Tuesday 16 February 2016

No need to be stressed, the laws already there

A friend called after reading my last posting and told me that I was being silly for worrying over the coming amendment of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

"Eh, if they really want to catch you they don't have to wait for that amendment la. They can do it even now. It's just that they have been lenient in enforcing the laws all these while, okay," he said.

Then my friend pointed to me this article;

“Criminalising slander” already under Penal Code

I read through it and like...oh my, lucky they haven't catch me yet.

Well, I think a lot of people would have been caught if the authorities have been enforcing the laws as they supposed to do..

I do wonder why they didn't do so.

Maybe they were just testing whether we can handle a bit of freedom all these while..

The results were not so good, I guess, and now they need to tighten up things again.

Never mind.

Guess after the amendment, they will really go all out at enforcing the laws..

One way or another, everyone better watch out.

And that I think includes the pro-establishment folks.

Some pro-establishment people are not so nice, okay.

Some are so full of hate and bigoted that I wonder how they got away with it all these while.

I think the authorities will try to be fair by going after offenders from all sides of the political divides.

They will have to, otherwise they will lose credibility.

In a way it's good if all the nasty people in cyberspace be put out of business.

Less stress for Malaysians to figure out who are right and who are wrong.

All they need to do is wait for polling day and decide who they are going to vote for based on whether their lives are getting better or worse.

And I will have a good excuse to write about things other than politics.

Or maybe nothing at all.

I can also just close this blog and set up another one specialising in anime or motorcycles.

That would be more fun, I think.

See lah how.


  1. Annie,

    The fat ugly Ah So is becoming as obsessed with you as she was with Hannah Yeoh! Like some flabby double-chinned broken record.

    In true Ah So fashion, she falsely accuses you of "flip-flopping" from being ProJib to ProTun, which is complete nonsense. You have never been ProJib or ProTun, only neutral.

    What about Ah So herself? Just Google the name that cannot be mentioned and add "Malaysiakini" at the end. Wow, that's one hardcore DAP macai writing. By any stretch, SHE is the flip-flopper, not you.

    She keeps trying to justify that flip-flop with the weakest, more laughable reasons. Come on, lah. Between someone's teens and 20s, I can believe your worldview can shift.

    But not when you are a middle-aged auntie. Leopards don't change their spots at that age, unless it's for $$$$$$ (she's right in calling the Chinese opportunists, I guess!)

    At her age, any more "bending" is just going to rip that XXL cheongsam. So forget about it.

    Flip-floppers in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, you know?

  2. ""Eh, if they really want to catch you they don't have to wait for that amendment la. They can do it even now. It's just that they have been lenient in enforcing the laws all these while, okay," he said.

    Those laws are meant to protect individual citizens, not politicians.

    Politicians are paid public servants.

    Criticism comes with the territory.

  3. Stay cool Annie. I agree action must be taken equally against bloggers who daily instigate racial and religious hatred, even if they are pro-I'm-ok-with-my-pm-pocketing-billions-from-foreigners.

    Haven't gone to the Cesspool since I berazam not to make myself nauseous by reading regurgitated poison of a no-life, lost-cause, descending-into-madness Miss Haversham.

    But can agak-agak what she spews as it hasn't changed since her about turn from pro Oppo Ah So to pro-Jibby Ah So. Kesian poor harmless Annie, just disagree ONCE and kena the fullblown Ah So vendetta.

    Ya, I've been reading her pro-oppo writings especially the one that got Perkasa to lodge police report for sedition. Also some comments from other bloggers like one shuzhen. Waah, he whack her kaw-kaw. Very witty also, something Ah So never manages to be. Also another guy ktemoc. (Annie, can mention their names ah? ). Several others also lah. They stripped her bare (eeee shudder. Must-not-visualise).

    Anyway Annie, a blog on anime would be fun, for me lah. I was amused when a commenter (Ah So!! I mean, Ah Choo! Damn this cold!) Accused me of trying to be "high-class" by mentioning an anime character. It must be the first time anyone has labelled anime as highclass. Unless, they are obssessed about "high, low class". Like who ah? The Speaker's Unspeakable?

    Anyway, I was troubled reading about our army taking part in military "manoeuvres" in Saudi. As usual with the Jibby-Jabbers, first the minister dunno (!!!) then say training not alliance with the Saudis. If so, the Saudis lying again.

    I just pray this isn't calling in the billions' favour. Our proud boys shouldn't be rented out to fight other people's battles.


  4. Many , many , many are pro establishment ,but they are not pro the current leadership and his teams is doing .
    There is no such thing as pro Tun ,there are pro Jib ,'yes' in no matter what he is doing to the country .

    Tun are just want the truth of all wrongdoing that had been said ,not just locally but internationally too .
    labeling is just the work of small minds .


  5. Yes the DS will also be happy little Sis Annie
    although he didn't mention it, to file a civil suit for slander.

    Civil vs criminal?
    The A-G has too much to do to file criminal charges which requires a higher burden of proof for a criminal conviction. It is also less cruel to sue for damages eg RM150k awarded to Puan Norliza formerly of Petronas, kan?

    Money talks, and it's just more convincing to the public if DS Mohd Najib won his present cases against opposition politicians and Harakah and be awarded $ millions in damages.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH