Friday 19 February 2016

Women are better than men...especially in Wassap group

It turned out that all the fuss over the plan to import 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers was a waste of time.

Here is the story :

Government freezes intake of foreign workers

I think the government should next time try to minimise these kind of nonsense.

Don't get people riled up for nothing, okay.

Anyway, it's good that at least the government is listening to the people.

People don't want, so, just stop it lah.

Actually, the plan was not without its supporters, okay.

Here are two of them from my previous post:

Can half be bangladeshi local men can have more choices...


  1. Anonymous 18 February 2016 at 10:03

    "Can half be bangladeshi women..."

    Sokong 110%.

    Call me racist if you like because I do not like Bangladeshi men but would it help if I said I looove Bangladeshi women? :)

I had a good laugh reading these comments.

You guys are terrible, you know that.

Well, honestly if I have my way, I rather for ALL foreign workers in this country to be women.

Women are always better than men.

They work as hard and good as men and they create less problems.

Think about it.

I don't think many will object if DPM DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is to announce that we are importing 1.5 million Bangladeshi ladies to work in this country.

Okay, talking about terrible men, here is an example;

You see, I'm in this particular bloggers' Wassap group where I'm actually the only girl in it.

Today, there's this thread :

- Fuh...censored...tu siap boleh buat article belasah ko punya commentors!

- Hahahahaha

- Stalking gila babi siot

- Aku sebenarnya kesian kat dia....dah lah busuk, stalker pulak tu

- Haha

- Blogging tahap gila babi

- Sampai trolling anonymous commentors

- And categorising them

- Amende le

- Pastu generalising them as dap/tun operatives

- Aku dah letih nak layan. Tu main musik Mozart je.

- Tak chill langsung hahaha

- Take a chill pill bak kata omputih

- Blogging mcm dia tu founder umno

- Hehehehe

- Ini semua...censored...punya salah tak nak bagi dia oral sex hari tu :)

- Hahahaha sure hamis

- Hehehe kelat tuh

- Bau hamis rasa kelat

- Hoi korang! geli lah!

- Hahahahaha

See, men are terrible.

Yup, and I got terrible friends.

Women are better, okay.


  1. Come on guys .... too too blue man!


  2. "February 19, 2016: The government today announced that the recruitment of foreign workers has been put on hold until it ascertains the actual manpower needs of industries.

    The suspension will also enable the government to review the revised two-category levy on foreign workers."


    This is really stupid, because this whole issue was in the govt’s plans for several months and EVERYONE told them "ehhhh, tekan brek la, doh!” - MTUC told them, Malaysian Employers Fede­ration’s (MEF) told them, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) told them, civil society told them, public told them.

    They ignored everyone.

    And then they try to bull**** that the total of 1.5 million was "global" and not just for Malaysia. Hey, check the Bangladesh news portals itself - the agreement is 100% between MALAYSIA AND BANGLADESH. Only.

    When the lie didn’t work, then they freeze.

    Rugilah kroni2 Zahid like myEG & his brother, but why all the blatant nepotism anyway?

    Waste of time.

    This is why the rakyat do not trust the govt any more.

  3. "Blogging mcm dia tu founder umno"

    Hahahahaha!!! Good one....

    What to say lah Annie.

    Your friend deserves pity, really.

    She's like this:

    Gollum was shut off in darkness for 500 years and slowly went mad, muttering the same thing over and over, while losing weight.

    Your friend was shut off in darkness for 50 years and slowly went mad, muttering the same thing over and over, while gaining weight and extra chins.

    She deserves pity, really.

  4. "Blogging mcm dia tu founder umno"

    BEST COMMENT EVER!!!! I larfed and larfed.

    You have crazy hilarious friends, Annie, unlike Asamboi Ah So.


  5. Government freeze intake of foreign workers .

    Sikalang punya kelajaan manyak susah mau cekap lea aa . Suka-suka buat ikut suka ,bila olang bising ,kasi batal atau ubah . Apa macam maa aa itu macam punya bikin .

    Wa ingat Uncle Lim mesti tatak buat itu macam lor rr . Susah maa aa ini macam .

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    1. Like how to get over bad habits?

  7. Annie,

    To put in perspective:

    Is it 1.5 million Bangladeshis to Malaysia in the next few years, or 1.5 million Bangladeshis heading out to 139 countries?

    Divide 1.5 million by 139 and you only get an average of 11,000 per country. What are the chances of Malaysia committing to take in only 11,000 Bangladeshis over the next few years?

    If that was the case, why was this fact not clarified when Putrajaya came under fire from various quarters over the foreign labour intake plan?

    There can be only two explanations for this – Putrajaya had no clue what it was doing from the get go, which would explain why even senior ministers in the Cabinet were issuing statements that droves of Bangladeshis were headed here.

    Or, Riot’s U-turn could be Putrajaya’s strategy for damage control.

    I think so.


    All along, we only wanted 11,000 Bangladeshis over the next few years?

    Riot is lying, but the spin is so silly! And if the MOU wording is chacked, then how? It's there in black & white. Kantoi ooooo.....

    They really think we are stupid.

  8. Annie,

    "You guys are terrible, you know that"

    I resemble that remark :)

    "Women are always better than men."

    Them are fighting words, grrrl!!

    To me, men and women are only really different in a biological sense, namely the obvious physiological bits.

    There are not many things which a man can do that a woman cannot do and vice versa.

    But Asian cultures have a tendency to treat females as a lesser class to the extent that many Asian females actually believe that they are a lesser class of humans!

    Religion also plays a role in the suppression of females, both in Eastern and Western cultures.

    Fortunately for me and my siblings, we were brought up largely based on merit.

    As for that Wassap group, what can I say? :)

    I am only in two groups - one with my siblings and one with my relatives.

    Both are extremely boring.

    The siblings group is all about the travelling they have done, or going to do, and the food they are cooking.

    I don't travel much and I eat very boring food (but healthy) so nothing for me to say there.

    The relatives group has been hijacked by a crazy cousin who keeps posting religious stuff and other relatives mechanically responding with "Amen".

    I am not religious so nothing for me to say there either :)


  9. Annie,

    Any comment on Mahfuz meeting with Tun?

    Let's see if it's PAS + UMNO Team A (the Ori Rebels) as the new alliance. (UMNO Team B is Najib, the 2 kaki bodek from Kota Belud, the transvestite, and yeah that's about it. They can be supported by the flabby Chinese Gollum.)

    PAS + UMNO Team A would really get good support from fence-sitter Malays.

    Seeing that 70% of Malays overall are already against Najib and about 60% of UMNO grassroots are lukewarm or hostile to Najib, his days are numbered if this comes true.

    1. Bro. PAS itu authoritarian Islamist ... bukan pemerintahan Islamiyyah bil maqasid al-syariah. Tengok contoh Morsi di Mesir dan Erdogan di Turki ... Now Erdogan sheltering ISIS pula, kepala hotak dia itu kerabat Anwar al-Juburi!

  10. Arul kanda khanda kekanda berganda gandha

  11. ok so lets see what will happen ya...hope the rakyat yang making noise about the bangladeshis tu can accept the challenge of doing those jobs vacant. ask for more pay. then when the cost increase will they start blaming the government again....?

  12. No matter how hard these so called feminists fighting for equal right and status, treatment etc., the truth is men will always be dominant and superior to them. That is FACT. This is because men are PHYSICALLY bigger and stronger than women and women need them as their protector. So stop all this old fashion nonsense okay..
    Remember an old saying folks, "life boats meant for women and children; while men, all of you, off to battlefield now!!!.."

    1. And women naturally bear children ... they possess the motherly love instinct

  13. Women are better than men, sure, but Tokong no better than Najis:

    "Two PKR assemblymen who abstained from voting against an Umno motion to halt all reclamation projects in Penang in the November sitting of the state legislative assembly have had their directorships in state government-linked companies (GLCs) terminated.

    Bukit Tengah assemblyperson Ong Chin Wen, who is also PKR’s whip in the state legislative assembly, has been terminated from his director’s posts in Penang Invest and Island Golf Properties Bhd, a subsidiary company of Penang Development Corporation, the state’s development arm."

    It should never be wrong to express & follow one's honest opinion and conscience, even as a party member. Ditto for MPs & ADUNs. Even Shahrir (before he got completely corrupted) once did it. It's OK.

    So it was wrong for Najis to sack TSMY & Shafie, and equally so for this Tokong Cina to sack the two PKR assemblymen.

    With this level of politician how Malaysia gonna make it?


  14. Only by arguing, disagreeing and having a different viewpoint, can a person learn to reason and think.

    If differing views are stifled snd suppressed, what melayu Glocal is Jibby talking about?

    Scared of yellow colour, scared of balloons, scared of young woman just voicing opinion on Facebook, scared of a 90-year-old man, ...everything scared of.

    Like my late grandmother used to say: if you're so scared, might as well stay at home and hide under the bed. But then, the roof might fall down on your head!"

    1. Jibby is a jaguh kampung with a bloated ego ... the only thing Glocal about him are the humongous sums of money he plays with in international circuits.

    2. His bini mmg "global" shape!

  15. I think najib is living in disney land
    He is not going to give up those power
    He thinks everyone is below him
    He gets a kick saving people in a way he pleased
    Regardless of what kind of saving is as he see fit
    He is going to be that way to role play that character
    He will not going to give up the pleasure of being on the top of food chain
    These few kind of people exist in university i currently study

    1. Can you please reveal the univerity where you are studying. I want to make sure non of my family and relatives go there to study.