know exactly what you done!

    And it ain't purty!